backrose_17 (backrose_17) wrote,

Stupid plot bunnies

Why wont they leave me alone? I already have enough stories to write but they've decide to give me three more.

WWE/Torchwood Stories
Title: Weekend in London
Pairings: Randy Orton/Ianto Jones, Mickie James/Tosh Soto with past Janto and hints of future Randy/Evan
Summary: Randy always gets what he wants and he wants a certain Welshman. A trip to London will hold much more suprises than Tosh and Ianto had thought.
This is one will be about Three chapters

Title: Was mine first
Pairings: Janto, Mickie/Tosh, Randy/Evan and Randy/Ianto
Summary: Jack never thought he could do jealous until he met Randy Orton and learned on Ianto weekend with him. Now Jack set's out to prove that Ianto is his and only his.

WWE Story
Title: Mine
Pairings: Randy/Evan, Cena/Teddy, Jeff/Cody and one sided ?/Evan
Summary: Only an idoit would go after something that belongs to the viper Randy Orton. So when someone makes a play at Evan, the viper set's out to make it clear who Evan belongs too.

I'll have plenty to post when my lj-cut begins working again.
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