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Title: All I want for Christmas is you
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing/Characters: Oliver/Clark, Lois, Tess, Chloe, the team, Bart/Chloe and Tess/Lois and hint of future Clark/?
Summary: Every year the Daily Planet host a Christmas charity bachelor auction and this year biggest bachelor looks to be Clark, too bad no one told Clark or his boyfriend Oliver.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville, darn it. I do own the Oracle, she is mine.
Author Notes: Unbeta so please forgive any mistakes and I am sorry that this is so late, RL and sickness kept me from posting. There will be a sequel.

Chapter 2

It was the night of the auction and Clark; well he is a complete nervous wreck, as he continued to struggle with his tie.

“You are utterly hopeless Smallville,” Lois informed him as she came up beside him she pushed away his hands and pulled off his tie, than undid a few buttons of his shirt.

Pulling away from him Lois had to admit that Clark looked very handsome in a black suit, with a silk burgundy shirt. “Not bad Smallville, you’ll fetch a decent amount.” She informed him.

Clark couldn’t help but blush at Lois words and the wink she gave him.

“Enough flirting with my boyfriend, Lois, don’t you have your own girlfriend to bother?” Oliver questioned snaking his arm around Clark waist, pressing a kiss on Clark cheek.

Lois grinned as she saw the determined look in those brown eyes; Oliver Queen is a man on a mission.

Clark smiled and leaned into Oliver hold, he enjoyed these moments with his boyfriend.

“Alright, enough of that,” Lois broke up the moment. “Time to get you sold Smallville.” Lois said grinning at Clark.


Oliver was in a bad mood, but only those who really know him could tell, he was not happy about Clark been up for auction. But there was nothing he could do about it, but make sure that no one was leaving with a date with his Clark but him.


The great hall that Tess had rented for this years Christmas auction and dinner was done up beautiful a silver and blue Christmas tree stood onstage acting as the backdrop for the bachelors which had Oliver scowling at the it.

Clark wanted to reach out and kiss Oliver to tell him he has nothing to worry about. But couldn’t, not without giving away the true nature of their relationship.


Bart was beyond happy, on his arm as his date was Chloe.

Lois couldn’t contain her smile as she watched her cousin be truly happy since her break-up with Jimmy. While Lois likes Jimmy she never thought he was right for her baby cousin, Bart on the other hand treats Chloe like a queen.

But if Bart ever hurts her cousin, there will be no place on earth he can hide.

“Plotting someone death in a public place is a good way to get caught.” Tess voice whispered in her ear.

“I’m not plotting anyone death, just thinking what I will do to him if he break Chloe heart.” Lois countered turning to look at Tess.

“I honestly don’t think you have anything to worry about, he fawns all over her like Oliver does with Clark.” Tess stated her peace before taking a sip of her drink.

“Speaking of our boys has Oliver reached his breaking part yet?” Lois wondered.

Tess smirked. “If he hasn’t, he will once the auction is over.” There was no doubt in Tess mind that a prize like Clark would be the highest bid, he might not see it but the rest of the world did, he is hot and given his kind heart a wonderful catch.


Dinner was a stressful event for Oliver, with a fake smile on his face and a tight grip on his silverware Oliver somehow made it threw dinner without pulling Clark into his arms and kissing the other man senseless and to public claim Clark as his.

Clark tuned into his boyfriend emotions, out of view, underneath the table rested his hand on Oliver hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.

Oliver heart thundered in his chest at the look of love in Clark’s eyes, and in that moment he knew he was an idiot for denying him and Clark the chance to be a true couple, keeping their relationship secret was hurting Clark and hurting him.

‘This changes now.’ Oliver vowed to himself, opening his mouth to tell Clark his decision only for Lois to appear at their side.

“Alright Smallville, time to get you sold.” Lois smiled at Clark grabbing his arm.

Clark could only smile helplessly at Oliver as he let Lois drag him away.

Oliver Queen was on a mission, one that he is not going to lose.


Clark was beyond nervous, just his luck he was to be the last bachelor auctioned off and he dreading every moment of this.

Tess smiled at the crowd but her eyes sought out Oliver and she could tell her ex was on edge with Clark been up now.

