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Fic: Like Drew Drops On Fairy Wings Chapter 3/10

Title: Like Drew Drops On Fairy Wings
Fandoms: Torchwood/Harry Potter/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Sirius/Remus, Snape/Neville, Draco/Harry, Charlie/Tosh, Owen/Tonks, Andy/Hermione, John Hart/George, Fred/Kathy, Blaise/Luna, Oliver/Emily Jones, Estelle, the Doctor/OMC, the Fairies, the Master/OFC, Martha, TARDIS
Summary: Torchwood Three has never been happier with their newfound relationships which are strengthened by the joyous announcement that Ianto and Jack are to have a expecting. But that happiness doesn't last long when an unseen dark force seeks the children for its own nefarious purpose. They get unexpected help in Jack's ex and unexpected guardians from the fairies. What is the prophecy everyone keeps talking about and how are Ianto and his children involved?
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Harry Potter or Doctor Who but I do own Emily Jones, Kalen, Rhoswen and all other original characters.
Written for Torchwood Classic Big Bang round 2

Chapter 3


In New New York on the planet New Earth, the Doctor once again wondered why the TARDIS had brought them to this particular time and had then refused to move. He knew his ship was up to something, he could feel it in his 900-year-old bones. He also had a feeling that his great-granddaughter knew exactly what the TARDIS was up to and more than likely she’d had her own hand in it. He had to admit that he didn't understand Luna's incredibly profound bond with the TARDIS. While his ship would sometimes talk to him it was usually about trivial things, either that or she was chastising him for something foolish that he’d done.


With Luna on the other hand, she was completely open to and with Luna; they had a connection he'd never seen with any of his other companions not even with Susan. Despite that fact that he was more than a little jealous of the two, he was also worried about what those two were up to. The women in his life were just… well… The Doctor searched his great intelligence for the right adjective. “Mysterious! That’s it!”


“What’s it?” Blaise looked up at the Doctor as he stuffed his arms into his jacket. “Did I miss something?”


“Is everyone ready?” Before the Doctor could answer, Luna came breezing into the console room. She looked at the two men, nodded with approval at the way Blaise had dressed, but shook her head with exasperated dismay when she saw the Doctor.


“What?! I changed my shoes and socks,” the Time Lord protested. He waggled his left foot at her as if to prove it and he was telling the truth. He’d traded his red Converse and striped socks for his green Converse with sparkly yellow socks.


Knowing that was all the ‘dress-up-for-a-night-out’ concession she was going to get from her grandfather, Luna looped her hand through Blaise’s arm and led the way out the TARDIS’ door.


'How do I let myself get talked into these things?' was the only thought running through the Doctor's head as he allowed Luna to drag him and Blaise to a nearby club. Clubs were not his thing, never had been, never would be.


It didn't take long for Blaise and Luna to abandon him at the table they’d been lucky enough to claim as they moved to the dance floor. The pair quickly become lost as they were swallowed up by a crowd made up of many different races, all enjoying the music pulsing through the air. As the Doctor slouched in their booth, sulking and shredding the cocktail napkin that had come with his Caxlic nectar, he never noticed the thoughtful eyes that were surreptitiously watching him or the wickedly delighted grin that appeared on his admirer’s face as he slowly drank in the sight of the Doctor.


'Oh yeah! Tonight you are going home with me, hot thing!’ he vowed as he drained his glass, set it on the bar behind him and started moving from across the dance floor with his eyes firmly locked on his target.


Out on the dance floor, Luna had noticed a figure walked purposefully towards their table and she giggled brightly as her great-grandfather’s jaw dropped with surprise as the handsome dark-haired man with a set of gorgeous icy blue fairy wings and promptly plopped himself down into the Doctor’s lap. She poked Blaise to get his attention and together they watched as the Time Lord blushed bright red and spluttered something to his unusual guest.


The Doctor gulped as the handsome man on his lap wrapped his arms around his neck and purred out in a sultry tone simply dripping in raw sex, “Hello, my name is Kalen and who are you, hot stuff?”


The Doctor could only shifted nervously in his seat; the man wasn’t uncomfortably heavy, but not even Jack had ever looked at him with so much hunger and untamed lust. "I'm the Doctor; it's nice to meet you?" The Doctor's voice ended in a high-pitched squeak as the man abruptly swung a leg up and over so that they ended up sitting face-to-face. As he shifted his hips and ground a very impressive bulge against the Doctor’s own, the Time Lord’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.


