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Title: Shadows Pulling Me to Lie With You
Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Star Trek XI/Doom/Torchwood/Slight Doctor Who
Pairings: Kirk/Reaper!McCoy/Spock, Jack/Ianto, Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/Uhura, Pike/Archer, mentions of Jenny(the Doctor's daughter)/OMC and the Doctor/Tosh
Summary: A near-death experience brings to light a secret that McCoy has kept hidden for many years and now he must deal with the fallout. Meanwhile, Kirk and Spock fight the urge to claim McCoy as their own in order to keep him safe from someone within the Federation who seeks to control the Phoenix Force and use the legendary Reaper for his own nefarious purposes. Answers come in the form of McCoy’s grandparents, Jack and Ianto Harkness-Jones.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Word Count: 38,074
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doom, Doctor Who or the awesomeness that is Star Trek. The Phoenix Force is owned by Marvel Comics.
Art by: tresa_cho
Mixers: madscribbles and wyntreaurora

Chapter 7


For the rest of their journey to Earth Ianto and Leonard both did their best to keep their respective mates apart. In fact, for the last few days of the trip, Ianto and Jack barely left their room. Even though he wasn't able to continue his stealthy – or so he thought – investigations into their mysterious trip coordinator, Jack wasn't truly complaining. They only emerged for meals and that was when Ianto put his foot down and demanded to be fed real food; "even we can't live on love alone, Jack. Now feed me or you're sleeping on the sofa!" Happily distracted from his mission, it wasn't until they arrived at Starfleet that Jack got his answers.


Captain James T. Kirk knew he was in big trouble when both Admirals Pike and Archer greeted them at the space dock. He'd just stepped foot off the shuttle craft Pike nailed him to the spot with the murderous look in his eyes. His voice however was deceptively calm as he asked, "I hear you've been telling stories about me, Captain." The way he said 'captain' made it sound as though the rank might be temporary. "Exactly what kind of stories, if you don't mind me asking?" Archer said nothing, but the look on his face spoke volumes.


Jim wasn't fooled; he knew that it was a loaded question. "Stories, sir? I'm afraid I have no idea what you are talking about, sir. Most likely just some newbies trying to cause some harmless trouble." Jim made sure to favour Pike with his most winning smile.


Unfortunately, Jim's smile was completely wasted when Jack, who'd made no secret of the fact that he was eavesdropping, decided it was the perfect time to join them. Sauntering casually over to the men, he grinned brightly at Pike and stuck out his hand, a hand which Pike immediately grabbed and shook heartily. Jim knew he was in deep trouble when Jack happily said, "So Admiral, I hear you're a fan of Janto! Care for an autograph?"


Not about to go down for this alone, Jim did the only thing he could think of and pointed a finger at Archer. "Admiral Archer was the one who told me that you're a Janto fan! Blame him, not me! He should have known that I couldn't keep something like that a secret for long." Jim was appalled when he heard the words coming out of his mouth but there was no way to take them back and when he heard Jack burst into roaring laughter, he turned a brilliant shade of red.


Pike spun around, glared daggers at his lover and was pleased to see a twinge of fear flash through his eyes. 'Oh, you have been a naughty boy! Don't worry, you'll get yours in the end, I swear it.' There was simply no way he could let Archer get away with spilling his secrets, and to James T. Kirk of all people! Pike turned angrily back to Kirk and even though Kirk quickly schooled his face into a blank mask, Pike clearly saw the knowing smirk on his lips. 'There's no way this cocky kid is ever going to let me live this down.'


Still, there was the tiniest hint of a smile on Pike's lips as he met Jack's gaze. "There’s no need for that, Captain Harkness-Jones. I already have your autograph." He moved his gaze past Jack to Ianto and his smile grew a bit bigger. "Hello, Ianto, I trust you've had a good trip?" he asked politely.


All around them jaws dropped in shock at the easy familiarity between the two men, and jealousy stirred in Jack's gut as he wondered, 'Just how do Pike and Ianto know each other?' Jack's smile left his eyes and his demeanour became quite frosty.


Ianto smiled at Pike and his blue eyes danced with amusement as he felt Jack's abrupt change in attitude; 'Sometimes it's just so much fun to push Jack's buttons!' "It was a wonderful trip, Christopher; thank you for making the arrangements for us."


