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Fic: The Evening Star's Child Chapter 8/10

Title: The Evening Star's Child
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Caden/Tosh, Rhys/Owen, John/Kathy, Donna, the Doctor/the Master, Martha, Estelle, OC's
Summary: For Jack there is nothing that means more to him than his mate, Ianto, so when they learn Ianto is pregnant his life, their life, feels complete. But when someone seeks to harm Ianto, they learn exactly far Jack is willing to go to keep Ianto and their unborn child safe.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood; I do own Caden, Ianto's people and home world.
Art by: vismur see of her amazing work here
Written for the Mpreg Big Bang Round 1 and a furture Alien!Ianto story

Chapter 8

"The Doctor's not here," Jack grumbled for the third time in twenty minutes. For a Time Lord, the man was horrible at being on time anywhere; 'always had been, always will be,' the immortal told himself sullenly. He had thought that with the Master along for his shopping trip, they would have been back on time. But no! Not the Doctor! Seeing the look of wary yet fond exasperation on Ianto's face, Jack smiled weakly. "I wanted to see him play these baby shower games," he explained to his mate when he saw Ianto's raised eyebrow. "You know, cos he gets so into stuff like that?"

An amused smile tugged at Ianto's lips as he listened to Jack's excuse; he had to admit that he too would have enjoyed seeing the two Time Lords playing some of the silly baby-related games that he was sure Althea was responsible for coming up with. Tosh had already announced that for the next game, the women would be creating diapers and baby bonnets out of toilet roll for their men to model.

"I think everyone is having a good time." Thyra murmured as she made her way over to her mate's side. The banquet hall looked beautiful, the food and drinks were delicious, and best of all, her friends were all truly relaxed and enjoying themselves. It was the perfect afternoon.

Zosimos grinned down at his mate, wrapped an arm around her waist and pressed kiss to the top of her head. "You did a wonderful job and I think you've made our King very happy." He and Thyra looked over to see Ianto and Jack standing arm-in-arm and talking softly; Ianto did indeed look quite content. Zosimos knew how important this party had been not only to her but also to the people of Aiedail. It was a long-awaited time of celebration for them all; not only had their King returned to them, but he and his mate were about to bring two new lives into the world. At long last they were healing from the pain and damage caused by the hateful Thanatos and his followers.

The chirp of his comm broke the contented silence that had developed between the couple. With a sigh, Zosimos smiled apologetically to Thyra before reaching a hand up and answering the call. "General Zosimos here, report!" he snapped sharply, not at all pleased to be disturbed.

The voice of his Second-in-Command came over the line and it was obvious that he was under stress. "Sir, we have just discovered two of our north-side perimeter guards... they have been gravely injured, Sir. There are clear signs of a pitched battle and before one lost consciousness..." For the first time in nearly fifteen years his Second had served Zosimos, he heard the man's voice catch. "... he told us it was Aeron!"

Zosimos paled and his gut clenched; this wasn't good. "I'll be right there; if Aeron is responsible for this attack, we cannot risk the safety of our King. I want all guards put on immediate alert and I want all the guard posts to check in with you; see if there are any other breaches or problems. I am on my way."

 Next to him Thyra failed to hide her gasp of dismay and he squeezed her hand in an attempt to comfort her as he ended the call. "I need you to quickly but quietly alert Kathy and Caden; tell them we may have a perimeter breach, that two of our guards have been injured, but not to alarm any of our guests. I have to get out there. If this is indeed Aeron I need to track him down before he can get any further into the castle." Zosimos kissed the top of his mate's head.

"Please be careful, my love," she whispered.

 "I will," he promised. "Keep a close eye on our King."

Thyra nodded her head, her heart aching for her mate and the injured knights. Struck by a sudden thought, she reached out and caught her husband's arm, stopping him from leaving. "But if Aeron left them alive then there may be hope that our Aeron has returned to us. Surely he must know that we do not blame him for his actions; Thanatos stole his free will from him and turned him against us. The Aeron we all know would never have deliberately hurt anyone if Thanatos had not forced him into becoming a mindless killing machine." Oh how Thyra wished she could have had the chance to tell that monster, Thanatos, what she had truly thought of him.

Zosimos shook his head fondly; he wasn't at all surprised to hear that his mate was hoping that Aeron had been freed of Thanatos' insidious mind control. "I do not know what is going on, my love; there very well could be a chance that he has returned to us but if he has not, I cannot leave our King unprotected."

