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Fic: Like Drew Drops On Fairy Wings Chapter 1/10

Title: Like Drew Drops On Fairy Wings
Fandoms: Torchwood/Harry Potter/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Sirius/Remus, Snape/Neville, Draco/Harry, Charlie/Tosh, Owen/Tonks, Andy/Hermione, John Hart/George, Fred/Kathy, Blaise/Luna, Oliver/Emily Jones, Estelle, the Doctor/OMC, the Fairies, the Master/OFC, Martha, TARDIS
Summary: Sequel to Beauitfully Broken, Torchwood Three has never been happier with their newfound relationships which are strengthened by the joyous announcement that Ianto and Jack are to have a expecting. But that happiness doesn't last long when an unseen dark force seeks the children for its own nefarious purpose. They get unexpected help in Jack's ex and unexpected guardians from the fairies. What is the prophecy everyone keeps talking about and how are Ianto and his children involved?
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Harry Potter or Doctor Who but I do own Emily Jones, Kalen, Rhoswen and all other original characters.
Written for Torchwood Classic Big Bang round 2


Chapter 1


Given as a gift to two men of magic, the heart of the one true child of King Oberon and Queen Titania shall beat in time with that of the man made immortal by time's gift. Upon the union of these devoted lovers, a new era of magic shall begin and from their mating shall be born two children. In due time this new generation would come to hold the hearts of the last of the Time Lords. At last, time and magic shall walk hand-in-hand ushering in a new era to the Universe.


There are dark forces about who seek to use the Prince as a way to destroy the descendants of the great warriors of old. These brave souls slaughtered the ancestors of the dark ones and because the blood of these warriors runs proudly through the Prince's veins, he has been hidden away for his own safety. As in the days of old, hate and vengeance remain powerful emotions and they still run deeply ingrained in those who believe that retribution is the only way to achieve personal self-worth.


Along with the times, the majority of those raised with such an attitude of revenge and reprisal have moved on; they've learned a new system of values and built new lives for themselves. However, there are others who have let their bitterness, rage and pain from the past fester and grow, filling their hearts with darkness and twisting their souls with evil.


These dark and tormented few seek to use the prince and his unborn children as weapons against King Oberon. They want to force the compassionate ruler to declare war on the human race. They believe that the destruction of humanity will finally allow them to gain the vengeance their souls cried out for.




Hidden deep in a land unseen by human eyes lays a kingdom waiting for its rightful rulers to return and bring with them the new era of magic. But not all in the kingdom of magic longed for the peaceful times that were to come; hatred sown by deeds committed long ago had festered into deep wounds and those tainted souls sought to have their future leaders raised to bring war to the human race.


Already their prince was out of reach, hidden from them, raised by mortals! It just wasn't right. How could their king and queen allow their son to be raised in the mortal world and by mortals? It doesn't matter if they had magic or not they were still mortal and had no right in raising the son of Oberon. However...


Although the son was out of reach the children that the Prince of Oberon now carried were attainable. With that knowledge in hand, the dark ones began to make plans for their future. Royalty or not, they were going to be useful, very useful.




Hidden in the shadows a small group of the faithful watched and waited, their knowing eyes narrowed in anger; they knew that the dark ones were plotting against their hidden prince. "They seek to harm our Prince and his unborn children; we must inform King Oberon and Queen Titania at once," the long white-haired man growled under his breath. His king and queen had already suffered so much by giving up their beloved son to be raised in the mortal realm and now it looked as if all their plans were for nothing. "Go watch our prince; he will be vulnerable now. You must guard him and the precious bundles he carries,” he ordered. “I shall go speak to our king and queen. Now go, and may Danu be with you!”


"We shall guard him with our lives," they vowed as they unfurled their wings and prepared to flutter away to do as Puck asked. They would not – could not – fail in their appointed task; their prince and the unborn children he carried were the keys to their future.


“Be warned though, his mate does not care for our kind. He believes we have stolen the life of one who was very important to him, so he will not trust you easily. And know this as well; while he does not yet know his mate is pregnant the immortal’s primal instincts will already be taking over and he may not show the best judgement where you and his mate are concerned. He will see all and any as a threat until he realises that our prince is with child,” he warned.


