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Fic: Ever After Finally Came Chapter 3/10

Title: Ever After Finally Came
Fandoms: JLA Unlimited/Torchwood
Pairings/Characters: Bruce/Clark, Connor/Tim, Barbara/Kara, Roy/Dick, Alfred, Ianto Jones, Dinah/Helena/Oliver, Diana/Steve, Wally West, John Stewart/Shayera, Ace the bat-hound, Krypto, J’onn Jones, Yvonne Hartman and Captain Jack Harkness, eventual Jack/Ianto
Summary: He was originally designed to be the ultimate weapon whose singular mission was to guard and protect Earth from off-world dangers. Custom-designed using the integrated DNA of Superman and Batman, Ianto Jones is Torchwood One’s greatest creation. Yvonne Hartman and her team of sycophants followers truly believed him to be the world's best hope for survival against alien incursion. Yvonne's hidden agenda of using Ianto to restore the British Empire to its former glory and beyond was destined to come true until the Justice League learned of their plans. Now, after rescuing Ianto from Torchwood, Bruce and Clark find themselves unprepared for fatherhood and during the learning process, they unexpectedly find their relationship changing into something legendary.
Rating: PG-15
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Art by: ctbn60 see more here
Disclaimer: I do not own JLA Unlimited or Torchwood
Author Note: This is set in the JLA cartoon universe but does have elements of Comics

Chapter 3


Diana and Shayera immediately claimed the seats on each side of Clark on the Javelin-7, their attention glued to the sleeping little boy in the Man of Steel’s arms. “Oh, he’s just precious!” Diana cooed.


Shayera had a sly look in her eyes as she peeked up at Clark. “You and Bats make gorgeous children,” she commented innocently and then the two women exchanged knowing looks as a slight flush painted Clark’s cheeks. Despite what he thought, most of the League knew about the unrequited flame that Clark carried in his heart for Bruce, and to a man, they were all in favour of it. Several plots had been planned and discarded in an effort to get Bruce to notice what was right in front of his face. But the Bat was stubborn and Clark continued to dream.


Sitting across from them, Wally watched the two women coo and flutter over the boy in Superman’s arms and a slow crafty smile began to form. “Oh, yeah, the kid’s going to be a total chick magnet!” he muttered under his breath, and he rubbed his hands together as he started formulating a plan to convince Superman to let him baby-sit Ianto. Things were just beginning to gel, 'Hello babe city, here I…' and then, "OWW!”


Wally furiously rubbed the back of his head where he had gotten a good hard whack. "Hey!" he yelped with indignation, “What’s the big ide…” Flash whirled around to face his attacker, but when he found a furious Batman glared down at him, his voice trailed off and he gulped audibly.


“You will not be using him as a way to pick up girls,” Batman warned, each word spoken with menacingly clarity, and he smirked when the Flash quickly scooted back in his seat, a pout on his face. ‘I’ll need to make sure Clark never leaves Ianto alone with Flash; who knows what that joker may try and drag the boy into.’ Bruce refused to believe that his own fatherly instincts were making him look out for Ianto, just as the beaming smile on Clark’s face and the sheer happiness in his eyes had nothing to do with his sudden interest in the Man of Steel. ‘No, it’s just because no one could handle another Flash running around the place.’ He firmly ignored the little voice in the back of his head chanting, 'liar, liar, pants of fire!'


Amusement bubbled deep within Jack Harkness as he continued to be subjected to Yvonne’s longwinded rant. Hearing her pause to take a breath, Jack saw his chance to speak. “Yvonne, as much fun as I'm having sitting here and letting you deafen my eardrums, I repeat my earlier statement: I have no idea how the Justice League found out about your little basement hero-making and more importantly, I really don’t care. I’m just glad they put a stop to your attempts at playing God. You were heading down a dangerous path, one that would more than likely have ended in disaster.” Jack's good mood was quickly fading in light of Yvonne's stubborn refusal to listen to reason.


