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Fic: Stardust Chapter 8

Title: Stardust
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, 9th Doctor/Donna, 10th Doctor/Ross, Martha/Tosh, Mickey/Jake, some Ross/Rose, one-sided Jack/Rose, Esther, Suzie, Mary, Gwen, Owen/Rhys, John Hart/Andy, Amy, Lisa, 11th Doctor/Rory, River and others
Summary: To impress his lady love Jack vows to go over the wall and bring her back a piece of the fallen star, he just never counted on that star to be the handsome Ianto Jones. Their journey is filled with danger and excitement and along the way love blooms between man and star.
Beta: royalladyemma
Word Count: 34,179
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who or Stardust
Spoilers: The whole movie of Stardust

Chapter 8


Gwen glared down at the tied-up Adam; she had tracked her star to this point, only to find out she was too late. “Due west, you say? And you’re certain he had a young Welshman with him?” she demanded to know.


“Yeah.” Adam nodded fearfully; he knew of Gwen and her sister’s reputation for power and wrath.


“You’re sure? Absolutely sure you’re not lying?” She walked around him.


“I’d cross my heart if I had one,” Adam said with a nervous laugh.


“You’d better be telling the truth, you two-faced dog.” There was warning in Gwen’s voice.


“I can get you one of those, actually. Very good guard dogs. They can watch the back and the front door at the same time. I can get you anything you want.” Adam heard the whiney sound in his voice, and he knew he was pleading with an evil, vengeful woman, but this was his life on the line.


That last line caught Gwen’s attention. “Anything, you say? What are the chances of getting me a Babylon candle?” She ran her hands over the shelves looking for anything that might strike her fancy.


“That one’s slim. Although, I did know a girl once, if you know what I mean.” At Gwen’s glare he knew he should stop his rambling but he was too nervous to shut up, “I am a ladies man… who had a sister… at least, I think it was a woman. Oh, she was terrible. Face like a bag of frogs, ugly frogs...”


“Enough!” Gwen growled as she shot a spell at Adam, robbing him of his voice and replacing it with the squawk of a chicken. Turning on her heel she stalked out of the shop; she had a star to find.




“Hang on tight! The Captain’s at the helm!” Tosh warned as the TARDIS hit the water pretty roughly and actually bounced across the waves, yet despite the Doctor’s self-proclaimed prowess at the wheel, somehow they managed to land safely.


It was a sad affair all around as Jack and Ianto prepared to leave the TARDIS and her crew behind. Over the course of their short voyage together, the two men had become popular with everyone on board. They were currently standing on the deck saying their good-byes to the Doctor, who had gifted them with a container of his very best and rarest lightning.


“There’s the road you’ll need for Wall.” The Doctor told them before taking Ianto’s hand in his. “Good luck on your journey home, Ianto, wherever that may be.”


Releasing Ianto’s hands the Doctor turned to Jack. “And good luck to you, Jack, with Rose.”


Ianto smiled at the Doctor. “How can we ever thank you enough for your kindness?”


“Don’t mention it. No, seriously, don’t mention it.” The Doctor winked at them. “Reputations, you know. A lifetime to build, seconds to destroy. Oh, and Jack, just remember…” The Doctor leaned in close and whispered something in Jack’s ear. Pulling away from Jack the Doctor gave him a look. “Just think about it. Well, give my regards to England. It’s been a pleasure to meet you both.” At this Tosh let out a small cough and the Doctor quickly added loud enough for his crew to hear, “Mind you don’t wear that wench out, Captain Jack!”  


It was harder than they thought to walk away from the TARDIS, but Jack and Ianto somehow managed. They walked in silence until the port and the ship were no longer in sight. Finally Ianto couldn’t keep quiet anymore; he simply had to know or burst from curiosity, “What did he say to you?”


Jack frowned, not quite getting what Ianto meant. “What did who say when?” he asked, tilting his head at the star.


Ianto stopped in his tracks, and that forced Jack to stop. “Just then, when he whispered to you.” The star waved his hand back the way they came to emphasis his point. “The Doctor, what did he tell you?”


“No… No, he… He was just saying we should use the lightning to get you a better Babylon candle. Barter for it, you know.” Jack managed to stutter out before hurrying away from Ianto, afraid the star would see that he was lying.


