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Musing of a Dreamer

Where True Love is Never Denied

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Fic: Shadows Pulling Me To Lie With You Chapter 5/10
Title: Shadows Pulling Me to Lie With You
Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Star Trek XI/Doom/Torchwood/Slight Doctor Who
Pairings: Kirk/Reaper!McCoy/Spock, Jack/Ianto, Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/Uhura, Pike/Archer, mentions of Jenny(the Doctor's daughter)/OMC and the Doctor/Tosh
Summary: A near-death experience brings to light a secret that McCoy has kept hidden for many years and now he must deal with the fallout. Meanwhile, Kirk and Spock fight the urge to claim McCoy as their own in order to keep him safe from someone within the Federation who seeks to control the Phoenix Force and use the legendary Reaper for his own nefarious purposes. Answers come in the form of McCoy’s grandparents, Jack and Ianto Harkness-Jones.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Word Count: 38,074
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doom, Doctor Who or the awesomeness that is Star Trek. The Phoenix Force is owned by Marvel Comics.
Art by: tresa_cho
Mixers: madscribbles and wyntreaurora

Chapter 5

In a way, Bones was grateful that his grandparents were arriving; familial obligations would give him an excuse to keep his distance from Jim and Spock. He simply wasn't ready to be alone with them, not after what Alaula had said. Against his better judgement he'd allowed a tiny hope that someone would love him to awaken, but the reality of his world was such that Alaula hadn't seen the truth but a dream that would never happen.

Unfortunately, there was only so many places the doctor could go on a starship, even one as big as the Enterprise and he couldn't avoid them forever. Eventually, he found himself on the bridge, literally standing just a few feet away from Jim. Naturally, all anyone was talking about was the guests they were only hours away from picking up. Bones had one thought about that, 'I can already see that Jack's ego will more than likely grow from his time here on the Enterprise.' Bones found himself rolling his eyes, behaving more and more like his grandtad Ianto these days.

Out of everyone on the bridge, Chekov and Scotty were the most excited to be meeting their heroes. "They had a real live dinosaur as a pet! Who else but Torchwood could have something like that? That is the coolest pet ever!" Those crew listening to Chekov agreed with him whole-heartedly, even the captain.

A pout graced Jim's face. "I think the Enterprise needs a dinosaur!" he declared petulantly, causing Bones and Spock to share a long-suffering look. They were clearly remembering the last time someone had tried bringing a pet onboard – there was nothing in the Universe like the trouble a Tribble could cause.

"No!" Both Bones and Spock declared loudly and vehemently, which only caused Kirk's pout to grow. They watched in amusement as he flung himself into his chair to sulk like a five-year-old; his lip stuck out mutinously and he kept glowering at anyone who dared to look at him.

Despite their sulking Captain, Chekov's enthusiasm was still contagious and a bright smile graced Scotty's face. "Aye, me great-great-great-grandmum and great-great-great-grandda loved to tell me stories of their adventures and their time together at Torchwood."

Bones blinked at that little bit of news; that wasn't something he knew. 'Tosh is Scotty's great-great-great-grandmother? Then that means he's related to the Doctor. No wonder he's so damn flighty sometimes! At least he gets his brains from Tosh.' Bones fought the urge to shiver at the idea of Scotty acting even more like the Doctor than he already did.

Bones glanced at Jim, then Spock and finally at others on the bridge, and he knew that the time had come. He knew that getting the truth out in the open would be better for everyone in the long run. Sighing deeply, he moved towards Jim.

As Bones grew closer to him, Jim perked up in his chair. For the past few days, Bones had done his best to stay out of his way, ruining all of Jim's plans for confessing his love for the man. He hadn't realised how much he'd been missing Bones until he'd seen him on the bridge. As Bones came closer, Jim felt his heart speed up, just as it always did when he was near.

"Jim, I need to talk to you and the others," Bones murmured softly as he reached Jim's side.

Jim saw the serious look in his Bones' eyes and wondered what was on his mind. He scratched his head; "Sure, one question though, who's everybody?" He kept his voice low, matching that of the doctor.

Bones had to stop himself from smiling at the confused look in Jim's eyes; it was a cute look and Bones mentally chastised himself for wanting to kiss the man right then and there. "You, me, Spock, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov," Bones decided to clarify his words instead of acting on his impulses. He'd raised his voice enough for the parties in question to hear their names and look over at him.