Jack rolled his eyes at Yvonne’s remark that she had everything under control. “Clearly the Justice League saw things differently. And Yvonne, really, as much fun as this little talk has been I have other things to do.” Jack took a great deal of pleasure on hanging up on Yvonne; just as the receiver reached the cradle, he could hear her screaming his name in outrage.


His blue eyes found their way to the open files on his desk, the ones that Toshiko managed to 'borrow' from Torchwood One’s systems. Using an alien program, she'd been able to reconstruct the data that Batman had scrambled and destroyed. Jack studied the pictures of the child known as Ianto Jones, and examined the growth records and test results.


“Well, between Batman and Superman’s DNA in you, I’m sure you’re gonna grow into a real looker and with any luck, you'll develop a fondness for wearing sexy, form-fitting spandex. I’ll be sure to look you up in a few years, see if I can’t get you to join me.” Jack grinned hungrily, visions of peeling a grown-up Ianto out of his Superhero costume already running rampant through his imagination. 'Oh, yeah, that sounded like a plan!'




The ride to the Watchtower was an interesting event. Ianto had awoken during the take-off after being and after spooked by the loud noise of the engines, and after some gentle rocking and cooing, Clark managed to calm the crying child. For the rest of the journey, Ianto had been delighted to sit in Diana’s arms, enthralled by the stars. Clark couldn't keep his eyes off the child, who completely ignored him; all Ianto wanted to see were the pretty lights flying by the windows.


The minute the ship landed, Clark stole his son back and nothing could have stopped the look of pure joy that spread across his face as Ianto instantly curled against his chest and began making happy baby noises. He instinctively knew he was home and that he was safe.


It was J’onn who finally broke the spell when he pulled Clark aside. “We just to need to run a few test to make sure that Ianto is healthy and then you can get him settled. It'll just take a few minutes, I promise," he reassured the suddenly very possessive father.


As J’onn led Clark and Ianto away towards the Medical Bay, Wally suddenly noticed that Diana and Shayera were conversing with the rest of the female heroes at the Watchtower. “Why do I have a bad feeling about that little get together over there?” When he realised that they were all whispering and giggling, his trepidation grew.


Oliver, who had joined him, and John both winced at the looks the group of females was giving them; among them were Black Canary, Huntress, and Supergirl, all very dangerous women.


“Yeah, that does not look good for us.” Oliver recognized the look in Helena and Dinah’s eyes and it never led to anything good.


Their fear only grew as all the women turned to them with smiles so sugary and sweet that always meant they were about to be forced to do something they wouldn’t like. “Oh, boys!" Dinah cooed. "We have a job for you!”


John and Wally shared a conspiratorial look before shoving Oliver forward. “Hey, she’s one of your girlfriends, so you see what she wants!” Wally quickly defended their actions when Oliver turned around to glare at them.


Dinah and Helena shared a look of their own as they wandered over to Oliver. The Green Arrow steadied himself as his two lovers wrapped their arms around him. “Oliver, we need you three to gather your most trusted men for a very important mission,” Dinah began.


Oliver look worried as he asked with weariness in his voice, “What kind of mission?”


Helena had an almost mischievous look in her eyes and it was times like that that Oliver almost regretted her and Dinah acting on their mutual passion, although since then Helena had shown a different side to herself and clearly was much happier. “Well, little Ianto is going to need some supplies.”


At once all three men knew what the women wanted to do and they reacted accordingly. “Oh, hell no!" they yelled in perfect unified horror.


"No, no, NO! You are not dragging us shopping!” Wally cut in; there was no way he was going baby shopping, ‘not with these psychos! But then again they might hurt me if I don’t do what they say.’ Wally gulped as Hawkgirl fingered her mace hanging at her side. “On second thought nothing would make me happier to go shopping with you lovely ladies,” he quickly amended his decision in the face of overwhelming odds.


Resigned to their fate, Oliver and John nodded their heads showing their agreement with Wally, they'd learned the hard way never tell these particular women 'no' when it comes to shopping.


