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Musing of a Dreamer

Where True Love is Never Denied

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Fic: Avalon's Child Chapter 3/11
Title: Avalon’s Child
Fandoms: Torchwood/Merlin/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Morgana, Doctor/Donna, Mickey/Martha, Tommy/Tosh, Owen/Katie, Rhys/Gwen, John/Suzie, TARDIS, Lancelot/Guinevere, pre-Rhys/Alice, Steven, Rhiannon, Myfanwy, Aithusa and Kilgharrah, Francine, Tish, David, Mica, Estelle
Summary: The moment they tried to kill him they brought forth a wrath unlike anything seen before. The 456 were easily defeated the moment Avalon became involved but now humanity must face the consequences of actions taken and not taken. The wrath of the dragons will be known as Jack must make amends for a single thoughtless moment that ruined what he had with Ianto or he will risk losing his other half.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Merlin or Doctor Who
Beta: milady_dragon
Written for the Dragon Big Bang Round 1

Chapter 3


As the moon came out in full Morgana and Merlin knew that the time had come; they had to perform the spell. They cast one last glance at both their sons, who were sleeping safely in their husbands' arms, both unaware of how their lives were about to change.


Blocking out all distractions Morgana and Merlin focused on the spell they were trying to do. Nothing was more important than making sure their sons arrived somewhere safe. Together they recited the spell they had mastered, the wind carrying their voices as their eyes flashed and then became solid amber.


Strange energy crackled in the air as the wind whipped up. Arthur and Gwaine both used their cloaks to protect their sons from the sudden wind storm. Everyone watched in awe as the air around them began to ripple and as Merlin and Morgana's voices grew louder so did the wind.


Even those without magic running through their veins could taste it in the air. Time and magic for this moment walked hand in hand as the rip grew until there was a portal in the middle of the forest. Two men, dressed in strange clothing, appeared and walked out of the portal.


Kilgharrah smiled as he stared at the two men. "I had a feeling it would be you two." The dragon was not at all surprised to see which two knights would raise their king and fellow knight’s sons.


Silence filled the air as even Morgana and Merlin halted their chanting all studying the new arrivals, trying to figure out which one of the two knights had been chosen.


Arthur studied the two men before him, "Leon?!" Arthur blinked not sure if he was seeing what he was seeing; Leon was the reborn knight going to raise his son? 'I couldn't think of anyone better suited for the job.'


"Hello, Sire, it's good to see you again, and it's Edwart Jones, now." The reincarnated knight greeted his king with a gentle smile.


While Arthur was staring in awe at Edwart the rest of the knights along with Morgana were trying to figure out which one of them was the one who would be raising Ardwyard it was finally Elyan who figured out who the other man was. "Percival, is that you?"


A bright grin spread across the man's face. "I go by Gwrnerth Williams now, but it is me, old friend."


Elyan, could only grin and shake his head before turning serious. "Hey, have you met future me yet?"


Gwrnerth shook his head. "Not yet my friend, but I'm sure you're out there somewhere stirring up trouble."


“I couldn’t think of anyone better to raise my son.” With a free hand Gwaine clapped Gwrnerth on the shoulder. ‘Except for myself and Morgana but this is the best for now. Someday we will be a family again.’ Gwaine’s gaze fell onto his son and he fought back the tears that wanted to fall.


A strong hand came to rest on his shoulder. Lifting his head Gwaine found himself staring into the eyes of Gwrnerth. While they might be a different shade than he was used to seeing on the strong man, the kindness in them was all Percival. “I wish things could be different my friend and that you could raise your son, but I promise you Gwaine, he will be raised in a loving family and I will make sure he knows how much his real father and mother loved him and how much they wished things had been different and they could have raised him,” Gwrnerth promised.


Choking back his tears Gwaine favoured Gwrnerth a watery smile. “Thank you, that’s all I can ask of you my friend.”


With tears in her eyes Morgana joined them and pressed a kiss to her son's forehead. “Be safe, my son, and I pray you know how much your father and I love you.”


Gwaine lowered his head and brushed a kiss across the tiny patch on hair on Ardwyard's head. “I love you so much, son, and I hope you know that I would have done everything in my power to have kept you. We would have, but for your own safety we have no choice but to give you up.”


While Gwaine and Morgana were saying farewell to their son, Merlin and Arthur were giving their own farewell with Edwart watching them sadly.


“I know you are going to do great things and when the time comes, I know you are going to usher in a new era of magic,” Merlin murmured as he stroked his son’s face.


