Gen Prompt Bingo Card

My Gen Prompt Bingo Card

Bread and Circuses There is No Escape Cowardly Character transformed into an animal The Early Hours before Dawn
Dark Tone Water Spirits Internet / Social Media Episode Tags and Missing Scenes Formidable
Plants / Trees / Flowers Guinea-Bissau Wild Card Smoke and Fog Down in the Deeps
The North Wind doth Blow Revelations and Concealments Explorer Ship and Captain / Mount and Rider Disgust
Religious and other festivals Quarks Farce Duende Deus Ex Machina
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H/C Feb Card

I'm getting back into writing and I couldn't say no to this challenge and I have a pretty good idea for a story.
WILD CARD forbidden love
hospital stay captivity
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 Hi everyone. *Waves*
So this is an update I'm so sorry I have been not posting as much. Back in April I had a seizure and in November I had more. I have been undergoing doctor's care but it has been slow getting the test done and it doesn't help that they seem to have lost my EEG report. I have also been having some issue with my memory where I would forget something but it is getting better. I hope to finish up my stories and soon. 

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Writing Projects

Okay so I'm finally seem to be getting my muses back all I need is my laptop back from the repair shop and I will be good to go. 

In November I will be posting three new J2 fics, two as part of the J2 Reverse Big Bang and one with the SPN Reverse Big Bang.
I also have an End!verse Dean/Sam Wincest based in S8 of SPN for the Wincest Big Bang coming soon. 
As well as a J2 take on the Mummy for SPN Cinema. 

I also have a long awaited MCU x Torchwood focusing on Ianto mostly coming soon for another Big Bang. This story is one I have been wanting to write for a while I can't give much away but it will be a what-if and one I have been longing to write for a while.

I also signed up for the Reel_Merlin I'm doing Star Wars a New Hope with Morgana as Han, Arthur as Leia, Merlin as Luke and Gwaine as Chewy it will be Merlin/Arthur and Gwaine/Morgana. 

I plan on finishing off all my ongoing Torchwood fics as well as my H/C bingo card, my prompt tables and my serendipity claims table. 

I have a Supernatural con this week coming up and in my spare time I plan on writing on my IPad. 

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Janto - Magical

Serendipity Claims Prompt Table

I saw this on my dash and it looked like a lot of fun. I'm hoping it helps me get into the groove of writing again, I have so many story ideas that I have started that I want to get finished. Don't worry alien!Ianto is coming along nicely.

Tier 2 - Positivity Janto


Tier 3 - Things crossover of Torchwood/SPN

Ripped jeansPuddlesBreezeSilk sheetsJewelry
PetsComfort itemFallen leavesOld papersPebbles
Coffee mugsToolsLucky charmPhotographsTechnology
TrophiesFairy lightsGiftsLettersMakeup

Tier 3 - General (8) Crossover of MCU/SPN, Bucky/Steve/Dean/Sam (I fully blame those on my tumblr who fueled the idea for this universe)
General (8)


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Alien Ianto Update

I am so sorry for how long it has taken me to post the next chapter in alien Ianto. I seemed to have experienced writers block on it and then given what has happened with my health recently I just didn't seem to have the drive to write as much as I use to, only focusing on challenges but today that changed. I managed to finish the next chapter of my alien Ianto story as well as get the chapter after that half written, but I am hoping to finish the story completely before posting the next chapter. 

I plan on finishing all stories I have started, I'm sorry it has taken so long. 
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A Little Scare Today

 So I had a little health scare today I ended up in the hospital and they are unsure if I blacked out or had a seizure. I need to go for my test to see if they can find out what happened. 
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So a Little More Help

So I've been working on a Torchwood x Eureka x MCU story for my April hurt/comfort bingo crossover challenge and it's being a bit of a pain. It's basically a what-if of Torchwood what if the TARDIS showed Jack the fates of Ianto, Tosh and Owen and after his permission set for new paths one where Jack didn't return right away. 

Ianto of course is connected to SHIELD and Tosh would fit in beautifully within Eureka and that connects the two when SHIELD's top scientist along with Tony come to Eureka. The only issue I have is where Owen should end up. Should he join SHIELD as a doctor with all of his knowledge of aliens he would be a welcomed addition or should he end up at Eureka with Tosh? And no Owen/Tosh is not the pairing I could never get into them, Tosh is paired with Natasha as I have fallen in love with that pairing.

Gwen will not be in it besides in a flashback and a mention of what she is doing but that is all.  It's coming along nicely and I hope to have it ready in time for the due date it's just Owen that is giving me trouble so any suggestions on where he is and who you would like to see him paired up with would be welcomed, I will list below the pairings that are happening so you know who Owen can't be paired up with. 

Confirmed pairings:
Natasha x Tosh 
Bucky x Ianto x Jack Harkness
Nathan x Jack Carter
Tony x Steve
Phil x Clint
Possible Rhys x Maria Hill 


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