Hidden in the shadows, a highly bemused Batman watched as the women made plans regarding what Ianto would need to be comfortable at the Watchtower until other arrangements could be made. Bruce, on the other hand, had come up with another option, one that would allow Ianto to be watched carefully in a place that Torchwood would never think to look. ‘I wonder how fast Alfred can get a baby’s room set up.’




J’onn watched as Clark nervously paced up and down the floor of the Medical Bay, glancing toward the door every few steps. Worry lines creased his face and there was a palpable air of anxiety about him. The alien could only remember ever seeing the hero so concerned whenever Bruce ended up here. ‘I do wonder when Bruce and Clark are going to stop fighting the inevitable and denying what we all see is between them?’


J’onn gaze was drawn to Ianto who seemed perfectly content to play with the stuffed teddy bear Clark had miraculously managed to find, not paying any attention to the machines scanning him. ‘I wonder if you, little one, will be the key to uniting two very stubborn men together.’ As if Ianto heard his thoughts, the small boy looked at J’onn with a brilliant sparkle in his bright blue eyes. ‘Yes, your fathers are going to have their hands full with you, little one. You are everything they deserve.'


“Well, is he okay?” Unable to wait any longer, Clark stopped his frenetic pacing and his worried voice cut through J’onn thoughts.


J’onn studied the scans before him. “Your son is perfectly healthy. But keep in mind that we will have to keep a close eye on him; Torchwood did create a gene that will increase his growth rate.”


Frowning with concern, Clark glanced at Ianto. “Will that hurt him?” He wanted to spare his son from as much pain as he could.


“No, it shouldn’t, but that is why we will monitor him when one of his growth spurts begins.” J’onn placed a comforting hand on the worried alien’s shoulder. “Do not worry about what the future may bring, my friend; just take this time to get to know your son.”


Clark nodded his head. “I will, thank you, J’onn.” Clark was grateful for his friend’s advice and he hurried over to pick up his son, laughing joyfully as Ianto’s fingers curled around his cape. “Well, little man, I’ll have to see if my mama will make you a cape of your very own.” The thought sprang unbidden to Clark's mind; 'I wonder what powers you've gained from my DNA. Will you be able to fly, for instance?' He envisioned the two of them soaring majestically above the city, their capes billowing out behind them as they kept the world safe.


The Medical Bay doors opened and as he entered, Bruce nodded to J’onn as they passed each other. For a moment, Bruce just watched Clark and Ianto, struck by how naturally Clark had adapted to fatherhood. 'They make a perfect pair,' he thought and he allowed himself a small, slightly envious smile before clearing his throat. When he had the man's attention, he said as calmly as he could, “Clark, we need to talk.”


The moment he heard Bruce’s voice, Ianto let out a happy, crowing noise and began reaching his pudgy little arms out to Bruce clearly wanting to be held. Laughing at his son’s joy at seeing his other father, Clark moved closer to Bruce and once they were in range Ianto’s chubby little fingers latched onto a piece of Batman’s cape and he gurgled happily. “It seems Batman has his youngest fan yet,” Clark chuckled. "And I warn you, Bruce, our son already has a penchant for capes!"


Bruce tried not to let the emotions that were roiling inside him to show on his face when he heard Clark refer to Ianto as 'our son', and as Ianto began to chew on his cape, Bruce forced himself to remember why he was there. “I want you and Ianto to move into Wayne Manor, Clark. I've already consulted with Alfred and he's delighted by the prospect of a child running around the place again. He's always complaining that since I've grown up, it's much too quiet there, and he would be the best choice to look after Ianto during the day.” Bruce wasted no time in getting to why he was there. He absolutely refused to accept that he seeing Clark again had anything to do with why he was in such a rush to share his news.


