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Fic: Avalon's Child Chapter 7/11

Title: Avalon’s Child
Fandoms: Torchwood/Merlin/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Morgana, Doctor/Donna, Mickey/Martha, Tommy/Tosh, Owen/Katie, Rhys/Gwen, John/Suzie, TARDIS, Lancelot/Guinevere, pre-Rhys/Alice, Steven, Rhiannon, Myfanwy, Aithusa and Kilgharrah, Francine, Tish, David, Mica, Estelle
Summary: The moment they tried to kill him they brought forth a wrath unlike anything seen before. The 456 were easily defeated the moment Avalon became involved but now humanity must face the consequences of actions taken and not taken. The wrath of the dragons will be known as Jack must make amends for a single thoughtless moment that ruined what he had with Ianto or he will risk losing his other half.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Merlin or Doctor Who
Beta: milady_dragon
Written for the Dragon Big Bang Round 1

Chapter 7


Merlin and Arthur could barely breathe as they came face-to-face with their son for the first time in centuries. Ianto fidgeted as he tightened his grip on Jack’s hand as he stared into the faces of the two men who he longed to meet his whole life. Unsure of what was happening Jack merely tightened his grip on his lover’s hand, sensing that Ianto was going to need his strength.


“You have Arthur’s eyes.” Merlin soft remark was what finally broke the silence that had been building.


A small, bashful smile graced Ianto’s face, one that was so painstakingly familiar to Arthur. “He has your smile,” Arthur informed his husband.


Confused, Jack looked between the three men and as he studied the two new arrivals the more he saw them in Ianto. “Are you related somehow?” While he directed his question to everyone his eyes were firmly locked on Ianto’s face.


The smile that lit up Ianto’s face stole Jack’s breath away. “Jack, these are my birth parents, King Arthur and Merlin.”


Arthur rather enjoyed the way Jack’s mouth fell open as he gawked at them. As he studied his son’s lover Arthur had to admit the man was handsome. ‘But still only time will tell if he’s good enough for my son.’ “Ifan, is he alright?”


Ianto had never seen such a stunned look on his lover’s face before. “Jack, are you alright?” he asked softly reaching out to touch Jack’s face.


A brilliant smile spread across Jack’s face. “I always knew you were special, Jones Ianto Jones, but I had no idea how special you truly are. Thank you for loving me.” Jack pulled Ianto into his arms and kissed his Welshman deeply.


Merlin smiled as he watched the two men together. Despite everything he could see the pure love flowing between the two men. “I think Jack’s going to be around for a long time to come,” he whispered softly in his husband’s ear.


A scowl graced Arthur’s face as he realised that Merlin was right. His son really did love Jack and there was nothing he could do but grin and bear it until he could get the immortal alone and lay out in detail what he would do to him if he hurt his son in any way. 'I'll be keeping a close eye on you, Captain Harkness, but for now I will be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.' Arthur knew that he would be keeping a close eye on his son and his mate.


Remembering that they had an audience and that audience was his parents Ianto forced himself to break the kiss and tried to take a step away from Jack, only to have the immortal tighten his grip and keep him pressed tightly against his body. "What's happening with the 456? Have the governments started rounding up children to give to them?" Ianto asked in a panic remembering the events that had led to his death. He heard Jack's sharp intake of breath and realised his lover had also temporarily forgotten what was happening in the real world.


"The 456 have been dealt with, trust me." Merlin's voice came out in a low dangerous tone as his eyes flashed amber. "But we have a new problem."


Jack and Ianto exchanged a look that spoke volumes. From the tone in Merlin's voice they had an even bigger problem than the 456 on their hands.




Myfanwy was having a blast playing with the children. It always warmed her heart to see the delight on children's face when they got to see the wonders of Avalon but at the same time. She wanted to check on Ianto and Jack, she was worried about them. 'I only hope that Arthur takes it easy on Jack. He does mean well and he truly does love Ianto.'


