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What is it about slash?

There is just something about slash that draws me in. I was watching Smallville last night and the idea of Rokk(Comsic Boy of the Legion) and Clark could make one very intresting pairing. I can't help it some guys are just so slashable.

So now slash plot bunnies are running around in my head. I already have enough ideas, but these pairings are demanding I write them. So in the future expect the following stories..

Smallville Plot: Oliver has never been one to control his emotions involing a certine alien. So when Clark introduces the Justice League to the Legion. Oliver does not like Rokk intrest in his Clark. He'll just have to make his claim clear.Couples: Rokk/Clark, Oliver/Clark, Rokk/Garth(CB/LL). With AC/Lois, Bart/Kara, Jimmy/Chloe and Bart/Garth friendship.

CSI:Miami Plot: Set to the song 'Stay" by Sugarland. Ryan can no longer stay in a relationship that is slowly killing him. He can no longer share Eric so he is going to learn to let go. Couples:Eric/Ryan
This will have a sequal. I'm just debating between three possible ways for it to go. I may do all three. 

Sequal #1 CSI:Miami/CSI New York Plot: With nothing keeping him in Miami, Ryan starts a new life in New York. He didn't want to open his heart again but Det. Don Flack Jr. just may change his mind. Can Don help Ryan to love again? Couples: Don/Ryan, Mac/Adam, Danny/Hawks, Stella/?

Smallville/Dark Knight Plot: One moment, one look was all it took to change two lives forever. Clark and Bruce one meeting will forever change their lives. Couples:Bruce/Clark.


Tags: bruce/clark, eric/ryan, oliver/clark
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