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Fic: Avalon's Child Chapter 6/11

Title: Avalon’s Child
Fandoms: Torchwood/Merlin/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Morgana, Doctor/Donna, Mickey/Martha, Tommy/Tosh, Owen/Katie, Rhys/Gwen, John/Suzie, TARDIS, Lancelot/Guinevere, pre-Rhys/Alice, Steven, Rhiannon, Myfanwy, Aithusa and Kilgharrah, Francine, Tish, David, Mica, Estelle
Summary: The moment they tried to kill him they brought forth a wrath unlike anything seen before. The 456 were easily defeated the moment Avalon became involved but now humanity must face the consequences of actions taken and not taken. The wrath of the dragons will be known as Jack must make amends for a single thoughtless moment that ruined what he had with Ianto or he will risk losing his other half.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Merlin or Doctor Who
Beta: milady_dragon
Written for the Dragon Big Bang Round 1

Chapter 6

It didn’t take a genius to see that Suzie was at the edge of her rope and Myfanwy was looking to roast something. Rhys sighed as Gwen continued to demand to see Jack but there was no way anyone was going to let that happen just yet. Jack and Ianto needed some time alone to work out their own problems.

Finally Suzie snapped. She whirled around to face Gwen. “Silence,” she snarled. A sigh of relief went through the small group as Gwen opened and closed her mouth and no sound came out.

“Damn, I wish I knew how to do that sooner,” Owen snarked as he and Tosh joined the little group.

Gwen’s eyes widened as she stared at the two people she never thought she’d see again and it proved to be too much for her as her eyes rolled back into her head as she gave into the darkness that wanted to consume her.

Rhys caught Gwen’s limp body and studied the relaxed face of his wife and wondered again when he had stopped being in love with her. “I figured this was going to happen, Owen could you check her out to make sure the baby is okay?”

Owen could see the fear in Rhys’ eyes for his unborn child. “Sure, come with me. Tosh, would you mind getting the others settled?” Owen dropped his voice to a whisper. “Make sure they never go anywhere without a guard. They already killed Jack and tried to kill Ianto. I don’t trust them.”

Tosh gave a slight nod. “Don’t worry. If they try anything I think Myfanwy will quickly show them how she deals with people who hurt her loved ones.”

Owen had to admit that she did have a point. Myfanwy’s eyes were narrowed into slits and puffs of smoke were coming out of her snout. She was not in a mood to be messed with. Her beloved Ianto had been in danger and she wanted revenge on those who placed him in that danger.

Unlike them Myfanwy had a front row seat in watching Ianto falling in love for the very first time with Lisa. She had seen the depths of his love and as lovely as she was Myfanwy knew she wasn't Ianto's one. His magic didn't spark around her and the dragon didn't feel a connection to her either. But still her Ianto loved her.

The very moment she met Jack she knew that he was Ianto's one. Her bond with Ianto had sung with magic every time they looked at one another and she nearly blew her cover of being asleep when they 'caught' her. All she wanted to do was shout, "Kiss him already!" Honestly she could see the air crackling between them with all the sexual tension.

She had watched as what started with flirtation turn into deep love that would last beyond time and would be spread across the stars.

Myfanwy smiled down at Johnson and her men. “Give Tosh any kind of trouble and I will roast you without a second thought.”

Johnson wasn’t a fool. She knew that the dragon would do just that. “You will get no trouble from me or my men,” she promised.

“Good, because I wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in any one of your heads. You threatened my family and no one gets away with that,” Tosh snarled at them, her eyes hard as steel, and they knew that this was no empty threat.

Curled up together with a single sheet wrapped around their waists Jack slowly ran his hand up and down Ianto’s back. He couldn’t stop touching him; it was almost as if he was afraid that if he did Ianto would disappear.

A contented sigh escaped Ianto’s lips as he nuzzled Jack’s neck. Not since before they returned Tommy to his own time did he feel so loved but he knew eventually he and Jack would have to return to the real world. “Jack, you do know we are going to have to get out of bed.”

A scowl graced Jack’s face as he tightened his grip on Ianto. “I don’t want to. I’m tired of being the hero and losing everyone I love. I just want to snatch you away and take you somewhere safe where the only decision we have to make is where we should make love.”

Ianto had to admit that sounded wonderful. “Why don’t we do just that? Once this current situation is dealt with we can take a much needed trip away, just us.” Ianto knew he and Jack both needed time away from Torchwood.