“And then?” one of the younger fairies asked softly.


“And then he will understand that he is not an island unto himself and that to protect his beloved family, he will need to accept our presence and our assistance.”


“We understand the immortal will be untrusting of us at first but we will to everything in our power to remain unseen until we are forced to come out of hiding.” The fairies all vowed before fluttering away in a whirlwind of rose petals.


The elderly man watched them go with worry in his eyes, keeping his gaze on them until they were out of sight. “I’m afraid that this may need more than just you to watch over our young prince; something tells me that it may be time for the truth to be revealed.” If he was right then the much-guarded secret of Ianto Lupin-Black’s birth would be forced out in to the light and he wasn’t sure if the fairy world were ready to deal with the fallout.




Unaware of the danger looming in the wings, Jack Harkness watched his mate sleeping deeply; it was something he enjoyed doing each and every night. It was a pleasant and personal reminder that this gorgeous creature was his and his alone. As the first rays of the morning’s sunlight began to peek through the curtains and shine on Ianto’s face it took all of Jack’s willpower not to pounce on his adorable lover.


Despite Jack’s growing desire for his mate, he knew that Ianto needed all the rest he could after after the late night they had enjoyed. Even though they’d always revelled in a healthy physical relationship, for some reason Jack found he just couldn’t get enough of his delicious Welshman lately. Just lying next to him, seeing how beautiful and innocent Ianto was, how relaxed and vulnerable he was when free of the responsibilities of Torchwood.


Ianto sighed softly, always the first indication that he was beginning to wake up. He shifted slightly and his eyes fluttered open and he blinked several times as he adjusting to the light. As he moved from the dream world into the real world a sleepy smile tugged at his lips and he looked up when he felt Jack’s eyes on him. “You know, Cariad, if I wasn’t highly flattered by all the attention, this would be a little creepy,” Ianto murmured as his eyes opened fully and he fell into Jack’s intense pools of blue.


Jack smirked broadly as he twisted his upper body so and planted his arms on either side of Ianto’s body so that he could stare down into his lover’s eyes. “Mmm, I better be the only one who gets the chance to watch you sleep.” Jack growled out his words in a low voice as his hungry gaze drank in Ianto’s bare chest and to his utmost most pleasure Ianto’s skin turned that delightful shade of red he so loved.


Slowly Ianto wrapped his arms around Jack’s back relishing the sensation of his mate’s smooth skin beneath his fingers. With a delicate touch, he stroked the sensitive ridges of his spine, loving the feeling of Jack’s muscles as they rippled and twitched. “You are and you always will be,” he whispered his promise as he arched his body up into Jack’s. “Always.”


“Good, because I would hate to rip apart anyone who dared to touch you,” Jack purred throatily before lowering his head to lay claim to Ianto’s tempting mouth.


A whimper tore itself from Ianto’s throat and was promptly swallowed by Jack; never did Ianto ever think he would be so turned on by a lover’s possessive and territorial side as he was with Jack. No matter how long they’d been together, he still couldn’t get enough of his mate’s loving and as Jack’s claimed his mouth in a searing kiss, he gave himself over completely to his fiery ministrations.


When the need for air finally forced them apart Ianto glanced at the clock on his night table. “We’re going to be late for work if we don’t get up now,” Ianto murmured somewhat sadly.


“No!” A snarl left Jack’s lips and he wrapped his arms tightly around Ianto. “They can survive without us for a while,” Jack hissed as he began to leave a trail of hot open-mouthed kisses along Ianto’s neck and jawline.


Moaning low in his throat, Ianto arched his back as Jack bit down on his tender flesh. “I guess they could survive without their morning coffee,” Ianto finally managed to gasp as Jack’s hands skilfully stroked every inch of skin they could find.


A purely wolfish grin appeared on Jack’s face as he stared down smugly at Ianto, his lust-filled eyes taking in the kiss-swollen lips and the marks already decorating his neck. “I knew you’d see it my way.” That was the last thing either one of them said before they lost themselves in each other and time ceased to matter.




