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Fic: Magic Call Chapter 9

Title: Magic Call
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Merlin/Doctor Who
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, Jack/Ianto, Doctor/Morgana, Tom/Martha, Andy/Tosh, Rhys/Gwen, Owen/Gwen, Rhys/Donna, Morgana/Lisa, John/Ferya, Ianto/Morgana, hints of John/Ianto, some Andy/Ianto/Morgana, some Morgana/Tosh, Tommy/Tosh, Mary/Tosh, past Suzie/Tosh, past Morgana/Gwen, past Lancelot/Gwen, past Ianto/Ferya and past Morgana/Gwen/Lancelot
Summary: For so long he has waited for his other half to be reborn, Ianto just never counted on Arthur to be reborn as a cocky, immortal captain.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: All of Torchwood S1 and S2
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these shows
Beta: milady_dragon 

Chapter 9


Morgana was enjoying the show that was Andy in a tizzy. It was really quite entertaining.


The man had been in a fit ever since she told him who Arthur was in this life.


Will never liked Arthur and never thought Arthur was good enough for Merlin and it seemed like Andy felt the same about Jack.


This was going to be fun.


“How can that no good bastard be Arthur? Well they are both royal prats, so I guess I could see it. Damn it poor Ianto always gets stuck with that royal pain in the arse,” Andy ranted.


A knowing smile spread across Morgana’s face. “Still carrying a torch for Ianto, I see,” she stated more than asked, enjoying the dark blush that spread across Andy’s cheeks.


“Are you sure you are still not evil?” Andy muttered under his breath.


“My dear Andy there is a great big different between evil and wicked.” Morgana pointed out.


Andy grumbled hating it that Morgana of all people knew of his crush on Ianto. Oh he knew he had no chance at winning Ianto’s heart, Merlin was destined for Arthur and

Arthur alone.


Except he had to admit that Gwaine had come close on more than one occasion in his attempts to win over Merlin, the jealous fits that Arthur flew into were fun to watch, it was a great deal of amusement.


Taking pity on the young man, Morgana decided to share a piece of news she knew would cheer him up. “Freya has been reborn.”


That jolted Andy out of his thoughts. “Really? Who?” While Arthur was Merlin’s true love, Freya would be his first love and when she was reborn they formed a strong bond, one nearly as strong as Merlin and Morgana’s, stirring all types of jealousy in Arthur.


“The pretty Asian one he works with, Tosh.” Morgana informed him.


Andy couldn’t contain his bark of laughter at that. Arthur working with Freya, oh this was going to be so good when their old souls awaken.


‘You better be making good use of this time Emrys, I can only hope that you and Arthur start down the path to healing and finding your way back to one another. And hopefully through you I can find away to forgive Jack for taking my beloved Lisa from me.’ Morgana thought with a sad smile.


Morgana didn’t even notice she was crying until Andy’s gentle touch wiped away the tear that fell down her cheek.


“I just miss her so much,” Morgana admitted with a sob and that was all Andy needed to hear before he came around the table and wrapped her in a comforting hug.


Nothing was said between the two as Andy comforted the broken hearted girl as much as he could, because how could you truly comfort someone who just lost their soulmate?




Watching the movie with Ianto was a new experience for Jack, usually he would have lost interest way before now and seduced who ever he was with into something much more fun than a movie.


Oh, Jack wouldn’t lie, his mind had been filled with all types of ways to get Ianto’s attention off the movie and onto him and then hopefully to have Ianto under him, but he didn’t. No, he was going to take this slow and wait until Ianto was ready.


Even if it killed him, ‘And it very well could,’ Jack thought as he fought back a groan as Ianto licked his finger clean from where the chocolate melted, Jack knew that a chocolate bar was a bad choice for a movie snack.


Jack shifted uncomfortably as his pants began to grow tight as he watched Ianto mouth and tongue lick clean his finger, he couldn’t help but imagine where he would like that mouth right now.