Thyra snorted with fond amusement. "I don't think you have anything to worry about in that department. I guarantee you that Jack will rip anyone to pieces who dares try to harm Ianto. No offense to you and your guards, I believe he is out King's best line of defence.

Zosimos knew his mate had a point; Jack was ferociously protective over Ianto and he knew that Jack would defend his mate to the death. "I have no doubts about that but still it is better to be safe than sorry. We all know how powerful Thanatos was and who knows what state of mind his mental control has left Aeron in." 'I have no idea what role Ianto will play in his plans. I can only hope he's not here to do something drastic and '

Thyra watched as her mate slipped out of the room. Unfortunately, his departure didn't go as unnoticed as he had hoped; she saw that Kathy, Caden, John and Jack's eyes were following him. It was obvious from the way their bodies at immediately adopted an alert stance that they knew something was amiss and she was grateful that such observant behaviour was instinctive in all good warriors.

She was also beyond pleased that the guest-of-honour hadn't noticed anything. Ianto's attention was taken up by Tosh and the number of gifts before him, and she thought it was adorable the way his eyes widened with surprise and pleasure at the sheer size of the gift pile. 'He still doesn't see how much our people truly love him.' Having known her King for many years, Thyra still found Ianto's humble nature beyond adorable; never once had she seen his lineage or station go to his head.

As she watched Ianto laughing and chatting with those around him, Thyra realised one thing. 'If anyone can get through to Aeron and bring him back to us, it will be you, Ianto.' She just knew that she had to alert Kathy and Caden as to what was going on without raising suspicions in the others, although it was going to be tricky. She turned to gauge the distance between Ianto and his knights; could she casually wander over and act like they were chatting, or would Ianto overhear?

She knew she only had moments to make a decision, especially given the way Jack was staring at her with his jaw clenched. He clearly knew something was going on and he wanted answers; the immortal would not be satisfied until he knew Ianto and their children were safe.

Trying hard to smooth the worry from his features, Jack strolled purposefully over to his mate's side and casually dropped an arm around him. "Looks like you've got your work cut out for you, Yan," he waved an arm at the beautifully wrapped boxes and packages in front of them.

"I never expec..." Ianto's voice faltered as he looked up at his husband; Jack hadn't been as successful as he'd thought in hiding his concern. "Jack, is something wrong?" he asked softly, he could sense Jack's worry through their bond.

As much as he wanted to, Jack knew he couldn't lie to Ianto, his mate deserved the truth. Tightening his grip on Ianto's shoulders Jack brushed a kiss onto his forehead, "I'm not sure, Zosimos took off pretty fast, something big is going on." He knew that only a serious threat to Ianto could have pulled Zosimos away from a party that Thyra set up. Options flying through his mind, Jack considered and then dismissed them all, until finally, decision made, Jack pressed another quick kiss to Ianto's temple and with the soft murmur of, "Open your gifts, I'll be right back," he walked away.

Biting his lower lip Ianto watched his mate stalk purposefully towards Thyra, and his brow furrowed when he saw that Jack was quickly followed by Kathy, Caden and John. Seated next to him Ianto felt Tosh's small hand slip into his and the two best friends shared a tense smile; it was clear that Tosh was seething inside. She'd overheard Jack's words to Ianto, and the Samurai warrior blood of her ancestors burned fiery hot in her veins, ready to rip apart anyone who would ruin this special day for Ianto.

Thyra sighed as she was surrounded by two worried knights, a tense former Time Agent and a on-guard mate who was rapidly losing control. "Where did Zosimos run off to and no lies!" Jack snarled, his blue eyes were flashing with the need to protect Ianto from all harm.

Taking a deep breath, Thyra placed her hands on her hips and glared at the foursome before her. "Don't you take that tone with me, Captain Jack Harkness-Jones! Before I tell you what's going on I want promises from all four of you that you will keep your cool and let Zosimos and his guards handle this."

It went against their code but reluctantly Caden and Kathy nodded their heads, and a moment later, a grumbling John followed. The only hold out to the agreement was Jack who crossed his arms over his chest and glared belligerently at Thyra. "When it comes to the safety of my mate and our unborn children I promise nothing."

Thyra wasn't at all surprise that Jack refused to agree and she knew it was too much to hope for that what she was about to tell them wouldn't send Jack flying off into a deep rage. Taking a deep breath, she announced, "We've gotten a report that Aeron may be here in the castle."

As predicted Jack did not react well to that piece of news. "What?!" Jack didn't quite roar but it was close enough; they were fortunate in the fact that he didn't want Ianto overhear what was going on. John grabbed his arm and dragged him a little farther away from the guests, who had assembled around Ianto to view the gift opening. With a grateful nod, Kathy, Caden and Thyra followed them.

