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Fic: Hope's Last Breath Chapter 4/10

Title: Hope's Last Breath
Fandoms: Supernatural/Torchwood/The Avengers/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Dean/Sam/Castiel, Jack/Ianto, Coulson/Clint, Tony/Bruce, Natasha/Pepper, Thor/Loki, Steve/Darcy, Balthazar/Gareth Jones, Bobby, Marion Jones (OFC), Andy/Tosh, Owen/Maria Hill, Nick Fury/Donna Noble, Rhys Williams/Kathy Swanson, Martha Jones, the Doctor
Summary: Greek Mythology says that when Pandora disobeyed the Gods and opened the box, all the world's evil was unleashed but hoped remained inside. Unfortunately, hate found Pandora's Box and destroyed it. Out of his depth, Nick Fury has no choice but to seek help from others who have knowledge of and experience with this kind of stuff. But without hope in the world, it's only a matter of time before humanity falls into chaos.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, the Avengers or Torchwood but I do own Gareth and Marion Jones
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma

Chapter 4

Using the hunter's network it didn't take long for Phil Coulson to track Bobby down and he was both surprised and pleased to find that all those he was looking for were already gathered together in Cardiff. Now he faced the challenge of convincing such a disparate and strong-willed group to work with them. 'Without a doubt Dean will be my hardest sell. Of course, if I could get Sam on my side, it would be a whole lot easier.'

However, before Coulson could head to Cardiff, he had to deal with his own shadow. Without looking up from his paperwork, he directed his voice to the ceiling, "What have I said about hanging around in the air ducts above my office?"

He did lift his head at the sound of boots hitting his floor and Phil found himself face-to-face with his grinning lover. "Make sure I don't get caught?" Clint offered with a broad wink.

Phil merely raised his eyebrow and put his pen down so Clint decided to try a different method, "So we're heading for Cardiff, huh? What should I pack?" The archer's eyes narrowed as he sent his lover a warning glare, "and don't you even think about leaving me behind, either. You're still recovering from Loki stabbing you and you need someone to look after you. Believe me when I tell you that I'll inform the other Avengers AND Pepper if you do, and I don't think you want me to unleash the two redhead's on you, now do you?"

Phil was impressed with how earnestly Clint was threatening him; if he was willing to bring out the big guns in the form of Pepper and Natasha then he must really be serious about his condition. "I was already planning on taking you along with me to Cardiff. We have hunters to collect." Phil had known from the beginning that there was no way he'd be able to leave Clint behind. The archer would just stow away or annoy Fury and Maria until they either killed him or shipped him off to Phil. 'It's just easier to cut out the middle man and it will save me from having to do tons of paperwork.'

"Sooo... does this mean I get to see your hunter side come out and play?" Clint leered openly; oh how he loved it when badass hunter Phil joined him in the bedroom for fun and adventures.

Phil never could understand why it was such a big turn on for Clint when he went all badass but he did enjoy the benefits. Still, he nodded his head and offered his long-time lover a small smile, "More than likely, it does." As Clint let out a wild whoop of joy, Phil didn't bother hiding the way his boyfriend's happiness made him feel warm and loved inside. "One condition, Clint, no fighting with Dean Winchester no matter how much he gets on your last nerve and trust me, he will try."

Clint merely waved off his boyfriend's concern; sometimes the handler side of Phil was a little too protective. "How bad can he be? I do work with Tony Stark after all," he pointed out.

'Dean Winchester, Tony Stark and Clint all in the same building. Oh, God, this has disaster written all over it!' Phil closed his eyes; he could already feel the headache coming on.


Even though only a few hours had passed since hope was destroyed, the resulting chaos and violence had only grown exponentially. Every major city in the world had been affected and the destruction was spreading out to the smaller towns and villages. Not even the astronauts onboard the international space station were safe; the last report they'd transmitted before killing one another had shown entire sections of Paris, Dubai, New York City, Moscow and Tokyo and other metropolises burning so brightly they were visible from space without magnification.

Mankind was running out of time and they knew it. Plan after plan had been formed and discarded; so far nobody had come up with one that actually had a chance of working. Sam and Ianto's idea of working with the Avengers was the most promising but no matter how they tried to explain it, their jealous lovers were firmly against the idea of them working alongside the good-looking heroes. The knowledge that Sam and Ianto had had – might even still have! – crushes on those costumed, tights-wearing buffoons was still painfully fresh in their minds.

