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Title: Shadows Pulling Me to Lie With You
Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Star Trek XI/Doom/Torchwood/Slight Doctor Who
Pairings: Kirk/Reaper!McCoy/Spock, Jack/Ianto, Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/Uhura, Pike/Archer, mentions of Jenny(the Doctor's daughter)/OMC and the Doctor/Tosh
Summary: A near-death experience brings to light a secret that McCoy has kept hidden for many years and now he must deal with the fallout. Meanwhile, Kirk and Spock fight the urge to claim McCoy as their own in order to keep him safe from someone within the Federation who seeks to control the Phoenix Force and use the legendary Reaper for his own nefarious purposes. Answers come in the form of McCoy’s grandparents, Jack and Ianto Harkness-Jones.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Word Count: 38,074
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doom, Doctor Who or the awesomeness that is Star Trek. The Phoenix Force is owned by Marvel Comics.
Art by: tresa_cho
Mixers: madscribbles and wyntreaurora

Chapter 8


"They're late," Kirk grumbled as he sulked in his chair. "We could be back in our room making good use of our king-sized bed, but noooo, we had to be on time for our lunch date while everyone else is late." He didn't care that his snarky tone made him sound like a spoiled brat; 'I should have tied Bones to the bed so he'd have to skip this dumb lunch!'


McCoy and Spock promptly ignored him just as they had been for the last five minutes, causing Jim to slouch even more into his chair and pout at his two lovers. 'How can they be looking at the menu when they could be looking at me!'


"It's not all that surprising that Admirals Pike and Archer and the Harkness-Jones' are late, Captain; they are very busy men. And if word has indeed gotten got out about their visit to Earth, then they may have become very much in demand," Spock calmly informed Jim without raising his eyes from the list of vegetarian specialties. Despite their new status as bond mates and lovers, Spock preferred to maintain a professional demeanour with Kirk and McCoy in public.


Bones didn't bother to hide his eye roll as Jim mumbled under his breath, "Still that doesn't give them an excuse not to call and warn us. It's just rude."


"What was that, Captain?" Pike's crisp voice cut through the air, startling the captain so much that he banged his knee on the table as he automatically snapped to attention.


'Damn! The man's a freaking ninja!' Kirk silently cursed as he turned around to find their four missing lunch guests standing directly behind him.


“It was nothing, sir. I was just complaining to Bones and Spock here that our early morning wake-up call, which we didn’t ask for, was a little rude.” Kirk wasn’t completely lying; the Admiral’s personal assistant had actually been very rude. ‘Besides, there is no way I am admitting I was talking about them; I rather like my beloved Enterprise.’


As Pike raised a disbelieving eyebrow and Jack and Archer snickered at his discomfort, Jim realised that of the four men, he really only liked Ianto, who just smiled softly at him.


“Ignore Jim, that’s what Spock and I do.” Bones’ voice cut through Jim’s growing panic and to Jim’s immense relief the others seemed to take the doctor's advice as they took their chairs.


“So what look’s good here, besides Ianto?” Jack winked at Ianto who promptly ignored his mate’s cheesy line, although there was a faint pink blush to his cheeks.


As Kirk's watchful eyes studied the Harkness-Jones men, he quickly realised something vitally important and it made him smile inside; ‘That will be us someday.’ The idea that the day would come when he'd have the kind of strong relationship with Bones and Spock that would last through whatever came their way was thrilling. Jim knew that with his mates by his side he could actually fulfill the destiny that the other Spock had shown him. Having seen how the other versions of them helped changed the universe, a Jim knew that together, they would do great things.


Lunch had been an interesting affair filled with lively banter and interesting conversation, and to Ianto’s great dismay he hadn’t found the time to pull Pike and Archer aside speak to them privately about Admiral Johnson. The moment the final cup of coffee was drained, there were handshakes all around and the two men were whisked away by their aides to attend important meetings.


A quick glance at his pocketwatch and Ianto realised that he had to get to his own meeting. Smiling an apology at the others Ianto pushed back his chair. “I’m sorry, gentlemen, but I have a meeting over at Starfleet Headquarters that I must be getting to.”


A swift pout graced Jack’s face followed quickly by a deep frown; he wasn’t at all happy that Ianto was actually working on their vacation. ‘I had hoped that our long shower and this lunch date would have made Ianto forget about this Admiral Johnson.’ In the after-glow of a rather magnificent bout of shower sex, Ianto had told Jack about his meeting with Johnson and about how important the project's potential was to the Federation.