Arthur didn’t bother to hide his tears as he wrapped an arm around Merlin and gazed at the two most important people in his life. “Someday you are going to be a great king for our people. That is why you need to be protected. I only hope that you don’t come to hate your father and I for being forced to give you up. But it’s the only way, you are destined for great things and I hope with time you will come to forgive us for taking the only chance to give you a safe and happy life."


Reaching out a hand Merlin gently wiped the tears that fell from Arthur's eyes. "He will understand why we were forced to do this. Magic is dying and we can't leave him unprotected with enemies like Morgause and Mordred still out there; I dread to think of what they would do to Ifan if they learned about him."


Arthur shivered with dread at the idea of what such evil souls would do to his son if they found out about him, Merlin was right; this was the only way to keep Ifan safe, but it didn't mean Arthur's heart wasn't breaking at the idea.


Taking a deep breath Arthur forced himself to push away the hurting father and be the king and leader his knights and his people saw him as. "Leon, my most trusted Knight, I am intrusting you with mine and Merlin's most precious treasure: our son, Ifan. Please raise him with love and tell him everyday how much his fathers love him."


Edwart nodded his head. "I will, Sire. There will not be a day when I don't tell Ifan stories of his brave father the King and his big-hearted Tad, and there will never be a day when he doesn't know how much you both love him," the former knight vowed.


"It's time; the portal won't stay open much longer," Kilgharrah spoke up gently. He hated breaking up this good-bye but the spell could only keep a rift in time open for so long if they wanted to avoid devastating effects on the two times.


It was the single hardest thing Arthur and Gwaine ever had to do as they handed over their sleeping sons to the two men that would be raising them in their place. Carefully Edwart and Gwrnerth cradled the precious bundles that their friends entrusted them to care for.


Tears fell free from Morgana's eyes as she openly sobbed into Gwaine's shoulder and Gwrnerth stepped through the portal with their son safe in his arms. Gwaine tightened his grip on Morgana as his own tears fell unchecked onto her hair. Never in his life had he known such a pain as the one currently ripping his heart apart.


Merlin and Arthur clung to one another. Both their hearts were feeling like they were being ripped out of their chests as Edwart gave them one last sad smile before following Gwrnerth back through the portal. It took all their willpower not to rush forward and snatch Ifan back as the portal closed.


Guinevere was the first to move. As she rushed to Morgana and Gwaine's sides she gently stroked Morgana's hair as she offered comfort the only way she knew how to by being there for her best friend. Gaius followed Guinevere's lead as he rested a comforting hand on Merlin's shoulder; the knights all moved forward and offered their own brand of comfort.


Myfanwy's sad song filled the night air as Aithusa lowered her head and gently nuzzled the heartbroken dragon. Kilgharrah looked on sadly. "Young Ifan and Ardwyard are now safe from Morgause and Mordred's clutches. They will be safe in their new time." The Great Dragon knew it wasn't much but he hoped it could bring the smallest comfort, but until Morgause and Mordred were truly defeated it would not be enough.


In the 20st Century Edwart and Gwrnerth shared a sad smile as they looked at their precious treasures that they would give their lives to protect. "Welcome to your new home, Ianto Jones," Edwart murmured, Kilgharrah had informed them to keep the children safe from Morgause and Mordred was to gift them with new names in case there was the slightest chance that their enemies had somehow learned of the boys. Without knowing their new names Morgause and Mordred couldn't track them.


Gwrnerth's smile changed into a happy one as Ardwyard yawned and stuffed his tiny fist into his mouth. "You are going to be a handful, aren't you Rhys?" he chuckled. "As if any child of Gwaine's could be any less of a troublemaker. And let's not even get started on your mother."


Silence reigned for a moment as memories of long ago seemed so fresh as if they happened days ago and not in a previous life. But for their past selves that was a battle they had yet to face but they both knew the outcome and how it changed the rest of their lives.


The planning of the spell had been perfect because days after they had whisked their sons to safety, Morgause and Mordred attacked with all their forces in the morning light. With the loss of their children still fresh in their hearts Arthur and Gwaine took their pain and helplessness out on the enemy soldiers and even though they fought bravely in the end, Camelot was lost.


Arthur and Gwaine had watched in awe as Merlin and Morgana unleashed their full power against Morgause. They would allow no harm to come to their sons and that meant here and now she had to be finished. It had been a hard fought battle but in the end all four fell, their magic gone. To save Merlin and Morgana, their dragons had no choice but to take them to the safety of Avalon or they would be lost forever.