"Oh yes, I can tell that. What do you say we get out of here?" Kalen asked in a throaty purr as he leaned forward and brushed his lips against the Doctor's in a feather-like kiss.


The Doctor's hearts pounded in his chest as he licked his suddenly dry lips as the younger man trailed his hands up and down his chest. No one ever had made his body feel like it was on fire from a mere touch, not even Rose and he wasn't sure what to do. He was just a man, after all, and Kalen was extremely alluring; however, he was a Time Lord, and he had a certain reputation to uphold. Fortunately for him…


"Kalen! Get off the poor man!"


A mixture of relief and sadness filled the Time Lord as the brazen young man was unceremoniously yanked off his lap by a young woman with blazing blue eyes and her own set of light purple fairy wings that were twitching furiously with aggravation.


"Geez, sis, I was just having a little fun," Kalen whined before freeing himself of his sister’s hold and sauntering back to the Doctor's side “That’s my twin sister, Rhoswen. She can be a bit of a buzz kill. I tend to tune her out and you probably should too."


Silently Rhoswen counted to ten; she couldn't believe her twin sometimes. "Kalen, did you forget why we're here? We're supposed to be looking for dad's old friend who can help us."


A knowing smirk appeared on her brother's face as he snuggled closer against the Doctor's body. "Oh that." He waved his hand in a dismissive way. "That's been taken care of, Rhoswen, meet the Doctor, dad's old friend."


The Doctor took one good look at the scowling Rhoswen and his jaw dropped as he took in the familiar blue eyes of Jack staring back at him with surprise. The only difference he could see was a slight slant to the outer corners and a hint of silver swirls in them; she even had the same cheek bones and jaw line, although her was quite a bit daintier. "You're Jack's daughter, aren't you?" he blurted out and he turned his wide-eyed gaze on to the man still curled at his side, "You're Jack's son?"


"Yep, and let me tell you, Doctor, I’ve had a thing for you for the longest time," Kalen admitted in a husky tone.


The hint of a smile appeared on Rhoswen's face and that confirmed it for the Doctor; she had Jack's smile. "The name's Rhoswen Harkness-Jones and that horn-dog is my twin brother Kalen, and we need to talk, Doctor.” Without giving him a chance to agree or decline, she asked, “What do you know about the Fae court?"


A chill went through the Doctor's entire body. The Fae were not something to be messed with and if this woman was somehow involved with them then this could be very bad, very very bad and given the jewel-toned colours and intricate designs of the fairy wings on their back they were of the royal court. "Enough, I think we better talk in my ship." He tried to dislodge Kalen but the young man wound his arms tightly around the Doctor.


A naughty grin appeared on Kalen's face. "I was hoping you would say that, I miss the TARDIS," the man purred as he nuzzled behind the Doctor's ear and licked the flesh of his neck.


Rhoswen sighed as she watched her brother squirm and cuddle the man they were hoping would help them. ‘Please, Kalen, can’t you keep it in your pants at least until he says yes?’


The Time Lord felt his cheeks heating up; he had a feeling that Jack's son was going to be even worse than Jack himself had ever been, and given what Kalen said they already knew him. 'Their timeline is going to give me a headache, I just know it.'




The sun had made its entire journey across the sky by the time Jack and Ianto finally emerged from Jack's bunker. Neville had gotten in contact with Snape and once he’d explained the situation to his lover, the potion master promised he would come up with something to help Jack control his possessive side, if only to make sure that Jack didn't hurt his lover by mistake.


All chatter and activity in the Hub came to an abrupt stop as the two men came down the stairs and a sheepish look graced Jack's face. "Owen, Charlie, I owe the two of you a very big apology. I know I was out of line when I attacked you guys and I hope you can forgive me." Jack flashed his patented puppy-dog eyes at the two men.


Once Charlie had learned why Jack was acting like he was he forgave him right away. "I forgive you, Jack; Remus explained why you were acting the way you were." Toshiko smiled with pride; ‘I love my man.’


When nearly a minute passed and Owen still hadn't said anything Tonks not-so-subtly elbowed her lover sharply in the ribs.