With the Hub destroyed, his home lost to him and working with a government that tried to kill his Ianto and planted a bomb his stomach while he had been dead no longer appealed to Jack. ‘After this let the world save itself for once.’ Jack smiled down at Ianto. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.” He brushed a kiss across Ianto’s tempting mouth. “Just a few more minutes,” Jack whispered once the kiss ended.

Ianto smiled sleepily at Jack. “That sounds good to me I could use a little nap.”

Jack watched as Ianto drifted off to sleep. “Sleep well Ianto, I’ll be here when you wake-up.”

Merlin watched as Arthur paced up and down the length of their room. “Our son is so close yet we can’t get anywhere near him.” Arthur grumbled under his breath.

Merlin understood his husband anger. “I know, but Owen and Tosh were right. Ifan and his chosen needed to fix the issues between them first before we approach him. If Jack really is his one they need to form their bond.”

A low snarl escaped the fuming king's mouth. "I don't like it! My baby boy is far too young to be in a lifelong commitment! And with that that... man who couldn't even admit he loves Ifan in what could have been their finally moment."

A sigh escaped Merlin's lips at Arthur's rant. So while he didn't hold Jack in the highest regards, he was dating his son after all. But Ianto loved him and he was willing to give Jack the benefit of doubt, 'But Arthur is going to be a much harder sell. He is bound and determined to hate Jack and that is only going to end up hurting Ianto as well.' "Arthur, I know how you feel, I truly do but you have to let this go for Ianto's sake. It's so very clear that he loves Jack with all of his heart and nothing is going to rip them apart." Merlin wandered over to Arthur, wrapped his arms around his husband, and rested his chin on the blond shoulder. "Try and get along with Jack for Ianto's sake, please?"

Arthur huffed. He hated when Merlin made sense. "Fine, I'll try but I reserve the right to run Jack through with my sword if he hurts our son in any way."

"I wouldn't expect you to do anything other than that." In truth Merlin would be amazed if Arthur managed to do only that to Jack. The blond was extremely overprotective of his only child. 'I actually feel sorry for Jack; the poor man has Arthur and the knights all gunning for his head if he hurts Ifan.'


Jack didn't want to move. He was happy right where he was, with Ianto curled up in his arms, sleeping soundly. So when a loud annoying series of knocks echoed through their room Jack was more than happy to ignore it; that was until a very familiar voice, one Jack swore he thought he would never hear again, shouted, "Harkness! You can shag the Tea-Boy later! We have much more important things to discuss!"

Sleepily Ianto lifted his head and blinked at Jack. "Am I hearing things or is that Owen?"

"You hear him too? I was thinking I was imagining his voice." At first Jack had thought it had been his guilty conscious reminding him of all those besides Ianto he had failed lately.

"Owen! Be nice! Jack and Ianto deserve a little time to themselves."

Both Jack and Ianto forced back the tears as Tosh's sweet voice drifted over to them.

Owen snorted. "They will have plenty of time for that later. I am not dealing with a Gwen rant without them. Jack should be able to pull himself away from the Tea-Boy long enough to appease her royal highness." They could hear the sarcasm dripping from Owen's voice. Some things never changed.

A loud smack followed by a Owen's muffled curse had both Jack and Ianto smiling but it was the next voice that had Jack raising an eyebrow and Ianto beaming like a loon.

"Owen, do not call Ianto, Tea-Boy or I will feed you to Myfanwy," Suzie snarled sounding like a mother bear protecting her cub.

As much as Jack hated the idea of leaving a bed that held a naked Ianto the idea of once again seeing their lost friends was a good one. A tiny little whimper escaped Jack's mouth as Ianto climbed out of bed and began covering his naked body. To Jack that was the ultimate crime Ianto should always be naked, 'but only with me around.' Jack would make sure that everyone knew just who Ianto belonged to now and forever. "Kiss?" Jack asked, favouring Ianto with a pleading look.

Never truly able to refuse Jack when he looked like that Ianto bent his head and brushed his lips across against Jack's mouth. "Come on it's time to get some answers."


The former Torchwood Three members believed to be dead waited with baited breath as the door to Ianto's - and now - Jack's room opened and they came face-to-face with the two men missing from their family.

Jack couldn't believe his eyes as he stared at the three who had been lost to him. "It's not possible! I saw you all die." Jack felt tears gather at the back of his eyes as he studied his team.

Owen rolled his eyes. "We work of Torchwood. You should know by now that death would never keep its hold on us for long."

