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Fic: The Evening Star's Child Chapter 6/10

Title: The Evening Star's Child
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Caden/Tosh, Rhys/Owen, John/Kathy, Donna, the Doctor/the Master, Martha, Estelle, OC's
Summary: For Jack there is nothing that means more to him than his mate, Ianto, so when they learn Ianto is pregnant his life, their life, feels complete. But when someone seeks to harm Ianto, they learn exactly far Jack is willing to go to keep Ianto and their unborn child safe.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood; I do own Caden, Ianto's people and home world.
Art by: vismur see of her amazing work here
Written for the Mpreg Big Bang Round 1 and a furture Alien!Ianto story

Chapter 6

Childish laughter filled the air as a young girl no older than six ran through the open fields of Aiedail, the wind whipping up her brown locks, her blue eyes lit with joy. "Come on,  Anian you're so slow!" she called over her shoulder.

Grumbling could be heard as a young boy chased after her, his own brown hair ruffled and unkempt; their many similarities made it clear they were siblings. "It wouldn't hurt for you to slow down, Blodwyn," Anian muttered to his sister.

A third figure joined them chuckling as he bent down in front of the young girl. "He's right, my little flower; there are many dangers out here who would seek to harm you, my princess."

Blodwyn beamed up at the other man. "I have nothing to fear, I know you'll always protect me, Aeron."

The former knight to the past king smiled down tenderly at the young girl. "Of course I will, Blodwyn; I will protect you with my life," Aeron vowed.

"Blech, are you two going to act like dad and tad when you get older?" Anian winkled up his nose in typical boyish disgust.

Blodwyn smiled up at Aeron. "I hope so; after all Aeron will someday be my husband," the little girl declared with all the certainty of childhood innocence. In that moment, she looked just like her father when he had made his mind up about something.


As the vision faded Noam shot up in bed, his heart pounding almost painfully in his chest. 'Could it possibly be true? Could my king and Jack's daughter be the mate of Aeron?' Noam ran a trembling hand through his hair unable to shake his vision. 'This will change everything.'

"So have you heard the latest news? It seems Owen managed to knock up Rhys," John casually announced as he joined his mate, Caden and Tosh, who were outside in the gardens, overseeing the training of the new guards. They were using the huge expanse of lawn to conduct a variety of variety of offensive and defensive manoeuvres, all of which were designed to ensure the safety and security of the castle and its occupants as well as Aiedail itself. John openly sniggered with great joy as he watched Caden choke on his words and then gasp desperately for air.

Murmuring softly in his ear, Tosh gently rubbed her mate's back to help get his breathing under control. Kathy on the other hand delivered on hard whack against Caden's back.

"Oww...!! Kathy, did you have to hit me so hard?" Caden whined once he was able to breathe again; red-faced, wheezing and with tears streaming down his cheeks, he leaned into Tosh's comforting hold.

Kathy rolled her eyes. "Yes, because you were being a big drama queen. Now the question you should be asking is, 'why didn't I figure it out, because Tosh and I realised that Rhys was pregnant a week ago."

Both John and Caden turned wounded eyes on to Tosh. "Toshiko! How could you keep something this important from me? Don't you realise the days of teasing I could have already gotten from this!" Caden pouted at his mate. "It's not fair!" he whinged childishly and he barely stopped himself from stamping his foot on the ground.

Putting on her most innocent face, Tosh smiled sweetly at the pouting Caden. "I thought you knew. After all, it really wasn't hard to miss the signs; I mean even the Master commented on the glow Rhys was sporting before he and the Doctor left." The Master's unusual observation had surprised everyone; he was without a doubt the most insane of all Ianto's watchdogs. Oddly enough the Master was also the only one who fully approved of Jack's territorial nature around Ianto. Tosh wasn't normally a cynical person, but even she had assumed that he was just enjoying the show.

Blissfully ignorant as always of the roiling emotions around him, the Doctor was on the hunt for the perfect baby gift. He even knew exactly where to look, Mama Linki's Baby Market in Gullveig, where craftsmen from around Aiedail brought in an incredible variety of handmade items. Well aware of his husband's habit of losing all track of time, the Master had gone along for the shopping trip to make sure the Doctor didn't miss the twins' birth.

"How was I supposed to know that's what he meant! That Time Lord speaks in more riddles than Althea does," Caden pointed out with an exaggerated sulk.