Jack had had more than enough and he whirled around on Ianto, jealousy burning in his blue eyes. "He's your old friend? He's the man you called for a ride?"


Ianto hid his smile and nodded his head, very used to Jack's jealousy. "Yes, he is. Christopher is an old friend; he and I met when he was just starting out in Starfleet. He was doing a study on the history of Torchwood and he came to Hub World to get a firsthand look at our history and the aliens we've met. As Chief Archivist for all of Torchwood only I could approve such a request." Ianto calmly explained to his husband and all curious ears. "During the time he was with us, Christopher and I discovered we had a great deal in common and so we became good friends. We've kept in touch over the years."


Jack's scowl stayed firmly on his face as he crossed his arms and demanded to know, "And just where was I when all of this flirting was going on?"


"First of all, Cariad," Ianto laid his hand on Jack's arm and rubbed his thumb over the rock-hard muscle beneath his sleeve. "You are the only man with whom I flirt, and second..." With Ianto's eidetic memory, he only had to think for a second before he answered, "You were dealing with the dispute between the Caitian and the Silurians and you were nowhere near Torchwood at the time." Jack stubbornly refused to be consoled and he continued to scowl even as Ianto rolled his eyes fondly and squeezed his arm.


Pike cleared his throat. "There's no need to be jealous, Captain Harkness, Ianto is very loyal to you despite my many attempts to seduce him..." The admiral enjoyed hearing Jack's sudden and sharp gasp of horror before he caught Ianto's eye and winked at him, "...over to Starfleet."


"And you did try, very hard, I must admit," Ianto bantered back with a grin. "I applaud your efforts."


"Why, thank you, sir; I aim to please!" Pike sketched a bow in Ianto's direction.


Two low, menacing growls filled the air as both Jack and Archer turned an interesting shade of angry red while green-eyed jealousy flared their nostrils. Both men had to fight the urge to drag their partners away and remind them of exactly to whom they belonged. A muffled snort yanked the two men from their respective and erotic fantasies.


All eyes flew to Kirk, and once he realised he was again the center of attention, he grinned snarkily at Jack and Archer. "You do know that they're messing with you, right?"


One glance at Ianto from Jack and the jealous man could clearly see the sparkle of mischievousness in those blue eyes he loved so much and he immediately stuck his lower lip out in a cute pout. "I knew that," he muttered mutinously. "I was just playing along."


Eyebrow raised in question, Pike faced his lover. "Did you know that as well?" Ianto was very impressed with the amount of blatant sarcasm in Pike's voice.


As a sheepish look entered Archer's eyes and Pike rolled his eyes as he bluntly albeit affectionately told his lover, "You're an idiot."


The pout still graced Jack's face as he turned his biggest puppy-dog eyes onto Ianto and the Welshman smiled fondly at his husband. "You're a jealous idiot, too, Cariad, but you're my jealous idiot."


Bones wanted to roll his eyes at the love fest happening before him and when he spotted the thoughtful look in Jim's eyes, he wanted to groan out loud. A quick glance at Spock confirmed they both knew what Jim was going to say even before he opened his mouth.


"Hey, do you think guys we'll be that sickeningly sweet when we're that old?" The moment those words fell from his lips Jim found himself on the receiving end of three glares, all of which promised him a great deal of pain.


Slapping his most bashful smile on his face Jim did is level best to charm his way out of trouble. He batted his blue eyes at Pike, Archer and Jack, and prepared to do some serious damage control but even a blind man could tell that it was too little, too late. "Uh... hah ha, did I say old? What I really meant to say was... uh... will we be that sickeningly sweet when we're older, you know... than we are uh... now." As he continued to look into the three piercing stares, the smile slowly diminished into a pout, "Not buying it, are you?"


Slowly Pike shook his head. "Not for a minute, Kirk. Trust me when I say I will remember this moment for the next time you get yourself in a spot of trouble."


Kirk blanched slightly; he knew that he would be paying for his foolish attempt at humour for years to come.


"By the way, glad to see you three finally came to your senses. You're not as dumb as I was beginning to believe." It hadn't escaped Pike's notice the way Jim, Leonard and Spock were interacting with one another.


The stunned look on the three men's faces brought smile and laughter to all the others present. At that moment, Jack decided that Pike wasn't so bad, 'as long as he makes no moves on my Ianto.'


