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Fic: Shadows Pulling Me To Lie With You Chapter 9/10

Title: Shadows Pulling Me to Lie With You
Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Star Trek XI/Doom/Torchwood/Slight Doctor Who
Pairings: Kirk/Reaper!McCoy/Spock, Jack/Ianto, Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/Uhura, Pike/Archer, mentions of Jenny(the Doctor's daughter)/OMC and the Doctor/Tosh
Summary: A near-death experience brings to light a secret that McCoy has kept hidden for many years and now he must deal with the fallout. Meanwhile, Kirk and Spock fight the urge to claim McCoy as their own in order to keep him safe from someone within the Federation who seeks to control the Phoenix Force and use the legendary Reaper for his own nefarious purposes. Answers come in the form of McCoy’s grandparents, Jack and Ianto Harkness-Jones.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Word Count: 38,074
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doom, Doctor Who or the awesomeness that is Star Trek. The Phoenix Force is owned by Marvel Comics.
Art by: tresa_cho
Mixers: madscribbles and wyntreaurora

Chapter 9


Minutes after he finished telling Kirk and Spock about Leonard's problems with Jocelyn, he'd asked them to join him on an after-lunch stroll. Kirk had snorted in derision and Spock had raised an eyebrow. "All right, I confess." Jack led them out of the restaurant and out onto the street, heading towards the closest transport station. "Something isn't right; I'm worried about Ianto, and I want to be closer to him, okay?"

Kirk grinned; "Why didn't you say so?" He and Spock joined Jack and with all the lunchtime traffic was over, they were able to make the hops across town at a much quicker pace than Ianto and Bones had enjoyed. They had just arrived outside Federation Headquarters when Jack stumbled, nearly falling to his knees. Only Spock's lightning-fast reflexes kept him upright. Terror gripped Jack as his bond with Ianto exploded with fear and panic, and worse, he was unable to re-establish contact with him. “Something is wrong! Ianto and Leonard are in danger!” Jack growled as he began to stalk towards the building's front door.


Despite the relative infancy of their connection to him, Spock and Jim felt rage and worry briefly flash across their new bond with Bones and they quickly shot after Jack. “Who was Mr Harkness-Jones meeting?” Spock asked as his mind began putting the pieces together.


“Admiral Johnson,” was Jack clipped reply as he slammed through the front door and headed for the bank of elevators.


“That’s who Bones was meeting!” Kirk picked up his speed to match Jack’s pace.


Drawing on the depths of his Vulcan training, Spock was able to retain a clearer head than the other two, and the first thing he noticed as they got off the elevator was the complete absence of personnel. 'I've been here many times before and there has always been at least a dozen people working on this floor. Where is everyone?'


Before he could say anything to his companions, however they had arrived at their destination. Worry about their mates overrode all other thoughts as they stormed into Admiral Johnson’s office like an avenging army. It wasn’t until they heard the sound of the door locks snapping closed behind them did they realise that they had walked straight into a trap. They split up and frantically searched for a way out even as a noxious gas began filling the room.



Groaning softly, Bones heard it echoed by Ianto and he forced his eyes open.


“Good! You’re both awake and just in time, too. I brought you guests.” Admiral Johnson’s overly animated voice greeted them happily.


Both Bones and Ianto took in the armed guards surrounding them and the Reaper in Bones immediately snarled with untamed rage while the Phoenix within him cried out in horrified despair. All he could see were Jack, Jim and Spock's battered and bruised bodies laid out before him and his heart screamed in pain. He heard Ianto echo his thoughts and emotions and they both snarled in unison at the smug look on Admiral Johnson's face.


Blinded by the strength of the emotions roaring through him, and terrified that his mates might be dead, there was only one thing Bones could possibly do. Pushing the doctor and healer within him to the farthest recesses of his mind, he let the Reaper free and pitied anyone who got in its way. In a flurry of movements that no one could possibly keep track of, the Reaper easily defeated the guards; he didn't care about anyone or anything but getting his hands on the men who dared to harm his mates.


Ianto saw his grandson move and his centuries as a Torchwood field agent and then joint leader of the universal organisation had honed his combat skills to a razor-sharp edge and he was able to quickly and easily defeat his guards.


Pleased with their instant success, the men turned as one to face their captor only to be halted mid-step as Admiral Johnson placed his phaser at Kirk's temple. Bones noticed immediately that it was set to kill and his blood ran cold. "No!" he whispered.