Jack remembered all too well the knight who at one time had been Ianto's personal royal bodyguard, the one man whom Ianto had trusted above all else since he was but a young prince. Somehow Aeron's thoughts became tainted and his loyalty twisted by Ianto's power-hungry uncle, who sought to rule through intimidation, subjugation and fear. His only desire was to wipe out all those he thought weak and who corrupted the strong race of Aiedail by being born without special gifts such as telepathy, empathic, and control the elements. Even before he'd aspired to the throne, Thanatos had made it his life's mission to see them all destroyed.

Kathy and Caden both visibly tensed; Aeron was powerful and very, very skilled with a sword. Regardless of their dedication to their King, they were afraid that they stood little-to-no chance against him. "Do you think Ianto's in any danger?" Caden asked quietly as he glanced back at his pregnant king who was seated next to his own pregnant mate. He smiled as he saw Tosh admire a just-unwrapped pale green baby-grow, holding it up and making it dance. The garment looked so small in Tosh's hands and then Caden's vision grew misty as he pictured their first child being held so safely in those same hands and he had to blink rapidly to keep from bursting into sappy, happy tears.

Thyra shook her head. "I can't tell you for sure what he has planned but you know that Zosimos will make sure that Ianto is well-protected."

Kathy crossed her arms over her chest. "Should we cancel the rest of the baby shower just for safety? It was definitely not something that she wanted to do; she knew how much hard work had gone into planning Ianto's party and from the looks of joy on everyone's faces it was a huge hit.

During the conversation Jack's gaze turned to Ianto; he needed to see with his own eyes that his mate was still safe and sound. The beaming smile on Ianto's face as he opened their gifts under the watchful gaze of everyone in attendance brought intense warmth to his soul. With a sinking heart, Jack realised that he couldn't deny Ianto this piece of happiness.

"No, for now it's safer to keep everyone in one place, especially Ianto; he's better off surrounded by friends and family. But we need to keep a sharp eye out for anything out of the ordinary and make sure to post extra guards at all the doors, just in case." He looked from one person to the next. "No one says a word about this to anyone; Ianto has been waiting a long time for this baby shower and I won't let anything ruin it for him," Jack declared emphatically.

It didn't surprise John one little bit that Jack was willing to do whatever it took to guarantee and Ianto's happiness. He knew that his ex-partner was a passionate man, and when he loved someone, it was with all his heart. At this moment in time, Ianto's safety and happiness were all that matter to Jack.

John took a long look at Ianto, laughing and joking with his guests. "You know you won't be able to keep this from Eye-Candy for very long," John reminded Jack; despite the psychic training on maintaining mental shielding that the Time Agency had made them go through, the purity of Jack and Ianto's bond allowed nothing to be hidden from each other. John had to repress a smirk as he remembered how that had gotten Jack into trouble a few times.

A pout graced Jack's lips as he accepted the truth behind John's point. While there was no doubt that he and Ianto had a lot of fun with their bond; the naughty thoughts and suggestions that Jack could send to his mate had kept him plenty entertained when he was suppose to be writing reports. Jack especially enjoyed sending Ianto lurid images while he was listening to one of UNIT's officers go on and on about something he didn't care about at all. The rewards – and punishment – that Jack had enjoyed afterwards had always made the distraction an interesting form of foreplay.

Unfortunately, the downside of their link was that it was next to impossible to keep anything hidden from Ianto. It wasn't that he had much to keep from his mate but when he wanted to surprise Ianto then it took a lot of careful planning to keep his thoughts hidden from Ianto beneath long-winded anecdotes and pointless dribble.

"I won't keep this from Ianto for long, just until after the baby shower." Jack ran a hand through his hair. "Look at him, he's so happy and I won't let anyone take that from him. Not any of you and certainly not Aeron." Having said his piece Jack whirled around and returned to Ianto's side.

Watching him go, John shook his head, an amused smile on his face. "I really thought he had gotten over those drama-queen moments of his."

Before he could stop it, a bark of laughter escaped Caden's lips as a knowing smirk twitched on both Kathy and Thyra's lips. "Jack not being a drama queen would be much more shocking!" Kathy said snarkily.

Shaking his head, Caden pushed back the long black locks that fell into his eyes. "No, Jack has the right idea; we should wait until after the party to spring this news. Ianto and Jack both deserve this baby shower to go off without a hitch. After all the challenges Jack and Ianto have faced and overcome they have more than earned the right to have a moment of peace."