Jim shrugged his shoulders and smiled sheepishly. "I knew that." At Bones' disbelieving snort, Jim's eyes narrowed and he stuck out his chin belligerently, ready and willing to argue the point, but one look from Spock had him quickly changing his mind. "You heard the man, people, the ready room, now. The bridge is yours, Mr Scott," Jim called over his shoulder to the most senior officer left on the bridge as he bounced after the others, curious as to what Bones had to tell them.

Bones waited until everyone was seated before crossing his arms and glaring at them all, but mainly at Jim; this warning was mostly for him after all. "All right, listen up and listen good. There is one thing you should all remember," and he looked specifically at Jim before he continued. "Flirting with Ianto Harkness-Jones will more than likely earn you a bullet, probably in your most precious body part. Captain Jack does not take well to others playing with his husband and he will happily shoot you to make that clear."

Jim cocked an eyebrow as he crossed his arms over his chest, leaned back in his chair, and he gazed at his doctor almost lazily. "And just how do you know that little piece of info?" He was curious about how Bones knew something that even he'd never hear before and he refused to admit it might be jealousy that was stirring in his gut.

Bones scowled, barely resisting the urge to roll his eyes at the sheer silliness of the situation; he could see the challenge in Jim's eyes and in that instant, Bones knew that the captain was going to ignore his advice. Drawing in a deep breath, he calmly informed them all, "Because they're my grandparents."

"Huh... what?!" Jim was sure his wasn't the only mouth that dropped open in shock. "Your grandparents?" he repeated the two words just to make sure he hadn't misheard. 'Leonard McCoy's grandparents are two of Earth's greatest heroes? I really need to make a good impression on them!' Kirk knew that Captain Jack and Ianto Harkness-Jones needed to see him in a favourable light; his future with Bones depended on it. 'It would do me no favours if the grandparent-in-laws hate me, but I'm sure that the old Kirk charm will win them over in moments.' 

Spock was dealing with his own thoughts. 'I am not at all surprised that Doctor McCoy is related to such an emotional human as Captain Jack Harkness-Jones. But I must say, it will be interesting to meet Ianto Harkness-Jones; he is said to have great control over his emotions. This will also be the perfect time to inform Doctor McCoy's relatives that I seek their grandson's heart.'

If Bones had even an inkling of what Kirk and Spock were planning, he would have hypoed both of them on the spot and then locked them away in the darkest corner of the ship. He would have made absolutely sure they never had a snowflake's chance in hell of meeting Jack and Ianto.


As much as Bones had hoped that a sudden call to avert a global disaster or rescue the crew of a foundering ship would pull them from their meeting with his grandparents, nothing happened to save him. Before he was mentally prepared, it was time for Jack and Ianto to arrive and since he'd let it be known that he was related to them both, he had no choice but to be in the transporter room for their arrival.

“Lenny!” The booming voice made the word echo in the transporter room.

The familiar nickname had Bones groaning with embarrassment; he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples as he felt the familiar stirrings of a headache forming.

Captain Jack Harkness-Jones grinned brightly as he watched his grandson groan and roll his eyes just like Ianto; 'Lenny is so cute when he squirms!' "I think he's happy to see us," Jack said to Ianto in a loud stage whisper as he stole a quick kiss from his husband, much to the enjoyment of those gathered, if the dreamy sighs were any indication.

Ianto rolled his eyes fondly and leaned into Jack's kiss; he knew that it was Jack's way of reminding everyone that they were both very much taken.

It was a message that everyone seemed else to get, but never one to resist a challenge, Captain James T. Kirk ignored the warning look in Jack's eyes as he moved towards the newly arrived couple.

Jim stopped directly in front of Ianto and his lips curled into that infamous smile that had seduced hundreds. “Hello, I’m Captain James T. Kirk, and I can certainly see where Bones gets his good looks from,” Jim purred throatily as he dragged his eyes over every inch of Ianto's suit-clad form. Even though he knew he was inviting danger, he couldn't help it; it was in his nature to flirt with anything that caught his eye.

Jack’s already frosty blue eyes grew even colder and they narrowed into slits as he glared at Kirk, and his hand began to drift toward his trusty Webley. Nobody, but nobody flirted with his Ianto but him! Resting one hand on the butt of his gun and wrapping his other arm around Ianto’s waist, Jack yanked his husband back further against him. “If you don’t want me to put a nice round hole in your pretty head, you will stop flirting with my husband!” Jack growled menacingly.

Ianto sighed softly; over the centuries, he'd grown very used to Jack's macho displays. Early in their relationship, his mate had developed a tendency to get overly protective and quite possessive whenever anyone looked at Ianto with even the slightest hint of interest. One look at Ianto and out came the jealous, growling and dangerous beast.