"Have you noticed that Ianto smells different these past few days?" Remus suddenly asked his husband.


Sirius blinked at the sudden question and furrowed his eyebrows together as he thought back to the past few days. "Now that you mention it I have been noticing an odd scent clinging to Ianto,” and his frown deepened as he searched his memory. “He smells like he did when..." A light bulb went off in Sirius’ head. "You don't think Ianto's pregnant, do you?" He was quite taken aback by the idea; he wasn't sure how he felt about Jack Harkness having gotten their only child pregnant. "I'm going to kill that man!" Sirius snarled viciously. “They aren’t even married yet and he has the nerve to get my son pregnant!”


At that moment, seeing the unbridled fury in his mate’s eyes, Remus wondered why he’d thought it was a smart idea to voice his opinion to Sirius. His husband had come a long way in accepting Jack as their son’s lover but the idea of impending parenthood might be pushing it just a little bit. “I could be wrong.” Remus offered feebly, hoping to sooth his angry husband.


But Sirius wasn’t about to calm down; leaping to his feet, he began pacing back and fourth running his hands through his hair. “Oh, we both know you’re not wrong, Remus, which means I am going to kill Jack!” ‘How dare that man get my son pregnant!’


Sighing Remus shook his head as he heard Sirius start mumbling to himself about what he planned to do to Jack. ‘Please forgive me, Ianto, for unleashing this on you and Jack.’



Somewhere in time and space


Humming a baby’ lullaby under her breath, Luna sat in the middle of the TARDIS’ control room with her great-grandfather, the Doctor, who was one of the last of the Time Lords, and her boyfriend, Blaise.


After sharing a look Blaise slowly approached Luna and bent down in front of her. “So whatcha doing, kitten?”


The blond-haired woman smiled softly but didn’t take her gaze off the bundle of purple yarn in her lap, her nimble fingers carefully untangling the strands and gathering them into a loose skein. “Knitting a baby blanket,” she calmly informed them as she picked up her knitting needles and resumed creating her intricate pattern.


“What?!” The Doctor thundered levelling a dark accusatory glare on Blaise who instantly threw his hands up in the air and quickly backed away from the Oncoming Storm.


“Whoa! I haven’t knocked up Luna!” Blaise raised his hands up even higher as he took a step away from a giggling Luna. “Absolutely not!”


Luna reached up and patted Blaise on the leg. “Of course not, silly; it’s for the fairy prince! He’s pregnant with the new little fairy prince and princess.” Luna looked up at the Doctor, her pale blue eyes showing wisdom far greater than her age.


The Doctor recognised the look, and he knew that what she said next would have a profound effect on the future; even the TARDIS seemed to hold her breath with anticipation.


“The fairy warrior’s heart beats in time with yours and the white rose fairy will silence the drums.” With that said Luna returned to her knitting leaving a very confused Blaise and Doctor staring at her.


"Okay and what does that mean actually?" Blaise asked his girlfriend.


Luna shook her head. "The time is not yet right for you to know those answers but they will come soon. Just be patient. Oh, and great-grandfather? Try not to make a fool of yourself when he kisses you," Luna added as an afterthought leaving a dumbstruck Doctor gaping at her with a mixture of confusion and indignation on his face.


‘Well I ...! What? I never look like a fool!’ and ‘Who’s going to kiss me? Do I want to be kissed? Well, I suppose, if they’re a good kisser...’ These thoughts and more began rattling about in the Doctor’s head until, way in the back of his mind, the Time Lord heard the TARDIS giggling softly and the delicate sound snapped the Doctor out of his chaotic reverie. The Doctor glared up at the roof of his TARDIS and curtly informed his ship, "She gets her cryptic side from you!"



Sunlight flickered into the room and onto the faces of the two sleeping figures, but only one of them was truly asleep; the other had been awakened early and not by the rising sun. The woman, known as Emily Jones and the adopted mother of Ianto Lupin-Black, stared at the white-haired man hovering above her bed; other might have been startled but the sight, but not her. Casting a glance to make sure her bedmate was still sleeping, she carefully and gently slipped out of his hold and motioned for the man to follow her.