As Jack settled back next to him Ianto looked up at his husband with curiosity and worry in his eyes. "Jack, what's going on?" Ianto whispered softly to his mate. "Is everything all right?"

Wrapping his arms tightly around Ianto's waist Jack closed his eyes and rested his forehead against Ianto's, loving the feeling of his mate's body next to his. He splayed one large hand across Ianto's belly, and as he took a long deep sniff and drank in the scent that was purely Ianto, he felt his children moving and kicking beneath his palm. Quickly blinking back a sudden tear, he whispered, "I'll tell you afterwards; right now let's just enjoy this."

Ianto knew better than to push Jack for answers so he nuzzled closer to his mate. He knew Jack would tell him what was going on when he was good and ready, so for now he would enjoy this moment of celebrating the upcoming birth of their children.

Biting his lip with consternation, Noam slowly edged towards the door. He knew what he had to do, he just hoped in time that his king and friend would come to realise and accept why he had to do this. 'Of course it's Jack's reaction I should fear the most. Jack will more than likely see this as a betrayal and it will take a lot of work to regain his trust, if that's even possible. But this is the only way I can see to spare any unneeded bloodshed.'

With his goal firmly in mind Noam slipped out of the room unseen by all but his worried mate. 'I hope you know what you are doing, Noam,' Lyra thought as she watched her mate slip away from the party, and she sent a prayer out into the Universe to protect her husband from harm.

It may have been five years since he'd last stepped foot into the castle but Aeron still knew it like the back of his hand and he easily used the secret passages to his advantage. His body posture remained steady and no matter what or who he encountered, he was ready for battle. Nothing would stop him until he'd found his King, then and only then would he allow himself to relax. Aeron cocked an eyebrow and without turning his head or shifting his gaze, drawled, "Your skills on sneaking up on someone still leave a lot to be desired, Noam."

Stepping out of the shadows from Aeron's right the seer took a deep breath; the infamous albeit legendary knight was still so imposing with an unmistakable aura of pure power pouring off of him. "I know what you're planning and it won't work."

Aeron merely stared at Noam with mild amusement in his eyes; he wasn't at all surprised that the seer had foreseen what he planned on doing. "I suppose Zosimos is already waiting for me, backed up by all the royal guards." He saw Noam nod his head. "It doesn't matter; nothing will get in my way and if it's Zosimos that strikes me down then so be it. I have accepted my fate."

"Your fate is not to die!" Noam snapped out the words and anger poured off him in waves; he couldn't believe how anyone could sound so callous about dying. "You think by holding Ianto hostage you will force Jack to react and take your life in combat when we both know that you would never harm a hair on Ianto's hand. He is your King and you have protected him since his birth. I saw you aiding Ianto and his mother in their escape. You had them and you let them go and don't you dare deny it!

About to do exactly that, Aeron snapped his mouth shut in annoyance and settled for glaring at Noam.

Refusing to be intimidated, the seer continued. "We know that your the actions of the past were not of your own choosing but were in fact those that Thanatos forced you in to doing. Instead of believing that death is the only way to clean your hands of the blood you were forced to shed, please, talk to Ianto. You might be surprised by what our King decides."

Aeron was taken aback by Noam's non-antagonistic tone; he had honestly been expecting scathing condemnation, "You still think with your heart, old friend, but there is no redemption for me."

Noam rolled his eyes, unable to believe how stubborn Aeron was being. "Don't make me go get Thyra who, by the way, still believes in you as well." Noam was pleased when Aeron blanched at his threat; Thyra was not one to be messed with no matter brave – or foolhardy – the knight. With a flash of clarity, Noam decided that was only one thing to get through to the knight, so taking a deep breath, he announced, "I've seen your future, Aeron, and it does not involve your death in anyway."

Aeron sighed. Even he knew that it was rare for Noam's visions to be wrong and with the growing realisation that he was fighting a losing battle, he asked, "Can you guarantee that I will not harm our King or the future heirs he carries within him?"

Noam smiled gently at Aeron and took the chance of resting his hand on the knight's shoulder; he could feel the tension vibrating through the warrior's body. "I don't need my vision to tell me that you would never harm Ianto. You are a good man, Aeron and so many of us can see that; why can't you?" he asked gently and despite his earlier thoughts of self-loathing, Aeron found that he was unable to answer him.

Tags: alien!ianto, fic: the evening star's child, pairing: caden/tosh, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: owen/rhys
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