Muttering beneath his breath, Bones reached out and snagged the back of Jim's shirt, yanking him back and away from his grandparents. "Did you forget the part where I mentioned that Jack gets a tad trigger-happy when anyone flirts with Ianto?" he hissed angrily. "Or have you developed a death-wish?"

Jim turned enormous eyes on his doctor in an effort to look innocent. "Did you? I must have missed that part."

Worried that he might say something he'd later regret, Bones bit the inside of his mouth until he tasted blood. "If you want to keep breathing I suggest you cool it!" Bones hissed in Jim's ear, all the while trying to ignore the little voice in the back of his head that kept whispering, 'Jack isn't the only one who's jealous over Jim flirting with Ianto.'

Seeing that their grandson had his captain under control, Ianto focused his attention on his own captain; Jack was clearly plotting Kirk's death. "It's okay, Cariad; he didn't mean anything by it. It was just some meaningless flirting. Everyone knows that I am yours and yours alone," Ianto softly reminded his fuming husband. He put his finger under Jack's chin, turning the man's gaze from Kirk to himself and pressed a tender kiss to his lips, hoping to calm his mate down. It took a few seconds before he felt Jack respond, and he moulded his body into Jack's, "After all, our love story is legendary, remember?"

'Heaven help us, there really are two of them,' was the only thought running through the star-struck minds of the crewmembers who were present. A few shifted nervously as they watched Jack and Jim eye one another like rutting animals prepared to fight over a prime mate. Jack looked triumphant and challenging while Jim looked amused and impudent; neither man looked willing to back down.

While Jack and Jim were busy staring at each other, Ianto was using the time to study those around them, and he kept being drawn back to one man who wore a smile that looked hauntingly familiar. 'Where have I seen that smile before?' Ianto wondered to himself. He prided himself on knowing everything and the not knowing was really beginning to get to him.

Jim and Jack's manly posturing and staring contest was broken by Ianto's soft voice as he finally figured out who Scotty reminded him of. "Toshiko!" Ianto whispered in surprise. "You have Tosh's smile." He dearly missed spending time with his best friend; she was somewhere in time and space travelling with her husband, the Doctor.

"You know my great-great-great grandma?" Scotty asked in pure awe, surprised by what he heard. Tosh had been his personal hero ever since he'd first met her when he was four years old.

Ianto smiled softly at Scotty, he could truly see Tosh in him. "Oh yes, she's one of my best friends and she must be so proud of you."

The smile that lit Scotty's face reminded Jack and Ianto of the Doctor and there was no doubt that he was related to the Time Lord as well. They wondered how long it would take Scotty to figure out how he was related to them as well. They watched the wheels turning in Scotty's head.

'What a minute...' Scotty's eyes narrowed as he concentrated on remembering family history. 'Great-great-great-granddad sometimes talked, well bragged actually, about how his daughter, Jenny, had managed to tame the son of the famous Jack Harkness-Jones. That means...' Scotty's inner voice trailed off as the light bulb went off in his head and all the pieces fell into place.

The triumphant and awestruck look on Scotty's face reminded Jack of times when the Doctor would make a brilliant and unexpected discovery. "This means we're family!" Scotty's brogue thickened as he happily announced his news before joyously throwing his arms around Bones in a quick hug.

Jack couldn't contain his snicker at the deadly look in his grandson's eyes as Bones ground out through clenched teeth, "Get your hands off me!"

With eyes widened in surprise, Scotty instantly released Bones, knowing he was pushing his luck just hugging the man in the first place. That knowledge was coupled with the two matching glares that he was getting from Jim and Spock, looks that promised long-lasting pain if he did not stop touching the good doctor immediately. 'Momma didn't raise no fool! I want to live.' Taking several steps back the smile he gave them was tinged with nervousness. "Sorry about that."

Bones rolled his eyes with annoyance; 'I cannot believe I didn't notice how alike Scotty is to the Doctor!' "Just don't let it happen again," he told the chief engineer gruffly.

Jack quickly reached out and pulled Ianto against his body again, and glared daggers at Scotty. "Don't even think about touching my Ianto!" he snarled at the other man.

Again, Scotty was no fool. He still remembered the Doctor warning him that if one wanted to meet their maker sooner than later then just try and touch Ianto Harkness-Jones with the intent of seduction and your wish would be granted.

"The Phoenix bond brings out the possessive side in our mates. The only thing that matters to them is keeping us safe and they will rip apart anyone they see as a threat," Bones explained. He'd seen the scared looks on the faces of the crew. 'Granddad can be really scary when he's protecting Grandtad.'