John nodded his head. "Caden's right, the only ones who can figure out what the Master is saying are Ianto and the Doctor, and quite a few times the Doctor has been wrong." John was sure it was a form of kinky foreplay between the two Time Lords. The Master would give the Doctor a cryptic answer and when the other Time Lord got it wrong he would pout and sulk while the Master gloated triumphantly. This in turn would force the Doctor to snap and jump his husband's bones. "Sometimes they're almost as bad as Jack and Ianto."

Kathy actually scoffed loudly at that. "Oh puh-leese! No one is as bad as Jack and Ianto; at least the Time Lords have never had sex where we could see them." Kathy was convinced that nearly everyone in the castle had caught the King and his consort at least once, and in some cases, twice, enjoying one another's bodies. She also knew that while Jack was very territorial he also liked showing off Ianto, and their erotic displays of affection were actually a strict visual reminder to any interlopers that Ianto was his and his alone.

Tosh blushed as she remembered the numerous times she'd caught Jack and Ianto in the old Hub and several times here in the palace. She'd found them in the green house, in Jack's office, up in the Tourist Office, down in the Archives, in the Autopsy Bay, and once, on the invisible lift. She was willing to bet that there wasn't a single place in Torchwood Three's underground base that remained virgin territory, except for perhaps Myfanwy's aerie and probably Janet's cell.

With a fond smile, she remembered that they'd only been home on Aiedail for a few hours and she'd taken a wrong turn; instead of entering the music room as she'd thought, Tosh had walked into an old-fashioned cloak room, and right in the middle of the floor, on a pile of coats she'd discovered a tangle of sweaty, exhausted limbs and two happy smiles, only one of which was embarrassed.

She couldn't even step foot in the royal gardens without blushing and remembering the afternoon she'd gotten an eyeful of Jack lying flat on his back beneath the golden tree that had stood for centuries as a sign of Ianto's royal line. He'd been surrounded by the most beautiful flowers of purple, silver and blue with Ianto riding him like they hadn't a care in the world. What she remembered most was the way they'd been looking at one another with the pure love shining in their eyes.

Caden's heated eyes fell upon Tosh as the scent of her rising lust, prompted by the visual memories that were filling her mind, hit him like an irresistible tsunami. "Come along, my exotic little mate, I think it's time we had a little private time of our own," the dark-haired knight purred as he scooped up Tosh into his arms and with a wink to Kathy and John and a cheery, "Don't wait up for us," they disappeared into the castle.

Looking after the vanishing pair, Kathy fought back the smile that wanted to appear on her lips when two strong arms wrapped themselves around her and she found herself pulled back against John's strong, hard body. "I think that is an excellent idea, my dark warrior princess; what do you say we follow their lead?" John purred seductively in Kathy's ear as he nibbled on the lobe.

Kathy shivered as John's fingers tickled and stroked her belly. Unable to resist her mate but not about to let him know that, after all, John already had a big enough ego, Kathy turned around in his arms. Slowly she slid her hands up his chest, pausing to rub her palms against the hard tips of his male nipples and eventually making her way up to wrap her arms around John's neck. Kathy pretended to think about John's offer before saying, "Well, I guess I could use the distraction." She lowered her voice, taking on a sex kitten tone, and she was pleased to see a tiny bit of drool appear at the corner of John's mouth as his eyes glazed over. Oh yes, she had him wrapped around her little finger, nice and tight.

John narrowed his eyes as he spotted the pleased gleam in her eyes. 'The little minx knows she owns me body and soul and there's not a damn thing I can do about it, not that I'd want to anyway.' John Hart had known from the moment he'd met this beautiful strong-willed woman that he was lost forever. Her beauty, her spirit and the sheer strength of her love for him had wrecked the former bad-boy for anyone else.

He was used to having a string of pretty beings available to choose from at any given time, and it had actually shocked him when he realised that he didn't want anyone else. Kathy gave him everything he been looking for and more; she made him feel happy, content, safe and above all else, loved. "Well then, let me distract you properly." John's voice was a husky growl as he lowered his head and laid claim to Kathy's lips.

New recruit training exercises were quickly forgotten as Kathy's body melted into John's. If they had been a little more aware of their surroundings, they would have noticed the silver two-tailed fox that was watching them with a calculating gleam in its eyes before it turned and dashed off into the forest.

It had taken a lot of pleading and the use of his rarely seen pout but Ianto had finally managed to convince Jack to let him not only out of bed but also out of their room. It was something they hadn't done since Owen had caught them making love on the dining room table. At the time, Jack had acted like a feral beast whose mate had been threatened and in his primitive hormonal state, Jack saw all other males as a threat to his relationship with Ianto.

