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Fic: Ever After Finally Came Chapter 9/10

Title: Ever After Finally Came
Fandoms: JLA Unlimited/Torchwood
Pairings/Characters: Bruce/Clark, Connor/Tim, Barbara/Kara, Roy/Dick, Alfred, Ianto Jones, Dinah/Helena/Oliver, Diana/Steve, Wally West, John Stewart/Shayera, Ace the bat-hound, Krypto, J’onn Jones, Yvonne Hartman and Captain Jack Harkness, eventual Jack/Ianto
Summary: He was originally designed to be the ultimate weapon whose singular mission was to guard and protect Earth from off-world dangers. Custom-designed using the integrated DNA of Superman and Batman, Ianto Jones is Torchwood One’s greatest creation. Yvonne Hartman and her team of sycophants followers truly believed him to be the world's best hope for survival against alien incursion. Yvonne's hidden agenda of using Ianto to restore the British Empire to its former glory and beyond was destined to come true until the Justice League learned of their plans. Now, after rescuing Ianto from Torchwood, Bruce and Clark find themselves unprepared for fatherhood and during the learning process, they unexpectedly find their relationship changing into something legendary.
Rating: PG-15
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Art by: ctbn60 see more here
Disclaimer: I do not own JLA Unlimited or Torchwood
Author Note: This is set in the JLA cartoon universe but does have elements of Comics

Chapter 9


Steve Trevor fiddled nervously with his tie; he could not believe that he was going to be attending the wedding of two of the world's greatest super heroes, Superman and Batman. It promised to be a truly amazing day.


"Stop playing with your tie, Steve! You're going to mess it up," Diana gently scolded him as she came out of her bathroom.


One look at her and Steve forgot how to breathe; his Amazon Princess looked like a Greek Goddess. She was dressed in an ankle length off-the-shoulder gown gold of shimmering silk; her beautiful dark hair was curled and it fell in gentle waves down around her shoulders. "Princess, I hate to break it to you but you're not supposed to out-shine the happy couple." Steve told her softly although he had trouble forming the words due to a curious lack of blood in his brain.


The adoring smile Diana gave him made his heart skip a beat. "Thank you, but this is Clark and Bruce's special day and no one will look more lovely than them today."



True to Diana's words, Clark and Bruce both had a glow about them as they stood side-by-side dressed in matching black suits. The only differences were that Clark was wearing a deep red silk shirt and blue tie while Bruce wore a royal blue silk shirt and burgundy tie. They really were the handsomest men in the room.


The one member of the wedding part who had everyone cooing was Ianto. Standing at the front of the room, he was dressed in a miniature black suit that matched his fathers', with a deep red shirt and matching tie, and he looked absolutely adorable as he stood between his parents. Kara and Connor were Clark's witnesses, and Bruce had Tim and Dick standing up for him. To everyone's surprise, Alfred Pennyworth was officiating at the wedding.


Alfred looked out over the gathering of family and friends and smiled at everyone present. 'It's wonderful to see how many people love my boys.' He looked next at the man he'd raised as his own son, and at the man who was going to share his life with him. Finally, he set his eyes on Ianto; the little boy had progressed rapidly from taking his first steps to now being quite confident on his feet. He looked so proud of himself, standing between his fathers; Alfred caught Ianto's eye and winked at him, and then barely suppressed a laugh as Ianto did his best to wink back.


"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today not to join two individual men in a union but to join two families, the Kent's and the Wayne's. I have known Bruce for many years; I have raised him from a small child and watched with pride the man he has become." Alfred favoured Bruce with a fatherly smile. "As any parent would, all I have ever wanted was for Bruce to be happy and to find a love that would keep him warm on the coldest of nights. I have always hoped that you would find someone to be the shelter that will protect you from the storm, who will love you with all their heart." Alfred favoured Clark with a fond smile before looking up at the assembled group. "I am very proud to say that Bruce has indeed found that love with Clark."


He paused for a moment to allow a smattering of applause and cheers to pass. "Bruce and Clark have written their own vows," Alfred favoured Clark with a knowing smile. "Would you like to begin, Clark?" That was Barbara's cue to collect Ianto and draw him back to stand with her.


Taking a shaky breath Clark turned to face Bruce, who squeezed his mate's hands in encouragement. "Bruce, all my life I felt like I didn't belong, that I was different, that I would never find that one person to share my life with. But that all changed the moment I met you. One look in your eyes and I knew you were my life, my heart and my soul." Clark paused to look deeply into Bruce's eyes and the love he saw shining back at him made his own heart swell with joy.


"We had a rocky start, I will admit, one filled with mistrust and doubt, but eventually we forged a strong friendship and that led to a legendary partnership. You, Bruce Wayne, are my everything; you are my world, my heart, and my soul. I stand here today ready to take this journey with you, and I know that it will be one filled with joys and hurts, laughter and tears, ups and downs, but always, always filled with love."


Teary-eyed Alfred turned to Bruce. "It's your turn, Master Bruce."


Bruce couldn't help but reach out and stroke Clark's cheek and he smiled when Clark leaned into the caress. "I'm not one for small talk or discussing my feelings but you have always been different, Clark. I've trusted very few and fewer yet have actually earned a place in my heart and then you came into my life. I tried to deny how I truly felt; I found myself lying to everyone including myself about just how deeply you embedded yourself in my heart."


"I was a fool, Clark; it wasn't until you arrived that I realised just how empty my life was without you in it. You complete me in ways I never thought possible. I'm a better man because I have you in my life. I love you and want to share the laughter, the tears, all the good times and bad times with you. You are my sun, Clark Kent, you fill my dark world with light and love."


It took a few tries for Alfred to clear his throat; never before had he heard Bruce speak so clearly and so honestly from the heart. "May we have the ring, please?"


Barbara knelt down beside Ianto, "You ready?" she asked as she adjusted his tie and brushed back his hair.


Ianto nodded solemnly and walked over to his parents, holding the pillow out in front of him as if it were the most important thing in the world. J'onn prediction regarding Ianto's growth patterns had been accurate; the small boy now looked and acted like a five-year-old. There was a chorus of soft ooh's and ah's from the group as he proudly handed the first ring to Clark with a happy grin. 


"Thank you, Ianto," Clark spoke softly, and then he gave in to the urge to bend down and kiss the top of his son's head and Ianto beamed up at him.


"Clark, please repeat after me, with this ring, I thee wed."


Grinning Clark slipped the ring on Bruce's finger. "With this ring, I thee wed."


Bruce smiled and squeezed Clark's hand before accepting the second ring from Ianto and then he looked at Alfred. Even though he already knew what to say, he didn't want to steal the older man's thunder.


 Smiling proudly, Alfred repeated what he'd said to Clark, "Master Bruce, please repeat after me, with this ring, I thee wed."


Favouring Clark with a look full of love, Bruce repeated, "With this ring, I thee wed," as he slid the ring on Clark's finger.


"I now pronounce you husband and husband, you may now kiss." Alfred raised an eyebrow expectedly.


Not needing to be told twice Clark grasped his new husband by the lapels and pulled Bruce into a deep kiss, one that Bruce quickly returned and deepened much to the amusement of others.

Tags: fic: ever after finally came, pairing: bruce/clark, pairing: jack/ianto, superbats_bb
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