The star followed after him, only at a much slower speed and feeling rather disappointed.



Adam stared fearfully into the cold eyes of Prince John. “For the last time, where is the boy? The guy with the stone! Where did he go?” John was quickly losing his patience with the man who refused to answer; suddenly a thought hit him, “Are you mocking me?” He demanded to know, pointing the edge of his sword against Adam’s throat.


“No…” Adam somehow forced out the single word before it turned into a cluck.


“’Cause if you are, believe me, you only have seconds to live!” John warned, and sadly for Adam all that escaped his mouth were more chicken sounds. With a throaty growl John stabbed Adam through the heart and then looked at the dead man with disgust on his face. “What a freak,” he commented to no one in particular. Turning abruptly, he handed his sword to one of his servants with the order, “Clean this thoroughly.” He was not happy that he was no closer to finding the stone or the star.



Gwen had been traveling in the comfort of the late Prince Owen’s coach, but as she ran a hand through her hair she was horrified to see clumps of dark hair in her hands. Taking a chance she cast a spell to return her hair to it once shining glory only to pout and nearly scream as her breasts sagged. “Bollocks!” she growled under her breath.


“If you have quite finished squandering your magic on your rather counterproductive beauty routine, you might like to know that the star has returned. He’s back on land.” Mary’s voice came from the ring.


Gwen pouted; she did not like being reminded of her failure. “I know, damn it. I couldn’t reach the lake in time.”


It was Suzie who spoke up this time with news that made her sister smile again. “No matter. We have found him. He is on the road to the village of Wall. If you take the shortcut across the marshes, you should arrive in time to intercept him.”


With a wickedly pleased smile on her increasingly lined face, Gwen ordered the horses on faster; she had a star to catch.



Ianto and Jack had been walking down the path for some time; neither able to find the words with which to start a conversation. Jack had just managed to get out, “Ianto,” before the sound of hooves could be heard. Panicking, Jack tackled Ianto, knocking them into the tall grass that grew along the side of the road.


Ianto landed on his back with Jack pressed against him; their eyes met and neither could breathe as their breaths mingled and Jack quickly moved so that he was hovering over him from above. Only the few inches that separated their bodies prevented them from giving into the desire coursing through their veins.


Suddenly Ianto came to his senses; he couldn’t do this, not when it was clear the man was so obsessed with his beloved Rose. “Are you trying to break my leg again?”


“I’m sorry! I’m sorry,” Jack mumbled as he climbed off of Ianto to sit beside him. “I just… I can’t risk people seeing you. I don’t trust anyone,” he admitted, suddenly shy.


Ianto felt his heart leap with joy. “But at this rate, if we keep stopping…” Ianto began to point out but he was stopped by Jack’s finger placed on his lips.


“Ianto, we’re making good time, just leave it a minute,” Jack whispered tenderly; he was enjoying the feel of Ianto’s soft lips against his fingertips, and he couldn’t resist the urge to gently stroke his bottom lip.


Sitting up, Ianto asked Jack a question that had been weighing heavily on his mind ever since they’d left the Doctor’s ship. “Aren’t you tempted?”


Jack tore his gaze from Ianto’s lips, tilted his head and asked him softly, “Tempted? By what?”


Ianto shrugged his shoulders. “Immortality. Let’s say it wasn’t my heart. Not me, just a star you didn’t know.” He needed to know that the man he was falling so very hard for wouldn’t take the life of one of his brothers or sisters just for the sake of immortality.


“You seriously think I could kill anyone?” The hurt in Jack’s voice was obvious and painful to hear, and Ianto felt badly for asking, but before he could take back his words, Jack continued. “I mean, even if I could, everlasting life? I imagine it would be kind of lonely.”


Ianto shifted, the life of a star could be very lonely sometimes. “Well, maybe if you had someone to share it with, someone you love. Maybe then it might be different,” Ianto whispered hopefully, looking at Jack with emotions plainly written in his eyes.


‘Remember Rose,’ Jack reminded himself firmly and somehow he forced himself to move away from the handsome star. “Come on, I think we’re safe.”


Watching Jack walk away from him broke Ianto’s heart; he should have known Jack loved only one person and it was not him.




