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Fic: An Artist's Soul Chapter 2/5

Title: An Artist's Soul
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: 10th Doctor/Lorne/Sheppard, Jack/Ianto, TARDIS, McKay/Carson, Ronon/Martha, pre-Teyla/Tosh, Samantha/Janet, Chuck
Summary: The TARDIS knows her Doctor is lonely and she vows to search through all of time and space until she finds the other half of her Doctor’s soul. Major Evan Lorne has seen a lot of strange things but a matching-making Time Machine might be the strangest thing yet. However, someone isn't too happy with the Doctor's interest in Major Lorne and plans to make his own claim clear.
Rating: PG-13
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Art: toomuchfandom see morehere
Word Count: 12,084
Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate Atlantis, Torchwood or Doctor Who.
Written for the Major Big Bang at Slashing_Lorne

Chapter 2

Exiting his bathroom with a towel slung low on his hips with water running in rivulets down his chest, Evan Lorne was brought up short by the sight of the old-fashioned police box sitting in the middle of his room. 'Where the hell did that come from?' He looked around in bewilderment; 'it wouldn't even fit through the door!' Before coming to Atlantis, Lorne might have started freaking out, sounding alarms, and looking for either a weapon or a place to hide, but after everything he's dealt with since coming through the wormhole, having a mysterious blue box magically appear in his quarters seemed almost ordinary.


Before he could activate his comm link or reach for his gun, the doors of the police box swung open and out popped three good-looking men and one beautiful African woman. The first thing he noticed was the man wearing an odd combination of a suit with Converse trainers. He was bouncing on his feet and looking around with an excited grin on his face.


“Do you have any idea where we are?” Before the man could give his friends a chance to respond, he continued, “We’re on Atlantis! I’ve always wanted to visit Atlantis!” He flashed a wide smile at his companions and flung out his arms. "Atlantis!"


The man wearing what Lorne believed to be clothing from the 1940’s, including a World War Two greatcoat and captain's bars, nodded his head. With a confused look on his handsome face, the captain asked, “That’s nice, Doc, but why are we on Atlantis?” Lorne took note of the cautious look on his face and the way he took a protective stance in front of the younger man. Lorne looked closely at the other man; he was simply far too good- looking in a well-tailored three piece pinstripe suit and deep red shirt. It wasn't hard to figure out immediately that they are lovers.


Doc casually shrugged his shoulders and with the same cheery, slightly maniacal grin informed them, “I have no idea! The TARDIS does what she wants.” He beamed proudly and stroked a hand along the wooden panel of the blue box.


Realising that his current state of undress left him at a distinct disadvantage, Lorne decided that he would like to get dressed before finding out the answers to his questions: 'who are these people,' 'how did they got to Atlantis in a wooden box,' and finally, 'how in the world do they know about Atlantis in the first place?'


Clearing his throat, he made his presence known. “Excuse me but would you mind if I got dressed before you tell me just how you got here?”


Realising for the first time that they weren't alone, all eyes turned to look at Lorne. The man in the 1940’s dress openly leered, dragging his eyes up and down Lorne's body. “Well, hello there,” he purred appreciatively.


The man hadn't even finished speaking before his three companions all sighed deeply and in perfect unison uttered, “Stop it, Jack!” Lorne noticed that the well-dressed young man behind Jack added a fondly exasperated eye roll to his admonition.


A pout graced Jack’s face and his lower lip jutted out childishly. “I was just saying hello,” he informed his friends with a dramatic sulk. In an abrupt mood shift, he suddenly brightened up and pulled the man in the suit into his arms. “Why would I need anyone else when I have my gorgeous Welshman?” Pure emotion laced Jack’s voice as he nuzzled the other man’s neck.


The obvious love between those two brought a familiar ache to Evan’s chest; what he wouldn’t give to have someone look at him like that. From the wistful looks the couple's two friends were casting at them, Lorne could see that they felt the same way he did.


It was the female who broke the mood and got things back on track. “Right! Well... I think we should all head back into the TARDIS and let the half-naked man get dressed.” It wasn’t hard to miss that she was almost embarrassed as Evan was himself.


“I agree with Martha. We should return to the TARDIS and try and find out why she brought us here.” The smooth Welsh voice that cut through the air had Lorne raising an eyebrow; never before had accent sounded so sexy! 'Accept for maybe Carson's.'


Jack openly leered at the man and tightened his grip on his waist. “Ooh, say that again, Ianto. I love hearing those Welsh vowels of yours.”


The man that Evan still only knew as 'Doc' rolled his eyes at the couple. “Right, everyone, back into the TARDIS before Jack forgets where we are and jumps Ianto right in front of our guest.”


Before Evan could speak up and remind them that they were the guests in his home, the group turned their backs on him. He watched with amusement as Jack willingly followed Ianto back into the police box with the woman trailing in after them. Only the Doctor lingered behind and he paused at the door to look back at Lorne.


“I’m terribly sorry about this;" and he waved his arm in Lorne's general direction. "I honestly have no idea why the old girl decided to land in your room.” The Doctor apologised with a brief smile. "I'll be having a talk with her in just a... well, when I say talk... I mean, it's not like she... you know, um... talks back, but... she uh..."


“She’s sentient?” Evan knew from Sheppard that Atlantis was a sentient being, but to actually have a chance to meet a living creature that could make up its own mind was one in a million!