Jack could tell that Ianto was holding something back, and as they'd cuddled under the duvet, he'd finally convinced his husband to confide in him. Listening to Ianto relate the depth of emotion and terror that the Phoenix had endured during the conversation with Johnson, Jack had felt cold chills race up and down his spine. Even now, several hours later, he could still feel the cold fingers of dread tightening his neck and shoulder muscles.


While Ianto had been in their bedroom picking out the right suit and tie combination for his meeting and then getting ready for lunch, Jack had used all the contacts at his disposal – both official and his own secret network of 'friends' – to check Johnson out. The general consensus, indeed the only consensus amongst his private network, had been that there was indeed something inherently dark and evil about this man, something that rubbed them all the wrong way. He'd been strongly warned by most of them to avoid the man at all costs; one had even said, 'don't ever turn your back on him, Jack,' and another had told him, 'he'll stab you in the back in a heartbeat.'


It wasn’t just the fact that Johnson had climbed quite dramatically through the ranks, bypassing far more qualified men in his meteoric rise to the top, nor was it the fact that he was handsome and would be meeting with Ianto alone, although that was very worrying to Jack personally. No, it was much more than that. There was a terrible and threatening darkness about the man; it frightened Jack to his very core and he hadn't even met the man yet.  


Following his husband to the dining room's door, he pulled Ianto into a sweet, loving kiss, pouring everything he felt for his mate into it. His breath was hot and soft as he whispered against his mouth, “Please be careful, Ianto, and if anything goes wrong, you contact me immediately through our bond.” Jack carefully shielded the depth of his concern from Ianto; 'he already has enough to worry about without me adding to it.'


“I will, Cariad, I promise,” Ianto whispered back as he gently stroked the side of Jack's face. Pulling away from Jack, he glanced over his husband's shoulder and was surprised to see Bones also climbing to his feet.


“I have a meeting with an Admiral myself; I figured I’d walk with you,” Bones explained when he saw his grandparents’ curious looks. "That was the wake-up call that Jim was complaining about earlier. Do you have any idea why an admiral would want to see me, Grandtad?"


Ianto shook his head and winced slightly when his Phoenix started shouting at him and stomping its feet inside his head, demanding to be heard.


From their seats at the table, Leonard's bond mates exchanged a worried glance. Like Jack, Spock and Jim weren’t too happy about Bones’ meeting with the Admiral but at the same time they couldn't disobey orders from someone higher up than them. It didn’t mean they had to like it though.


As Ianto and Bones took their leave of the group, the three remaining men glanced at one another and Jack watched curiously as Jim and Spock had a silent conversation. His eyes narrowed as they turned their attention to him, motioning for him to rejoin them at the table. Jack refused their offer of a refill on the coffee; it was tasty, but to this day, no one made coffee like his Ianto did.


Without wasting any time, McCoy's mates came straight to the point. "Jack, Leonard told us that it was Jocelyn who called him a monster; is there any way you can offer us some light on the situation?" Uncharacteristically, it was Spock who asked the question.


Sighing, Jack toyed with the spoon in front of him as thought about what was being asked and who was doing the asking. He glanced up and saw the hopeful, worried, loving look in Kirk's eyes and it melted part of the ice he had for them. 'I think Leonard has finally found his true mates after all. I guess it couldn't hurt to let them know a little bit about what happened.'


A distant look entered Jack's eyes as he thought back to that eventful day and when he spoke, his voice was soft. "Leonard never told Jocelyn the truth about himself because while he loved her, she was not his mate and he feared her reaction. He was right to; they'd started having problems when their daughter was still a toddler, so Leonard arranged for them to go on a vacation with hopes of saving their marriage."


Anger began to seep into Jack's voice as he recalled what had happened next. "The afternoon before they were scheduled to leave, he came home from work to help Jocelyn finish their packing. Not only did he find his daughter alone and crying in her playpen but he also found his wife upstairs and in bed with his best friend, Clay. That discovery hurt Leonard deeply and filled him with such a sense of betrayal that he could no longer keep perfect control over his Phoenix. Before he could stop it, his Phoenix revealed itself to her and Jocelyn started screaming at him; she called Leonard a horrible, disgusting monster and vowed he would never see their daughter again."


A vicious growl escaped Jim's mouth and he discovered that he was shaking with anger. "How could anyone see him as a monster?" In his eyes, Bones' Phoenix was without a doubt one of the most beautiful sights he'd ever seen and he felt honoured that such a beautiful soul had chosen him to love.


Deadly anger flashed in Spock's eyes. "I take it that Jocelyn has kept her promise and has not allowed Leonard any contact with his daughter, Joanna?”


Jack nodded his head sadly. “Yeah, she made sure Leonard lost everything when she divorced him, including all rights to his daughter,” Jack whispered softly; his voice was filled with regret.