"You idgits might want to hurry up and figure out a plan because the demons know." Bobby spoke from his spot next to Tosh; the young woman was biting her lower lip as she studied the data on her computers and it wasn't looking good.

Tosh and Bobby had left the planning to the rest of the group and they were absorbed in setting up the program that Tosh had made last time they were with Torchwood. Originally designed to track signs of demon activity within Cardiff, this time Tosh had programmed it to monitor the world and the early results weren't looking good at all.

"What have we got?" Sam asked as he and Ianto wandered over to join them both studying the data along with Tosh and the two men paled at what they saw.

"Do I even want to know how bad this has gotten?" Dean wasn't sure if he could bear to hear the answer.

Sam tore his eyes off the computers as he turned to face his lover, drawing comfort from Dean's hand on his shoulder. "From what Tosh's program is showing it looks like there's signs of demon activity in nearly every major city in the world. They know that all hope is gone, which means our jobs just got a lot harder."

Dean groaned and tightened his grip on Sam. "Great, that's all we need! How the hell are we going to handle everything ourselves? We need to find a way to stop humanity from destroying themselves and in order to do that, we have to return hope to every man, woman and child, and even a few creatures, on this Earth. And if all that weren't enough, now we have to deal with demons and everything else dark and nasty that will be drawn to all the death and destruction!"

While Dean was speaking, Jack had come down from his office to stand behind Ianto and wrap his arms around his lover. He freed one hand long enough to rub it down his face wearily. With a deep, unhappy sigh, he announced, "I hate to say it, and I do mean I hate saying these words, but our only hope may actually be to seek out these Avengers and work with them. But trust me when I say that I'm not going to like it! And if any one of them flirts with Ianto, I have the right to shoot first and ask questions later!" The immortal growled out his threat even as he wrapped his arms around Ianto so tightly that the young man finally squeaked in protest. With a guilty smile, Jack loosened his grip and kissed Ianto on the top of his head. "Sorry about that."

Dean favoured Jack with a crafty smile. "That could work," the hunter nodded gleefully as he turned his attention to Castiel, "and you can smite anyone who casts a flirty glance at Sammy."

Sam and Ianto shared identical looks and eye rolls at their not-so-surprisingly overly jealous and trigger-happy lovers; it was nice that they'd suddenly found common ground for getting along, if only it weren't so bloody.

 It seemed someone else wasn't too impressed by Dean and Jack's sudden similarity to Gareth. "Hey, only Gareth gets to be so trigger-happy and it's only me he gets to threaten!" Balthazar complained loudly with a pout on his face.

Dean just shook his head in puzzled amusement at the look on the angel's face. "Dude, you guys have one of the strangest relationships I have ever seen. Why am I not surprised that you get turned on by Gareth threatening you with bodily harm?"

The pout quickly fell off Balthazar's handsome face as a dirty leer replaced it. "Oh you have no idea how hot the sex is after watching Gareth acting like badass. Of course, Jack may have a pretty good idea what I'm talking about," The angel winked at Jack. "Right, Jack?"

Jack grinned as his dark eyes devoured every inch of Ianto's body and he licked his lips appreciatively as he recalled watching his beloved Welshman in action. "Oh, yeah," the immortal purred as he stepped closer to Ianto and pressed his hardening groin into the young man's backside. He thoroughly enjoyed the blush that painted Ianto's cheeks, feeling the heat of it coming off his skin. "There's nothing hotter than watching my Ianto in action."

Ianto's blush deepened as he felt his body respond and he ruthlessly clamped down on his libido. "Time and place, Jack," he said softly as he reached around and swatted Jack on the ares. "Time and place."

Owen shook his head. "Bloody hell, mate! We don't have time to watch you two drooling over Tea-Boy and Gun-Boy when the world is kinda on the edge of exploding!" he pointed out.

"Dude, I do not want the last images of my life to be of the two of you..." Dean gestured to Jack and Balthazar, "jumping their bones!" and then he gestured to Ianto and Gareth.

Balthazar's eyes narrowed dangerously as he growled out, "I will rip out anyone's eyes who dared to see my Gareth naked."

Jack nodded his head. "That goes for me as well, only about Ianto, of course, and I'll make very sure they suffer first, a lot."

