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Fic: Avalon's Child Chapter 2/11

Title: Avalon’s Child
Fandoms: Torchwood/Merlin/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Morgana, Doctor/Donna, Mickey/Martha, Tommy/Tosh, Owen/Katie, Rhys/Gwen, John/Suzie, TARDIS, Lancelot/Guinevere, pre-Rhys/Alice, Steven, Rhiannon, Myfanwy, Aithusa and Kilgharrah, Francine, Tish, David, Mica, Estelle
Summary: The moment they tried to kill him they brought forth a wrath unlike anything seen before. The 456 were easily defeated the moment Avalon became involved but now humanity must face the consequences of actions taken and not taken. The wrath of the dragons will be known as Jack must make amends for a single thoughtless moment that ruined what he had with Ianto or he will risk losing his other half.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Merlin or Doctor Who
Beta: milady_dragon
Written for the Dragon Big Bang Round 1

Chapter 2


It came as Morgana saw. She gave birth to a young boy who had his father's smirk. They named their first child Ardwyard, knowing that he would be the first proctor for young Ifan, the son of Merlin and Arthur.


But what Morgana's visions did not show was Morgause learning about the child and launching a full-out attack on the castle or the little gift Aithusa brought with her.


Merlin gazed down lovingly at the small bundle in his arms. "Hello my little Ifan, welcome to the world. You have no idea how special of a little boy you really are," Merlin cooed softly before looking up at Arthur with pure love in his eyes.


Arthur's eyes sparkled with happiness and love as he kissed Merlin on his forehead, before reaching out and stroking his son's tiny cheek. "He's perfect. Thank you for this wonderful gift, Merlin." Arthur knew that his life was finally complete.


A soft knock on the door disturbed the new family and Arthur scowled wondering who would dare to disturb them. He didn't have to wait long because the door to the chamber flew open and Morgana strolled in, her eyes fading from amber to their normal colour. "I hate to interpret but there's something you need to see."


Arthur glared at his sister. "Couldn't this have waited a little longer?" He just wanted some time with his lover and new son.


Morgana had an apologetic look in her eyes. "I'm sorry Arthur, I wouldn't be disturbing the three of you unless it's important and this is very important. Aithusa has returned with a new dragon."


Merlin's head snapped over to Morgana. "That's not possible! There are no more dragons left."


"I believe it's the dragon from my vision. But I cannot be certain for sure, that is why you must come speak to her." The moment Morgana had seen the purple dragon she knew it was the one from her vision, the one that guarded and cared for Ifan when they weren't around.


Merlin shifted Ifan into Arthur's arms before climbing gingerly out of bed, his body still readjusting from delivering Ifan but right now nothing mattered but finding out where this new dragon came from. Something told him it had to do with his son.


Arthur knew there was no point in arguing with his consort. He too wanted answers about this dragon and how it was connected to his son.


Making sure Ifan was bundled in the warmest set of blankets they had Arthur and Merlin followed Morgana to the balcony where indeed Aithusa and Kilgharrah were waiting with a small baby dragon resting in between the white dragon's powerful legs, it's purple scales shimmering in the moonlight.


"A new dragon has been born." Aithusa informed them with pure joy in her voice as she lowered her long neck and nuzzled the tiny baby.


"But how? You and Kilgharrah are all that's left." Merlin didn't understand how a new dragon could be born.


Ancient wisdom shone in Kilgharrah's eyes as he told them, "This is a sign. She was born the same time as young Prince Ifan, and this must mean that she is meant for him."


Morgana was silent as she studied the baby dragon. "I had a vision of this dragon and she's indeed connected to Ifan."


Kilgharrah gazed sadly at the four people before him and then at the two small boys. “I am afraid that young Ifan is not safe here in this time. Morgause has somehow found out about the child’s existence and seeks to destroy the young prince and that cannot be allowed to happen. For young Ifan is the one destined to bring the age of dragons and magic back to the world of man.”


“Morgause never forgave me for choosing my real family over her.” Morgana smiled at Arthur. “And once she learns of my son, she will seek to either destroy him or to use him against me.” Her gaze turned to Gwaine who was holding their newborn son.