“Our finally bachelor is Mister Clark Kent.” Tess felt a little sorry for Clark as he nervously walked down the cat walk.

Every set of female and male eyes were on the delicious looking dark hair male, hoping that they would be the one to win this bachelor.

“So do I have twenty dollars?” Tess began the bidding.

A drop dead gorgeous super model blond raised her hand, “One hundred,” she bid instead in a honey dipped voice, as she eyed Clark like was a piece of meat.

Clark blinked, Tess smirked and Oliver scowled.

“Do I hear One hundred and five?” Tess was enjoying this.

To everyone surprise an unexpected bidder made the next high bid; Bruce Wayne raised his hand, “Two hundred.” That was Bruce bid.

A low snarl escaped Oliver lips as he recognized the hungry gleam in his business rival eyes only this time it was directed at his Clark.  

Oliver expression darkened more and more as more people continued to bid, making the binding continued to go higher and higher as everyone seemed to want a piece of his boyfriend.

But finally it came down to the beautiful blond woman and Bruce Wayne as the biding got way to rich for someone people one it reached the thousands.

It didn’t help that Clark was blushing the most adorable red colour, one that only Oliver had the privilege of seeing before.

A satisfied smirk began to form on Lois face as she watched Oliver get more and more upset with the bidding war over his boyfriend.  

Finally Oliver could take no more. “Twenty thousand dollars,” Oliver bid while glaring at the blond and Bruce.

The blond woman pouted, that was a little too rich for her blood, which is to bad, but her job here is done and the seeds have been sown for what is to come.

Bruce smirked, seeing the challenge in Oliver eyes, he knows he could counter Oliver latest bid, and see how far Oliver would go to win this handsome piece of man.

But been the trained detective that he is, Bruce did not miss the look of love that flashed briefly in Clark beautiful eyes. While something about Clark drew Bruce to him, he knew that he had no chance, not while Oliver holds his heart.

Bruce made no move to try and out bid Oliver.

‘About time Oliver,’ Tess thought, “Going once, going twice, sold.” Tess declared.

Relief and hope filled Clark, thankful that this was over and he couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen now.

In front everyone Oliver Queen stalked towards the stage stairs and over to Clark, where he proceeded to pull his dark hair boyfriend into a passionate kiss, one that Clark returned with just as much passion, leaving no doubt in everyone’s mind the true nature of the two men’s relationship.


While everyone’s attention was on the kissing couple no one noticed Bruce or the blond woman slip out of the crowd.

“This is will not be your only meeting with Clark Kent, you future is woven with his, Batman.” The blond spoke up her honey tone gone, replaced with a tone that spoke with knowledge and wisdom.  

Bruce turned to face her, only to be greeted by glowing blue eyes and he could only watch as her ankle length midnight blue gown turn into something suited in to be worn in ancient times. “Who are you?” He demanded his Batman voice coming out.

“In times of long ago, I was and am know as the Oracle, the seer of the gods.” She introduced herself. “Clark Kent shall be one of the few that you trust completely and in return you shall be the one Clark trust with his one weakness.” That was her parting prophecy as she seemed to fade from view.

Bruce raised an eyebrow, “Just who are you Clark Kent?” Bruce wondered to himself.


After their public display Oliver made sure he kept a firm grip on Clark hand, he was tired of hidden his relationship with Clark, it was the time the world knew that, he, Oliver Queen, had found his soul mate.

Clark couldn’t remember the last time he felt so happy, he never wanted this moment to end.


The Oracle watched Oliver and Clark sadly. “Destiny has another fate in store for you, Last Son of Krypton and you, Green Arrow. When the time comes it will be you’re choice to either trust in your love and each other or fall prey to destiny plan.” She let the wind carry her warning.


Oliver and Clark both shuttered as a cold wind, which came from nowhere, blew threw them.

Something was waiting in the wings, something that will test their relationship and love for one another.

Because, how do you fight destiny?


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Nov. 1st, 2011 06:25 am (UTC)
*Stares at icons.* Ohh pretty.

I'm glad you like it. I am working on a sequel that deals with the Orcale warning and it will be a Bruce/Clark/Oliver love triangle. Much fighting over Clark will happen in that story.
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I'm working on it, I just need to kick start my muses.
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Thanks. I have the idea I just need to start writing.
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