“There’s got to be something we can do to reunite Bones and Joanna.” Kirk decided right then and there that he would do everything in his power to grant Bones’ greatest wish.


Almost as if he could read Kirk's mind, Jack looked up at the other two men. “You know, there just may be someone who could help…” Jack trailed off as an idea came to him.



While their mates were busy figuring out a way to reunite father and daughter, Bones and Ianto were making their way to the Federation headquarters. Their trip required several transport changes and they travelled in companionable silence.


“So who’s your meeting with, Grandtad?” Bones asked Ianto as they waited for their next transport hop.


“An Admiral Johnson, do you know him?” Ianto blinked as Bones came to an abrupt halt. “Leonard?”


Leonard looked at his grandfather, his face lined with worry. He could feel his Phoenix stirring restlessly, insistently and he looked deeply into Ianto's eyes. “My meeting is also with Admiral Johnson. Something isn’t right here.”


Warning bells were going off in Bones' head, causing a deafening racket that only quieted down when his Phoenix began talking to him, telling him that they were in great danger. “What could he possibly need to talk to the both of us about, Grandtad? I don’t like this.”


“Neither do I, Leonard. All I know is he wants to speak to me about a joint Archive between Torchwood and the Federation, or at least that's what he told me. Perhaps, as one of the most brilliant doctors in the Federation, he wants your opinion on the unknown species?” Ianto knew he was desperately grasping at straws.


Bones chuckled at Ianto's suggestion and he raised an eyebrow before shaking his head. “I guess we won’t really know until we get there.”


"Promise me, Leonard, that you'll be on your guard at all times." Ianto gripped his grandson's arm tightly and he didn't let go until Leonard had nodded in agreement.


With their guards raised and their senses heightened, the two men arrived at Starfleet Headquarters and made their way up to Admiral Johnson’s office. They exchanged wary looks when they realised that from the moment they'd gotten off the elevator on Johnson's floor, they'd not encountered another living person. In a building that teamed with more than a thousand souls and beings at any given time, the fact that the way to his office was completely deserted was a clear message.


It’s a Trap!’ There were identical voices were screaming and shrieking frantically and writhing in terror in both their heads but before they could back away, they found themselves face-to-face with Admiral Johnson. They were both sorely tempted to turn tail and run when they saw that he was grinning like he'd just won the biggest prize known to mankind.


“Mr Harkness-Jones and Doctor McCoy!" He greeted the men like they were long-lost friends come to dinner. "I’m so glad you could make it; please, come into my office.” Admiral Johnson favoured them with his most charming smile and their skin crawled as he insisted on shaking their hands.


Despite the fact the man was giving them both the creeps, good manners won out; Ianto and Bones reluctantly followed him into his office.


“Coffee, gentlemen? I’m afraid that it won’t be as good as yours, Mr Harkness-Jones.” Admiral Johnson smiled playfully at Ianto. "I must admit I'm a little disappointed that you've yet to grant me the pleasure of tasting it. Perhaps one day that will change."


“Fine with me, Sir.” Bones would have preferred to have a stronger drink but he knew it would be in bad form to drink in front of an Admiral.


“Coffee would be fine.” Ianto had learned long ago how to hide his dislike of anyone’s coffee but his own. He could see that the Admiral had noticed his lack of a title or honorific and he was pleased that he'd managed to affect the man, even if on a childish level.


Accepting the proffered cups of coffee, both men took a small, polite sip; the moment the first drop of liquid hit their tongues, their Phoenixes began screaming in pain and they knew something was horribly wrong.


“What... have you... du... done to usss?” Bones felt the drugs begin to take effect and he fell to his knees; it took a lot to knock out the Reaper. He look around frantically, trying to see if Ianto was all right.


“I’ve slipped you the one thing that could knock out both the Reaper and the Children of the Phoenix Force without killing you.” Johnson supplied the information to them with a self-satisfied look on his face. Even though Ianto's vision was growing blurry, to him Johnson looked like the cat who'd gotten the proverbial cream.


Fear gripped Ianto and Bones; Johnson knew who and what they were! With his consciousness fading fast, Ianto opened his bond with Jack and sent a wave of panic and fear flooding through it, and as darkness began to overtake him, he hoped that Jack would receive the message. Just before his world turned black Ianto heard a faint, worried, ‘Ianto!’ and then there was nothing.


Johnson watched with maniacal glee as both Ianto and McCoy slumped bonelessly to the floor, and he literally clapped his hands with a wicked gleam in his eyes. "Perfect! Now all I need is for my leverage to arrive.”



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