Satisfied that he'd made his point Pike turned to face the Harkness-Jones men. "Captain, it was an honour to finally meet you." He offered his hand to Jack and smiled as Jack shook it firmly, if just a tad too tightly. 'Typical macho Harkness,' he thought with a mental eye-roll.


"You too, Christopher, and call me Jack." Jack flashed that smile that had always successfully seduced many in the past but clearly was having absolutely no effect on the Admiral. Slightly taken aback by the lack of response, Jack wasn't sure if he should be insulted or not.


Pike turned to face Ianto and noticed that Jack made a show of tightening his grip on Ianto's waist, pulling the man in against his body. 'Hah! Made you nervous, didn't I? Serves you right, Harkness, you pompous goat.' "It was good to see you again Ianto. Don't be a stranger." Pike offered Ianto a friendlier smile.


Ianto easily returned the smile even as Jack growled softly and tightened his grip yet again. "I'll try not to be and maybe the four of us could have lunch?" Ianto suggested softly.


While Ianto and Pike made plans for lunch the following day, Jack used the time to study his grandson and his two mates. 'I think it's time I have a little talk with Jimmy-boy and Mr Vulcan about just what will happen if they hurt Leonard in any way, shape or form.'


No one noticed the watchful and calculating gaze of those under Admiral Johnson's control. Hidden in plain sight, his minions were ready to report everything they observed for the man to gain control over the two Phoenixes.



"You’re plotting something," Ianto announced once he and Jack were settled in their guest quarters.


The innocent look that appeared on Jack's face was useless against Ianto's penetrating gaze; letting his shoulders slump in defeat and sighing deeply, Jack saw no point in hiding his plan from Ianto. "I think it's time I had the shovel talk with Spock and Jimmy-Boy about what's in store for them if they ever hurt Lennie." A wicked grin graced Jack's face as he rubbed his hands together evilly.


Ianto cocked an eyebrow as he took in the sight of Jack doing his best evil scientist imitation. "Are you going to start cackling next?" 


Jack shrugged his shoulders as he considered the possibility, and a leer quickly joined the wicked smile. "I could, I know how much you like my evil scientist act." He offered Ianto his naughtiest, most suggestive smile and glanced meaningfully towards the bedroom. "You wanna go play doctor?"


Rolling his eyes in fond amusement, Ianto just shook his head, refusing to speak his answer because he couldn't trust his voice not to give him away. The urge to give in and join his husband in an afternoon of fun and games was just too tempting. After all, Jack knew exactly how much he enjoyed their role-playing games and he knew he had to finish what he wanted to say before Jack had the chance to completely derail the conversation. "Their bond is still too new, Cariad; you can put the fear in them tomorrow. Just let them enjoy today and tonight," Ianto murmured as he began to play with the buttons on his suit; after all, he knew exactly how to turn Jack into putty in his hands.


Jack's eyes were glued to Ianto's long, graceful fingers and he watched with baited breath as his mate slowly undid the first button and moved on to the second and then the third. A slow smile spread across his face as Ianto shrugged the jacket from his shoulders and laid it over a chair, and heat flared in his darkening blue eyes as Ianto reached for the silk tie around his neck. "Oh yesss..." his breath left his body in a long, slow hiss. "I think that can wait."


Jack's eyes followed the strip of silk as Ianto pulled it from around his neck and let it flutter to the floor. Like a predatory animal stalking its prey, Jack moved closer and closer to Ianto. He paused an arm's length away and crossed his arms over his chest, waiting for the next item of clothing to disappear. He didn't have to wait long; in swift succession, the buttons of Ianto's waistcoat opened and it joined the jacket.


Knowing exactly the effect he was having on his mate, Ianto unbuckled his belt and slowly, ever so slowly, he pulled it free of its loops and dropped it to the floor at Jack's feet. Without looking, he knew that Jack was mesmerised by the sight of him removing his cuff links and slipping them into his trousers' pocket. He heard Jack's sharp intake of breath as he rolled up his sleeves, exposing his forearms to Jack's burning gaze.


Pausing in his disrobing, Ianto looked up and met Jack's eyes. "Are you sure talking to Leonard's mates can wait?" he murmured seductively. "Perhaps you're right and you should go now."