Merlin and Morgana knew that their time was drawing to an end. To save their sons they would need to send them to a new time where they would be safe from Morgause's evil, but to do such a spell and then to finish off Morgause would drain the last of the magic they had. They would have no choice but to go to Avalon or be lost forever.


Arthur and Gwaine recognized the look in their lovers\ eyes and they felt dread fill them. Something told them that their time with their sons was coming to an end. It broke their hearts to know that they wouldn't get to see their sons take their first steps or hear their first words, all the special firsts were going to be taken from them but it was a price they were willing to pay if it meant they could keep them safe.


"We need to be ready, Morgause will strike with force and soon. She will show us no mercy and we can't offer her any." Morgana knew her sister well and Morgause would strike fast and hard. Morgana turned her gaze to Merlin, sadness shining in her eyes, "We won't have much time to find a spell to send Ifan and Ardwyard somewhere safe far away from Morgause's reach."


Tracing his son's cheek with his finger Merlin smiled sadly at his husband before turning his gaze onto Morgana. "You're right. We need to get to work. It won't be easy finding the right spell and with magic fading we will have to work fast but carefully. There can be no mistakes."


Aithusa and Kilgharrah shared a worried look before turning their gaze onto the new dragon who was chirping away at Arthur's feet as it gazed upon young Ifan. Rolling his eyes the King finally picked up the small dragon so it could look at the sleeping Ifan. They prayed they had enough time, for much rested on Ifan and his dragon.


Needing to break the tension-filled air Gwaine asked the first thing that came to his mind. "What's its name?" he asked nodding towards the young dragon.


A soft smile curled at Merlin's lips as he watched Arthur struggle to keep a hold of the young dragon only to lose the battle as the young dragon broke free and with unsteady flaps of its wings it hovered in front of Merlin, its cat-like eyes never leaving Ifan's face. "Her name is Myfanwy," Merlin declared and a happy chirp from the newly named Myfanwy reinforced the name.



Many months passed as Morgana, Merlin and Gaius worked together to find the right spell and once that was done it took time to collect all the ingredients. Many times Arthur, Gwaine and the rest of the knights had to make long journeys to find very rare plants, and with magic dying a little more every day they quickly realised that they only had enough ingredients to try this spell once. But more alarming was that Merlin and Morgana had found their magic growing weaker.


"In a few nights the moon will be full and I believe that is our best chance to do this spell," Merlin murmured to Arthur as he rested against his husband's chest. They stood in the doorway to Ifan's nursery and just watched their son sleep with Myfanwy curled around Ifan, one of her wings protectively covering her sleeping charge.


Arthur's throat closed up as he realised in a few days he would be forced to give up his son. "Will Ifan have a loving family?" Arthur asked the question that had been on his mind for the past few months.


Shifting so he could look his husband in the eye Merlin saw the same fear that he had reflected in Arthur's eyes. "Yes, Kilgharrah has assured me that Ifan will be cared for and loved. He will grow up knowing who he is and how much his fathers loved him."


Arthur pressed a kiss to Merlin's forehead. "I just wish it was us who were raising him," he admitted in a small voice.


Squeezing Arthur's hand Merlin felt a single tear fall from his eye and trail down his cheek. "So do I, but this is the only way we can keep him safe."




Gwaine watched with concern as Morgana tucked their son into bed. He could see the toll this was taking on her. It destroyed him to be forced to watch helplessly as his wife slowly faded away to nothing. Pushing off against the doorframe he crossed the distance of the room and wrapped a comforting and supportive arm around Morgana's waist. Neither said anything, just drinking in the sight of their son, knowing that was one of the last few moments they would have like this.


"The spell will take place in a few days. Aithusa reassures me that Ardwyard will be placed with a loving family. He will know how much we love him and will know that his role is to be Ifan's first knight," Morgana whisper broke the silence of the room.


"Even if we can't be there in body we will be there in spirit and Ardwyard will know how much we love him. I just wish I could be the one to train him for his role as Ifan's knight," Gwaine admitted softly.