Johnson's tone was cold and oddly hopeful, as if he wanted McCoy to give him a reason to pull the trigger. "One move and I kill your beloved..." and there was a sneer in his voice as he said that word that made Bones' hackles rise, "... Kirk, Spock and Jack." At his nod two more weapons set to kill were placed against Spock and Jack's heads. "And while the death maybe temporary for Captain Jack Harkness-Jones, I'm sure I can find creative ways of keeping myself entertained once he revives. You wouldn't believe some of the torture tips one can pick up from other races," Johnson calmly stated but his eyes were ablaze with sickening anticipation.


Frightened by what they were seeing and doing, the two guards shared a worried look. They'd thought they were going to make some easy, under-the-table money when Johnson recruited them to start following the Harkness-Jones' and Doctor McCoy from the moment they arrived at the Space Dock. They had no idea that they would eventually be standing in the admiral's office, holding phasers to the heads of Torchwood's leader and the Vulcan who'd saved their planet. 'What have we gotten into?' they both asked themselves.


Ianto felt a fury unlike anything he'd ever experienced before start burning through his body like a raging wildfire. 'This monster is talking about torturing my husband like he's discussing the weather!' Ianto would never let anyone torture Jack again; even though centuries had passed since it happened, he could never forget how broken Jack was in mind, body and spirit when he'd returned after a year of suffering and pain at the hands of the Master.


With their mates in mortal danger, Ianto and Leonard had absolutely no choice but to give in to his demands. "What do you want?" Ianto finally asked, his voice subdued and his demeanour indicating complete defeat.


'I win! I am now the most powerful man in the world! Hell, in the Universe!' Johnson grinned manically at them; "I want you to unleash the power of the Phoenix Force!" It immediately became clear to everyone in the room – with the exception of the admiral, of course – that his single-minded quest to command the ultimate power had driven him insane.


For the safety of their mates, Ianto and Leonard knew that Johnson had left them no choice in the matter; if they did not bend to the admiral's will, their loved ones would suffer the consequences. With their mates by their side secretly offering their support via their bond links, they both hoped beyond hope that they would have the strength they needed to maintain control over the power they were about to release.


Ianto locked eyes with Jack; 'I love you, Cariad,' he sent across their bond link. He took a shaky breath and tried to center himself. He'd only unleashed the true power of the Phoenix once before in his very long life and he'd nearly been consumed by the power. He could feel Jack sending him waves of undying love and he focused on that, allowing his Phoenix to gather comfort and strength from it as well.


Jim watched his Bones with worried eyes; he knew from the brief show on Varden that Bones had only unleashed a little of his power, just enough to prove a point and save their lives. Now, however, he couldn't help but worry about what might happen next; what would the consequences be when Bones and Ianto were forced to fully unleash the raw power surging through them. What if the combined power was too much for them to control?


Not since the destruction of his planet and the tragic loss of his mother had Spock ever felt so helpless and it broke his stoic Vulcan heart as he watched Bones writhing in pain as the transformation began.


Agonised screams tore from Bones and Ianto's lips as their bodies convulsed in pain and the fire consumed them. It was truly an awe-inspiring sight to see the power of the Phoenix being awakening once again.


The small group of men all watched with a mixture of horror and fascination as the children of the Phoenix Force came to life. Fire danced and swirled around Ianto and Bones while pure dread and paralysing fear griped Jack, Jim and Spock's hearts. The three men never thought they'd be forced to watch as their bond mates became consumed by the power that had long laid dormant within them.


Jack's heart felt like it was being ripped out of his chest as he watched his beloved Welshman suffer; so many times he'd nearly lost Ianto but always before he'd been able to find a way to save him. 'I'll be damned if this bastard is the one to take Ianto from me!' Jack snarled viciously, letting his love for Ianto and the fear of losing his mate to a madman fuel his rage.


'I finally got Bones to admit his feelings for me and I'll be damned if I'm gonna lose him now!' Kirk vowed as he nodded to Jack; he would do whatever it took to save his Bones.


While Vulcans were renowned for keeping control of their emotions, the sight of his mate suffering in pain stirred the primitive rage within him and it took all of Spock's control not to rip the Admiral apart.


