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Fic: All Your Secret Wishes Chapter 9a

Jensen had to close his eyes and take a moment to steady himself or this would be over before he could show Jared real pleasure. "Strip for me kitten," Jensen whispered huskily as he let go of Jared's hips.

Jared blushed deeply as he scrambled off of Jensen to stand at the foot of the bed. Gripping the edges of his shirt he began lifting it up.

"Slowly kitten, I want a show," Jensen ordered from the bed as he made himself comfortable, his dark green eyes never leaving Jared's body.

Swallowing hard, Jared began to slowly lift up his shirt, revealing a little bit of skin inch by inch.

Jensen had never seen a more tempting sight in all his life than that of Jared stripping for him.

The shirt fluttered to the floor and Jared couldn't stop his shudder that went through him at the pure hunger in Jensen's eyes. It was a different hunger than that of Stephen's and he welcomed it.

Jensen watched ,unblinking, as Jared trailed his hand down his stomach to play with the buttons of his jeans.  Jensen loved the little hint of the treasure trail down his stomach and Jensen couldn't wait to mark it up.

"It's okay kitten, take all the time you need." Jensen wasn't going to rush Jared..  After all, he was going to be Jared's first and only lover and they had all the time in the world.

"No, I want to do this." Shaking his hips a little Jared gave a teasing wink he wanted to do this for Jensen.

Licking his lips, Jensen watched as Jared moved his body to a beat only he could hear and he watched as his boy's fingers played with his zipper. “My my, it seems like my little kitten is quite the tease.” Jensen loved how shy Jared was but this new side of Jared was quite a turn on.

Shimming his hips, Jared wiggled them down so that his underwear could peek out enough that Jensen could read the Saxx label on them.

Jensen's eyebrow raised at that. ‘It seems like Jared has been holding out on me.’ Suddenly the strip tease didn't seem to be going as planned, he wanted Jared naked and he wanted his hands on him.

Jared could see the hunger growing in Jensen's eyes and figured that it was only a matter of time before Jensen snapped and he found himself tossed onto the bed.

Winking at his alpha, Jared gripped his jeans and underwear and with one pull, yanked them off.

When the cool air hit his heated skin, Jared realized that he was standing naked before the man he had been in love with since before he knew what love was and he flushed darkly.

"You're gorgeous," Jensen whispered. "Come here, kitten." Jensen patted the mattress beside him, urging Jared to join him.

Taking a steadying breath, Jared finished pulling off his clothing and approached the bed where he crawled towards a waiting Jensen.

Jensen pulled Jared into a deep kiss once his omega was in range, letting himself enjoy the taste of his future mate. "You taste like sugar, kitten." Jensen murmured.

Jared blushed; he wasn't used to hearing these kinds of words and he really liked Jensen calling him kitten.

Jared's body arched off the bed as Jensen's mouth continued to worship every piece of skin that he could get his lips on.

It made Jensen's alpha purr with pure pleasure with the knowledge that his Jared was untouched by anyone else; he would be the only one to touch Jared like this. "I'm going to take you to places that you've only dreamed off."

That sounded perfect to Jared.

Overwhelmed by the intensity with which Jensen nipped, licked and sucked on him, Jared’s breathless moans quickly filled the air as the older man continued to ravish his sensitive skin. Jensen was taking great joy in marking every inch of his beautiful boy he could reach, occasionally making his own throaty noises of enjoyment. Judging by the thorough pleasure with which his new lover was going about his job, Jared knew without a doubt that he was going to be wearing Jensen’s marks on his body from now on.

Jensen chuckled as he felt his beautiful boy shiver beneath his lips and he decided it was time to begin moving his mouth down Jared’s body. Pausing long enough to reach upward and plant a long slow kiss on Jared’s plump lips, Jensen returned to his original course of action, taking his own sweet time to worship every inch of skin he came across and taking extra time to lavish an agonizing amount of attention on Jared’s nipples. With maniacal precision he licked, kissed and sucked each one, in turn, hardening them into tight little peaks. From the tight grip Jared had on his hair, Jensen knew that the younger man was thoroughly enjoying the attention and in a brief flash, he suddenly wondered what it would feel like the first time Jared did the same thing to him. The very thought sent a wave of heady passion straight to Jensen’s groin, making it grow achingly hard.

"Turn over for me kitten, I have something else I've been dying to taste." Jensen urged Jared to turn over.

Not sure why Jensen wanted him to turn over Jared did as requested. He blinked in surprise when Jensen lifted his knees to place a pillow underneath them. "Jensen?"

"I'm just getting you comfortable kitten, you're going to be here for a while," Jensen warned as his hands cupped Jared's ass cheeks, spreading them as he lowered his head.