Morgana had a distant look in her eyes as she saw something only she could see. "Someday we will meet again when the dragons soar in the sky once more and magic returns. That will be our time to return," she predicted.


Hope flared in Gwaine's heart at the idea of being reunited with his son once more. "Then I will be counting down the days until that meeting."


'But why does this vision fill me with a sense of dread for Ifan and why do I sense my sister's hand in the actions that will lead to the dragons returning?' Morgana wondered. She knew Morgause was up to something she just didn't know what.




Despite their best attempts word of Ifan and Ardwyard births along with a new dragon appearing reached Morgause. "So my dear sister plans on hiding her son and nephew from me. That won't matter, will it my dear?" The blond sorceress asked the sleeping bundle.


Gently Morgause reached out and stroked her daughter's face. "Yes, I have great plans for you. You will be the bane in young Ifan's life, and you will come between him and his chosen one. You are special, my dear, and through you I will get my revenge." A wicked grin appeared on Morgause's face. Oh yes, she would have her revenge on Arthur for the wrongs his father did and her dear sister for turning her back on her.


"Yes, soon Camelot will fall and Arthur will be no more."



They knew it had to happen but for all involved the night of the full moon came too fast. Knowing that Morgause may strike at this time, the knights had refused to let their king, and the others to go without them, Guinevere had also refused to stay behind and everyone knew better than to try and force her.


It was Kilgharrah who led them to the lake where magic was still strong, the place where Merlin had laid his first love Freya to rest. With Gaius and Guinevere's help Merlin and Morgana readied the circle to perform the spell.


Kilgharrah landed in front of Merlin. "Do not fear, young warlock, your sons will be kept safe and will be loved. I cannot tell you how but I have managed to find the reincarnated forms of two knights who were blessed to remember their former lives and fondly remember agreeing to raising young Ifan and Ardwyard. They will be safe and protected," the great dragon promised.


To know that his son would be safely protected and raised by some of his closest friends gave Merlin a sense of hope he didn't have before. "Thank you, Kilgharrah, that does make me feel better."


"Know this as well, young warlock, someday you will be reunited with your son when mortals once again believe in magic and my kind once again rules the skies." The great dragon voiced the vision he had seen. While it was very far off into the future there was still hope that one day two families would be whole.


Morgana glanced up at her faithful friend. "Is this true, Aithusa? Will we one day be reunited with our sons?"


The white dragon lowered her head and gently rested her large head against Morgana's body. "Yes, it will be a long way off but time on Avalon passes differently so for you it will feel as if no time has passed."


Gwaine looped an arm around Morgana's waist and pressed a kiss onto the top of Morgana's head. "Thank you Aithusa, both you and Kilgharrah have given us hope and something to fight for in the knowledge that we will one day be reunited with our sons."


Aithusa was pleased that she could grant them a tiny bit of hope. 'They shall need it for the coming battle.'


"I don't mean to interrupt this touching moment and I'm thrilled that someday you will all be reunited, but what about Myfanwy? Will she be going with Ifan?" Leon asked and he truly did sound sorry for breaking up the happy little moment.


Gaius shook his head. "I'm afraid not, not right away. Myfanwy will have to stay back and wait until young Ifan is older until they can be reunited."


Merlin's heart sunk at that. He had so hoped his son would have his dragon to guard and protect him in a strange land and time. 'Will Ifan understand the ache in his soul where his bond with Myfanwy should be?'


While Arthur didn't understand the bond between a dragonlord and their dragon he truly did wish that Myfanwy could go with Ifan. The dragon would rip apart anyone who dared to harm his son but given that people who grew up with magic, hated and feared dragons. 'Even my own father had them hunted down and destroyed. It would stand to reason why it wouldn't be safe to send Myfanwy with Ifan. I just wish I knew that my son was going to be safe and protected.'


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I love.
I suppose that it is Lisa who will intervene.
Myfanwy .... :-)
Ifan son of Merlin and Arthur ... :-)
The other is Jack??? son of Morgan (sister of Arthur) and Gauwain.
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Curious is Gwen the future naughty girl?
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