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Fic: The Evening Star's Child Chapter 3/10

Title: The Evening Star's Child
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Caden/Tosh, Rhys/Owen, John/Kathy, Donna, the Doctor/the Master, Martha, Estelle, OC's
Summary: For Jack there is nothing that means more to him than his mate, Ianto, so when they learn Ianto is pregnant his life, their life, feels complete. But when someone seeks to harm Ianto, they learn exactly far Jack is willing to go to keep Ianto and their unborn child safe.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood; I do own Caden, Ianto's people and home world.
Art by: vismur see of her amazing work here
Written for the Mpreg Big Bang Round 1 and a furture Alien!Ianto story

Chapter 3

One week later

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. So nice of you two to finally join us, we didn't think you were ever leaving your room!" Owen snarked as Jack and Ianto entered the dining room.

Jack beamed at Owen while keeping a tight grip on Ianto's waist. "Aww, Owen, you missed us. We weren't gone that long." If Jack had it his way he and Ianto would still be holed up in their room making good use of their big bed but he'd given in to Ianto's plea for a short respite from their love-making.

Owen rolled his eyes with fond exasperation; he hadn't missed the look in Jack's eyes. "Oh you have got to be bloody kidding me! We didn't see you for a week and you still haven't had your fill of the Tea-Boy yet?!"

Nuzzling Ianto's neck Jack grinned wickedly at Owen. "Nope and I never will." Jack purred as he nipped at Ianto's pulse point, loving the sight of his mate's cheeks darkening to a deliciously deep red hue.

Ianto shifted as he felt himself starting to grow hard in response to Jack's actions. "Did we miss anything important?" He hoped that by focusing on other things than what his mate was doing to his neck, he could distract his libido. 'Stop that, Jack,' Ianto lightly admonished his husband across their bond.

'Don't want to, you smell so good,' Jack purred back. As far as he was concerned, Ianto always smelt delicious but lately there has been a little something else to Ianto's scent, something extra that had been driving Jack wild all week. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't get enough of Ianto's new scent.

John stretched lightly, being careful not to look for too long at Ianto. "Naw, not much Eye-Candy, but it's nice to know that you do remember there's life outside of your bedroom. "A n unspoken reminder of their agreement passed through them all; they would wait until the time was right to fill them in on Althea's little news. There was no need to raise false hope in either man.

Six weeks later

Ianto was lying in bed, trying desperately to calm his roiling stomach. He'd been utterly miserable for the past few days; he'd been feeling off and rather sick to his stomach especially in the mornings, but so far he'd managed to keep it from Jack. Unfortunately, this morning he could no longer keep quiet as he bolted from the bed and made a mad dash for the bathroom.

Opening his eyes, Jack frowned slightly when he realised he was alone in an empty bed; sitting up slowly he winced as the sound of Ianto being sick reached his ears. Not waiting a second longer Jack flung off his covers and padded naked into the bathroom where he found his mate hunched over the toilet in misery. "Oh, Yan, I'm right here," he murmured and gently rubbed Ianto's back until he was finished and then quickly got him a cup of water. Jack quickly cleaned up the bathroom while Ianto brushed his teeth and once that was all taken care of Jack ushered Ianto back into bed and curled his arms around his lover.

"Oh, Yan, what's wrong, baby?" Jack gently brushed back Ianto's hair and pressed a kiss onto Ianto's clammy forehead.

Burying his nose in Jack's neck Ianto breathed in deeply, absorbing Jack's scent down to very core and felt his stomach settle slightly. "I'm not sure. I've been feeling off for a few days I thought it was nothing but maybe I should see Althea," Ianto murmured softly. The longer he was in his mates arms the better he felt.

"We'll talk to Althea in a little while but for now I just want you to rest." Jack hated seeing Ianto sick; he always felt utterly helpless whenever he was forced to watch Ianto suffer.

"That sounds like a good idea," Ianto mumbled as he nuzzled the flesh underneath Jack's ear. The comforting scent of his mate was pushing back his body's ill feelings, making him feel very loved, contented and sleepy. With a soft sight, he snuggled down into Jack's arms and let sleep claim him.