Drunk on Ianto's sensual strip tease, Jack immediately closed the distance between them and looped his arms around his Welshman's waist. Pulling him flush against his body he made very sure that Ianto could feel exactly how strongly he was responding to him. "I have much more important things to do," Jack whispered against Ianto's mouth just before he claimed those soft pink lips he loved so much and that had brought him so much pleasure over the years.




After they parted company with his grandparents and the two Admirals, McCoy thought that Jim would have whisked them away to a hotel room where the three of them could have explored their new relationship in uninterrupted privacy. What he didn't expect to happen was to be dragged off to lunch by an overly hyper Kirk and the rest of the senior crew. The raised eyebrow he received as an unspoken message from Spock confirmed that this is not what the Vulcan expected either.


Seated between his two bond mates McCoy waited until the others were busy eating, drinking, laughing and chatting. Something must have shown on his face because without warning, Uhura and Sulu literally dragged Scotty and Chekov away from the table and across the room where they thrust old-fashioned wooden cues into their hands. Within seconds, the foursome was completely absorbed by a game of pool, leaving the three new mates alone.


"Not that I'm not enjoying this, Jim, but I thought you'd have dragged us to the nearest hotel with no plans on coming out until we have to return to the Enterprise," McCoy murmured under his breath.


Spock tilted his head as he regarded Kirk. "I must agree with Leonard, Captain; I too believed that you would have procured the nearest hotel room."


"I'll have you know that sex isn't always the first thing on my mind!" Kirk pouted at the identical looks of disbelief he gained from his lovers and a small smirk twitched at his lips. "Okay, so sex is usually the first thing on my mind but not today. Today I want to show Bones that no one sees him as a monster and what better way to do that than to surround him with his closest friends." Kirk smiled fondly at Bones and was pleased to see a light flush paint his mate's cheeks.


Touched by Kirk's concern McCoy reached out and took Jim's hand in his own. "Thank you, Jim, this is a very sweet gesture and I know not everyone is like Jocelyn, but at the same time I can't really blame her for her reaction." Bones never could find it within him to hate his ex-wife for her reaction, no matter how hard he'd tried in the beginning. What actually cut deep into his soul was that she did everything in her power to keep Joanna away from him.


The pain that flashed in Bones' eyes as he thought about his only child made Jim and Spock swear to do anything and everything in their power to protect their mate from whatever hurts lay ahead of him even though common sense told them they couldn't.


"Hey," Jim whispered softly as he cupped Bones' chin in his hand, turning his head so their eyes met. "You don't have to tell us anything you're not ready to."


"Indeed, Doctor, we only wish for you to be happy; we do not seek to cause you any pain." Spock reached out his hand and almost but not quite touched Leonard's arm as he voiced his agreement with Kirk.


Warmth filled Bones, starting in his heart and spreading through his body, and he smiled weakly at his two lovers. "Thank you, I know I'm being silly and someday I hope I can tell you but despite the years the pain is still too raw."


Kirk and Spock shared a look over Bones' bowed head; while McCoy might not be ready to tell them himself, there were two others who might be able to shed at least a little bit of light on what had caused Bones' such deep pain. However, for now they would let the issue lie and put all their efforts into making sure their mate thoroughly enjoyed his down time.



Resting his chin on his hand, Johnson adopted a thoughtful pose as he watched the security feed of his two prized soon-to-be possessions and a plan began to take form of just how he could get his hands on both of them. "Soon, very soon, you and your powers will be mine," he smiled at the screen.



The next morning Kirk and Bones found themselves rudely awakened by an incoming call; Spock, already awake, merely raised an eyebrow at the imaginative curses coming from his two mates.


Moving to the offending device Spock answered it, much to Kirk and Bones' relief. The stern face of a blond-haired young woman filled the screen. "Commander Spock, I am Christian Smith, Personal Assistant to Admiral Johnson." She delivered her words in a no-nonsense monotone and she displayed no emotion. "He has requested a meeting with Doctor Leonard McCoy at thirteen hundred hours this afternoon." It was clear from Christian's tone she was not giving anyone room to argue with her.


Spock had met Admiral Johnson briefly once before and his eyes narrowed slightly as he processed all the possible implications of the message. 'There is something about that man that bothers me, despite the fact that there is nothing logical to base my suspicions on.' The Vulcan remembered sensing a darkness to Johnson and he couldn't help but wonder what the man wanted with Bones. "I shall deliver the message to Doctor McCoy." He was careful to reveal nothing in his words or expression.