Jack's healthy libido, already enhanced by Ianto's pregnancy hormones, was pushed into over-drive by the sight of Ianto's round belly. It drove Jack completely insane with desire and it actually took every ounce of his self-control not to jump Ianto every single moment. Actually, he had done exactly that at first, until Ianto pointed out how worn out he was becoming from their extensive and vigorous love-making. After that, Jack had gone out of his way to be more attentive to Ianto's needs and less focused on his own.

It was early in the afternoon, and the remains of an impromptu picnic were scattered around their blanket. Jack lay back against the trunk of a flowering plum tree, with Ianto lying back between his legs. With Jack's arms around him and his hands stroking and scratching at his belly, Ianto was content beyond words. He smiled and closed his eyes as he felt the sun on his face and he sighed softly as he nestled deeper into Jack's hold as they basked in the beauty that was their private garden.

Flying lazy circles overhead, Myfanwy maintained a careful watch over her two favourite people. At first, she'd been a little startled to find herself on a new world but she'd quickly adapted to her new home, especially being able to great heights without limitation. When she'd realised that her best human friend was carrying a new life inside him, she had become their most diligent and faithful bodyguard.

The sound of approaching footsteps broke the peaceful silence and had them instantly on guard; it was a well-known fact amongst the castle's staff that they were never to disturb Jack and Ianto when they were in the garden. Jack gave a quick short whistle and was rewarded by the sight of the pteranodon swooping low over their heads. "Myfanwy, eat anyone you don't know or who's not friendly if they come near your Tad," he ordered gruffly.

The answering chirp from Myfanwy and the sight of her moving to perch on the thick tree branch above Ianto had Jack smiling; he knew that Myfanwy would rip apart anyone who sought to harm their Ianto and his precious cargo.

Ianto fought the urge to roll his eyes; shortly after Ianto had discovered that he was pregnant, Myfanwy had decided to take after Jack and only let a very select few get close to him. On that short list were only the people Jack and Ianto trusted with their lives. Myfanwy took her duties very seriously, patrolling the castle's perimeter at night and remaining close to Ianto's chambers by day.

"Jack, I'm sure we're in no danger out here," Ianto tried to reassure his husband; he understood that it was in Jack's nature to be on edge and to safeguard his mate. In truth, Ianto found Jack's possessiveness downright sexy and he'd willingly admit that it had caused him to pounce on his mate more than a few times. Right now was a prime example, and Ianto was suddenly aware that his trousers were quickly becoming quite restrictive.

Jack growled low in his throat as the scent of Ianto's growing arousal reached his nose. 'I'm going to kill whoever is interrupting us. I should be making love to Ianto here in our garden not entertaining nosy-bodies!' It was never wise to get between Jack and Ianto and their private time; in fact, it was the equivalent to signing a death warrant.

Reluctantly releasing Ianto from his arms, Jack quickly climbed to his feet and fell into a protective stance in front of his pregnant mate. "Whoever this is you'd better have a damn good reason for interrupting my about-to-get-Ianto-naked time!" Jack snarled out.

"Oh stop that, Jack, you don't scare me one little bit." Estelle smiled sweetly at Jack as she entered the garden and when she saw Myfanwy watching her, she blew a kiss towards the prehistoric creature. Myfanwy acknowledge her with a chirp and a flap of her wings. Estelle turned her warm gaze onto Ianto and her face positively lit up when she saw Ianto. Relaxed and bathed in a beam of warm sunlight, he was simply glowing with good health and happiness. It was obvious that pregnancy suited the young king. "Hello, Ianto, I'd almost forgotten what you looked like. It's nice to see the big bad beast has finally allowed you some freedom."

Ianto watched with utter amusement as the tension melted out of Jack and his scowl was replaced with a pout. "I'm not that bad," Jack muttered under his breath as he reclaimed his spot next to Ianto.

Ianto and Estelle exchanged knowing looks and on the tip of both their tongues was the 'yes, you are' that wanted to break free but, being the polite people they were, they wisely kept that little comment to themselves.

Ianto felt his whole body flush with delight and desire as Jack pulled him onto his lap and wrapped his arms protectively over his stomach. "So, Estelle, to what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?" Jack asked as he rested his hands on Ianto's baby bump. He absolutely loved feeling their children move and flutter beneath his fingers; if asked, he'd swear that they knew it was him touching them.

