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Fic: Shadows Pulling Me To Lie With You Chapter 10/10

Title: Shadows Pulling Me to Lie With You
Author: backrose_17
Fandoms: Star Trek XI/Doom/Torchwood/Slight Doctor Who
Pairings: Kirk/Reaper!McCoy/Spock, Jack/Ianto, Sulu/Chekov, Scotty/Uhura, Pike/Archer, mentions of Jenny(the Doctor's daughter)/OMC and the Doctor/Tosh
Summary: A near-death experience brings to light a secret that McCoy has kept hidden for many years and now he must deal with the fallout. Meanwhile, Kirk and Spock fight the urge to claim McCoy as their own in order to keep him safe from someone within the Federation who seeks to control the Phoenix Force and use the legendary Reaper for his own nefarious purposes. Answers come in the form of McCoy’s grandparents, Jack and Ianto Harkness-Jones.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Word Count: 38,074
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doom, Doctor Who or the awesomeness that is Star Trek. The Phoenix Force is owned by Marvel Comics.
Art by: tresa_cho
Mixers: madscribbles and wyntreaurora

Chapter 10


Two Months later


As he settled Leonard's jacket on his shoulders and brushed invisible creases from the fabric, Ianto looked at his grandson in the mirror. “How are you doing?” Ianto asked the very nervous-looking man gazing back at him.


“Part of me is waiting for either Spock or Jim to come to their senses and call off the wedding,” Bones admitted quietly as he played with the collar of his dress uniform.


“Are you kidding me? Nyota has had to stop Jim from trying to sneak in here to see you five times already! The man is worried you’re going to change your mind!” Jack exclaimed as he leapt up from his chair and crossed the distance between them. He clapped his hand on his grandson's back and grinned at him.


Ianto placed his hands on Bones’ shoulders. “Spock and Jim are completely and totally in love with you, Leonard. There is nothing in the Universe that could keep them from completing your bond and marrying you today. Everything is going to be perfect, I promise,” Ianto calmly told him.


A sad look entered Bones eyes as he thought of what was missing on his wedding day. “But it’s not perfect, Grandtad, Joanna’s not here,” he reminded them softly.


Jack and Ianto exchanged a worried look and they prayed the Doctor would come through with their gift for Leonard.





Tears welled up in Jocelyn's eyes as she watched Leonard smile tremulously at his reflection. Seeing him preparing for his wedding reminded her of their wedding day; it seemed like decades ago that they'd been that happy. Seeing him again after all these years, she suddenly realised that the smile on his face was the same one that she saw whenever Joanna smiled. It was the same smile that once upon a time Leonard had given her, and she remembered how it used to fill her with warmth and love. To see it directed at others broke her heart but she knew she had no one to blame for losing it but herself.


"Why are you showing me this?" she whispered to her companion as a single tear fell from her eye and rolled down her cheek.


The Doctor smiled softly at Jocelyn but his eyes were steel and offered no warmth for her. "Because you've let your fear of the unknown come between a father and his daughter. Words said in a moment of shame, panic and fear have damaged your relationship with Leonard to the point where it simply cannot be repaired. Fortunately there is still time for Leonard and Joanna to have the father and daughter relationship they both deserve." The Doctor played his trump card. "And what better gift could you give Leonard on his wedding day than his daughter?”


The Doctor didn't like Jocelyn. Leonard was family and he hated how this woman had broken him with her hatred and bitterness, and more importantly, she was robbing Leonard of the chance to watch his daughter grow up. If he had his way, Jocelyn would never have stepped foot on his TARDIS but his lovely wife, Toshiko, had pointed out that Jocelyn would never allow Joanna to go anywhere without her. As always, Tosh had been right.


Jocelyn had put up one hell of a fight before letting Joanna come with them. Hoping he could show Jocelyn the error of her way, and perhaps make Leonard's life a little better, the Doctor had decided to let her see how happy Leonard was with his new mates and perhaps realise what she had so carelessly thrown away.


Jocelyn could not deny that what the Doctor was saying was true; she had let her fear of what Leonard was and her anger that he'd refused to forgive her for her affair overrule her better judgement. She had robbed Leonard and Joanna of a true relationship and she knew that someday her daughter would come to hate her for that. Drawing a deep breath, Jocelyn looked up and met the Doctor's gaze. “Does your ship have something proper for Joanna to wear to a wedding?”


The Doctor grinned brightly and practically danced in place as he looked proudly at Jocelyn. “Tosh is already on it!” The moment the TARDIS had picked up Jocelyn and Joanna, the Doctor had sent the young girl dashing off with Tosh to his ship's vast wardrobe to find a beautiful dress to wear for the wedding. The TARDIS was a wonderfully romantic soul and he knew that she would provide Joanna with exactly what he needed.




Literally minutes before the wedding was to begin, Bones was frantically pacing the length of the ante room, grumbling to himself – and not for the first time, either – “How did I end up being the one in the bride's role?”




Leonard spun around in surprise and, no longer watching where he was going, he stumbled over a footstool and nearly fell to the floor. A nearby table helped him maintain his balance, although at the loss of a delicate crystal figurine.


For one long moment, Bones could not believe his eyes and he thought his heart was going to stop as a small blur crashed into him. He felt tears fall unchecked as he fell to his knees and he cradled Joanna close to his body. “Baby girl, what are you doing here?” he asked incredulously. "How did you get here?"


Joanna smiled at her dad. “The funny man and the pretty lady in the blue box brought me here and Auntie Tosh helped me to pick out my dress.” She twirled around so that her skirt flared out. "Do you like it? Is it okay?"


"Oh, honey, you're beautiful!" Leonard scooped his daughter up in his arms and they twirled around together, not noticing when his grandfathers stuck their heads into the room. It wasn't until Joanna poked her father and pointed over his shoulder that he saw them standing there, tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces.


"When you're ready, Leonard," Ianto said softly, and then he and Jack disappeared, closing the door quietly behind them.


"Come on, Daddy! I want everyone to see my dress!" Joanna squirmed her way down to the floor, grabbed a hold of her father's hand and tugged him towards the door. "Let's go!"


With Joanna’s hand in his, and the vision of Kirk and Spock in full dress uniform waiting for him at the altar, Doctor Leonard 'Bones' McCoy was finally at peace. As he gazed upon his daughter's excited face, he heard his Phoenix singing in joy.


“Come on, baby girl, let’s go get married.”


The End

Tags: fic: shadows pulling me to lie with you, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: kirk/mccoy/spock, star trek big bang
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