Tosh favoured Jack and Ianto with a teary smile before flinging herself into Jack's arms. "You have no idea how hard it was for us to let you all believe that we were really dead but it was needed for you to complete your destiny."

Suzie favoured Jack with a nervous smile before her gaze flittered over to Ianto and a softer smile spread across her face. Out of all of them she regretted hurting Ianto the most. "Hello Ianto, it's good to see you again."

Ianto felt tears spring to his eyes as he returned Suzie's smile. While there was no doubt Tosh was his best friend he and Suzie shared a bond the others didn't understand. "Hello Suzie." Ianto opened up his arms and Suzie flew into them.

Owen rolled his eyes as he watched the nauseating scene before him. "Okay, I get it, you're happy we're alive but could you cut back on the dramatics until after we've dealt with the newest threat and then you can have your reunion full of tears and joys of us being alive."

Jack rolled his eyes as he transferred Tosh to one arm and then reached out his free arm to wrap around Owen, pulling him into a one armed hug. "Saving the world can wait a little longer; our family is whole once again just, please, give me this moment." It never once occurred to Jack that he wasn't including Gwen as a part of their family.


It hadn't taken long for Morgana and Gwaine to hunt down their son and they stood nervously outside of the medical ward, neither willing to take the first step and open the door that stood between them and their son. The fear of rejection was far too strong of any enemy to fight.

"He doesn't bite," Gwrnerth teased them as he came up behind them.

Morgana and Gwaine shared a look that spoke volumes before Gwaine turned to face his old friend and the man his son had called Tad all his life. "You and Brenda are his parents, you raised him no matter how you look at it," Gwaine reached out and snagged Morgana's hand in his, "Morgana and I will never be able to have the bond you have with Ardwyard. We will forever be the outsiders."

It hurt Gwrnerth to hear the defeat in his friend's voice. "Listen to me my friends, yes Brenda and I raised Rhys and love him like he was our own but never did a day go by that we didn't tell him all about you. Rhys knows why you were forced to give him up but he also knows how much you both love him." Gwrnerth laid his hand on each of Morgana and Gwaine's shoulders. "Don't you think it's about time you meet your son? He's been waiting a very long time."

"He's right; it's time we got to know our son," Morgana declared with a determined grin, one that had Gwaine smiling as she reached out and linked their hands together and dragged him behind her.

Gwrnerth just shook his head. Morgana was still Morgana; a force of nature. 'There is no doubt that Morgana and Gwen is going to clash. I wonder, do I want to be here when the fireworks begin?'

Rhys head shot up as the door to the medical ward opened and his breath caught at the sight of the two people standing there. Swallowing hard Rhys slowly climbed to his feet as he came face to face with the two people he longed to meet his whole life. "Hello, Mum and Dad."

A giant smile burst out on both Morgana's and Gwaine's faces at their son's words. With tears in her eyes Morgana flew forward and flung her arms around Rhys. "We missed you so much my little boy. You have no idea how hard it was to give you up, can you ever forgive us?"

Rhys clung to his mother. "You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment," he whispered softly in Morgana's ear before pulling back enough to look at both his parents. "I understand why you had to give me up and I don't blame either of you. I don't want to focus on the past I want the three of us to get to know one another."

Coming over to join his wife and son Gwaine rested a hand on Rhys' shoulder and the other one around Morgana's waist. "That's all we want as well."

Lost in their long-awaited reunion they never noticed when Gwen regained consciousness and was silently watching the three of them with eyes flashing amber.


Stephen, Mica and David had been in pure awe as they stared at the wonders before them. Myfanwy was a more than happy to play with the children as the others discussed the new set of problems. Avalon was still ready to go to war and so far nothing could sooth their rage.

Alice wasn't sure what to make of all this. She just wished she could be so easy to accept everything the way Stephen was. 'Oh course he seems to have latched onto a couple of our rescuers.' It hadn't escaped Alice’s notice that Stephen was in awe of Mickey, and more importantly Rhys when he introduced the children to Myfanwy.

Alice hadn't been sure what was happening and she had been very nervous until Rhiannon took her aside and explained what was going on. To her credit Alice only blinked and snorted softly when Rhiannon explained that her father was the soul mate of the only child of the legendary King Arthur and Merlin.

'Only my father could fall in love with the son of Arthur and Merlin.' Alice shook her head. She wasn't sure what to make of her father's relationship. From the way Rhiannon described it, it sounded like a love story written in the stars. When she voiced that thought she was surprised to hear a snort from the woman known as Martha.

