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Fic: It Takes a Kingdom Chapter 2

Missouri wasn't just the royal psychic; she was also the only woman alive who could get away with whacking both the King and his stubborn Bodyguard John Winchester on the back of their heads with her trusty wooden spoon. Tales had been told to naughty children that should you misbehave there is a chance you will earn her wrath and earn a taste of her wooden spoon, a tale that King Bobby and John know was all too true. She loved that blasted spoon.

"I know why you two are here. I had hoped that those two boys of yours would have taken after their mothers, at least, and had the sense to see true love when it stares them in the face. Sadly, that is but a dream." Missouri pinned the two men with a look that had them fidgeting in their seats and eyeing the spoon that was within the woman's reach. "You two are still not old enough or powerful enough to stop me from whacking the two of you on the head."

“Your plan on getting Dean and Sam together isn't working. And while it was a good plan, you have seem to forgotten just how stubborn your two boys are. Both are trapped in the belief that their love is unreturned and that their feelings will remain one-sided forever.." She shook her head at the foolishness of her king and his bodyguard.

Both Bobby and John will never understand how Missouri made them feel like small children who had done something naughty. “It wasn’t just our fault. Jody and Mary went along with the plans as well, and I don’t see you whipping them over the head.” Bobby pointed out gruffly. He was the king, after all; he deserved some bloody respect.

“Excuse me.”

Both Bobby and John winced at the tone in Missouri’s voice as she glared at the king. John nudged Bobby in the ribs, “Nice going! Now you’ve got us in trouble.”

Missouri rather enjoyed watching two of the most powerful men in the kingdom scrim under her gaze; she knew that Sam and Dean were fated for one another. They were soul mates, after all, their souls were connected in ways that no one would be able to understand. They were not whole without one another, which is why Sam’s marriage to Jess was doomed from the start. “You’re lucky that I have such a soft spot for those two kids. Don’t worry, everything will work out the way it should as long as you two stay out of the way.” Missouri finally informed them after a moment or two.

Both Bobby and John’s heads shot up at that little bit of news. It was just what they needed to hear and what they needed to tell their wives to get them out of the dog house.


“Well tell us, woman!”

Both began speaking over one another.

“Bobby Singer! John Winchester! You will both be silent now!” Missouri shouted. Both men fell silent. It wasn’t often that Missouri raised her voice, but when she did, it was in your best interest to do as she said. Once the two men shut their mouths she continued on speaking, “Soul mates, no matter what, will always find their way back to one another. A plan is already in the works to undo the damage you have done. Now I suggest you stay out of its way and let Destiny do her magic.”

Grumbling, both John and Bobby wanted to push for more answers, but they knew they would not get them.

“I hope you are right, Missouri. I hate seeing my son and the prince so miserable.” John admitted in a gruff voice. He wasn’t one for sharing his feelings, but all he wanted in the world was for Dean to be happy.

Missouri’s stern face softened into a gentle smile. “I know you do, John, and trust me, there is a happy ending coming for them, I promise you.” ‘Besides, if that demon tries to pull anything, he will have to deal with me and that is the last thing Crowley would ever want to happen.’

Both John and Bobby were thankful that they were not the ones responsible for putting that look on Missouri’s face.


Sam was so excited about getting to see Dean train up close and personal that he had barely slept the night before, and he was up at the crack of dawn annoying Ruby and Meg to the point where they had no choice but to get up. Ruby complained loudly as she was forced to leave Anna’s warm bed for the early morning chill.

“This is why you need to hurry up and get with Dean, so I can pay you back and remove you from Dean’s warm bed in the early morning after so little sleep.” Ruby grumbled under her breath as she stomped out onto the training field with Sam and Meg trailing behind her.

Of course, it was hard to stay mad at Sam when his faced turned an adorable shade of red, so Meg was sure in no time Ruby would be over her aggravation. Only Meg knew how truly innocent Sam was. He had been saving himself for Dean, and if something wasn’t done soon Sam would spend his first night with the wrong person. “Don’t worry, Sam, everything will all work itself out in the end. I might not believe in soul mates, but there is no denying that that is what the two of you are.”

