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The air was heavy with tension so thick that Jody wanted nothing more than to turn right back around and leave, but for the puppy-dog eyes Sam threw her way. ‘Damn you, Winchester, those eyes should be considered a lethal weapon.’ Jody dared anyone to be able to look at those eyes and say no.

“Powerful aren’t they?” Dean knew better than most people just how effective Sam’s puppy-eyes of doom were; even though he had lived with Sam all of their lives, he still hadn’t built up a resistance to them.

“That boy could rule the world with them,” Jody muttered under her breath. It was a good thing that Sam used them for good.

Dean refused to think of what Sam would have been like as his soulless self and Azazel’s Boy King if he had used the power of his puppy eyes.

“I need you to keep an eye on our guest. Sam is refusing to come near her and I don’t blame him one bit.”

Jody wasn’t surprised at that piece of news, and if it had been her she wouldn’t have wanted to be within a hundred feet of the woman who had given her a tail.

“I will gladly punch her again if I need to.” No one messed with Jody’s boys, not even witches.

That earned a chuckle from Dean as he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a sideways hug. Dean adored Jody and her protective side.

“I know you will, and I hope I am there to see it this time.”

“Even if you aren’t, I’ll be sure to film it for you,” Benny piped up from his spot behind Jody.

“Well look at you, already figuring out the technology.” Dean was pretty impressed. His gaze turned back to Jody. “I have a feeling that you had something to do with this.”

“Well, we had a long trip back and forth - we had to kill the time somehow. I figured it would do him some good to know about how the way world works so he wouldn’t be completely lost.” Jody liked Benny; he wasn’t bad for a vampire, and she wanted him to fit in. Dean wouldn’t have time; all his focus was on Sam which meant nothing and no one else mattered or even registered right now.

“Thank you, Jody, for everything.” Dean wasn’t just talking about helping Benny out, but for looking after Sam when he wasn’t around to do so, too.

“You boys are family and I will do anything for family.” Jody had already lost her son and husband; she had been powerless to save them, but she would do whatever she could to protect Sam and Dean. “Go; I’ll keep an eye on our guest. I’m sure Sam is as anxious for you to get back to him as you are.” Jody knew them well and she knew that they couldn’t be apart for long.

Dean wasn’t going to lie to Jody - there was no point, and she knew them too well.

“Thanks, Jody.” Giving her one last smile, Dean headed back towards the lagoon where Sam was waiting for him.

Jody waited until Dean was far enough away to focus all of her attention on Amelia.

“And you - get back to work. I have faced the King of Hell himself and other horrors, so a witch like you is nothing compared to all of that. So if you do anything to hurt my boys, it will be the last thing you ever do. You might have a deal with Dean in place, but you don’t have one with me and I will make your life a living hell if you try anything.” Jody hadn’t realized that she had been taking steps forwards and that Amelia had been stepping backward until the other woman hit the wall and had Jody in her face. “Do you understand me?”

“I understand,” Amelia forced out; she knew that she was walking a slippery slope. Right now Dean couldn’t do anything to her, but she had heard the tales of what the Winchester brothers had done for one another. And while she had heard the tales of the eldest Winchester being in Hell, she hadn’t believed them until she found herself looking into Dean’s cold, hard eyes and she knew they were no stories. She also knew by looking into Jody’s eyes that Dean wasn’t the only one she had to watch out for.


Relief filled Sam as Dean returned to the water. Truth was, he didn’t want Dean anywhere near Amelia. Don’t get him wrong - he knew that his brother could look after himself, but Sam just couldn’t feel comfortable with Dean so close to her, not after everything she’d done to him.

Dean could see the relief in Sam’s eyes and he knew how he was feeling - he hated the idea of being separated from Sam so soon after getting him back.

“Hey, sorry for being gone so long, but everything is set now. Jody’s back and more than happy to keep an eye on Amelia,” Dean murmured as he made himself comfortable on the rock above Sam again. He held out a hand for Sam, one that Sam didn’t hesitate to take, and he allowed Dean to pull him up onto the rock where Sam happily snuggled against Dean’s side.

“Do you think it will take Amelia long to cure me?” Sam asked as he reached up his hand to wrap around the amulet that was once again where it belonged on Dean’s chest.

Stroking along Sam’s back above his tail, Dean gazed down at Sam.

“Not if she knows what is good for her.” Dean wanted Amelia out of their lives, and the sooner the better. He wanted his Sam back as well. He didn’t mind the tail, but it had been too long since he was able to worship every inch of Sam’s body; it had been the thought of returning to Sam that kept him going and he wanted, no, needed Sam beneath him again, and soon.

Sam could see the building heat in Dean’s eyes, and he knew that his own lust must be showing as well from the way Dean groaned and rested his forehead against Sam’s.

“When this is all over, baby boy, I will be locking us away for a week,” Dean growled out as he tugged Sam closer.