"Jensen!" Jared yelped in shock at the first lick Jensen took over his hole.

"Shh kitten; this is something I've wanted to do for a long time. Now just relax and let me show you pleasure you've never even dreamed of." Jensen purred.

Jared wasn’t sure. "Jensen that's where my slick comes from. It's dirty."

"No, kitten you don't know what dirty is until I show you. Trust me on this. You'll enjoy it." Lowering his head Jensen took another long lick, loving the way Jared's hole clenched. "Relax baby and just enjoy this." He knew he was addicted to Jared's taste, just like he was to the rest of Jared.

Jared still wasn't sure but if this made Jensen happy he was willing to give it a try.

"Oh!" Jared moaned out the first time Jensen darted his tongue into his hole. He didn't think it would feel this good but it did.

Grinning at Jared's response and the way he arched his hips closer, Jensen answered the silent plea as he narrowed his tongue into a point and dove back in.

Jared couldn't believe that he was getting turned on by this but he would never regret it.

Jensen pleasured Jared with his tongue for as long as he could; Jared's fingers digging deep into the pillow. "You can come anytime you want kitten, you're going to be doing that a lot tonight."

Letting out a whimper Jared wondered if someone could come just by this. "What is this called?"

"It's called rimming kitten and you'll get used to it very quickly," Jensen promised before diving back in.

The feel of Jensen's scruff against his bare skin heightened the experience and Jared loved the feel of his scruff against bare skin. ‘I need to make sure that Jensen never shaves his scruff off again.’ Jared thought.

Jensen chuckled darkly against Jared's heated skin. As if reading Jared's thoughts, he rubbed his cheek against Jared's left butt cheek.

Jared was lost; he had never experienced such pleasures before in his life; not even when he opened himself up to thoughts of Jensen touching him had he ever felt so good.

Jared was becoming a babbling mess the longer Jensen continued to tease him like this. Rocking his hips against the bed Jared tried to relieve some of the pressure that was building within him.

"No kitten, you aren't allowed to touch that," Jensen growled when he noticed Jared's hand drifting downwards towards his cock.

A distress whine escaped Jared's mouth; he wanted so badly to come.

"If you want to come you come by my tongue alone," Jensen growled out his warning.

"Please, Jensen let me come." Jared pleaded.

Jensen loved the sounds Jared made when he was pleading. "You can come anytime you want baby just not with the use of your hand,"

Jared whined again before dropping his head back down onto the pillow.

Chuckling, Jensen returned back to what he was doing as he darted his tongue back in and out much like his dick would soon be doing to Jared.

Jared lost all track of time. Nothing else mattered but the feel of Jensen's tongue doing all sorts of wicked things to him.

"Jensen!" Jared couldn't keep quite as he felt the orgasm that he had been working for overcoming him.

Jensen drank in the sight of what Jared looked like when he came. It was a sight that he would never get tired of.

"That's it kitten come for me," Jensen ordered and that was all it took before Jared was coming with Jensen's name on his lips.

Sliding up Jared's body Jensen cradled his lover close and pressed kisses across Jared's face. "You did so good for me kitten."

"I want to do something for you." Jared whispered, "To thank you for everything."

"Just having you like this is thanks enough," Jensen whispered back stroking Jared's hair off of his sweaty forehead.

Shaking his head Jared kissed Jensen slowly. "No, I want to do this for you. I want to taste you." Jared could feel his cheeks heating up again.

"If that's what you want to do kitten, I won't stop you." It was a fantasy of Jensen's to have Jared's mouth on him. "Have you ever given a blowjob, kitten?"

Jensen wasn't at all surprised when Jared shook his head no; he knew his boy was untouched as he would have ripped apart anyone who tried to touch what was his.

"Teach me?" Jared asked in a soft voice, a little ashamed of his lack of experience.

"Of course, kitten.  I'm very glad that you have remained untouched for so long. I will teach you all that you need to know about the art of pleasure." Jensen promised.

"Okay, so teach me how to give a blowjob." Jared asked looking up at Jensen.

"I'd be more than happy to teach you anything you want to know baby boy." Jensen promised.

"So what do I do?" Jared asked innocently letting his fingers stroke Jensen's bare chest.

Grasping Jared's wandering fingers, Jensen brought his hand up for a kiss. "There's no rush, we can take all the time in the world."

Stubbornly Jared shook his head. "No, I want to learn."

Jensen couldn't help but smile.  That was so like Jared. Once he made up his mind there was no changing it. "Okay Jared, crawl down and I'll tell you what you need to do."