Sam tried to find comfort in Meg’s words, but with Jess’ arrival drawing closer and closer, Sam knew his window for finding a way out of this marriage was growing shorter. Sam liked Jess as a friend, but he knew he would never be able to love her like he should love a wife; his heart belonged to Dean and only Dean.

“Hey slow pokes, you’re going to miss Dean.” Ruby called over her shoulder. That had Sam grabbing Meg’s arm and dragging her the rest of the way to the training area.

“Sam, slow down! Not all of us have freakishly long legs like you do.” Meg called out as she stumbled to keep up. She did not shriek when Sam suddenly lifted her into his arms, and anyone who claims she did had better sleep with one eye open from now on.

“Sorry, Meg, but I can’t miss Dean.” Sam explained as he carried Meg to the training area.


Dean had always been hyper aware of Sam, he had always known where Sam was going to be before he saw him, so it wasn't a surprise to Dean when he felt Sam before he saw him. Of course the sight of Meg in Sam’s arms had him bristling for a moment before he remembered that Meg and Ruby were both Sam’s best friends and they did hang off of him, it was nothing new. Dean did take comfort in the knowledge that Meg was completely gone over Castiel a knight of Princess Jessica and the knight had stab someone for flirting with Meg so it was a pretty safe bet that they both only had eyes for one another.

“So please remember that we actually need the recruits to survive,” was Charlie’s greeting as she and Benny approached Dean.

“If they’re good enough they’ll be okay.” Dean stated, grabbing his sword. He knew that if he went to talk to Sam, there would be no way that he would be able to concentrate on the sparring session.

Charlie and Benny shook their heads as they watched Dean go through the new recruits like they were nothing.

"The way he's going through them, no one will want to join us." Benny grumbled.

"At least he's weeding out the hopeless cases, means less work for us." Charlie tried to see a positive side to Dean destroying the poor helpless recruits, wincing as Dean landed a partially nasty blow to one man.

“They’re not useless, just a little untrained. Not that any of them will be sticking around to be trained with the way Dean is destroying them, the poor fools.” Benny offered up a silent prayer for the current victim, who was trembling as Dean turned his attention on to him.

Charlie and Benny both winced as Dean sent the last man flying. “Next time, we do the new recruit training, if only to spare them from Dean’s wrath. You know he wouldn’t be so tense if he and Sam were having sex.” Charlie commented.

Benny could only agree with the redhead, but both men were far too blind or afraid that their feelings were only one-sided to say anything.

“Dean!” Sam’s worried cry had both Benny and Charlie’s attention snapping forward where Dean was holding him arm from where the trainee had gotten a lucky hit in.

“Wow, did not see that coming.” Charlie muttered under her breath.

Luckily, the man was spared, as Sam jumped over the fence and made a mad dash for Dean. Meg and Ruby followed behind at a much more sedate pace, coming to stand beside Benny and Charlie.

"They really are pathetic, aren't they?" Ruby asked as she watched Sam fret and worry over the cut on Dean’s arm.

“Yep, they’re a hopeless cause.” Charlie agreed as Dean tried to reassure Sam that he was okay. If she didn’t know any better she would almost think that Dean was playing the cut up in order to keep Sam touching him.

“I’m okay, Sammy, I promise.” Not that Dean was complaining at having Sam’s hands on him, even if his pride was a little dented that a newbie managed to cut him.

Sam looked up shyly at Dean from beneath his lashes. “I can’t help but worry Dean, I hate seeing you get hurt.” Sam admitted in a shy voice.

Dean felt his heart skip a beat. The way Sam was looking at him made him feel like he was the only person Sam saw. Lifting up his hand, he gently stroked the side of Sam’s cheek and when Sam leaned into his touch, Dean felt like he could take on any danger.

Everyone on the field held their breath as Sam and Dean stared at each other, could this finally be the moment they have been waiting for?

“Prince Sam! Prince Sam!”

All eyes flew to Garth as he reached them, panting and bent over, waving his hand about as he tried to catch his breath. Catching his breath Garth winced as he took in the sight of how close Dean and Sam were and the death glares being sent his way, yeah he had screwed up big time.

Sam tried not to let out a mournful cry as Dean withdrew his touch. But Sam managed to school his disappointment as he turned to face Garth. “Yes, Garth?”