Sam couldn’t help but shiver as Dean’s lips brushed across his. Then Dean claimed his mouth and Sam melted into Dean’s embrace. ‘I don’t think a week is going to be long enough.’ That was Sam’s last coherent thought as Dean proceeded to show him what was coming his way once he was human again.


It took till the end of the week before Amelia finally announced that the cure was ready. Jody and Benny had volunteered to get what Amelia needed to undo her spell, both knowing that Dean wasn’t going anywhere. Dean was more than convinced that she had been stalling, and he really couldn’t blame her even he wasn’t sure what he wanted her fate to be.

“I’ll need you to remove my cuffs; there is a spell that needs to be read and I need my magic.” Raising her hands, Amelia rattled the cuffs, pissed off that she was still in them.

“They know, love, that’s why they asked me here,” Crowley drawled out as he appeared behind Amelia. “Well, this is unexpected,” Crowley murmured as he took in the marks that decorated Sam’s neck. “If I’d known you had this kind of kink, I would have done it long ago,” the demon taunted.

The growl that Dean let out was one that Sam shouldn’t have found hot at all, but it was, and he felt arousal shoot through him. He couldn’t wait to be normal once again.

Amelia knew she couldn’t do anything, not with a demon there.

“You remember our deal, Winchester - I go free once Sam is back to normal.” Amelia wasn’t going to do anything until she had Dean’s promise. “Either you let me go, or Sam keeps his tail.”

Dean Winchester hated being threatened; he hated it even more when it was Sam who was being threatened, and it took everything in his power not to pull out his gun. But one look at Sam and he knew that his brother couldn’t stay like that. So with his jaw clenched, he forced out, “Our deal still stands. But if you try anything, you are a dead woman,” Dean promised.

“Understood.” For the first time since she had been there, Amelia took steps towards Sam with Dean right beside her.

It took everything in Sam not to move away from Amelia as she drew closer to him; he would never feel comfortable with her getting close to him.

“I’m right here, little brother, and I am not going anywhere,” Dean promised when he saw the flash of fear that appeared in Sam’s eyes.

Relief filled Sam knowing that Dean would be there no matter what happened.


Standing above Sam, Amelia began to chant, lifting the spell from Sam. ‘Too bad - he made a handsome merman.’

Dean watched, never taking his eyes off Sam, and it tore him apart to stay put as Sam’s body arched and twisted, as his tail turned back into legs; the moment the first scream left Sam’s mouth was the true test, to not take out Amelia then and there. It went on for agonizing moments, and every second it lasted Dean wanted to call it off.

“Sammy!” The moment Amelia took a step back and Sam’s tail was gone and his legs were back, Dean was shoving Amelia aside to gather his baby brother into his arms, stroking Sam’s matted hair off his forehead.

“He’ll wake up soon; it’s not an easy transition to change from merman back to human,” Amelia commented as she moved out of the water, already sick of Dean’s fawning over Sam. “Now I believe I should be free to go?”

“Guess again,” Benny drawled out as he appeared in front of Amelia. “You aren’t going anywhere until we are sure that Sam is back to normal.” Benny knew that there was no way Dean would let her go until he was sure that Sam was cured. “Do you need any help brother?” Benny called as he watched Dean gather up Sam.

‘Even while knocked out you don’t like the idea of someone else calling me brother, do you?’ Dean thought fondly as he saw Sam’s eyebrows furrow together the moment Benny called him brother.

“I’ve got him Benny; just keep an eye on her.” Dean knew he had bulked up while being in Purgatory, but he was surprised at how easily he could lift Sam. It worried him that Sam hadn’t been looking after himself while he had been gone. Plus, he wasn’t sure he could handle seeing someone else’s hands on Sam so soon.

Dean did nod his thanks to Jody as she held open the door for him; he knew that there had been no way that he would have been able to juggle that as well as his armful of not-so-little brother. He was thankful that there was a bedroom on the first floor down the hallway from the living room. Dean might have done some foolish things in the past, but even he wasn't fool enough to try and climb the stairs with Sam in his arms.

Then there was the other problem of Sam's warm breath brushing against his neck. It had been too long since Dean was buried inside of his little brother's welcoming body, and he wasn't sure how much more torture he could take; he knew that Sam needed to rest but, damn it, Dean wanted to finally celebrate his return the proper way.

Reaching the bedroom, Dean placed Sam down as gently as he could. He could feel his heart easing at the sight of Sam's peaceful face; he was thrilled to see Sam free from pain.

"Baby Boy, I need you to wake up, and soon. I don't know what to do with Amelia. No, that's a lie - I do know what I want to do to her, but I gave her my word that I wouldn't." Dean knows that he should be getting back to the others, but he couldn't leave Sam, not until he was awake and he heard with his own ears from Sam's mouth that he was okay.

Decision made, Dean made himself comfortable on the bed. While he wasn't a cuddler - when it came to Sam, those rules went out the door - he tugged Sam into his arms so that his face was tucked into Dean's neck.

"Wake up soon little brother." 


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