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Fic: An Artist's Soul Chapter 5/5

Title: An Artist's Soul
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: 10th Doctor/Lorne/Sheppard, Jack/Ianto, TARDIS, McKay/Carson, Ronon/Martha, pre-Teyla/Tosh, Samantha/Janet, Chuck
Summary: The TARDIS knows her Doctor is lonely and she vows to search through all of time and space until she finds the other half of her Doctor’s soul. Major Evan Lorne has seen a lot of strange things but a matching-making Time Machine might be the strangest thing yet. However, someone isn't too happy with the Doctor's interest in Major Lorne and plans to make his own claim clear.
Rating: PG-13
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Art: toomuchfandom see more here
Word Count: 12,084
Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate Atlantis, Torchwood or Doctor Who.
Written for the Major Big Bang at Slashing_Lorne

Chapter 5

As it turned out, Jack was right, their time on Atlantis was very interesting, indeed. Both the Doctor and John Sheppard were going all out in their attempts to woo Evan as they did and said everything they could think of to outdo the other. At least that's what Teyla and Martha told Jack and Ianto when the two men finally surfaced from their room on Atlantis.


Jack had a perfectly good reason why he was keeping Ianto locked in their room. Despite his warning against it, Ianto had made coffee for the Atlantis team, and once the scientist had a taste of what he grudgingly admitted was the nectar of the gods, McKay had launched an all-out campaign to snatch him away from Torchwood. His attempts to entice Ianto into staying on Atlantis even included offering Sheppard and Lorne both up as Ianto's personal sex slaves. As Lorne had earlier predicted, Jack didn't react well to that at all.  


During their time hidden away they were informed that John had alternated between being a jealous beast ready to pounce on the Doctor if he so much as looked at Evan funny, to a sulking child whose best friend had left him behind to play with the new kid in class.


As funny as it had been in the beginning, there were those on Atlantis who were rather fed up with such childish behaviour. At the head of that group was Doctor Rodney McKay.


McKay rolled his eyes – more than once, in fact – as he watched Sheppard acting like a caveman. Considering himself above such primitive emotions, he found it utterly ridiculous how both Sheppard and this Doctor person were fighting over Lorne like two dogs fighting over the same bone. "Will you just admit that you want into the Major's pants. This lovesick puppy-dog act is getting old!" he finally growled at John. He was absolutely fed up with the man grumbling and snarking about how much time Evan was spending with the Doctor.


Of course, John being John merely crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Rodney and Carson. He was quite annoyed that the two men were ganging up on him, "I have no idea what you are talking about." He was aiming for lofty indifference but he just sounded like a petulant brat. "I'm just worried about what will happen to Evan when the Doctor and his friends leave," he declared stubbornly.


Carson raised an eyebrow. "Well, I can tell you this much, Martha will be sticking around; she's going to join my medical staff. You can never be too far away from the other half of your soul which means either the Doctor will stay here on Atlantis or Evan will be going with him." The Scotsman took great pleasure in pointing out this fact with a wicked gleam in his eyes.


Carson's words made John's blood freeze in his veins. "You think Evan and the Doctor are bond mates?" That thought filled him with dread and shattered his heart.


Catching on to mischief his lover was up to Rodney raised his own eyebrow and grinned broadly. "You've seen the way they act around one another. It's clear to everyone that they have a bond." Knowing the effect his next words would have, he gleefully pointed out, "It's just not complete. It's like they're missing something or better yet, someone."


"Excuse me, I've got to go!" John shot to his feet so fast that his chair banged into the table behind him and then he was out of the mess hall before Rodney and Carson had time to blink. He needed to know if what the pain-in-the-ass scientist said was true. 'Do they really feel the pull like I do?' It was time to stop pretending and start acting on what he felt for not only Evan but the Doctor as well.


Rodney and Carson exchanged a look; nothing got a bond mate to act on their suppressed feelings faster than good old-fashioned, green-eyed jealousy. They saluted one another with a satisfying clink of their coffee mugs; it was a job well done.