‘Not helping.’ Jack wanted to growl as the picture flew before his eyes. ‘Okay I need to think of something else before I jump Ianto. Think of Janet or Owen’s latest autopsy.’ The immortal ordered himself as he let his blue eyes flutter closed.


While Jack had his eyes closed he missed the wicked gleam in Ianto’s eyes as he glanced at Jack’s tense body, pleased that his little trick with the chocolate worked.


Jack wasn’t the only one who could play seduction games. ‘By the time I am through, you will be asking Gwen who?’ Ianto vowed smugly to himself.


This wouldn’t be the first time that Ianto had to seduce one of Arthur’s reincarnations and at that thought Ianto couldn’t help but let his mind drift back to the last time Arthur had been reincarnated and felt a single tear fall as he thought of the man who he lost far to soon, all to another bloody war.


‘I miss you my Captain,’ Ianto thought fondly of the man who shared the same name as the Jack sitting next to him.


His eyes flew open as a gun callused hand gently wiped away the tear that fell.


Blue met blue as Jack continued to stroke Ianto’s cheek. “There is no shame in shedding a tear for those we have lost,” Jack told him softly.


Ianto gave Jack a watery smile, “It would seem that I am always crying over someone I have lost. I’m just so tired of losing everyone I care for,” the immortal wizard admitted.


Jack’s heart went out to Ianto, to have lost so many in such a young life and, having seen first hand how deeply the Welshman loved, Jack could only imagine the pain he was experiencing right now over the lost of Lisa.


He was jealous; he wanted Ianto to love him like that. Jack was also feeling something else right now.


“I really want to kiss you.” Jack whispered softly as he drew closer to Ianto.


“And I really want you to kiss me,” Ianto whispered back just as softly.


Never losing eye contact Jack and Ianto stopped fighting the pull and gave into the longing in both of their souls.


The moment Jack’s lips touched Ianto’s; Jack was filled with a sense of coming home. Not wanting to lose this feeling Jack deepened the kiss, threading his hands through Ianto’s silky locks.


Kissing Jack, while new and exciting, had a familiar taste of Arthur, Ianto’s soul was singing, he was once again whole.




After her unexpected crying session Morgana and Andy decided to take a long walk to help Morgana gain control of her emotions.


“I’m sorry I cried on your shirt,” Morgana apologized to Andy.


The blond PC merely shrugged his shoulders. “Hey, what are friends for if not to be a shoulder to cry on?”


“Thank you,” Morgana said as she linked her arm with Andy’s.


Andy looked at her with real concern his eyes. “Are you going to be okay? And is Ianto going to be okay with what role Jack played in Lisa’s death?” He asked with real worry.


Morgana gave a small nod. “I think so with time, no matter what Merlin and Arthur are meant to be, they will get past this with time. I think a visit with Hunith would do Ianto and me some good.”


Andy sighed, “Really Morgana you should call us by our new names. So you mean you plan on visiting Estelle.”


Morgana rolled her eyes. “No matter what your names are now I will always remember who you once were. You all were my first family,” she reminded him with fondness.


Andy couldn’t fault her for that; she saw Will’s soul, her friend lost so long ago. “Just please call me Andy around the others. I don’t want others to be asking why such a beautiful woman is calling me Will,” Andy asked of her.


Morgana smile was one of true happiness. “I can do that.”


Andy shook his head with fondness. “So what do you think Ianto and Jack are up to right this instant?” he asked in curiosity.


Morgana smile turned wicked. “Getting naked and getting it on, no doubt.”


“Aaggh! I didn’t need that mental imagine; now I’m going to be picturing Captain Horny-dog naked with Ianto for days now,” Andy cried.


Morgana’s bell-filled laughter filled the air as Andy desperately tried to remove the imagine from his eyes.




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Jun. 11th, 2011 06:20 am (UTC)
poor andy lucky jack/ianto.
Jun. 16th, 2011 01:05 am (UTC)
Poor Andy indeed. And very lucky Jack/Ianto
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