Eager to learn, Jared quickly complied as he scrambled down Jensen's body. Gulping he reached out for Jensen's dick. ‘This is real. I'm about to learn how to give Jensen's a blow job.’ Licking his lips, he could hardly wait to get his lips on Jensen's dick. "You're so big." Jared couldn't wait to feel Jensen's dick in him. "What do I do first?" Jared asked.

Jensen loved Jared's eagerness. "Well, first you need to take my dick into your mouth."

Taking a deep breath, that was just what Jared did. "That's it kitten, wrap your mouth around my dick, careful not to take it into deeply I don't want you to choke. Make sure to watch your teeth you don't want to bite me by mistake. Now suck and lick it like you would an ice cream cone."

‘Okay, I can do this.’ Jared closed his eyes as he licked at the pre-cum coating Jensen's slit.  He found the taste to be a little saltier than he thought it would be but when the first drop hit his tongue he knew he was addicted to Jensen's taste. Feeling a little bolder, Jared began sucking on Jensen's dick.

"That's it kitten, just like that." Jensen encouraged Jared as he tried not to thrust his hips upwards. He was sure that Jared wasn't ready for that, just yet.

Jared's head bobbed up and down as he took Jensen in deeper. He wanted to taste more of him.

Burying his hands in Jared's hair, Jensen tossed his head back as Jared sucked him down deeper. "Kitten you keep this up and I'm going to come." Jensen warned.

Pulling his mouth off of Jensen, Jared looked up at him from under hooded eyes. "I want you to come; I want to taste you on my lips and in my mouth." Jared informed him before going back to what he had started.

Jensen knew in that moment that Jared was going to be the death of him. "Whatever my Jared wants he gets." Jensen promised.

Grinning around Jensen's dick Jared was pleased to know that he had won.

Jensen had never felt anything as good as Jared's mouth on his; he knew that he wasn't going to be lasting for very much longer. "That's it kitten, just like that." Jensen whispered.

Jared wasn't sure how he knew but he could sense that Jensen was reaching his end and he picked up the pace. He needed to know what Jensen tasted like.

"You don't have to swallow if you don't want to." Jensen knew that Jared most likely wouldn't be able to swallow everything on his first try but he knew his boy and he knew he would try.

Jared felt Jensen's grip on his hair tighten and that was the only warning he got before he got his first taste of Jensen as Jensen came down his throat but he wasn't prepared for it and despite wanting to swallow as much as he could he ended up pulling off of Jensen when he felt himself beginning to choke.

Strong arms gathered him up and Jared found himself being cradled gently in Jensen's arms. "You did so good baby, I'm so proud of you." Jensen murmured as he pressed kisses all over Jared's face.

Jared snuggled closer to Jensen, letting his heartbeat soothing him as Jensen trailed his fingers down his body. "Baby boy, I'm going to open you up now." Jensen wouldn't take Jared without proper prep.

Very eager to finally feel Jensen in him, Jared turned over on his stomach and gave his ass a little wiggle.

Chuckling, Jensen couldn't refrain from giving Jared's ass a couple of swats. "Behave, kitten." Kissing Jared's cheek, Jensen slowly worked one finger into Jared and he couldn't believe how tight Jared still was after his rimming as he worked his finger in and out of Jared trying to loosen him up so that he wouldn't end up hurting his mate.

Jared let out a breathless moan as Jensen's fingers opened him in ways that his own and his toys he used during his heat never did.

"Just breathe, baby boy." Jensen whispered softly.  He knew that Jared didn't have any experience except for the toys he used during his heat and he didn't want to hurt his mate.

"This is going to hurt and I'm so sorry about this, baby boy." Jensen hated the idea of hurting his mate but it was unavoidable.

"I know, but I want this, Jensen, I have wanted this for so long please don't make me wait any longer." Jared pleaded.

Jensen rested his forehead against Jared’s for a moment as he caught his breath before he slipped a third finger inside Jared, working gently to carefully stretch his beautiful boy; he would not take the risk of accidentally hurting him. “Just a little bit more and then I’ll show you pleasure you’ve never experienced before,” Jensen promised in a breathy whisper against Jared’s lips.

Opening eyes that were still slightly glazed from his orgasm, Jared graced Jensen with a smile of pure bliss. “I already have, Jensen; you're my first.  No one has ever touched me like this before."

Pleasure and pride filled Jensen. “And no one else ever will. You are mine, kitten, from this moment on just as I am yours,” Jensen growled softly into Jared’s ear before giving to his own bodily demands. He could no longer hold back the overwhelming urge to bury himself in Jared’s tight warmth and finally lay claim to his lover’s beautiful soul.



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