Although the tension between the two was palpable, nothing was said until they’d reached the kitchen and Emily had closed the door behind them. "I take it Oliver will stay asleep until we finish this conversation?" Emily asked as she crossed her arms and glared at her uninvited guest. She really didn’t appreciate anyone using magic on her lover, especially not an interloper.


A smirk graced the man's lined face as he waved his hand dismissively. "Oh, do not worry; your boy-toy will sleep like a baby until we are finished."


Emily rolled her eyes and scowled at the man. "Oliver is not a boy-toy!" She rubbed her forehead already feeling a headache beginning to form. Knowing that her annoying guest wasn’t going to leave until he’d had his say, she sighed deeply, turned away from him and opened her fridge. After pulling out a bottle of juice and twisting off the lid, she asked in a resigned tone, "What are you doing here, Puck?"


In an instant Puck's carefree attitude was gone and a rarely seen solemn look appeared on his face. "The Prince are in danger as is the new lives he carries within him."


Emily, who had just taken a sip of the fruit punch she had poured for herself promptly choked on it, sending a spray of red liquid spewing forth. Once she gotten her coughing spell under control, she managed to gasp out, “Ianto's pregnant?"


Having narrowly avoided a fruit punch bath, Puck rolled his eyes and tossed a tea towel to Emily. "Of course that is what you would focus on."


"Of course that's what I would focus on! My son is pregnant!" Emily couldn't stop her voice from rising as sheer panic threatened to overtake her. "You don’t understand, Puck; Sirius is going to kill Jack! There’ll be no stopping him this time!"


Even Puck knew about the tension between Sirius and his future son-in-law; everyone in the fairy world knew that Sirius had never attempted to mask his distain of Jack. He still believed that the immortal was not good enough for his son; in fact, no man would ever be good enough for Ianto in Sirius’ eyes.


"Yes, but it was that very protectiveness that drew our King and Queen to Sirius and his mate in the first place and it is why they were chosen to carry the son of the King of the Fairies," Puck pointed out. “It was a very great honour.”


It had been a shock to everyone when their revered King Oberon had announced that it wouldn't be Queen Titania who would be giving birth to their much-awaited child but two wizards. It wasn’t that that they wanted to give up their child but the potential dangers posed by the dark fairies were too great to ignore. The evil ones had learned of the child and the prophecy that came with his birth and they sought to use him to start a war with the humans that they believed had wronged them in the past.


Catching sight of the clock, Emily groaned miserable; it wasn’t even six o’clock yet, for pity sake! "It's far too early to having to deal with this," she muttered under her breath as she rubbed her temples again; her head was beginning to throb.


Puck grinned as he crossed his legs and floated above her counter. "Deal with it you will, my friend; it is your job to watch over Ianto just as it was your job to choose the correct humans to raise Ianto," Puck reminded her and his sharp teeth gleamed as his grin broadened.


Emily's eyes hardened as she clipped out in a tone full of ice, "I know my duty, Puck. You forget I raised Ianto and that I love him like my own son. I would give my life to keep Ianto safe from harm and that protection extends to his unborn children!"


"I know." Puck rested a soothing hand on Emily's shoulder. "That is why you were chosen. For now, I simply want you to be aware of what is going on; forewarned is forearmed, yes? I shall keep you informed of what our King decides to do. I don't need to tell you that you must keep a close eye on Ianto; now that he is pregnant he is much more vulnerable. This is when the dark ones and those who no longer wish to take only a single Chosen One at a time will strike."


Emily chewed anxiously on her lower lip as her hazel-green eyes filled with worry. “Promise me that you’ll keep me informed as things develop, Puck.” A part of her urgently wanted to return to the Fae court and aid her King and Queen in their time of need, but the bigger part of her demanded that she stay in the mortal world and keep her son – and grandchildren – safe.


