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Fic: Change Fate's Design Chapter 5/12

Title: Change Fate’s Design
Fandoms: Torchwood/Star Trek XI/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, John/Tosh, Rory/Amy, Doctor/River, Mickey/Martha, Sulu/Chekov, Owen/Andy/Kathy
Summary: Time is collapsing in on itself due to a disruption in the timelines. Now, to save the future, they must fix the past and save those who have been lost.
Word Count: 27,536
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who or Star Trek.
Beta: royalladyemma

Chapter 5

John Hart had just finished sending his message to Jack, who was covered in dirt and dust, and standing outside the partially demolished building. John was slightly pissed that he had gotten Jack’s answering machine. “Really, what could be more important than me?” He didn’t like been ignored. His growing anger at being forgotten vanished the instant an unfamiliar grinding noise filled the now empty bar. John immediately grabbed his blasters from their holsters and he turned in time to see a blue old-style British police box appear in the bar. He furrowed his eyebrows together as, “What the hell?” were the only words the normally verbose Time Agent could think to say.

John’s fingers tightened on the triggers as the doors to the blue box flew open and two men appeared. The first was a handsome man wearing of all things a bowtie and a big grin as he came bouncing out. John knew the moment he saw the other’s traditional robes that this was a Vulcan, which made things all the more interesting, as it was common albeit future knowledge that Vulcan’s weren’t scheduled to come to Earth for another several hundred years.

The man in the bowtie grinned goofily at John. “Hello! Are you John Hart?” He asked as he rushed forward, hand outstretched in greeting despite the blasters that were aimed in his direction. Inwardly he gulped and prayed to the Goddess that the man wasn’t too awfully trigger-happy.

John leered at the man as he put his weapons back into their holsters. “For someone as handsome as you, I can be whoever you would like me to be.” He blatantly ran his eyes up and down the Doctor’s body, stopping at and openly ogling his crotch area.

The Doctor blinked; he hasn’t been flirted with so aggressively since he’d met Jack, and for just a moment, he preened. ‘Nice to know I’ve still got it!’ he thought gleefully before he turned to face Spock. “I think we have the right man.”

Spock inclined his head, “Agreed, my friend,” and before John could blink or react Spock had moved and then he felt a familiar nerve pinch and his world instantly turned black.

The Doctor looked down at the limp body of the rogue Time Agent before he turned back to his ship and called out, “Okay, it’s safe to come out.”

John exited the TARDIS and found it surreal to see his own body lying limply on the floor. The plan had been simple; future John would warn past Jack of the dangers to come and then past Jack would take past John back to the Hub with him as before, and hopefully things would work out.

The sound of tires screeching to a halt on the street outside had the three conscious men’s eyes flying to the bar entrance. “Shit! That’s Jack! You two need to get out of here!” John hissed frantically at the Doctor and Spock who didn’t need to be told twice as they high-tailed it back into the TARDIS. John breathed a sigh of relief when the TARDIS finished fading from view just as the bar doors swung open. ‘Always with the bloody fancy entrances!’ and it took all of John’s willpower not to roll his eyes at Jack’s over-the-top arrival.

Jack paused in his dramatic entrance and blinked in bewilderment as he looked back and forth between the figures of his former partner standing above the unconscious form of his former partner. “Why are there two of you?” Jack couldn’t help but ask. “How…?”

The conscious John stepped over his fallen form. “Never mind that; I’m here to warn you.” He needed to get this over with before the others showed up and his past self woke up.

Jack crossed his arms and glared at his ex. “And why should I listen to anything you have to say?” Just because he might not remember two years of his time with the agency didn’t mean that he couldn’t remember his rather volatile relationship with his ex-lover and partner, and he knew the man was not to be trusted.

Lunging forward John grabbed Jack by the lapels of his greatcoat and glared into his eyes. “Because in a little over two years Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato and Owen Harper will all be dead if you don’t shut up and listen to what I have to say!” John snarled in Jack’s face.

For one brief, painful moment Jack forgot how to breathe. ‘No! Not my Ianto! I refused to lose Ianto again, not so soon!’ Fire lit Jack’s blue eyes and he forced himself to remain calm as he untangled John’s fingers from his coat. “Tell me how I keep my team safe,” he ordered as he strode over to the bar. John grinned, glad to see the man he knew emerge; nothing would stop Jack Harkness from keeping his team, his Ianto, safe.

“All right, listen closely because I only have enough time to explain this once.” John automatically accepted the bottle of vodka that Jack handed him, but he left it untouched as he began the long and heart-breaking story of how Jack would lose his teammates.

Every word that John spoke was like another dagger into Jack’s horrified heart. Hearing about Owen and Tosh’s deaths was tough enough, but he took a tiny sliver of comfort in the knowledge that they had died as heroes. When John began to tell him about Ianto’s death and the role Jack himself played in it, Jack’s heart shattered and all he wanted to do was run and find Ianto and take him far, far away from Earth.

“Keep them safe, Jack; you have no idea how important they are,” John whispered, and Jack could see his former partner’s eyes glistening with unshed tears, betraying how much he had invested in the successful outcome of the future.

“I will,” Jack vowed and John knew he would.

The groan that came from the floor alerted them to the other John waking. John flashed Jack a quick wink before activating his vortex manipulator and vanishing from sight, traveling to a pre-set meeting place where the TARDIS and her crew were waiting. Jack watched him go; his mind was a whirl of ideas on how to save his team as John awoke and his team arrived.