'Wait, is this a glimpse of our future times two?' Scotty thought with a hint of fear; he dared to dart a glance at Jim and Spock and knew immediately that it was when he saw the thoughtful look in their eyes. 'I don't know if my lass will be able to survive an overprotective Spock and an overly possessive Jim while they're fighting over the good doctor.' Suddenly even the always optimistic Scotsman realised that this was likely to be a long and eventful trip.


After a tour of the Enterprise, during which Jack greeted and charmed their many fans, much to Ianto's amusement, their final stop was outside the door to the guest quarters. Even though Jack didn't say or do anything overt, by the end of their walkabout, everyone he met knew that Ianto was strictly off limits and that he would gladly end the useful life of anyone who dared to try and take his Ianto away from him.

Within moments of their meeting, it was clear that Jack and Jim did not like each other, and that was putting it mildly. They were too alike in far too many ways to ever be friends, and their larger-than-life personalities and over-the-top attempts to be swashbuckling made them clash against one another quite comically at times. Jack was fine with the rest of the senior crew on the Enterprise; he enjoyed Chekov's clumsy puppy worship but Sulu's warning glare told Jack that the ship's chief pilot wouldn't allow any flirting with his boyfriend. It became instantly obvious that Scotty reminded Jack of the Doctor and they quickly struck up a friendship, trading stories back and forth about the Doctor's less-than-stellar moments.

But it was Uhura's completely and totally unimpressed attitude with Jack's flirting that made Ianto want to laugh aloud. He could see that having an overly flirtatious captain like James T. Kirk had made her immune to Jack's charms and the fact that that made his husband pout like a child made Ianto love her right away.

While Jack didn't like Jim Kirk, Ianto found him quite charming and he found that he genuinely liked the man. Even though Jack would never admit it in a million years, Ianto could easily see so many little similarities between the two men, especially of Jack when he'd first met the immortal at Torchwood Three in Cardiff. Even better, and more importantly, he could see that Leonard really liked the younger captain and Ianto knew that it wouldn't take long before Jim was a member of their family. 'I wonder how Jack will handle that little piece of news?' and he silently smirked over the thought.

Ianto also found himself coming to like and admire Lieutenant Nyota Uhura. He found that he had a lot in common with the young woman, especially when it came to keeping over-the-top flirts like their captains in line. He could see that she was a gentle but influential member of the crew, sort of a calming energy behind the throne, as it were, much like he had been once upon a time.

Ianto discovered that Spock's logical and unemotional outlook on life made him extremely interesting to talk to. Additionally, Ianto found that spending time with Spock was very restful both mentally and spiritually, especially after so many decades of Jack's exuberant personality. Vulcans were a very interesting people in Ianto's opinion, and from the time they'd made contact with Torchwood, he'd done everything in his power to make sure that they had everything they needed to restart and then ensure the prosperity of their race.

As always, nothing escaped his eyes and Ianto saw the feelings Spock tried to hide from his grandson, just as he saw that Leonard did indeed love both Spock and Jim. But what truly frustrated Ianto was that not one of them was ready to be the man to make the first move. 'I'll need to have a little talk with Leonard later on; he cannot deny the call of his bond mates for long. I should know.' Ianto remembered full well how much pain he'd caused him and Jack when he denied the call of their bond in his attempts to save Lisa.

For the time being, however, none of that really mattered as Jack and Ianto decided to retire to their guest quarters to get a little rest – and if Jack had his way a little 'recreation' – before they were to join Bones and the others at the Captain's table for supper.

The moment they got to their room and the door whooshed shut behind them, Ianto didn't bother to hide his shiver of anticipation as Jack stalked towards him. Ianto knew Kirk's playful flirting had ticked off his bond mate and now that they were alone, it was bringing out Jack’s jealous side, something that did not have Ianto complaining. 'I wonder if we'll even be having dinner tonight?' From the hungry look glittering in Jack's eyes Ianto seriously doubted it.

"That... that man was flirting with you!" Jack growled low in his throat as he stalked hungrily towards his bond mate. The need to stake his claim was the only thing registering with Jack. His own careless flirting had once hurt Ianto deeply and had nearly resulted in the total destruction of their relationship. Now, the sight of anyone flirting with either of them always brought forth the possessive need to reinforce their bond.

Ianto smiled indulgently as Jack reached him and pulled him into his arms and flush against his body. "It doesn't matter who flirts with me, Cariad, I am yours and yours alone," Ianto whispered soothingly before pressing a tender kiss against Jack's lips. It was a kiss that Jack eagerly deepened and Ianto was thankful that Jack had remembered to lock the door as they fell back onto their bed.