Prince John stared at the sight of the imposing ship moored before him; she was known and feared throughout the lands, the TARDIS was, and he knew it status was well-earned. Turning John addressed his men. “Now remember, the Doctor has a fearsome reputation, but I’ll suffer no cowards in my ranks,” he warned them before jumping into the water.


With the TARDIS docked, an underwater assault was their best chance of a sneak attack.


With Tosh in command on deck, the Doctor was anxious to take advantage of the rare chance to relax. Locking the door securely behind him, and then double –checked the lock- one couldn’t be too careful - the Doctor put on a record that always helped him to relax. As the music started playing, he headed into his closet and changed into an elaborate and sexy cabaret dancer’s outfit, and with no one around to see him, he began dancing joyfully around his cabin.


Meanwhile, up on the deck, Prince John’s men clambered up and over the railings and drew their weapons. Although they tried to get the jump on the TARDIS crew, there was another reason they were fear and it was because they were some of the greatest fighters in the land and no one ever attacked their ship. Those few who were stupid or foolish enough to believe they could succeed never lived to tell the tale. The rumours and stories of their demise were the stuff of legend in pubs and drinking establishments to the four corners of the world.


As his men engaged in a heated, albeit fairly one-sided, battle with the lightning pirates, John slipped away to the Captain’s cabin. The music was so loud and the Doctor so involved in his dancing, that the feared pirate captain never heard the lock being shut off or the door being kicked in. Upon entering the Doctor’s room, John could only stare in total disbelief at the sight of the most feared man in the seven skies dressed in woman’s clothing, dancing the can-can. “What the hell is this!?” John demanded hoarsely, feeling the blood in his body rushing southward. It didn’t help matters that the Doctor actually made one hell of a good-looking woman.


Interrupted in the middle of a high kick, the Doctor came to an abrupt halt, and whirled around to see a man dressed all in black and standing in his broken doorway. “What are you doing here?” He questioned.


John advanced, trying to be as threatening as possible, which was a tad difficult, considering the bulge in his trousers. “My name is Prince John, and you’re going to tell me where the boy is,” the price announced in as deep and manly voice as he could muster.


Now as Jack and Ianto well knew, the Doctor was not a fighter and he was no match for the very skilled and cunning Prince John and, hampered as he was by his skirt and high-heeled boats, he was easily defeated. But up on the deck, under the fierce leadership of Toshiko, the TARDIS’ crew managed to defeat and destroy the invaders and were on the way down to rescue their captain.


Bound tightly to a chair, and not in a good way, the Doctor’s head rocked to the side as John delivered another heavy blow. “All right, twinkle-toes, I’m gonna count to three. One, two…” John never got to finish as the Doctor’s crew burst in with weapons drawn to defend their captain. Sensing the protective auras around them John did the only smart thing he could, he dove out the window into the cool water below.



As Jack and Ianto continued to walk Jack began to notice something about Ianto. At first, it was just the barest spark, but the longer they walked the more frequent and shimmery it became. “You know, you sort of glitter sometimes. I just noticed it. Is that normal?”


Ianto rolled his eyes. “Let’s see if you can work it out for yourself,” he snarked. “What do stars do?”


Trying to lighten the mood Jack answered jokingly, “Attract trouble?” At Ianto’s slightly hurt look Jack knew he failed at frivolity. “I’m sorry, Ianto,” and he truly was. He had no desire to see the star unhappy. “Do I get another guess?” At Ianto’s nod and soft smile, Jack tried again, “Is it… Do they know exactly how to annoy a boy called Jack Harkness?”


Ianto didn’t get a chance to answer as they came upon a large rock with a map carved into its face. Watching the star studying it with a knitted brow, he asked almost fearfully, “How long will it take?”


Taking a deep breath Ianto answered, “Maybe two days.”


“But we don’t have two days! Rose’s birthday is tomorrow!” Jack wailed loudly and childishly.


“Yes, it is. Well remembered,” Ianto snarled before stalking off. He should have known that despite how close they had gotten over the past six days he was still nothing more than a birthday gift for Rose, basically a prisoner in all but name.


Watching Ianto stalk away Jack cursed himself for being a fool; once again he hurt Ianto’s feelings without meaning to. Sighing at his own stupidity, he chased after the rapidly retreating Ianto Jones.





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