Standing on one of the many outdoor observation balconies and admiring the pure beauty of Atlantis, the Doctor watched the wind play with Evan's hair and he realised something was very important. He happier than he had been in a very long time but despite it all, it still felt like something important was missing, and from the look in Evan's eyes he felt it too.


"You know, they say everyone has a bond mate, their soul mate, the other half to them. I've seen that bond in action between Jack and Ianto and now with Ronon and Martha. The bond between souls is something that cannot be denied; you feel it from the moment you meet and Evan, I feel it when I'm with you. But as wonderful and fulfilling as it is, it's still not complete."


As he looked into Evan's eyes, the Doctor realised that what he'd once felt for Rose was a pale comparison to the intense and undeniable pull he felt for Evan and another as yet unknown person.


A sad knowing smile graced Evan's face as he stared out into the oceans of Atlantis. "I know how you feel, Doc. I've waited my whole life to feel that pull, that connection to that one. Until I came to Atlantis and met John, I didn't think I'd ever find it, but even then it still wasn't complete." Evan turned his gaze to the Doctor and reached out for his hand, "and then I met you and for the first time in my life I felt whole."


He paused and searched the Doctor's eyes for any sign of rejection and when all he saw was love shining back at him, he said, "As much as I care for you, Doc, and trust me, I care a lot, we're just not whole without John."


The Doctor nodded and then shook his head; the effect was that of a bobble-headed doll. "That man is as stubborn as Jack was when he first met Ianto. He denied his growing attraction to that young man until something drastic happened that forced him to see that Ianto was his one true bond mate."


The Time Lord used their entwined hands to draw Evan closer to him. "I've actually be giving this a lot of serious thought, and I think we should wait until John is ready to see what's right in front of him before we take our relationship any further." The pain in the Doctor's voice was evident, but he knew it just wouldn't be right to start anything without John as a part of their relationship.


"What if I stop being an idiot and finally act on what my heart has been telling me all along?" John's voice spoke from behind them. "Would that help?"


Evan and the Doctor whirled around to see a sheepish-looking John standing at the entrance to the balcony. Evan's heart fluttered as he took a step closer to John. "Colonel, are you saying what I think you're saying?" Evan asked quietly, not daring to let himself hope.


"I think you can call me John, given that our relationship is about to change, although I wouldn't have a problem with you calling me Sir or Colonel in bed." John leered at him and gave him a wink before turning serious. "From the moment I met you, I was drawn to you, I felt the pull but it didn't feel whole and so I was afraid that you weren't my bond mate." He reached out at took hold Evan's free hand.


"But when I saw you with the Doctor, I felt hot jealousy burning in my stomach with every smile you gave him. I couldn't stand it that you didn't smile at me that way. Imagine my surprise when I realised that you weren't the only person I was jealous of! I was actually jealous of how close you were to the Doctor. I wanted to be next to him, I wanted to hold his hand, and Heaven help me I wanted to kiss him!"


John completed the link between the three of them by taking the Doctor's hand in his as well. "I'm done denying what you both mean to me and I'm ready to take a chance if you are."


Releasing John and the Doctor's hands, Evan stepped into John's space and cupped his face. "I'm ready," Evan whispered before doing something he had wanted to do since he first met John; he kissed him.


The moment John felt Evan's lips against his, he felt a sense of completeness, and he returned and even deepened the kiss the kiss, as he wrapped his arms around Evan waist.


The Doctor watched the two men fondly, pleased that he'd been instrumental in bringing them together. He knew their relationship wasn't going to be easy, in fact, they were guaranteed some hard times in their future. In love or not, he was still the Time Lord and he had obligations he couldn't shirk.


 There would be times when he would have to leave; the call of time and space was too strong to resist and as much as he'd like to, the Doctor knew that he couldn't take Evan and John with him on every trip. They had their own duties on Atlantis and he couldn't love them as much as he did if they let things slide.


But more than anything else, the Doctor also knew that unlike Jack and Ianto, his time with his mates was very limited. It made his hearts ache to knew that there would come a time when either he would lose them or they would lose him. 'We need to make the most of our time, and we will!' 