John Hart arrived at his destination where six people and aliens anxiously awaited him. “It’s done,” he told them. “Now it’s all up to Jack and us.”


Jack dreaded the mission with the Pharm; it was the first of his losses that were to come. Knowing what to expect, he was ready when Aaron Copley pulled out his gun and threatened to shoot Martha. Decades of practice and a steely determination to change the future made Jack the quicker on the draw and therefore the faster shot. Doctor Owen Harper lived that night.


Jack struggled to breathe as the heavy weight of the dirt suffocating him pressed down on his body, and he prayed that someone would save his Toshiko.

A downright evil grin graced Grey’s face as he stumbled upon his brother’s lackey all by herself and too busy trying to stop the nuclear meltdown to even notice him. It was so easy to come up behind her as he took aim, his finger beginning to lightly squeeze the trigger. Suddenly there was intense pressure on his neck and a hand grabbing his gun and then all Grey knew was darkness.

It was the sound of a body hitting the floor that finally drew Tosh’s attention away from the monitors. A frightened gasp escaped her lips when she saw the unconscious form of a young man lying at the feet of another young man wearing a bowtie and an elderly-looking man with pointed ears. Immediately she was on guard. “Who are you? And how did you get in here?” she demanded, her fingers itching to grab her gun.

“We mean you no harm, Toshiko Sato.” Spock spoke softly as he raised his hands in the universal sign of peace to the young woman.

The Doctor and Spock had had little choice but to reveal themselves to Tosh, because with John and River rushing to get Owen from the nuclear power plant in time, and the other members of Torchwood locked away down in the vaults, there was no one else around to save her.

Tosh eyed the two men warily; she was unsure as to what she should do while at the same time, she found herself wondering how they could have gotten into the Hub without setting off the intruder alarms. Suddenly she remembered Owen, and with a small cry of dismay, she turned back to the monitor only to blink in confusion when she noticed that the meltdown had been stopped and that Owen was safe and sound. She turned back to thank her rescuers only to discover that she was alone; her three mysterious visitors had vanished as silently as they had appeared.

While Tosh had been distracted by what was happening at the nuclear plant the Doctor and Spock had taken the opportunity to head back to the TARDIS carefully carrying Grey with them. The Doctor knew that the only hope of healing the damage done to Grey was on the TARDIS.


Finally, the day came when the 456 arrived on Earth to abduct their human drugs. It was the moment Jack had been dreading for nearly two years, the moment when he had lost Ianto, Stephan and Alice. He vowed to the universe that he would not let that happen again. He was more than a little ashamed of what he had done the first time the alien drug addicts had come to Earth, and he feared that when he found out what Jack had done, Ianto would reject him for his past failures.

The sense of relief that Jack felt when he finished telling his story was so intense that he didn’t realise he had tears running down his cheeks. Rather than shouting at him or pulling away from him, Ianto just glared through his own tears at him and called him, “Daft git.”

Jack blinked in surprise; that was the last response he expected from Ianto, but he was very grateful for it, nonetheless.

Ianto reached out and cupped Jack’s head in his hands, using his thumbs to wipe his lover’s tears away before he continued. “Jack, I know that over the years you’ve had to make the hard choices and follow the orders that Torchwood gave you, even the ones you would never agree to. Those orders and choices made you the man you are today and I wouldn’t have you any other way. I love you and nothing you’ve ever done is going to change that.”

Ianto’s undying faith in him never ceased to amaze Jack and he was struck dumb by the wave of love and gratitude that swept through him. Enveloping his wise young Welshman in a huge hug, Jack let his tears fall again. He didn’t know what he’d done to deserve the love of such a man, but hearing how Ianto felt about him made Jack’s heart sing with joy.


Jack knew that when he went to confront the 456 that Ianto would insist on coming inside Thames House with him. His Welsh lover stubbornly refused to let his captain go in and face the aliens by himself. Of course this time Jack had the gift of knowing the outcome of the meeting, and he made sure that this time, Ianto had a gas mask and oxygen tank with him. Knowing that that Ianto was immortal didn’t matter; Jack wasn’t taking any chances that something could go wrong. ‘Please Doctor, watch over him.’ Jack sent his silent prayer into the heavens as they entered Thames House.

Their guardian angel had indeed been watching and the TARDIS was not taking any chances with her beloved child, not this time. Jack and Ianto both blinked as a very familiar sound filled the air in Thames House.

The TARDIS had barely finished becoming solid when the doors were flung open and the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor appeared. “Both of you in here, now!” The Doctor’s voice left no room for argument. Grabbing Ianto’s arm Jack hauled them over to the TARDIS.

Once Jack and Ianto were safe and sound in the TARDIS, the Doctor turned his gaze onto the creature known as the 456, looking every inch the Oncoming Storm he was. “You have until the end of this day to leave this planet or I will be back and I will make you leave!”

“You do not scare us, Time Lord; we will not leave until we get what we want.” The 456 made no attempt to hide their contempt the last of the Time Lords.

The Doctor’s gaze became pure steel as he gave them one final warning, his voice deadly serious. “Then you leave me no choice. I will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of this planet, anything. I have destroyed worlds and I have left the Dalek Empire in ruins. Do you really think you can handle the likes of me?”

“We do not fear you,” The 456 repeated.

“Then so be it.” The Doctor knew what he had to do and re-entered his ship with a grim frown marring his handsome face.


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