Garth sent Sam an apologetic look. “Your Highness, word has reached the castle that Princess Jessica is only a few hours away. The King and Queen have requested your presences in greeting her.” Garth tried not to wince at the heart broken look in Sam’s eyes or the daggers being sent his way.

Once again, Dean was reminded that Sam was not his to love. Stepping away Dean looked anywhere but at Sam, “You should go get ready to greet your future bride, Your Highness.” Dean gave Sam a low bow before turning on his heel and heading away from him.

Sam felt as if his heart had been ripped out of his chest. He didn’t want Jessica, what he wanted was walking away from him. “Tell my mother and father I shall be there.” Sam might not love Jess, but she was a friend and he had to uphold his duty no matter how much his heart longed for another.

“I will inform them, your highness.” ‘That is, if I live long enough to tell them.’ Garth didn’t miss the looks being sent his way and he figured it would be in his best interest to make a quick retreat.

Ruby and Meg exchanged worrying looks as Sam walked away from the training field with his shoulders slumped and his aura of a defeated man. “We really need to figure out away to stop that wedding, we are running out of time.” Meg murmured under her breath.


It was rather easy for Benny and Charlie to find Dean they both winced as the training dumbly took blow after blow. “Well I’m grateful that is not us he is taking his anger out on.” Benny whispered.

“Yeah, we would have never survived if that anger was directed at us. We really need to find away to stop this wedding. I hate seeing two people so clearly meant to be kept apart because of duty. We really need to do something before we run out of soldiers for Dean to destroy.” Charlie added.


Sam did his best to appear happy as he stood with his mother and father, but he had more of a sad puppy look than a happy husband-to-be.

Jody shot her husband a glare. “I thought you told me that Missouri said there was a way to stop this!” Jody hissed at her husband, happy when he flinched. “I don’t care what you have to do, I want my son happy again.”

Bobby swallowed hard. He knew that if Sam was forced to marry Jess his wife and son might never forgive him. ‘Balls, let’s face it. I would never be able to forgive myself for forcing these kids to get married.’

“Presenting their Royal Highnesses Queen Sarah, Queen Bela and Princess Jessica of the Kingdom of Moore,” Garth announced in a clear voice as the three royals appeared.

Queen Bela moved gracefully across the room to embrace Jody. “Darling, you are looking lovely.” Bela announced as she kissed Jody on the cheeks. “Please tell me that Dean has actually made a move on Sam?” She whispered in Jody’s ear.

“Bela, you look more beautiful every time I see you.” Jody returned Bela’s kisses on her cheeks. “Not yet, apparently there is supposed to be something in works but I have no idea what it is.” Jody knew that Bela wanted her daughter free from this arranged marriage just as they wanted Sam free to chose who he could marry.

“Queen Sarah, you look lovely today.” Bobby greeted Sarah as he took her hand in his.

Sarah smiled gently at Bobby. “Always the charmer, it is good to see you again as well.”

Jessica had never seen Sam look more like a kicked puppy then he did when he approached her, she had no doubt that Dean was the result of Sam looking like he did. “Hello Sam. What did Dean do now?” Jess asked once she got close enough to him.

Sam shrugged his shoulders; never had Dean called him your highness before, no matter what Sam might have done—even when Dean had been at this angriest, when Sam had taken Dean’s beloved stallion Impala for a ride. Sam had been jealous of the attention that Dean was giving her; it was at the time when Sam finally realized that he’s in love with Dean. “It’s nothing. How are you, Jess? Did you have a good trip?”

‘Well, that pretty much answers that.’ Jessica knew that she would never be Dean’s favourite person as long as she was engaged to marry Sam. Not that she could blame Dean for disliking her, she would hate anyone who was set to marry her true soul mate. “Don’t worry, Sam, we still have a week to figure a way out of this. If it comes down to it one of us can always run away.” Jess suggested jokingly.

‘Run away.’ Sam knew if he ran, Dean would catch him, and it might be his only chance at getting Dean alone and telling him of his feelings and no matter what happened he would at least have his answer.

Jessica knew that look in Sam’s eyes. “Sam just what are you planning?” She asked.