At long last the horrible screaming stopped and the creatures that stood before them were no longer their mates but the true living children of the Phoenix. A manic grin twisted Johnson's face, highlighting a quality of insanity in his eyes that turned Jack's blood cold. 'I've seen that look before,' he realised with horror, 'in the eyes of the Master.' Jack had to swallow convulsively to prevent himself from vomiting as sense memory threatened to take him over.


"Yes!" Johnson crowed triumphantly; his wildest dreams were about to come true. "At long last the Reaper and two Children of the Phoenix Force are mine to command!" The admiral was delirious with the possibilities such power had just handed him. "I will rule the Universe!" He clearly did not realise he'd spoken aloud, because when he heard the shocked gasps from his hired soldiers, he looked at them in surprise.


Ceiling-high flames danced around the figures of Ianto and Bones and fire burned with bright intensity in their eyes as they regarded the evil man before them. Those who loved the newly born Phoenixes looked on with both hope for their safe return to human form and fear of what their actions as the Phoenix might do to their souls. The three men prayed to everything they believed in that the men they loved had not been destroyed by the demands of a madman.


"You dare to think you can control us?" Ianto's voice was low and gravelly, filled with endless power. "You are nothing but a pathetic, demented old fool with unreachable dreams. We cannot ever be controlled by the likes of you."


"I am the soldier of death and I carry the fire of rebirth. I answer to no mortal!" McCoy growled out savagely. "And never again will I allow myself to be used as a weapon of destruction!"


'What the f...!' Things were suddenly no longer going as Johnson had envisioned. "No!" he shouted. "I own you both! I awoke the two of you! I am your master!" By the time he got to the last two words his voice was a scream of disbelief and everyone could see him literally shake with impotent rage.


Moving as one, Ianto and Leonard were across the room and standing before Johnson before anyone could blink. The mortals in the room, including Johnson's men, held their breath as the two fiery Phoenixes stared down at the man who sought to make them weapons.


Ianto shook his head slowly and behind the flames there was a hint of pity in his eyes. "No, mortal, you do not own us. We are not pets and we select our masters if indeed we choose to have one. The only man who owns me – who will ever own me – is my husband and bond mate, Jack Harkness-Jones." Ianto looked past Johnson and he sent Jack a sweet loving smile, opening their link to let his love flow through their bond like a river.


As he felt Ianto's love washing over him, Jack knew in that moment that he had not lost Ianto to the Phoenix Force. No, his beloved Welshman was still in complete control of the power surging through him.


Leonard nodded his head. "You seek John Grimm but he is nothing. He is a ghost long gone from this world. I am Doctor Leonard McCoy. You do not owe me, either. I belong to Captain James T. Kirk and to Spock just as they belong to me." He sent a brilliant, loving smile to both his mates and he was rewarded with similar in return.


"Damn right you do!" Jim growled possessively. There was no way he was letting some power-hungry psychopath of an admiral sink his claws into his and Spock’s beloved Bones.


“Indeed, Admiral. My mate speaks for me as well,” Spock added firmly. The mental abilities inherent with being Vulcan made him more sensitive to the mate bond between the three of them and it allowed him to more fully experience the intensity of Bones' emotional connection to him and to Kirk.


Ianto and McCoy shared a long look, volumes passing between them silently, and they turned back towards Johnson, "You wanted the power of the Phoenix, now burn," Ianto hissed as he wrapped his fire claw around Johnson's throat. Jack watched as his lover's eyes burned ever brighter with the eternal flame of the Phoenix.


Pure and absolute terror appeared in Johnson's eyes as he realised that not only did he not have any control over either man, he never really did. A mocking grin curled the lips on both Ianto and Bones' faces as they saw Johnson's eyes fill with truth and fear.


"We could so easily devour you! We could watch as the smallest ember of the Phoenix burns through your mind and leaves you an insane, drooling mess," Bones hissed and he felt the Reaper inside him grunt in pleasure and satisfaction as Johnson swallowed hard, his mouth opening in a silent scream.


"But we won't do that to you, we wouldn't do that to anyone, and do you know why? Because we are not monsters. Unlike you, we see do not dish out our own brand of justice. No, I think it's a far better solution that we allow the Shadow Proclamation to deal with you." There was no way that Johnson could be tried in a Federation court. That would mean revealing to the public who and what Ianto and Leonard were and that was simply not an option. No, Ianto and Jack would make sure that it was the Shadow Proclamation who would put him on trial for his actions because, after all, Johnson had nearly placed the entire universe in danger in his quest for absolute power.