'I hope Leonard explains our missing supper and why it wouldn't be a good idea to come looking for us.' He knew for a fact that anyone interrupting them at this stage of the game would experience the fullest extent of Jack's wrath. That was Ianto's last coherent thought before he let everything but Jack slip away.

After that, nothing but them existed in that moment and for a long time after.


After glancing at his watch for the fifth time in as many minutes, Bones scowled at the time. "They're not coming. I'm not at all surprised given that someone had the unmitigated gall to flirt with Ianto, even after he was warned not to." Bones shot a furious glare at the smiling Kirk, "We more than likely won't see them until at least tomorrow if we're lucky," he growled under his breath as he continued to glare at Jim. Even though the captain knew that Bones wasn't at all happy with his little stunt he continued to pretend that he wasn't in trouble with the doctor. As for the Reaper part of McCoy, it was demanding that he stop dilly-dallying around and take charge; it was telling him that it was high time he reminded Jim just exactly who he belonged to.

Jim, on the other hand, was thrilled to see that the green-eyed monster was still visible in Bones' eyes; it actually gave him a warm, hopeful feeling to know that the doctor cared so strongly for him. Jim was also well aware that the anger trying unsuccessfully to mask the jealously was intended to remind him of his earlier actions. He shrugged his shoulders as if to play off his actions like they were no big deal although the guilty twinge in his belly told him otherwise. "What can I say, Bones, Ianto is one hot man and I couldn't help myself."

McCoy's scowl grew more ferocious when he heard his captain's off-hand remarks, and seeing the reaction he'd gotten made Kirk want to grin and do a happy dance right on the spot. A jealous Bones was clear proof to him that Bones wanted him just as much as Jim wanted the doctor.

Naturally, however, Spock just had to speak up and ruin Kirk's happy thoughts, "I must agree, Captain, your actions were rather foolish. It is a well-known fact that Captain Harkness-Jones is rather fiercely protective of his husband. If the rumors are to be believed, the two of them share a unique bond that cannot be matched by any other. It would have been well within the Captain's rights to shoot you for daring to make your interest in his mate known."

Scotty nodded his head. "My great-great-great-grandmother, Toshiko, told me a bit about how strong the bond is between Jack and Ianto and how deeply it has been tested in the past. She also told me just how much they've had to go through to actually get their happy ending. I'm telling you some of those tales made my hair stand on end and a couple of them even gave me nightmares!" Now Scotty shook his head in resignation. "I think ye made yerself a dangerous enemy, Captain."

Actually rather alarmed by the sincerity and seriousness of Scotty's words, Jim a pout on his face to hide the fact that he was more than a little worried. 'Oh shit1' he thought anxiously. 'Maybe I did go too far this time! Jack's never gonna let me have Bones now!' and he threw himself down in his chair at the head of the dinner table and proceeded to sulk like a spoiled child. 'If I've ruined this relationship I'll never forgive myself.'

Realising that everyone was staring at him, he managed to grin. "You ruin all my fun," he told them all in a whiney voice. "It was just some harmless flirting. You know I would never interfere with such a legendary relationship. Pike would have my head as would every other Janto shipper on board this ship and in the Federation." Kirk couldn't help but shudder; 'fangirls and fanboys are scary when you mess with their pairings.'

Sulu raised an eyebrow as a slow smile spread across his face. "Admiral Pike's a Janto shipper? I don't think you were supposed to let us know that little bit of info, were you, Sir?" Sulu had serious doubts that the Admiral would like it known that he was a fanboy, despite the fact that almost everyone else was.

Kirk blanched slightly as he realised that he’d just given away something that he himself shouldn't even know about Pike, especially since he’d learned about Pike's obsession with Jack and Ianto from Archer during an all-night drinking binge. "Forget I said anything!" Kirk hastily retracted his statement; it wouldn't do him or his career any good to have two admirals pissed off at him.

Uhura smiled oh-so-sweetly at Kirk and he blanched; it was a smile that everyone knew they should fear. "Of course we will, Captain."

At that moment, Kirk knew he was royally screwed. He had just handed his command staff the perfect blackmail material, gift-wrapped and on a silver platter. He’d served with each one of them long enough to know that he couldn’t trust them not to use the information for payback of their own. 'Still, I have more important things to focus on, like winning my Bones' heart and getting his grandparents to like me. That last bit shouldn't be much of a challenge, though; after all, I'm Captain James T. Kirk! How could they not like me?' He refused to listen to his inner voice smirking at him.