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Fic: Avalon's Child Chapter 11/11

Title: Avalon’s Child
Fandoms: Torchwood/Merlin/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Morgana, Doctor/Donna, Mickey/Martha, Tommy/Tosh, Owen/Katie, Rhys/Gwen, John/Suzie, TARDIS, Lancelot/Guinevere, pre-Rhys/Alice, Steven, Rhiannon, Myfanwy, Aithusa and Kilgharrah, Francine, Tish, David, Mica, Estelle
Summary: The moment they tried to kill him they brought forth a wrath unlike anything seen before. The 456 were easily defeated the moment Avalon became involved but now humanity must face the consequences of actions taken and not taken. The wrath of the dragons will be known as Jack must make amends for a single thoughtless moment that ruined what he had with Ianto or he will risk losing his other half.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Merlin or Doctor Who
Beta: milady_dragon
Written for the Dragon Big Bang Round 1

Chapter 11


Kilgharrah studied his kin as well as the rest of the magical creatures from Avalon. "Well Feera, you heard our Prince. What is your answer?" he asked the female blue dragon who seemed to be in charge.


Feera's cat-like eyes studied Kilgharrah in return."We will do as Prince Ifan wishes. We do not wish to make him unhappy."


Kilgharrah could hear the sadness in Feera's voice. "Do not worry. The time will come when it's time for magic to return. Until then you can use this time to get to know young Ifan." It warmed his heart to see the joy appear in the eyes of the others. Yes, Ifan may be Arthur and Merlin's son but he was their precious treasure and beloved prince.



As Avalon slept a figure moved through the halls using the shadows to hide their moments, one single goal in mind destroying Arthur and Merlin's most precious treasure.


Hate-filled dark eyes narrowed as a ball of flame appeared in her hand, enlightening the enraged face of Morgause. Tonight would be the night she ended the beloved Prince of Avalon. "Good-bye Ifan Pendragon." As she went to release the fireball she found herself unable to move.


"Hello sister, you're looking well."


Morgause could only watch as Morgana stepped out of the shadows along with Merlin, Arthur, Gwaine, Donna, Suzie, Jack and Ianto. Morgause glared at Ianto who was being shielded by Jack's body.


Merlin stared down coldly at the woman who sought to do his son harm. "Did you really think that we would leave Ianto unprotected or that Avalon wouldn't sense you arriving? It's time to end this, once and for all."


Morgause was helpless against the combined power of Merlin, Morgana, Suzie and Donna as they unleashed their full magic on her, Avalon added its own boost to their power as they would allow no one to harm their prince. Ianto was born of ancient and old magic, he was as much a child to Avalon and all other mythical creatures.


Trembling Morgause looked up at Merlin and her sister. “Why did you spare me?”


“Your magic is bound. You are powerless and nothing more than an everyday human and you will remain that way for the rest of your life. It seems like the most fitting of punishments. Your memory will be erased and you will be given a new life with no knowledge of who you once were," Merlin informed her. At long last his son would be safe, at last they could be a real family.


One year later


Much had changed in the last year. All those who had been fortunate enough to be graced with seeing Avalon chose to stay there among the creatures and heroes of myth and legends, all but a few.


True to his word John took Suzie with him on his many cons. Earth was far too small for him, and Suzie fit right in with his plans. They returned a few times to visit, growing more and more closer with Tish until they became a threesome and Tish decided to travel with them in order to keep an eye on them.


The Doctor had been overjoyed when Donna announced that she would be once again travelling with him. Six months later they returned to Avalon as a married couple with a child on the way.


Mickey and Martha fell deeply in love and Martha eventually wore Mickey down and they married eight months later.


Tosh and Tommy and Owen and Katie were the first to marry on Avalon as they had a double wedding. Their happy endings had been a long time coming and they didn't want to wait another second.


Francine and Estelle became great friends and they became teachers to the children of Avalon and that included the children that the Fae had taken.


Gwen, as the daughter of Morgause, knew she would never be fully trusted and she made no attempt to make things right with her former teammates. Instead she let hate and bitterness fill her heart as she watched Jack and Ianto grow deeper in love everyday and eventually marry. But the two breaking points came when Rhys asked to dissolve their marriage as he had fallen in love with Alice and wanted a life with her and Stephen, while at the same time Ianto learned Avalon had gifted him with the ability to carry children and was three months pregnant with Jack's child.


It was clear that Torchwood had gotten deeply under Gwen's skin and she made the choice to leave Avalon and return to the human world without her and Rhys' daughter, Anwen. Gwen knew she couldn't be a Torchwood agent and a single mother at the same time.


Morgana and Merlin along with the Doctor, altered her memories letting her remember the events of Ianto's death at the hands of the 456, and after that changed it so that she would remember that Jack had been forced to sacrifice his grandson to stop the 456 and left, unable to handle all the death. Her and Rhys' relationship crumbled with her unwillingness to let Torchwood die and once Anwen was born Rhys filed for divorce and custody of their daughter which Gwen granted. The last anyone heard of Gwen was she was in America working with a cocky CIA agent.


Morgana, Gwaine, Merlin, and Arthur were happier than they had been in centuries. At long last they had their children back in their lives, Morgana was adoring being a grandmother to Anwen and Stephen and as well as David and Mica and she was constantly spoiling them.


Jack's eyes drank in the sight of Ianto who was resting in his arms, Myfanwy curled around them. One year ago he had nearly lost Ianto and everyday he was thankful to Avalon for looking after his husband. His hands rested on Ianto's stomach and he couldn't wait to start feeling their baby kicking.


"What are you thinking about?" Ianto asked, breaking Jack from his thoughts.


Jack smiled down at Ianto. "How much I love you and how thankful I am that one year ago I didn't lose you."


Shifting so he could look Jack in the eyes, Ianto pressed a kiss against the older immortal's lips. "Nothing will take me from your side. You're stuck with me forever," Ianto informed him.


A bright smile appeared on Jack's face. "I can live with that. All I've ever wanted was forever with you and now I got it."


Magic hummed within Avalon. At long last her prince was home and the halls would soon echo with the pitter-patter of little feet of the next generation of knights, healers, magical users and the next little prince or princess. Yes, while it still might not be the right time for magic to return to the human world the time was coming, and Avalon would make sure that they were ready to once again unite magic and non-magic again.

 The End.

Tags: dragon bb, fic: avalon's child, pairing: arthur/merlin, pairing: gwaine/morgana, pairing: jack/ianto
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