Aithusa and Kilgharrah could sense Myfanwy's worry about her two charges and they could understand her fears, Arthur was extremely overprotective over his son and he didn't like the way Jack had treated Ianto. "We can only hope Jack and Ianto have worked out their differences before young Ifan's other admirer arrives." Aithusa might not know much about Jack but what she had learned from Myfanwy she had no doubt that they would see the green-eyed monster come out in Jack.


Before either Kilgharrah or Myfanwy could react to Aithusa’s comment the doors to the great hall opened and in walked their missing members, minus Gwen and Morgana. To Myfanwy's great joy Ianto and Jack were walking hand in hand and no one could miss the love pouring off of them. A happy chirp escaped Myfanwy as she bounced towards them. She watched as Jack's eyes widened and he instinctively pushed Ianto behind him and took a protective stance in front of Ianto. 


Ianto's heart nearly burst with joy at Jack's protective action even though it was unneeded. "Jack, that is Myfanwy," Ianto whispered softly in his lover’s ear.


Jack just stared at the mighty beast before him. "Myfanwy is a dragon,” Jack found himself stating the obvious.


"Why, yes she is, Jackie-boy. I'm so proud you figured that out," a new voice drawled from behind them.


Eyes blazing Jack turned around to face a man he wished to cut out of his life, for all he brought was pain. 'Be honest with yourself, Jack. You don't him anywhere near Ianto.' "What are you doing here John?" Jack snarled out, making sure to keep his body in front of Ianto's.


A leer crossed John's face as his eyes locked onto Ianto's blue eyes. "Hey Eye-Candy, looking good, are you ready to trade up yet?" he asked with a bold wink as he completely ignored his fuming ex-lover and boldly walked around until he was standing behind Ianto. "Did you miss me?" John purred lowly and hotly in Ianto's ear, greatly enjoying the shiver he produced from the Welshman.


Jack glared at John and growled low and deep in his throat as he watched John flirt and touch his Ianto. Jealousy burned hot and deep within the immortal. Ianto was his, damn it!


John could see the green-eyed monster shining in Jack's blue eyes. Grinning wickedly he nuzzled Ianto's ear before whispering lowly into it. "Jack's turning a very interesting shade of green." As much as John would love to make Ianto his, he knew that Ianto belonged with Jack just as Jack belonged with Ianto. It was time that Jack got his head out of his arse and did something about it before he lost him completely. Plus Suzie would have his balls as earrings if he got between Jack and Ianto.


Myfanwy shook her head slowly, her lips turning up into a dragon version of a grin as she saw the game John was playing with Jack. 'He has so much of his father in him. But it may do Jack some good to see that he has a rival for my lord's heart. Of course John needs someone who can keep him in line just like Ianto does Jack.' Out of the corner of her eye Myfanwy spotted the scowl on Suzie's face as she began making her way over to them.


Ianto was growing somewhat uncomfortable as John continued to flirt with him and he could see the growing rage in Jack's eyes. His lover had never been good at hiding his jealousy; oh, Jack could talk a big game but when it came to those who owned his heart Jack was very territorial. Just as he was about to free himself from John's hold the man let out a yelp of pain and quickly released Ianto.


"Damn it woman! Stop twisting my ear or one of these days you'll end up ripping it off," John howled at Suzie.


Suzie glared back coldly at John. "You're lucky I didn't rip off your balls. I've told you before, Ianto is completely off limits to you," she snarled low in her throat.


Heat filled John's eyes as he moved closer to Suzie. "No need to be jealous. You know you're the only one who I need or want."


Jack stared in disbelief at the scene before him. "Suzie, I thought you had better taste."


Suzie smirked over at Jack. "Normally I do but you can't deny he's amazing in the sack. Plus it keeps me from trying to seduce Ianto away from you." Suzie grinned at the flush painted Ianto's cheeks and the dangerous growl that rumbled deep from within Jack's chest as he wrapped an arm around Ianto's waist.


Mickey rolled his eyes as he whacked Gwaine on the shoulder. "He really is your son. Thank goodness Rhys takes after Morgana. Speaking of which, where is Morgana?"