Clark tried, fairly successfully, not to let his happiness and excitement to show on his face; Bruce was starting to plan on how they would look after their son, together. “You're right, the manor might be the best place to raise Ianto; after all, Dick and Tim grew up there and they turned out just fine. And knowing that Alfred would be looking after Ianto gives me a sense of true peace."


Bruce nodded; "Alfred is a natural with children, he's well-trained in advanced first aid, he has a doctorate in childhood education, so he can home-school Ianto when the time comes, and most importantly, I really think it'll be good for him to have people besides me to care for."


'He's thinking in the long-term about us!' Clark could have danced on the spot he was so happy. "Plus Torchwood would never think to look for him in Gotham City; they'll most likely think I've taken him as far from their reach as I can possibly get. I can easily travel between Gotham and Metropolis whenever I need to." Clark made his decision. "Yeah, it sounds like a good plan, Bruce, thank you, thank you very much. But I still would like Ianto to have a room here on the Watchtower, just in case.” Clark was taking no chances with the safety of his son. "Plus, it'll be good for him to be around the other members of the League, you know, expose him to as much diversity as possible."


The corners of Bruce’s mouth curved up into a smirk. “I think that’s been pretty much taken care of, Clark. It seems our female colleges have taken it upon themselves to work something out and by now, they will have picked up more than a few things that Ianto will be needing.” For a brief moment, Bruce almost felt sorry for those poor saps who'd been dragged out to the shops with them. Almost.


“Was there violence involved?” Clark knew from past experience that the women of the Justice League could get rather violent when it came to getting the men to go along and carry their shopping bags.


“Surprisingly enough Wally had the good sense to see that it was a battle they couldn’t win and so they went along with the women peacefully.” Bruce actually sounded amused as he remembered the way the men had simply caved in to the women’s demands. ‘I wonder if I should be ashamed of just how easily my fellow men caved?’ Then he remembered all of the shopping trips his girlfriends had forced him to go on, and he decided that no, he was in fact almost proud of his fellow male heroes for daring to brave the mall and all of its hazards.


Clark could see the amusement in Bruce’s eyes and he shook his head before looking down at the little boy in his arms. “I’m sure your many aunties will waste no time at all in introducing you to the joys of shopping, just as you'll enjoy learning how to use your cuteness to wrap everyone around your little finger.”


Little Ianto blinked up at his father as if considering his words before giving a big toothy grin. Suddenly, his tummy gave a loud growl and Ianto's eyes widened comically as he looked down at his belly.


“All right, my little man, let’s see if we can find you something to eat,” Clark promised his son before turning to face Bruce. “Would you like to join us?” he asked softly, hopefully, doing his best to hide how just much he wanted Bruce to say yes.


It was on the tip of his tongue to say no, but one look into Clark’s hopeful blue eyes and Bruce couldn’t find it within him to deny Clark anything. “Just let me get in contact with Alfred, let him know we're on our way, so he’ll be ready for us when we arrive with Ianto and when the baby stuff begins arriving at the manor.” Of course, Bruce knew that not much fazed his oldest friend and that he would merely raise an eyebrow before telling them where to put everything and watch out for breakables.


A huge wave of happiness surged through Clark and Ianto must have picked up on his father's joy, for his happy gurgling and baby talk returned and he waved his arms in the air at both Clark and Bruce. “We'll meet you at the mess hall.”


Bruce watched as the two of them faded from sight. He shook his head, “What is wrong with me?” he growled to himself. "I must have lost my mind!"


From his spot in the shadows, J’onn watched as Bruce stalked away from the Medical Bay with a small smile tugging at his lips. “It’s because, my friend, we can all see that you and Clark are destined for one another and young Ianto is making those suppressed feelings come forth. I do hope the two of you find your way to one another in time for me to win the pool.” J’onn smirked and bit into his Oreo cookie he'd stolen from the kitchen.


“I must remember to introduce Ianto to the joys of cookies and milk when he is old enough." Oreos and milk were the equivalent of champagne and caviar to the alien's taste buds, an exotic luxury to be savoured on special occasions.

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