"Thank you, Commander." Without wasting time with the pleasantries normally associated with the end of a call, Christian cut the communications link and the screen went blank. Spock had to admit that he was rather surprised by the rudeness of the young woman, especially considering that she was representing a very powerful Starfleet admiral.


"What in blazing hell does that stuck-up horse's ass want with me?" McCoy grumbled as he sat up in bed. He was rubbing his hands through his hair and so he missed the way Spock's eyes were immediately drawn to his naked body, and especially to his morning erection.


A groan issued from the lump next to Bones and a hand reached out from under the duvet to snag his arm and tug him backwards. "It's too early; come back to bed," Kirk murmured as he snuggled closer to Bones and cast bedroom eyes at Spock. "That goes for you, too, Spock; come back to bed."


"Damn it, kid, stop looking at us like that; it's far too early for you to start your seduction," Bones growled as he laid back down next to Kirk and tried to ignore his obvious state of arousal.


As Kirk merely grunted in reply and snuggled against his body, McCoy rolled his eyes at Spock. "That goes for you too, Pointy-Ears, get back in bed." A tiny bit of the Reaper came out when he growled at Spock.


Kirk couldn't help but shiver at the pure Dom tone that McCoy had just used on Spock. "Damn, Bones, that was hot!" 'Huh, I wonder if we can get the Reaper to come out a play once in a while? I want to know all there is to know about Bones.' While he wanted to see all the sides of Bones' personality he wasn't willing to force Bones into doing anything he wasn't ready for.


Knowing the legend of the Reaper, Spock saw no reason to try and disobey such an appealing order from his mate. "I do believe my morning meditation can wait for a change." As the faintest hint of a smile crossed his lips, Spock stripped out of his robes and rejoined Kirk and McCoy in their bed.


As Spock settled against his other side McCoy quickly decided that he couldn't remember the last time he'd felt so at peace. 'But I can't help wondering how much longer this feeling will last. Something bad is coming; I can feel it, but I have no idea what or from where. I just know that whatever it is, I will do everything in my power to keep Jim and Spock safe,' Bones silently vowed and then snuggled into the warmth and love he could feel pouring off his mates.



The moment their communication signalled an incoming call Jack cursed loudly; he hated having his morning routing disturbed. Beneath him, he felt Ianto move and Jack pressed his body against Ianto's, making sure to keep him pinned to their bed. "Whoever it is will leave a damn message! I'm not letting you out of this bed until I have had my morning taste of you," Jack whined into Ianto's ear. "Besides we're on vacation, damn it! We're supposed to do nothing but make love all day, have a quick snack and then make love all night."


Ianto could fully understand why Jack was so angry. They hadn't had a vacation in nearly sixty years; running Torchwood barely gave them anytime to get away even for a single night out. As a result, their morning rituals were the one inviolate, 'just theirs' time of the day. Wrapping his arms around Jack's neck Ianto smiled lazily up at his husband. "You're right, Cariad, they can wait until after we've had our alone time."


Jack grinned winningly. "I knew you'd see it..." He ground his hips down against Ianto's warm and pliant body, "or should I say feel it my way." Rolling his eyes in both amusement and lust, Ianto tugged Jack down into a passion-filled kiss and the communication was quickly forgotten.


It wasn't until hours later when Ianto had sent Jack off to the shower alone did he finally get a chance to see who called them. Collecting a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice from the room service tray, Ianto settled himself down in front of the communicator. The unfriendly face of a young blond-haired woman filled the screen as the message began to play: "Mr Harkness-Jones, Admiral Johnson was wondering if you had some time to spare to talk about creating a joint Archive between Torchwood and the Federation."


Hopeful excitement sprang up in Ianto; he had been pushing for a joint Archive venture for years. Torchwood had been around far longer than the Federation and as a result, they had extensive records and artefacts gathered from many races that the Federation had yet to encounter. Some species had gone extinct and would never be seen again; Torchwood's archives were the only record that they ever existed.