The pure awe in his voice and the fascination shining in Lorne's eyes halted the Doctor in his tracks and he bounced over to the towel-wearing man; he didn't care whether the man was dressed or not. “Yes, she is! Would you like to meet her?” Not waiting for an answer the Doctor snagged the man by the arm and dragged him towards the TARDIS.


Slightly shocked at the man’s strength he allowed himself to be pulled through the doors, and before Evan knew it he was inside the police box. As he came to an abrupt halt and looked at his new surroundings, he could think of only one thing to say; “It’s bigger on the inside!” He looked around in awe, his eyes the size of saucers as he took in the soaring coral arches, the glowing centre pillar encircled by its control console and the numerous hallways that led off to heaven knew where.


“See! Now that’s a proper reaction!” The Doctor pointed gleefully at Ianto; he still couldn’t believe that the young Welshman hadn’t been all that impressed by the size of the TARDIS. Instead of being suitably wowed by a miraculous ship that looked so deceptively small on the outside, Ianto had lectured him rather severely about not keeping her appropriately clean on the inside. The TARDIS had fallen in love with Ianto from that moment on.


“So Doc, since you dragged towel-boy in here does this mean your rule about always wearing clothes in the TARDIS is no longer valid?” Jack asked as he opening undressed Ianto with his eyes. "Is naked Friday back on?"


Martha giggled openly as the Doctor shook his head vehemently. "No! Absolutely not, Jack! Don't you ever run around naked in my ship again, Jack Harkness, or I swear I'll... I'll..." The Time Lord's rant sputtered to a halt and he looked at Ianto pleadingly. "Please don't make me looked at Jack naked again? Please!?"


"You can count on me, sir." Ianto took pity on the flustered Time Lord and shook his head at his lover. “It’s not happening, Jack.” Ianto calmly informed his lover as if he’d heard the Doctor's protests a thousand times. "We can have naked Fridays again once we're back in the Hub, okay?"


As Jack indulged in a pretty pout, Ianto turned his attention to the one person in the TARDIS who was half-naked, a confused-looking man who simply gaped at them all speechlessly. “I’m sorry about all this and it’s occurred to me that we haven’t introduced ourselves or learned your name. I’m Ianto Jones; this is Captain Jack Harkness, Doctor Martha Jones, and this is the Doctor.”


Pleased to finally know the names of the people he was standing in front of wearing nothing but a towel, Evan knew he was going to like Ianto. “It’s nice to meet you all. I’m Major Evan Lorne. Would it be too much of a bother if I got dressed?”


Before anyone could answer Lorne, the air around him was filled with the sound of whirring and grinding, and the ship began to shudder beneath his feet. Alarmed, he looked at the others, but they seemed to be taking this strange turn of events in stride. When he saw them all reach out to hold onto something, he hastily grabbed onto the nearest strut and help on for dear life.


Panicking by the sudden turn of events, the Doctor ran towards the console with Jack right behind him. “No, no, no! What are you up to?” the Doctor demanded from his ship as he poked buttons and twisted knobs. "You stop this right now!"


While they were trying to figure out what was happening Evan felt a soothing voice start whispering in his head and he frowned in concentration. ‘My beautiful angel has been lonely for far too long, Evan. He, like Jack, needs someone who can love him completely and accept him for who and what he is. I believe that you, Major Evan Lorne, are the missing piece that would make him whole. Will you travel with us, at least for a while?’


Knowing he should be alarmed that he was hearing voices in his head, Evan instead found himself considering the voice's request. After all, it’s not every day that a police box talks to you telepathically and he was quite intrigued by the experience. ‘I have to be back at work on Monday,’ he informed her firmly.


A joyful thrill went through the TARDIS when she heard Evan's unspoken agreement. 'I shall have you back on Monday,' she happily chipped. She didn't think it was the time to point out that as a Time Machine she would be taking her sweet time in bringing him back. 'Hmm, I wonder how long it will take to get them together? And if I can convince handsome Jack and my wonderful Ianto to help in playing matchmaker then maybe we can find someone for Martha as well.'


As the TARDIS plotted her romantic schemes, she made a note to have Evan get in contact with Atlantis so they wouldn't go looking for him. 'But that can wait until after our first adventure.' Humming happily to herself, the TARDIS set course for a nice little planet that was in the middle of a month-long celebration centred around its soul-bonding ceremony. 'I think that's something both of my couples could benefit from.'


'Of course there is another who may offer some objection to my matchmaking.' The TARDIS had studied Evan's timeline and she'd seen that another had already staked a claim to his heart. 'Two hearts looking after my lonely angel might not be such a bad idea.' Suddenly a new idea began to take form as the TARDIS hummed softly to herself as she wondered, 'Maybe a return visit to Atlantis is actually what's in order first.'


Ianto could sense that the TARDIS was up to something and he smiled; 'Now you be a good girl,' he thought to her and he heard her giggle in reply. Knowing that whatever she had up her sleeve it was for someone's benefit, he turned to face Evan with a gentle smile on his face. "Come along, Major, I'll show you a place where you can get changed."


"Thank you, Ianto." Evan was grateful that someone had finally realised that he wasn't comfortable wearing just a towel in front of everyone. 'I wonder whose clothes I'll be wearing?' Little did he know...

Tags: fic: an artist's soul, pairing: doctor/lorne/sheppard, pairing: jack/ianto
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