Slowly the kiss between John and Evan ended and they turned to the Doctor, both offering him their hands. "Our future together is unknown, so we should grasp life and love with both hands because you never know when it may end," Evan stated persuasively to the Doctor as he silently pleaded with the Doctor to take his hand.


"Well said, my dear Evan." The Doctor took a step forward and grasped both Evan and John's hands; drawing them to his chest, he placed one over each of his hearts. For once in his life, he was going to take a chance on love.




The next morning Jack took one gleeful look at the Doctor and clapped him on the back. "Doc, you finally got laid! I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it! So, about that no nudity rule in the TARDIS, can we talk?" Jack was determined that one of these days he was going to make love to Ianto in the TARDIS' console room whether the Doctor liked it or not.


As always, whenever Jack was thinking something naughty about Ianto, the Doctor was able to read his mind. "There will be no dancing on my TARDIS, unless you're in your room!" the Doctor growled ferociously.


John had a thoughtful look on his face. "So, no naked hide and seek in the TARDIS?" John asked with a pout on his face. The Doctor had told him and Evan all about his marvelous ship over dinner the night before, and his imagination had gone wild with the possibilities for gun and games that she presented.


Ianto, Evan and the Doctor groaned as Jack grinned wildly at John and flung his arm around the other man. "I think I'm going to like John," he tightened his grip around John to just this side of painful and said, "just stay away from my Ianto."  


John tried not to squirm in Jack's grasp. He could tell that the man was deadly serious. "Trust me, I've got my hands full with these two!" he hastened to reassure his captor.


"Will we become as overprotective of one another as Jack is over Ianto?" Evan asked softly as he leaned against the Doctor.


The Doctor shook his head. "No, Jack and Ianto's bond is very different than a normal bond, just as ours is." When he saw Evan's inquisitive look, the Time Lord explained, "the three-sided bond is very rare."


"I look forward to learning all about our bond," Evan murmured as he watched Jack release John and bounce back over to Ianto's side while John joined them. When he reached his mates John linked his hand with Evan's and smiled at the Doctor, and together, they waited for Jack and Ianto to join them.


Teyla's smile was tinged with sadness as she watched Martha and Ronon, Carson and Rodney all join John and the others. Sam would be joining them for lunch after she finished her daily talk with Janet. Teyla was truly happy for her friends but at the same time she couldn't help but feel alone and lonely; she had yet to find her other half.


The TARDIS sensed Teyla's loneliness and gently called out to her. Knowing she wouldn't be missed right away, Teyla followed the call of the TARDIS.


During the time the beautiful ship had been on Atlantis, all had come to love her and spend time in her. As she opened the door, Teyla let the TARDIS' song wash over her. "You had something to show me?" Teyla asked gently.


The next moment, TARDIS showed her an image of her and a rather beautiful young Asian woman embracing and sharing a tender kiss. Teyla gasped as she felt a wave of love wash over her. "Is she my future?" Teyla asked the magnificent ship.


A gentle whisper brushed against Teyla's mind, almost like a breeze on a summer day. 'Yes, Toshiko Sato is the one for you. Your path and hers intertwine into a strong love that will fill your days with love and your nights with warmth.'


Happiness and warmth filled Teyla as she realised she would soon find her bond mate. "Thank you, TARDIS. I think you knew all along that we needed you. John and Evan were denying their bond and Ronon kept himself closed off. We needed the others to complete us and I think your beloveds needed us as well. Thank you, again."


After Teyla left, the TARDIS hummed to herself as she felt the happiness of her precious ones wash over her. She knew there were still hard times to come in all their lives but it would be much easier for each of them to travel with their loved ones by their side. 'And someday soon I will have the pitter-patter of little feet roaming my halls.' Smiling joyfully, she hugged herself.


Yes, the TARDIS knew her Doctor had at long last found the place he belonged, safely in the loving arms of Evan and John.


The End

Tags: fic: an artist's soul, pairing: doctor/lorne/sheppard, pairing: jack/ianto
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