Martha smiled at Alice. She wasn't all that surprised to learn Jack had a daughter. She was shocked that he didn't have more but everyone could see that Alice held bitterness towards Jack, something that Francine had picked up upon and as Jack's adopted mother she wouldn't stand back and let anyone hurt Jack, even if that person was his own daughter.

"Jack and Ianto haven't had the easiest relationship but their love is strong and it is everlasting. They have overcome so much; all the pain and hurts they have caused each other and every challenge has only made them that much stronger. That old saying, the path of true love is never an easy one is very true for Jack and Ianto but they have faced everything and come out on top." Martha just hoped that they could survive this latest crisis. She couldn't image how hard it had been for Ianto to admit his feelings for Jack but she had heard Jack's willingness to trade the world for Ianto and if that wasn't love then she didn't know what it was.

Before Martha could continue on with her description of Jack and Ianto's relationship a familiar grinding noise filled the air and she saw the tightening of her mother's lips and the rage blaze in them. It was no secret Francine had not forgiven the Doctor for his actions with the Master, or more importantly his treatment of Jack. Martha's gaze flickered to the woman standing next to Tish, who wore a scowl. 'Oh this is one reunion that will have fireworks.'

Once the TARDIS was solid the door opened and the Doctor came bouncing out, followed by a much calmer Tommy. Before the Doctor could open his mouth to speak a red blur rushed forward and a loud smack echoed through the air. All eyes fell upon the Doctor holding his red cheek while staring slack-jawed at the fuming woman standing before him. "What was that for?" he demanded once he regained the ability to speak.

"For erasing my memories, you dumbo!" Donna snarled as she glared at him with fire burning in her eyes.

Everyone blinked as the Doctor let out a loud laugh before scooping up the still fuming Donna in a tight hug. “My dearest Donna you have no idea how much I have missed you and your slaps.” No other Companion, not even Rose, had touched him so deeply. Donna had been his best friend and so much more, it had destroyed a piece of his soul to ease her memories of their time together and to destroy the woman she had become.

Donna glared at the Doctor and crossed her arms over her chest. She was not one to be bought by pretty words. "Oh don't think that I'm going to make it easy for you to gain my forgiveness. You have a lot of work ahead of you," she declared, uncrossing her arms long enough to poke the Doctor's chest.

The Doctor's grin grew even brighter as he gazed at the redhead. "Have no worries, Donna, I will make this up to you." He hadn't realised how much Donna had lit up his life until he was forced to lose her.

Donna shook her head. “It’s not just me that you have to make things right with. You let Jack down big time and he nearly lost Ianto today. Where were you when we needed you?” Donna growled out her eyes flashing with rage.

A quick glance around the room had the Doctor seeing similar looks in the rest of those present eyes. “This was never supposed to happen! The 456 were never supposed to come to Earth. Something or someone has been playing with the time lines.” Before their eyes the Doctor slipped into his Oncoming Storm personality and his eyes were blazing with untamed rage that someone would unleash the horrors of a species like the 456. They were a plague on the universe that used children as a way to get high.

“Well, we think we have a pretty good idea as to who is behind this but how they did it and what they hope to gain are still unanswered questions,” Owen’s voice drawled from the doorway.

It took all of the Doctor’s willpower not to gape at the three members of Jack’s team he had lost standing alive and whole before him. “But how is this possible? You’re supposed to be dead!” The Doctor vividly recalled the way Jack’s voice broke as he spoke of how he had failed those he saw as family.

The Time Lord’s shock was similar to everyone else’s when they learned that Owen, Tosh and Suzie were alive but they had quickly gotten over it once Francine had gained Suzie’s word that she wasn’t out to hurt Jack again. She made it clear she was no longer under the influence of the glove and would never do anything to hurt Jack or Ianto again. Francine merely raised an eyebrow and made it clear she would be keeping her eye on Suzie.

“Where are Jack and Ianto?” Tish asked. They hadn’t been allowed to see either of them after they had been brought in and everyone wanted to know if they were okay and had worked out their problems.

Owen snorted as Tosh rushed past him into Tommy’s arms. “Jack is meeting the in-laws.” Owen couldn’t contain the smirk that broke out onto his face. Oh how he wished he could be a fly on the wall for that meeting; he hadn’t missed the look in Arthur’s eyes when he’d ordered them away.

Tags: dragon bb, fic: avalon's child, pairing: arthur/merlin, pairing: gwaine/morgana, pairing: jack/ianto
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