A chilling thought crossed Ianto's mind. 'I dread the day that Starfleet and the Federation run into the Cyberman or the Daleks.' Ianto shivered as memories of the horrors he'd witnessed and survived at Canary Wharf flashed before his eyes. If being able to access information in Torchwood's archives would ensure that such a horrible event like that never happened again, then he would do everything in his power to make that possible. 'Backing from a Federation Admiral may be just what I need to get this ball rolling.' With that thought firmly in mind, and after making sure his robe was respectfully closed, Ianto opened a channel to Admiral Johnson's office.


Once Christian Smith saw Ianto's smiling face appear on her screen, she wasted no time in alerting the admiral to his incoming call and within seconds, her face had been replaced by his. Ianto had to admit that Admiral Hadrian Johnson was a handsome man and he knew Jack would be stewing in jealousy if he saw Ianto talking to him. 'Better not tell Jack how handsome he is,' Ianto thought silently to himself with a tiny smile. "Admiral Johnson, I'm so sorry that I couldn't get back to you sooner."


'No, you're not, you lying bastard, but you will be, I promise you.' Johnson pasted a friendly smile on his face, successfully hiding his inner contempt from Ianto. "I understand," he said smoothly; "this is supposed to be a vacation with your husband and here I am interrupting it. No one wants to think about work at a time like this. I just thought since you were on Earth for such a short time that we could get together for lunch, perhaps?"


Ianto barely suppressed a groan of dismay; 'Jack is not going to like this one little bit!'


"I'd really like to take this opportunity to lay the groundwork for the joint Archives you've purposed several times. The experiences you've already had and the races you've met far outweigh all of the Federation's combined knowledge. I believe you can offer insight that would better prepare our officers for some of the dangers out there."


While Johnson seemed sincere, Ianto couldn't deny his gut. The Phoenix's instincts were screaming at him, telling him this man was dangerous. Ever practical, Ianto argued with himself; 'But this is a chance I may not have again for some time. So many lives could be saved if they know about some of the more dangerous races out there that they have yet to meet or even hear about.' The Phoenix tried to protest even louder, but Ianto resolutely tuned him out for the moment.


Masking his rapidly growing unease, Ianto forced a smile to his face. "I'm sure that I could free up some time. Unfortunately, I do have lunch plans today and tomorrow, but what about the day after that?" Ianto was lying; the only real plans he had involved Jack, their bed and lots and lots of hot, wild, sweaty sex.


'I am not waiting. I will have you under my control by the end of the day!' "I'm afraid that won't do, Ianto... may I call you Ianto?" Johnson smiled charmingly and the image of an oily and unscrupulous used car salesman flashed through Ianto's mind.


Ianto's fear level ratcheted up several more notches as the Phoenix screamed in his ear; 'Beware, my child!' "Well, I can't alter my lunch plans, but after that I'm sure that I could free up some time this afternoon."


Something flashed in Johnson's eyes but it faded before Ianto could figure out what it was. "I'm free at thirteen hundred hours; would that be suitable for you?" Johnson could barely contain his joy. 'In just a few short hours I will have the children of the Phoenix Force under my control!' Greed and victory threatened to displace his carefully crafted look of charm and cooperation.


'We are supposed to be meeting Leonard and the others at eleven hundred hours, but that should be plenty of time to make the meeting.' Ianto nodded his head. "Yes, thirteen hundred hours would be fine," Ianto agreed. He gritted his teeth and ignored his Phoenix's cry of despair, 'No! Please, child no!'


"Wonderful! I look forward to seeing you then." Johnson reached out and disconnected their call. He was so overcome by a sense of satisfaction that he leapt from his seat and strode rapidly around his office; he could almost taste the power that would soon be his and his alone for the taking.


As the screen went black, the feeling in Ianto's gut that he'd made a terrible error in judgement grew so strong that he could literally taste it. Suddenly desperate to be with his mate, Ianto pushed back from his chair and padded quickly towards the bathroom where Jack was no doubt still waiting for him so he could 'help' wash his lover's back.


The moment he walked into the bathroom, Ianto could feel Jack's comforting influence begin to sooth him and his Phoenix. 'I'll talk to Christopher at lunch; find out what he knows about Johnson,' Ianto vowed to himself. Stripping off his robe, the Welshman slid the shower door open and smiled in delight at the sight that greeted him; Jack was indeed waiting for him with a cocked eyebrow and a wicked smile. Stepping under the hot spray he melted into his husband's waiting arms and as Jack's lips met his, he made a mental note to tell Jack of his meeting... but much, much later.



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