Sam shook his head and forced a smile onto his face. “Nothing but how to get Charlie assigned as your guard.” Sam smiled turned mischievously as Jess blushed. He knew who Jess’ true soul mate was, and that is why he needed to find a way out of this wedding. Not just for his sake, but for Jess’ as well.


“So you have already started your annual sulk.” Benny stated as he watched Dean do his version of sulking.

“I have no idea what you are talking about. I do not sulk.” Dean growled under his breath.

"Oh please, you always get like this when Princess Jessica visits." Charlie pointed out.

Dean's jaw hardened. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Nice try brother, but we all know that you are a possessive, territorial bastard when it comes to Prince Sam, remember Lucifer?" Benny casually reminded his friend and smiled when Dean let out a low growl.

The knight Lucifer had made his interest known a few years ago, claiming he and Sam had been made for each other and attempted to woo the young prince, something that hadn't made Dean happy at all and the knight had done everything in his power to ruin those plans before they could really take effect. "That was different. Lucifer was just playing on using Sam to make Michael jealous, everyone knows that they are soul mates." Dean growled out, still a little upset that someone would try and use his Sammy like that.

“Okay, so that’s true, but you still went out of your way to make sure that Lucifer never had a moment alone with Sam. I recall a certain jealous knight stealing all of another knight’s clothing, setting his horse free, spiking his food so that he spent the day in bed, and then to cap everything off you challenged and soundly handed Lucifer his arse for daring to steal a kiss from our dear prince.” Charlie reminded Dean.

“Lucifer had no business in kissing Sammy.” Dean felt the familiar sense of burning jealousy building in the pit of his stomach as he recalled the knight stealing a kiss right in front of him; Charlie and Benny’s quick thinking in holding him back was the only thing that saved Lucifer from Dean’s rage.

“I think it would be wise to hide the weapons, that look on Dean’s face always means he is going to injure someone.” Castiel spoke up as he and Balthazar grew closer. The two men were the loyal knights of Jessica, and despite the fact that they hadn’t seen each other that much, they had still managed to form a friendship when the Moore family arrived for a visit.

Dean scowl grew all the darker as he glared at the new arrivals. “I won’t need to hurt anyone if your princess wasn’t here to steal my Sammy away.” He growled out, not realising what he was implying.

Charlie and Benny shared a look. There was no way that Dean missed the fact that he and Sam were soul mates. He was not that blind? One look at Dean’s face and Charlie wanted to toss her hands up in the air and cry. Men.

“I must admit that I am rather surprised to see you around, Castiel, I would have thought Meg would have dragged you to the nearest bedchamber.” Benny stated. It was no secret that Castiel and Meg were crazy about one another. It was a match that no one ever saw coming, but somehow they managed to make it work.

A small smile graced Castiel’s normally stern face. “I will be seeing Meg later. First I wish to ask Charlie if she would mind escorting Princess Jessica around, she has requested her once again.”

Charlie felt her heart skip a beat at the mention of the beautiful princess; she knew such a match would never be accepted—unlike Sam and Dean. Everyone knew they were destined to be, the entire kingdom was waiting for their one true pairing to finally get their act together. Charlie might not be able to be with Jess but she can ensure her safety. “It would be my honour to protect Princess Jessica.”

Balthazar wanted to roll his eyes. He knew that Charlie and Jessica were just as hopeless as Dean and Sam. ‘I am surrounded by idiots.’

Every mention of the princess had Dean’s grip tightening on his wooden sword until a loud crack had him looking down to see that his grip had tightened to the point where he cracked the handle. Snarling he tossed it aside. “I’m going for a ride.” Dean announced as he stalked off.

The others watched him go. “He really needs to get laid with Sam.” Balthazar muttered under his breath and the others could only agree.


Dean wasn’t sure how long he rode his black stallion the Impala, until he came to a small creek and figured this was a good place as any to rest. “I don’t know if I can stay girl, it will hurt too much to watch Sammy marry another when he should be mine.” Dean admitted as he rubbed Impala’s nose.

Impala let out a sad noise as she looked pleading at Dean, she didn’t want to leave Sam either she knew that he and Dean were meant to be.

Like always Dean seemed to know what she was thinking, “I know girl. I don’t want to leave Sam either.”


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