"Can we please stick to the issues at hand?" Sam felt a headache forming. "What we really need is a way to get in contact with Marion; as an angel of hope herself, she's the only one who may know of a way to bring back hope."

After concentrating deeply for several moments, Castiel frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. "Right now I can vaguely sense her and I believe she is with the Time Lord, which means that she is safe. Now we need a way to get in contact with him." The angel didn't tell the others how surprised he was to find that he actually could sense Marion. Normally, angels of avatars cloak themselves from all other angels; the only explanation Castiel could think of for Marion to be visible was that as the last angel of hope she could not cloak herself from others who sought her.

Having finally relaxed his grip on Ianto, Jack was sprawled against the closest desk and he grinned madly; at last he could had something to offer. He took a quick glance at Ianto and he saw the light dawn in his lover's eyes; Ianto knew what he was thinking. "As a matter of fact, we may have a way to do just that; a good friend of ours has the Doctor's phone number."

"Huh?" Dean blinked. "The last of the Time Lords has a phone?"

Ianto shrugged his shoulders and gave a knowing smile. "Martha wanted to make sure she always had a way to keep in contact with the Doctor; I was hoping to bring her to Cardiff."

"That's actually a very smart idea." Castiel nodded with approval. "If any demons learn about the Doctor and his Companions then they will all become targets. If Martha is with us, we can help to keep her safe."

"See, this is why I like you, Ianto; you have a brain and you know how to use it." Bobby grinned at Ianto. "Unlike other people I know!" he added snarkily.

"Hey! I think!" Dean grumbled as he crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Bobby while Sam favoured Bobby with his puppy eyes.

Bobby raised an eyebrow. "Yes and how many times have your plans gotten us into trouble?" He countered. "I believe I've lost count."

Castiel had a thoughtful look on his face. "I could give you an accurate account if you would like me to?"

"That won't be necessary, Cas, but thank you for that," Dean growled lowly under his breath. "I can't believe you sided with Bobby." Dean sent his angel a sad pout.

Tosh look between them all; 'Men! They're so easily distracted.' Taking charge, the petite Asian woman got to her feet. "I think I'll go call Martha, see how quickly she can get here. It's not looking good out there and we don't want her getting caught up in all of this." Tosh dreaded to think what trouble a lone woman could get into with all the chaos going on right now.

"Thank you, Tosh." Ianto knew Tosh had a point and he immediately began making plans to get Martha to the Hub safe and sound.

Dean crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow at Jack. "So you really think that this Doctor of yours can really help us?" Personally, he didn't see what was so great about so dumb Time Lord; 'I don't even know for sure what a Time Lord is!'

Gareth fixed Jack with a meaningful and steely glare. "And are you going to run off with him and leave my brother in the dust again?" Gareth remembered just how totally heartbroken his twin had been when Jack ran off with the Doctor the first time. He was afraid that if that happened again Ianto could be destroyed beyond repair. 'If that happens, I will hunt Jack down, rip off his manhood and make the man watch as I slowly roast them.'

Jack knew exactly what Ianto's twin was thinking and he quickly shook his head, "Absolutely not." He reached out and took Ianto's hand in his, drawing the Welshman closer to him. Ianto went willingly and leaned against Jack's side; he could understand where his brother anger was coming from. He watched Jack as the older man stated, "My days of chasing the Doctor are over. I only went with him to get my answers and then I came back to the man I love above all others. Now I know my place is with Ianto."

"That's good to hear because I think Mica's getting worse." Rhiannon's tearful voice came from behind them. "Please, someone, isn't there something you can do?"

Gareth took a step towards his sister and wrapped a protective arm around her as Owen took off at a dead run for the medical bay. Rhys followed him, ready to help in any way needed and that included removing Johnny and David from the room so Owen could work in peace.

Kathy placed a comforting hand on Rhiannon's shoulder. "Mica will be fine. One thing I know about this lot is that when things look their darkest, that's when they shine the best."

Smiling tearfully, Rhiannon reached out and squeezed the hand of her best friend. "You're right, thank you."

Silently, Kathy sent a pray to the heavens, hoping that they didn't make her a liar.

Tags: big bang, fic: hope's last breath, pairing: dean/sam/castiel, pairing: jack/ianto
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