Puck found it very easy to read the conflict on her face; for as long as he’d known her, Emily’s emotions had always shown in her eyes. He gave her shoulder another squeeze in an effort to offer her a little bit of comfort. “I will, I give you my word. I understand your turmoil, Emily; I know you want to return to our lands but your duty is here now. You have been entrusted with the sacred duty of watching over our young Prince. I believe the time is rapidly approaching when Ianto should be informed of the truth about his birthright.”


Having dropped that bombshell, Puck instantly vanished only to reappear just as quickly. “One more thing. I would keep a close eye on Jack; he is going to be even more protective of Ianto than normal.” Puck warned her with a grin before he snapped his fingers and disappeared again.


A small grin crossed Emily’s lips as she thought of what Ianto was about to endure. ‘Oh poor my Ianto! You have no idea what you’re in for with three over-the-top alpha males watching your every move and I seriously doubt that Jack will be letting you out of his sight for even a moment.'


Emily was broken out of her thoughts as a sleepy Oliver Wood made his way into the kitchen rubbing his eyes and yawning widely. Coming to a stop in front of Emily he pressed a kiss to her lips in a quick good morning peck before sniffing the air in anticipation. "So what's for breakfast?" He was puzzled when his girlfriend just laughed. “What? Isn’t that why you’re up so early?”




Toshiko Sato looked up as the Hub filled with alarms and the cog door rolled back to allow Jack and Ianto to enter. "You two are late," she reproved them fondly, although after seeing the flush on Ianto’s face and the satisfied grin on Jack’s, she had a pretty clear idea of why. ‘I’ll have to check the CCTV coverage for the car park!’


Normally Jack and Ianto were the first to arrive; she’d been shocked and worried when she and Charlie arrived to find the Hub still in its darkened night-time mode. More disturbing than that was the fact that she couldn’t smell Ianto’s freshly brewed coffee; the kitchen and its fancy Italian coffee machine were always his first stop of the morning.


Tosh sighed softly; Ianto being late and Jack actually leaving the Hub was just two of the many changes that had come along recently. The changes in the Hub had all started once they’d learned the truth about Ianto’s wizarding past and his unconventional family history. Combine that knowledge with the fact that some of his wizard friends and family members had joined Torchwood and there was an entirely new mind-set in the Hub.


Naturally, with a larger team involved, many changes had to be made to the group dynamic. Jack could no longer hold off naming a second, and while the young Welshman hadn’t been there as long as Tosh or Owen, both Jack and Ianto were quite surprised when they had backed Ianto as second-in-command. They stated that his experience in both the wizarding world and at Torchwood One put him far above either of them, and as Tosh pointed out, Ianto dealt with UNIT and its often frustrating bureaucracy far better than any of them.


“Let’s face it, Ianto, even the Queen has been asking for you lately. She’d much rather speak to you about the goings on at Torchwood Three than Jack!” Tosh had smiled as she’d watched Ianto kiss away Jack’s pout. “Sorry, Jack, but sometimes you’re a little... umm... irreverent, shall we say?”


After a lot of pleading and cajoling from Jack, Ianto had finally agreed to the promotion, with the stipulation that his new status was only effective in the Hub. Answering Jack’s puzzled stare, Ianto had stated that he wasn’t comfortable taking the lead in the field just yet.


He knew that while they were out on missions, Jack had been silently and methodically evaluation and judging each of his field agents trying to determine which one was best suited to take on the leadership role out in the field. So far he was leaning towards Neville, a fact which did not surprise anyone who’d fought alongside Neville in the final battle against the evil Lord Voldemort.


Ianto was well aware that in the heat of the moment most of the wizards had looked to Neville for guidance; his clear and decisive thinking had been instrumental in bringing things to their successful conclusion. As Jack’s second-in-command, Ianto knew he would fully support Jack’s selection of young Neville Longbottom.


With more agents available for field work, Tosh found herself staying back at the Hub whenever possible. She was delighted that she was finally able to actually work on her many special projects as well as study new alien technology which the Rift so willing supplied. While she enjoyed the field work it just wasn’t for her; no, she preferred to be in the Hub surrounded by her many toys.