Jack shivered lightly as Ianto's lips brushed lightly against his heated skin. "Try and get some more sleep, Yan, it's still early. I'll look after you." When no answer came Jack looked down and smiled at the sight of Ianto's sleeping face; Ianto's body was boneless in his relaxed state and his slow, even breathing showed just how tired the young king really was.

'I hope Althea will have some idea as to what's wrong with Ianto.' Jack studied his slumbering lover. Ianto was always so healthy, filled with life and over-flowing with youthful energy and for him to be sick for no reason was quite distressing. Jack traced a fingertip across Ianto's cheekbone before placing a tender, loving kiss on the delicate Cupid's bow of his lips.


Despite Jack's advice to stay in bed Ianto decided to chance joining the others for breakfast, saying that he actually felt fine and would welcome some exercise. "Not that kind of exercise, Jack!" he protested when the immortal swept him up in a warm hug. One soft kiss and a pleading look from big blue eyes and Jack caved although he did insist on one simple rule, "The moment you start feeling sick we are seeking Althea out."

Sensing Jack's worry and knowing that his concern stemmed from love, Ianto couldn't see the harm in agreeing to that one little rule. "That sounds reasonable to me, Cariad."

Wrapping a possessive arm around Ianto's waist Jack led them through the halls to the dining room. He was feeling fiercely protective of his mate, an unusually intense need to shield him from any and all dangers coming out. He'd always done his best to take care of Ianto, to keep him safe and happy, but this was more, so much more.

 Jack didn't even realise that he was growling at anyone who so much as glanced at Ianto until Ianto whispered in his ear, "Jack, you're scaring people!" After that Jack settled for merely glaring daggers at anyone who tried to mess with his mate. Somehow they managed to make it to the dining room without Jack giving into the urge to rip apart those who were looking at his Ianto.

"Ianto, are you alright?" Tosh asked the moment they stepped into the room; after all, there was no missing the fact that Ianto was paler than normal and that the moment he smelled the food, he started to look a little green.

Ianto gave Tosh what he hoped was a convincing smile but from the look in Tosh's eyes he failed. "Thank you for asking, Tosh, but actually, I'm not feeling all that well, haven't been for a few days now," he admitted. "I'm hoping that Althea has some time to see me today, if only to reassure Jack that I'm okay."

Jack's eyes narrowed. "Oh you will be seeing Althea today even if I have to carry you there."

If the lovers had been paying attention to the others they would have noticed the looks that were they all exchanged and the way John lightly sniffed the air. 'Oh yeah, Eye-Candy's knocked up all right. Way to go, Jack!' Thanks to his enhanced senses, he could taste the slight change in Ianto's scent and he was suddenly very aware of his rapidly hardening groin.

John was very thankful he was sitting down otherwise he might have ended up jumping Ianto's right there on the breakfast table. The only thing that kept him in his seat was the knowledge that he would have ended up with a bullet in his head thanks to Jack. 'That is, if Kathy doesn't strike me down first!'

They knew that someone was going to have to bring up the subject of Ianto's probable pregnancy, but not one of them knew how to start that conversation. Then without warning, the decision was taken out of their hands.

"Well, it seems as though congratulations are in order, my young King. You and your mate have been truly blessed, for you are now eating for two or perhaps even three." Althea made her dramatic announcement as she entered the dining room with an amused, knowing gleam in her eyes. "Our King has been blessed and shall deliver the first of the new line."

Whirling around with Ianto still protectively snug in his arms, Jack glared at Althea, as though daring her to come any closer. "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" Jack demanded; although a sudden surge of hope swept through him, he was still a little unsure if he'd heard the court's healer correctly.

Althea rolled her silver eyes with fond exasperation before calmly repeating, "I said, our King has been blessed and shall deliver the first of the new line." She then turned her attention to Estelle and asked in a highly exaggerated whisper, "Are all Earth men this slow?"

It was Kathy who decided to answer, "I'm afraid so, and it's sad when you know that these two are a glimpse of our future." Kathy gestured towards Jack and John. Both men looked at her, John especially wondering why his mate had singled them out.

"I pity the human race," Althea stated with pure seriousness

Estelle couldn't help but smile at the purely gobsmacked look on Jack's face and she took pity on her old friend. "What I think she's trying to tell you is Ianto's pregnant." 