Arthur and Gwaine watched with heavy hearts as their loved ones were taken away but also felt more hope than they had since they were forced to say good-bye to their sons. There would come a day when they would be reunited with partner and sons and that was a day they looked forward to.


But evil like Morgause and Mordred didn't die so easily and Morgause had her own plan in place. She would see Arthur suffer through his son.


Many centuries passed and the heroic deeds of King Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table became nothing but myths and legends and as the stories were re-told over and over something became lost in the translation, Morgana became evil, Merlin became an old man and the legendary love story between Arthur and Merlin was nothing more than a friendship. Yet, while the stories changed there were those who knew the truth and made sure that the young prince and his knight knew the truth about their parents.



 Ianto Jones remembered the day he learned that he was special, that he had magic coursing through his veins, of who he was and who his true parents were and that was the day he met Myfanwy. His father Edwart had started his love of all things about King Arthur, Merlin and the brave Knights of the Round Table, but it was his telling of Arthur and Merlin's love that Ianto loved the most and everyday Edwart told Ianto how special he was and the great destiny that lay before him.


All his life Ianto had seen things that no one else could. He knew that creatures such as fairies, mermaids, trolls and all others were real and just like humans some were good and some bad. still among them Ianto actually felt like he belonged, they were his friends.


But despite the amazing creatures he saw daily he was heartbroken that he had never seen a real dragon... that was, until his tenth birthday.


He was a lonely and shy child, keeping mostly to himself and not really having any other friends other than Rhys Williams and those that only he could see. But Ianto was fine with that, he knew he was different from other children, he just didn’t know how different.


It all started a week before his tenth birthday. He could tell something was up, his friends were acting odd... well, odder than usual. There was also an excitement in the air. Something big was coming.


After spending the day of his birthday with his parents, sister Rhiannon, and the Williamses it wasn't until dusk that Ianto got his greatest of all gifts. Ianto and Rhys were confused as to why they were bundled up and driving out into the country. Curious, Ianto stared at the back of his father's head. "Tad, where are we going?"


Glancing in the mirror Edwart shook his head at the eagerness in Ianto's eyes. "You'll see very soon but for now it's a secret." A chuckle escaped his lips as he watched Ianto began to pout at the response. 'That is Arthur through and through.' Ianto was truly a mixture of both his fathers and it warmed the reincarnated knight's heart to see pieces of his friends in their son.


Normally Ianto could wait until they got to anywhere it is that they were going but his magical friends' excitement fueled his own and he couldn't wait to see what his special birthday gift was. He was practically vibrating in his seat as the car slowed to a halt.


The car had barely come to a stop before Ianto was undoing his seatbelt and struggling to get out of the car. "Ianto, wait for us," a soft female voice admonished.


Edwart watched as his beloved wife Creirdyddly got out of the car and linked hands with Ianto, who was fidgeting with excitement. Creirdyddly was one of the few humans still blessed with the gift of magic and a strong believer in the old religion, as well as a follower of Merlin and Morgana. Plus she was somewhat of a fangirl of the Arthur/Merlin romance. Edwart knew that Morgana and Guinevere would have loved her.


Ianto eagerly took his mother's hands and began dragging her in a random direction, Creirdyddly laughed softly. "Slow down, Ianto, you don't even know where you are going," she reminded him gently.


Pouting, Ianto came to a standstill and turned his attention to his parents and then onto the newly arrived Williams family before his gaze was returned back onto his Tad. "Can we go now? Please?" Ianto begged his father; he wanted to see this special birthday gift his father talked about.


Edwart bent down in front of Ianto and the look in his son's eyes reminded him of Merlin's and for once his heart didn't hurt at the thought of his old friend. "You and Rhys need to close your eyes and not open them until I tell you to. Can you do that for me?" he asked the two boys. Ianto and Rhys shared a looked and then looking back at Edwart and nodded their heads, their eyes lit with childish glee. Edwart smiled at the two boys. "Alright, close your eyes tightly." Once he was sure their eyes were closed tightly he nodded to Gwrnerth and the big man headed off to get the special surprise for Ianto. 'It's time for a long awaited reunion.'


It took all of Creirdyddly and Brenda's willpower not to gasp in awe as Gwrnerth returned with a magnificence creature, something that nowadays existed in myths and legends. Their breaths hitched as the special gift settled in front of Ianto. Rhiannon had to clap her hands over her mouth not to squeal in awe.