As Ianto released Johnson's throat, Bones reared back and struck him full force with all the power of the Reaper. His blow, while not actually physical, carried the strength of John Grimm behind it and he smiled as he heard the satisfying sound of Johnson’s jaw breaking. “That was for putting my mates in danger, not to mention the whole damn universe.”


“Damn, Bones! That was hot!” Incorrigible despite their dire circumstances, Kirk waggled his eyebrows at his lover. “If we didn’t have to deal with these jerks I'd show you just how much I like having the Reaper come out to play.”


Bones just rolled his eyes in fond exasperation and shook his head. “Later, kid, later,” he promised. Kirk grinned winningly at Bones before beginning to tie up the downed guards.


Ianto rolled his own eyes as he saw the pleading look in Jack’s eyes. Even after hundreds and hundreds of years, his mate still thought it was incredibly erotic when Ianto's Phoenix side coming out. Using their link, he said, 'Later,' sealing his promise with a tender smile.




Not wanting to put Bones and Ianto in any further danger, and to prevent information about Johnson's insane plan from becoming public knowledge, the five men quickly spun a tale of how the Admiral had attempted to kidnapped Ianto and Bones in order to force Torchwood to make an alliance with him. They let it slip to the right people that Johnson wanted to traffic in alien weaponry, using Torchwood's influence throughout the galaxy for his own nefarious purposes. The only ones who knew the truth besides them were Pike and Archer and they agreed it was for the best interests of all concerned that Children of the Phoenix stayed nothing but a legend.


It didn't take long for word of Admiral Johnson's attempted criminal activities to spread through Starfleet and those who had worked for the Admiral were being rounded up for questioning. The Admiral himself was locked in the brig along with his hired-gun soldiers who abducted McCoy and Ianto; they were awaiting transport to the Shadow Proclamation for trial and subsequent lifetime incarceration.


Ensign Cassandra Smith had gotten word from her sister, Christian, warning her to get out, to run for her life, which was just what Cassandra had planned on doing. She knew that it wouldn't take long for Captain Kirk or Spock to figure out she was the one who had spied on them and then informed Johnson of McCoy's true identity.


'But I don't think I'll have to worry about what the Captain and Commander will do to me; I don't think I'll live long.' Cassandra felt pure dread and paralyzing fear fill her stomach as she stared into the burning blue eyes of Captain Jack. While she'd been in the back room, he had somehow managed to enter her apartment and make himself at home in her living room.


The icy cold smile that Jack graced her with sent shivers of pure terror up and down her spine. "You should know that there is nothing in this Universe that is more precious to me than my husband and my family. Today they were placed in mortal danger by a psychotic who threatened to destroy them. And do you know why that happened?" Jack paused and waited for Cassandra to answer.


Too scared to speak, the ensign simply looked at him.


"I said do you?!" Jack roared at her.


"Bec... I..." she squeaked with terror.


"Because you couldn't keep your mouth shut." Slowly, menacingly, Jack climbed to his feet and as he pushed back his greatcoat Cassandra's knees threatened to buckle and she gulped at the sight of his trusty Webley at his hip.


Jack saw the fear in her eyes and his grin grew even darker and colder. "You have one hour to resign your commission with Starfleet and leave Earth. You will stay away from any planets under Torchwood's purview," Jack's lips twisted with an animalistic grin, "which is just about every hospitable planet in the galaxy, by the way, and if I ever hear anything about you ever again, if I even hear the mention of your name, I will make you disappear, permanently," Jack growled darkly.


"Why aren't I already dead?" Cassandra had no idea what prompted her to ask that question but she needed to know why he had spared her.


Unexpected warmth appeared in Jack's eyes as he gave her the only answer possible, "Because Ianto and Leonard would never want blood spilled on their behalf. So you owe them your life, and as you live it out on some long-forgotten back-water purgatory, I suggest you remember that."


For some reason she couldn't fathom, Cassandra wasn't surprised to find that love for his mate was the only thing stopping Jack Harkness-Jones from putting a bullet in her head.

Tags: fic: shadows pulling me to lie with you, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: kirk/mccoy/spock, star trek big bang
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