Both Ianto and Jack blinked and stared at Althea, their mouths hanging open in shock but then suddenly it was like a light bulb went off in Jack's head. 'That explains so much! A primal part of me knew that Ianto would get pregnant and wanted to make sure that happened. Ianto's carrying my child!' That final thought sent waves of joy crashing through Jack as he realised that his Ianto really was pregnant. A loud whoop of excitement escaped Jack's lips as he picked Ianto up and spun him around in a dizzying happy circle.

Ianto clung tightly to Jack as his mate spun him around while laughing with delight. Seeing Jack so happy brought a tearful smile to Ianto's face. "Jack, could you put me down?" Ianto asked softly feeling more than a little queasy from all the motion.

Jack instantly saw the tinge of green to Ianto's cheeks and he quickly placed his lover back on his feet, steadying him even as he brushed a gentle kiss across Ianto's forehead. "Sorry about that, Yan."

As his lover settled him into the closest empty seat, Ianto gave Jack's hand a gentle squeeze and a soft kiss to show there was no need to apologize for being so happy. Turning his gaze to his godmother, she could see the hopeful questions in his eyes. "Are you sure I'm pregnant? How can you tell?" More than anything in the world, he wanted to give Jack a child, the ultimate to symbol of their never-ending love.

To his race giving their mate a child was to seal their everlasting bond through eternity, but he didn't want either of them to get their hopes up if Althea's prophecy proved to be false.

Althea smiled gently, easily knowing what was going on through Ianto's mind. "I spoke to Noam and he confirmed that he has seen you heavy with child. Surely you noticed that your heat was very different this time around; your body was preparing itself to conceive and carry Jack's child. Plus, I can smell the slight change in your scent and Lyra has been noticing a new life-force glowing within you."

A big smile of pure delight spread across Ianto's face as he threw himself into Jack's arms. "We're having a child!" he cried out happily before kissing Jack deeply on the lips.

Grinning into the kiss Jack deepened it as he wrapped his arms around Ianto and pulled his mate flush against his body. His heart was singing so loudly that it drowned out all his thoughts.

Groans of mock despair escaped Owen. "Does this mean we'll be forced to see more moments like this?" The medic gestured towards Jack and Ianto; they were completely oblivious to those around them.

"Aye, that's a sight we'll all have to get used to and I strongly suggest that we all avert our eyes before Jack notices that we're staring at Ianto. John warned. "Remember, people, we're now faced with a possessive and overly-protective Jack who will happily rip apart anyone as he sees as a threat to Ianto and their child."

"Are you trying to tell us that Jack is going to be even more protective than that time when Ianto's shields shattered?" Tosh asked. She shivered, recalling the time when Ianto's mental shields had shattered beneath the onslaught of Gwen Cooper's negativity. Jack had become frighteningly protective of his injured mate.

"Well then, I pity the fool who even peeks at Ianto the wrong way. Of course I for one never could see what harm a little maiming could do." A new voice cut in to the discussion.

At the same time another voiced piped up, "Oi! Could you stop with all the dancing?"

Reluctantly breaking their kiss, Jack and Ianto turned to see the newly arrived Time Lords standing in the doorway. "Doc! What are you doing here?" Jack asked his old friend, completely and deliberately ignoring the Master. Despite the fact that Ianto had helped to permanently silence the insanity-provoking drums in the Master's head, Jack still didn't like him.

The Master pouted dramatically. "Aww, Jackie-Boy, I'm getting the feeling you don't like me."

"You tried to seduce my Ianto the moment you met him!" Jack roared with justified outrage, recalling how the Time Lord had laid on the charm a sadly misguided attempt to entice Ianto into travelling with him.

The pout faded off the Master's face as he nodded his head to be replaced with a greedy smirk. "Ah yes, well, for the record, I still think Ianto should have taken me up on my offer," the Master winked at Ianto; "he would have made a fine companion. In fact, the offer's still op..."

With a savage snarl, Jack abruptly interrupted the Time Lord as he tightened his grip on Ianto to a nearly painful degree. "Mine! If you want to keep your current face for a little longer you will remember that fact." Jack growled out his words through bared teeth.