"Okay, you can open your eyes," Edwart whispered softly.


Ianto's and Rhys' eyes shot open and both boys could only stare at the creature before them. "Beautiful," Ianto whispered and it was the only way to describe the purple dragon bathed in the moonlight standing before him, her mighty wings curled against her body and her long tail flicking back and forth as they just stared at one another.


Ianto swallowed hard before taking a careful step forward. "Hello, I'm Ianto Jones, who are you?"


Myfanwy tilted her head, her cat-like eyes studying the human before her. It had been so long since she last seen him. "Hello, Ianto Jones, or Ifan as I know you as, it's been a very long time since I've last seen you; you've grown into a find young man. You may call me Myfanwy and I am your dragon."


Ianto’s heart skipped a beat. Every child dreamed of having a dragon and here he was standing before a real live dragon that claimed that she was his. He turned to his father and asked him the only thing he could, "Am I dreaming?"


Chuckling, Edwart shook his head as he rested a hand on Ianto's shoulder. "No son, you aren't dreaming. Myfanwy is a gift from your real parents and it's time you start learning about your true heritage." Edwart and Creirdyddly had made the decision to tell Ianto that he was adopted when he was old enough to understand and made sure he knew how much his parents wished they could have kept him. Now it was time to start training him in the ways of magic. They could already see that he was doing magic unconsciously.


Coming to kneel before his own son, Gwrnerth placed his hands on Rhys' shoulders. "And it's time, son, for you to learn of your own duties which include your protection of Ianto as well as your own heritage."


Ianto and Rhys shared a look. Something told them their lives would never be the same again.




51st Century


Cold and hateful eyes sneered at the sight of Arthur once again on the throne of the new Avalon. Magic had long ago returned to the universe and humans, the beliefs stronger than ever, so strong that magical creatures freely walked about without the fear of being shunned or feared and while magic seemed to be everywhere but none more so than the new planet Avalon under the rule of King Arthur and his beloved Merlin.


Rage bubbled deep within her as she watched all bow to the royal family and the one who was responsible for magic to be accepted: their beloved Prince and Dragon Lord, Ianto Harkness-Jones, the young man who was a mixture of time and magic. She hated him more than anyone, he was meant to suffer, to be her instrument of destroying his fathers and her traitorous sister. "Enjoy your time in the spotlight and with your family because by the time I get through with you your life will be nothing but pain and suffering, Ifan."


It wouldn't take much; just a few small changes here and there in the timeline in order to make sure the love story of Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones never came to be. She would see Arthur's beloved son die in doubt. She would make sure that Jack would never declare his love for Ianto and therefore never join the time vortex within him with Ianto's magic.


1965 was when she would start Jack had chosen to stand up to the 456 the first time, refusing to give them a single child. She would make sure that changed. 'And then I get to work on that precious team of Jack's or more importantly my daughter will. Nimueh's reincarnation self will be easy enough to get rid of all I need to do is place something full of dark magic for her to once again fall back down to her dark ways and a simple lust spell will have Jack's eyes wandering and that will be the end to their love story.' A cruel smirk graced Morgause's face as her plans began to take form.


What Morgause forgot was the Guardian of Time and what she would do to ensure her beloveds' safety and the happiness of her most beloved Companion and his One.




The TARDIS shivered and shuddered as small but damaging changes to the timeline were made. Someone was attempting to harm her beloved ones and she would not allow this to happen. 'No one messes with my family and gets away with it.' The damaged may be done but the TARDIS would do her best to undo it.

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Great story! Morgause is an idiot. One person you don't want mad at you is the Tardis. On to chapter 4!

Thank you! Morgause is a bit of an idiot not counting on the TARDIS making sure her loved ones get their happy ending.

Phew! I'm relieved. The son of Morgan is Rhys .
I hope that if there is Gwen, it will be less stupid than the actual and faithful. ;-)
Jack continues to come from 51me century but Morgause will do everything to prevent him from meeting Ianto.
Fortunately, the Tardis !.

I could see Rhys as Gwaine and Morgana's son, it was fun to write.
I was tempted to write Gwen as less stupid and more faithful but then the idea of Rhys/Alice as a pairing was to much to pass up.
Morgause will stop at nothing to get her revege but she forgot one important person the TARDIS and you don't mess with the people she cares about.

Making the Tardis angry reminds of the saying (as close as I can remember) "meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup" that says it all.

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