Watching the love flowing so freely between Jack and Ianto filled Estelle's heart with joy. "Thyra sent me out to inform the two of you that Ianto's baby shower is tomorrow and that there is absolutely no acceptable excuse as to why he can't come." Estelle raised an eyebrow as she saw Jack open his mouth and she pre-empted his protest with two little words: "Thyra's orders."

Jack shivered as he remembered the last time he'd cancelled the baby shower; he had pissed Thyra off so badly that he'd been forced to hide from her wrath for a full week. Thyra was itching to mother Ianto and fuss over her future grandchildren and the other women were getting anxious to host the baby shower. Jack's possessive behaviour had put the baby shower on hold several times until finally Thyra had completely snapped.

She'd curtly informed Jack that if he did not allow Ianto to attend his very own shower that she and the other women had worked so hard on, then she was going to snatch Ianto away and keep him out of sight and out of reach until after the babies were born. Jack could tell by the fire dancing in her eyes that she wasn't joking so Jack had caved on the one condition that he be allowed at the baby shower as well.

Deep down, Thyra knew that Jack really only had Ianto's best interests at heart, and she'd relented after Jack had sworn on his babies heads that he would be on his very best behaviour and that there would be absolutely no improper groping. Jack had readily agreed.

Upon learning that Jack was going to be amidst the ladies John and Owen had begged to come; to them, it was the perfect opportunity to get some prime blackmail material on Jack. Of course no one bothered to point out to either of them that they would also be prime targets for blackmail themselves.

A small smirk curled the edges of Ianto's lips. "Have you informed John and Owen yet?" He knew that Kathy was looking forward to getting her hands on something she could use to blackmail John with at a future date.

A light blush painted Estelle's cheeks. "They were all rather um.... busy... but I'm sure they'll learn about it soon enough."

'At least someone is getting some action,' Jack thought to himself sulkily; he loved Estelle, she would always be someone special to him but damn it, he wanted his alone time with Ianto! Shifting his legs so that rubbed his growing hardness against Ianto's arse, Jack grinned as he heard Ianto's breath hitch.

Ianto blushed brightly as he felt his mate's need pressing against his backside. He didn't want to be rude he enjoyed spending time with Estelle but right now he wanted, he needed to be alone with his mate.

Estelle smiled gently; she knew exactly what was going through both men's minds. "Well, there's still many things to get ready before tomorrow's party, so I'll let you two get back to whatever it was you were up to." Estelle winked at Ianto and she was delighted when Ianto's blush deepened.

Jack grinned broadly, a naughty light shining in his eyes. "I'm sure whatever you, Thyra, Lyra, Tosh and Kathy have come up will be wonderful. Any word if the Doctor and Master will be there?" While Jack would always be fond of the Doctor, in his mind, tomorrow should be all about Ianto and their children, and the very last thing he wanted was for the Doctor to arrive with trouble on his heels, as was the Time Lord's norm.

As if reading Jack's mind Estelle hastened to reassure him, "The Master has promised us all that he will keep the Doctor out of trouble. Thyra has already made it clear that any trouble the Time Lords bring with them will seem like child's play once she gets through with them."

Jack had to grin when heard that; Thyra was a force to be reckoned with and he was convinced that Thyra was secretly training Tosh to be her successor. 'As if Tosh needs any training she's scary enough already.' Jack shivered, pleased that John, Owen, and more importantly, Caden, were all on the receiving end of Tosh's wrath these days.

Gaining control of his growing need Ianto smiled at Estelle, his blue eyes sparkling with happiness. "I look forward to seeing what you've planned, and I'm sure it will be lovely. Thank you so much for going to all this trouble for me and our little ones." His gratitude was obvious in his voice and his smile.

"It's no trouble at all! I enjoyed teaching the women of Aiedail all about Earth traditions," Estelle reassured Ianto. "Now I better go cheek on Althea, who knows what trouble my mate has gotten up to!" 'I swear that woman is worse than Jack, John, Caden and the Doctor combined.'

Jack and Ianto exchanged knowing grins; that it was never smart to leave Althea on her own for too long. It sometimes made Jack wonder how she became a member of the council but then he remembered the times when Althea had shown her warrior side and had fiercely defended Ianto and her people. "I'm sure that she hasn't gotten into too much trouble."