Shaking his head the Doctor sighed as the old argument started up again, and deciding it was better to let the two children have their little tantrums, he focused instead on Ianto. "Ianto, it's so good to see you and I've heard the good news! Congratulations! I certainly hope he or she has your brains," the Doctor told the young man with a bright grin on his face.

Ianto did not appreciate the veiled insult to his mate and he slowly shook his head as he levelled a fierce glare at the Doctor. "Well I hope our child has Jack's wonderful bravery and his kind, loving heart." Ianto refused to let anyone put Jack down even if they were teasing.

Ianto's words brought Jack's attention back to his mate, and his heart filled with warmth as he gazed lovingly at his husband. "Thank you, Ianto, but I hope our child has your kind heart; it's even greater than mine and I hope they love as deeply as you do." Jack brushed a loving kiss across Ianto's lips.

Two loud smacks and two cries of pain filled the air and all eyes turned to see the two Time Lords clutching the backs of their heads. Standing behind them, Althea was glowering at the Time Lords and waving her wooden staff around threateningly. "I don't care if you two are the last of the Time Lords. You will not talk about our King's mate like that again."

"Damn right you won't and if you do it won't just be Althea's staff you get hit with." Tosh scowled at the two sheepish looking Time Lords; she liked them – well, she liked the Doctor; she merely tolerated the Master. Either way, she'd never forgiven either of them for their treatment of Jack during the Year That Never Was.

Caden cracked his knuckles loudly as he came to stand beside his mate. "You maybe powerful but here on Aiedail you will treat Jack with respect and if either of you call him wrong or a freak it will be my personal mission to help you on to your next regeneration," the dark hair knight vowed. Tosh nodded in agreement as she tucked her hand into Caden's.

Lightning crackled out from the corners of Kathy's eyes. "That goes for me as well; Jack is family and we protect family."

The air around the Doctor and the Master grew a little warmer as Rhys grinned menacingly at the two of them. "Don't forget I can burn you alive. I may not have always liked Jack but he's proven himself time and time again and no one loves our King as much as he does. I won't have you making fun of him."

Jack's heart filled with warmth to see everyone come to his aid; while he still cared for the Doctor, he knew his and the Time Lord's relationship had never been the same after learning that the Doctor had abandoned him because he was wrong. 'Let's face it, the only reason I could find it within me to forgive the Doctor was because his choices led me to finding Ianto and that is something I will always be thankful to the Doctor for that, but I know the closeness we once had will never be there again.'

Jack was oddly surprised to discover that the acute pain and sense of loss he once felt whenever he thought about his time with the Doctor and the way it ended were no longer there. All he could feel now was a distinct fondness for the memories of their adventures together. He knew when Ianto sense the difference in him because his young lover suddenly pulled back just far enough to look him in the eye. Across their bond he heard, 'I'm so proud of you, Jack, and I will always love you.'

Sheepishly the Doctor looked at Jack with new-found respect in his eyes; it still amazed him how much loyalty Jack managed to inspire in those around him. "I'm sorry, Jack, I still need to learn to think before I speak." Rolling his eyes when he noticed that his lover was still refusing to say anything, the Doctor elbowed the Master painfully in the ribs.

"Fine, I'll leave Jack alone," the Master grumbled under his breath. 'Doesn't mean I can't think doing about stuff to him, though,' he thought belligerently.

A snort escaped Jack; he knew that was the best he was ever going to get from the Master, but it wasn't the Time Lord's opinion that mattered the most to him. No, the only opinion that mattered to him any longer was Ianto's.

Suddenly tired Ianto rested his head on Jack's shoulder. "Can we sit down?" he asked his mate quietly.

Silently cursing himself for not paying closer attention to his mate, Jack helped Ianto regain the chair he'd vacated when the Doctor and the Master had arrived. "After you eat, if you wouldn't mind, Althea, Owen, could you two mind checking Ianto over to make sure he's healthy?" Jack asked the healer and the medic.

"No problem," Owen nodded his head as he took a large bite into a piece of toast literally dripping with jam. "I was just going to order Ianto to check-in with me after we ate," and he blew strawberry-covered crumbs across the table as he spoke but when he saw Rhys' disapproving look, he finished chewing and swallowed before continuing. "We need to make sure the little one and Tad are doing okay."

