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My NaNo progress

9097 / 50000 words. 18% done!


Looking for a Beta

So I'm in need of a beta for the Wincest Big Bang, posting date is Nov.1st I'm just looking for spelling/grammar

Title: Ashes of Eden
Genres: Wincest, implied threesome, time travel, bottom!Sam
Pairings: Demon!Dean/Standford!Sam, Dean/Sam/Demon!Dean, Dean/Sam
The word count is a little over 14k
Summary: Dean has embraced his demon side but has come up with a new plan to change history to prevent any of this happening and that involves a little time travel. Dean is going to ensure that heaven and hell will never use him and Sam as their pawns.
Warning: Character death (Crowley and Castiel) and implied mpreg

New Big Bang

I already have an idea for a dark Janto story.

Title: My Sakura

Title: My Sakura
Fandoms: Torchwood/MCU/Doctor Who
Pairings: Rhodey/Tosh, Bucky/Ianto, Steve/Tony, Nick Fury/Donna, Phil/Clint, Rhys/Gwen, Owen/Diana, past Jack/Ianto and Ianto and Tosh friendship
Summary: Torchwood falls Ianto and Tosh find a new life working for Tony Stark. Tosh just never expected to fall in love with James Rhodes and Rhodey will do anything to prove he is worth of her. 
Notes: This was written for the Het Big Bang challenge and features a pairing I have been wanting to write for a while. I think Tosh and Rhodey would be good for one another. As well as I am currently addicted to wanting to write Bucky/Ianto as well. 


H/C Bingo Card 2018

It would seem that I am finally getting my muse back and wanting to write challenges again and working on my stories. I almost forgot about this challenge but I already have a few ideas for some of my prompts. 
My hc_bingo cardCollapse )

Wincest Big Bang

Come join me.
">Wincest Big Bang Promo 2.jpg

Sign ups open Monday, August 27 for the second round of [profile] wincest_bigbang.
A fanfic and fanart challenge dedicated to the Winchester family!!!

Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups | Beta Sign Ups |


So I finally saw the neurologist and I have epilepsy. It is nice to know what is wrong with me but this is a bit of a shock as there is not really a history of it in my family, that we know of. 


My H/C Bingo Card for April

This month features crossovers my favourite thing to write. This is going to be interesting to write. 

hostages betrayal loss of limb / amputation / mutilation archaic medical treatment

Gen Prompt Bingo Card

My Gen Prompt Bingo Card

Bread and Circuses There is No Escape Cowardly Character transformed into an animal The Early Hours before Dawn
Dark Tone Water Spirits Internet / Social Media Episode Tags and Missing Scenes Formidable
Plants / Trees / Flowers Guinea-Bissau Wild Card Smoke and Fog Down in the Deeps
The North Wind doth Blow Revelations and Concealments Explorer Ship and Captain / Mount and Rider Disgust
Religious and other festivals Quarks Farce Duende Deus Ex Machina

H/C Feb Card

I'm getting back into writing and I couldn't say no to this challenge and I have a pretty good idea for a story.
WILD CARD forbidden love
hospital stay captivity



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