A smirk crossed Gwaine's face. "Having a little talk with our daughter-in-law. What my Rhys sees in that woman I do not understand. She refused to leave until Jack comes to see her, which reminds me." With a cheery pat on Mickey's back Gwaine slowly wandered over to Jack and Ianto, leaving behind a very confused Mickey wondering just what his friend was up to.


Jack could hardly believe his eyes as he saw Owen and Tosh with their loved ones. Owen had one arm curled protectively around Katie’s waist looking happier than he’d ever been as he talked animatedly with Martha. Tosh was off in her own little world with Tommy, their heads bent together as they whispered softly to one another, stopping to share the occasional kiss. But the one scene that had Jack raising an eyebrow at and his protective instincts coming forth was the look on both Alice and Rhys’ faces as they talked to one another and what really rammed home that they looked like a family was the way Stephen was clinging to Rhys’ arm and listening to awe to whatever Rhys was saying. ‘What in the world is going on there?’


But before Jack could study the this new devolvement more closely he found himself tensing as another good looking man approached them and smiled charmingly at Ianto. 'Do they not see that Ianto is taken? Do I need to get property of Jack Harkness tattooed across his forehead?' Jack shifted closer to Ianto, possessiveness radiating off him in waves.


"Ifan!" Gwaine cheerfully called as he threw his arms around Ianto in a tight hug. A chuckle escaped his lips as Jack quickly snatched Ianto away from him and if looks could kill Gwaine would be one dead man.


Arthur had to admit Jack was winning him over with his clear dislike of John and now Gwaine. 'It would seem that Jack does have some taste but still the biggest challenge remains.' Owen hadn't sugar-coated over any of the details of Jack's interaction with Gwen Cooper, his over-the-top and outright favouritism and making Ianto feel like he was second best. 'If you can finally make it clear that my son is the most important person in your life then you will have proven yourself to me.' Arthur would never tell Jack but he earned big bonus points with him for not even noticing the Doctor was there and given the man had waited over a hundred years for him that was saying something.


Ianto just shook his head and rested against Jack's body. "Jack, this is Gwaine, my Uncle." He was rather enjoying Jack's territorial side, it wasn’t something he got to see all that much.


Jack's eyes narrowed. "I don't care, he was touching you."


Gwaine shook his head; he just knew that Morgana was going to like Jack. "Mrs Cooper is refusing to join us until you have talked to her. Seems she believes you are going to need her support." Gwaine was curious to see what Jack's reaction was going to be.


Jack blanched as he felt Ianto tense slightly. He knew his lover was waiting for him to go rushing off to Gwen's side to comfort her. It was time Jack set her straight that nothing was ever going to happen between them.


"Go get Gwen, Jack. We both know that she won't come until she sees you and gets the answers she believes she has the right to know." Ianto could see the war within Jack but he now knew he was the holder of Jack's heart and Gwen's doe-eyes no longer held any power over him.


Once again Jack was amazed at how well Ianto could read him and how his Welshman was able to put the mission before his own feelings. "I don't deserve you," Jack muttered as he claimed Ianto's mouth in a slow and loving kiss. "I'll be right back and then it's time we got some answers." Jack wanted to know how his team was still alive, how his fellow companions were here and he wanted to know why the Doctor hadn't been there when he needed him, in that dark moment when Jack had thought he had truly lost Ianto.


The Doctor was thankful when Jack left the room. He hadn't missed the dark and angry look Jack had sent his way before he had left the room. 'I wonder if you will ever be able to forgive me for not being there when you needed me the most.'


Merlin watched with hooded eyes as Jack left the room. He had only seen Gwen briefly but what he'd heard about the woman had him worried. She reminded him a lot of Morgause.




They were tired of waiting. It was time to claim what was theirs. They needed to keep them safe.

Tags: dragon bb, fic: avalon's child, pairing: arthur/merlin, pairing: gwaine/morgana, pairing: jack/ianto
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