"Oh you can bet your pretty little behinds that I'll give our young king a thorough check over, can't have anything happen to him or to the next prince or princess. Captain, I'm giving you strict orders that if Ianto puts up the smallest hint of argument then I better see you carrying his stubborn self into my healing room," Althea ordered.

Ianto blushed brightly when he saw the way Jack was grinning wickedly; 'oh yeah, Jack will have no problem in following that order!'

"Now as much as I enjoy the idea of seeing Ianto thrown over Jack's shoulder all caveman-like our food is getting cold," John pointed out poking at items on his plate. "And in his condition, I don't think Eye-Candy will enjoy the taste of cold eggs."

Knowing John was right, Jack decided to only growl at John for calling his mate that hated nickname and for no doubt picturing Ianto's arse up in the air. "Much as I hate to admit it, John's right, you should eat, Ianto, you need to keep up your strength." Jack began filling Ianto's plate with foods that his mate would be able to keep down.

Ianto smiled gently at Jack, loving how domestic his lover was acting and his smile grew as the plate full of fruits and toast was placed before him. "Thank you, Jack, this looks wonderful." Beaming with pride, Jack filled his own plate full of everything that caught his eye as his stomach rumbled loudly. Ianto could only shake his head fondly as he watched Jack build a veritable mountain on his plate; there was no doubt that the immortal loved food.

"You know it's amazing given how much you eat that you still manage to keep your girlish figure." Watching Jack try to balance one last piece of toast on his tower of food, Kathy spoke up and in her voice they all heard a rare teasing, almost affectionate tone.

Heat filled Jack's eyes as he gazed at Ianto. "I have a very good way of working off the pounds," Jack purred as he reached out and stroked Ianto's cheek gently. Sadly the tender moment was broken when a roll flew across the room, bounced off the top of Jack's head and plopped into Ianto's water glass.

"Oh yeah! Bulls-eye!" John crowed with laughter.

"I couldn't do that again if I tried!"

All eyes turned to the only person who would dare to throw a roll at Jack. Nonchalantly sipping his coffee, Owen shrugged his shoulders. "Oi! Like none of you wanted to do the same thing. It's now an iron-clad rule that there be no mushy stuff at the table, because I for one would like to keep my breakfast down." Owen growled as he glared at everyone over the rim of his cup.

Unable to resist bursting the medic's bubble, Jack had to spill the one little titbit of news that was guaranteed to drive Owen insane. "Then I should warn you now that if you think I couldn't keep my hands off Ianto before it'll be nothing compared to what happens now that he's pregnant. You'd probably better be careful when you come into any room from now on, just in case Ianto and I are by ourselves. You never know what you may stumble upon."

Owen and Rhys blanched while the Doctor performed the perfect spit-take, spraying coffee into the air. "You mean to tell me that besides becoming extremely protective over young Ianto you're going to become even more sexed-crazed than usual?" The Master had a delighted look on his face. 'And here I was thinking this trip was going to be boring!'

The corners of Jack's mouth turned up into a wickedly naughty smirk. "That's right, my DNA is pre-wired to make sure I take good care of my life mate and I think we all know how unbearably sexy  Ianto will look with a pregnant belly." Jack licked his lips and his eyes glazed over as he pictured how beautiful Ianto would be, his lithe body heavily pregnant with their child.

Althea's eyes narrowed and she trained the full force of her glare on Jack. "If you don't want a smack from my staff you will stop that train of thought and finish your breakfast," the healer warned with a raised eyebrow. 'While I don't mind a free show now and again, I refuse to have my breakfast ruined by Captain Horny.'

Jack rubbed his head as all the times Althea had hit him over the head came back to haunt him; while it wasn't nearly as many times as Caden and Owen, it was still enough times to know how much that heavy thing hurt. "Fine," Jack reluctantly agreed. "I'll wait until Ianto and I are back in our room and then I'll jump him!" he finished with a smirk.

"That's all we ask." Kathy spoke up much to the amusement of everyone else.

Tags: alien!ianto, fic: the evening star's child, pairing: caden/tosh, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: owen/rhys
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