Often, Hermione would agree to stay back with her, relishing the opportunity to use her own genius to aid Tosh in her research. On several occasions, her magic had been a big help, and it quickly became normal to see the two heads, bowed together over their workbench, studying the newest piece of alien tech that had caught their eye and totally oblivious to the world around them.


After pointing out what were a few Weevils compared to a flock of dragons, Charlie had completely taken over the care and feeding of all their non-human guests, which had lightened Ianto’s work load a great deal. The only task that Ianto had refused to relinquish was that of tending to his beloved Myfanwy; while she’d tolerated Charlie’s presence, Ianto was really the only human she enjoyed having in her rooftop aerie. Theirs was a special friendship, begun the day he’d found her trapped by the Rift in that drafty old warehouse and permanently cemented by bars of rich, dark chocolate.


But the biggest change to date absolutely had to be in Jack. Now that his lover’s parents were a big part of Torchwood Three, he had to be in his best behaviour during working hours. With Sirius and Remus actually joining the team, and Ianto’s mother, Emily, popping in from time to time to help Owen with medical needs, there was no telling when Jack and Ianto might be caught participating in some ‘non-work-related’ activities.


However, Jack was Jack, after all; he was simply unable to resist temptation and nothing in the world was more tempting to him than his beloved Welshman, so he made sure that he got his hourly dose of Ianto-loving no matter who was in the Hub.


Faced with Tosh’s knowing look, a telltale blush graced Ianto's face as Jack chuckled deeply while nuzzling Ianto's neck. "Sorry we’re late, it was my fault but can you blame me? Ianto's far too distracting." Jack purred happily as he licked one of the many love bites he’d left on Ianto's neck.


A flirtious grin appeared on Charlie's face as he winked at Ianto. "Oh, I completely agree; Ianto is certainly tasty looking." For as long as he'd known Ianto, Charlie had always teased him and this time was no different.


Except this morning things were very different.


As far as Jack was concerned, Charlie’s joke was clearly intended as a play for his mate and the immortal immediately saw red and a deep growl rumbled from within him. No one realised that Jack had moved until he had Charlie pinned to the cold brick wall, his large hands wrapped around the redhead's throat. "Mine!" Jack snarled savagely, his blue eyes pure ice as he slowly squeezed Charlie's throat.


Ianto and Tosh were frozen to the spot, unable to move as they watched the scene play out before them. The sound of Charlie’s desperate wheezing as he struggled to breathe finally snapped out of their daze.


Ianto was the first to move; as a child, he had seen this kind of behaviour when someone had dared to flirt with Sirius in front of Remus. The only difference between then and now was that his father had never gotten this violent; a few dangerous growls were enough to get the interloper to back off.


"Jack! Let Charlie go! He didn't mean anything by it; we always joke like this!" Ianto curled his body against Jack's back and rested his head on the immortal's shoulder; he slid his hands down Jack’s arms as far as he could reach and then stroked his fingers against his mate’s skin.


Ianto’s calming presence had an instant effect on Jack and the immortal could feel all the rage melt from his body and he released Charlie to wrap his arms around Ianto instead. With a contented sigh, Jack nuzzled into Ianto’s neck and happily inhaled his scent. “Mmm... mine!”


Moving around her boss as cautiously as she could, Tosh helped her wheezing boyfriend to his feet and winced when she saw the red marks on Charlie's neck. Taking his hand in hers, she led him toward the autopsy bay. "Come along, let's get you checked out." Tosh didn't have much medical training but she hoped what she knew would be enough.


Once Tosh and Charlie were gone Ianto focused on the man in his arms. "Jack, are you all right?" Worry laced Ianto's voice; Jack had always been jealous, but he’d never Jack reacted so violently towards anyone like that and it worried him.


Jack could tell Ianto was concerned; hell, he was too! He had no idea what caused him to attack Charlie like that. "I'm not sure,” he admitted. “Maybe I better have Owen take a look at me when he gets in." Despite his vast experience with love and romance, he didn't know what was happening to him; it was all so bewildering but he knew one thing for sure.


 It had all started with the change in Ianto's scent.

Tags: crossover: harry potter/torchwood, fic: like drew drops on fairy wings, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: sirius/remus
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