"Still it's not wise to leave her unattended for too long. Trouble seeks her out like a beacon." Estelle pressed a kiss to both Jack and Ianto's cheeks before taking her leave.

"Alone at last." Jack grinned down at Ianto who blushed darkly at the hungry heat filling his husband's eyes. "Do you have any idea what you do to me when you blush like that?" Jack voice was rich with pure lust and need.

Ianto shifted so that he straddled Jack's lap the best he could with his round belly. "I have a pretty good idea," Ianto whispered huskily as he peered at Jack from beneath his eyelashes.

A deep growl rumbled from Jack's chest as he possessively wrapped his hand around the back of Ianto's neck and claimed his husband's mouth in a dominating kiss. Within seconds, the rest of the world had faded from around them.

Deep in the ancient ruins of the once mighty city, Suruka, Pareechehr trembled slightly as she stared into the glowing eyes of Aeron. "Tomorrow they are holding the royal baby shower; his staff and friends will be preoccupied with what's going on around them, and the king will be at his most vulnerable."

Aeron stared the shifter before him. "You did well, Pareechehr, you may go now." He watched uncaringly as the trembling woman quickly returned to her silver two-tailed fox form and then bolted out of the crumbling place.

'At long last I will be free of my oath to you, Thanatos.' Aeron closed his eyes as a sense of peace washed over him; by tomorrow he would be free of his former master's ghost. He knew just how to gain his freedom and that was at the hands of Captain Jack Harkness, the King's royal consort. From what he'd seen and heard of the immortal he knew that the man would do whatever it took to keep his mate safe and that had only increased since the young king had become pregnant. 'It goes against every inch of my warrior code to threaten an innocent, and I can only hope you will forgive me in time, my King, but defeat or death is the only way I may be free of the bond that binds me to your late uncle.'

Deep within his meditation, Noam's eyes snapped open and he abruptly shot to his feet knocking Lyra backwards on to her behind. "Oww...! Noam, what's the deal?" Lyra asked rubbing her soon-to-be bruised behind.

Noam wished he could tell Lyra about the vision he'd seen but he knew his mate and he knew that she would do everything in her power to stop those events from happening. Unfortunately, in order to protect the future he saw they needed to happen, but there was a little something he could give her to satisfy her curiosity. "I saw our future prince's mates."

As he'd expected, Lyra's ears perked right up. "Mates? As in more than one?"

A chuckle escaped the seer's lips. "Yes, it would seem our future prince will have two possible mates. One is the son of Owen and Rhys and the other is the first in a new line of Time Lords," Noam told her as his eyes sparkled with mirth.

Lyra's amber eyes widened as laughter burst from her lips. "Oh Jack is going to become super overprotective when he learns this. I can't wait for the little ones to arrive! They're going to bring us all much joy around here." She clapped her hands together and jumped up and down in glee.

Noam shook his head as he watched his mate's actions; he was just grateful that she didn't ask about their future princess. 'How do I begin to explain that our future princess is the mate of the most feared knight ever to exist on our world?' Noam was not looking forward to revealing that bit of news; there was absolutely no way he could make that sound good.

'Oh, I'm so happy for my future prince, not one but two mates? Oh yes, he is going to be something special but what about our princess? Noam is being awfully tight-lipped about her future; I wonder what he's hiding?' Lyra stopped her celebrating and narrowed her eyes as she looked at Noam. "What about our princess? Why haven't you spoken about her future mate? What aren't you telling me?"

Noam knew from the look in Lyra's amber eyes that she wasn't going to let this go, he needed to give her something. "Our princess will have a brave and loyal knight as her mate who will lay down his life for her."

But for once Lyra wasn't satisfied; she raised an eyebrow, crossed her arms over her chest and glared at her mate. "That's an unusually vague answer, what aren't you telling me?"

A serious look entered Noam's purple eyes. "I can't tell you, Lyra, not until the time is right, but our princess will have a powerful and protective knight as her mate, one that will love her and gladly lay down his life if needed to. Please don't ask me for anything more, because I cannot tell you."

Lyra knew there were times when Noam couldn't speak of what he had seen; he explained to her that the tiniest change could alter the future and this seemed to be one future he wanted or perhaps needed to protect. Crossing the distant between them Lyra reached out and cupped her mate's chin, forcing him to look her in the eyes. "I understand, Noam, and I won't press you for any more answers." Lyra sealed her promise with a gentle kiss.

Smiling gratefully, Noam rested his forehead against Lyra's. "Thank you."



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