"Damn it, woman, quit doing that," Owen grumbled under his breath. He had every intention of accepting Jack’s apology; he just wanted to see the man sweat. No harm in that, was there? Seeing Tonks raise her arm for a second go, Owen stepped neatly out of her reach only to discover that while she couldn’t get to him with her elbow; her eyes were glaring daggers at him.


Knowing when he was beat, the medic turned to his boss. "Oh for crying out loud, stop with the pout! I forgive you already, okay?" Owen fought the urge to roll his eyes as Jack's lower lip stopped quivering, his dramatic pout faded away and a sunshine-bright smile took its place. 'It's going to be a long nine months!'


“Thank you, Owen, and you too, Charlie,” Jack turned to smile at the dragon keeper. “Shall we get back to work?”


However, Owen was determined to get in the last word. "So you knocked up the Tea-Boy? Way to go, mate!"


"Owen!" There was an instant and unanimous outcry of indignation from the women in the Hub as Tonks whacked him on the back of his head.


"What? You can't tell me you don't want to know?" Owen demanded as he danced out of her way, stopping when he’d put a desk between them before stopping to glare at her with his arms crossed over his chest.


Tonks rolled her eyes with fond exasperation and once again wondered how in the world she’d managed to fall in love with such a pain in the arse. "Yes, we do, but you could have used a little more tact," she chided her boyfriend gently.


"Where's the fun in that?” Uncaring, Owen shrugged his shoulders. “I don't see why I need to ask politely; this is Jack we’re talking about! Every one of us has walked in on them shagging at some time or another, some of us more than once." Owen waved his arm at Tosh, Neville and Draco; for some reason, they always seemed to get a free show more than any of the rest of them.


Tosh and Neville both blushed as they recalled a few of the times they’d walked in on Jack and Ianto in a state of undress and in the middle of certain activities. Draco on the other hand grinned broadly; he rather enjoyed the free shows he’d gotten to see. He may not like the fact that Jack had gotten Ianto pregnant but there was no denying that they were hot together.


"I do not need to hear this," Sirius grumbled under his breath as he covered his ears effectively blocking out the discussion of his son's sex life. 'He's too young to have a sex life. Where did my little boy go?' Sirius thought sadly as he gazed at his son. He wasn't sure how he was going to handle the fact that his baby was going to have his own baby. ‘I just want my little boy back,’ and a quick glance at his husband confirmed that Remus was thinking the same thing and he twined their hands together in support.


"To answer your question, Owen, yes, Ianto is pregnant with our first child," Jack proudly announced as he wrapped his arm around Ianto's waist. Whether they realised it or not, Jack’s free hand rested on his mate’s belly, and Ianto’s hand landed on top of it.


"Oh honey, that's wonderful!" Emily cooed as she rushed forward and wrapped her arms around both men in a hug.


Of course being this close to Jack and his enhanced 51st century sense of smell, he could easily detect the lingering hint of sex clinging to Emily. "So who’s the lucky person?" Jack asked with a smug tone in his voice. He tried to keep his voice low, but he just wasn’t quiet enough.


Ianto's sharp ears heard his mate’s question and his eyebrows disappeared into his hair as he stared at his mother. "Mum? Have you finally found someone?" As far as he was concerned, his mother had been alone far too long and he wanted her to be happy like he was with Jack and like his fathers were with one another.


'Why am I not surprised that Jack would figure it out even though I just showered.' Emily rolled her eyes but she didn't see why she should deny it, although she was pretty sure that Sirius would more than likely tease her about having a boy-toy. "Yes, I do have a boyfriend. Do you remember Oliver Wood?" she asked her son.


A loud wolf whistle pierced the air and Emily released her boys and turned around to see Fred grinning wickedly at her. "You do know Oliver has had a crush on you since fifth year? A lot of us did, actually; Ianto had the hottest mum of any of us. Oliver’s a lucky, lucky man. Many hearts have broken today," Fred informed her sadly, his voice grave.


Unable to resist such a tempting opportunity, Sirius grinned broadly at Emily and she sighed with resignation, knowing what was coming and Sirius didn't disappoint her, "So Emily's got herself a boy-toy? I'm so proud of you!" he declared as he draped himself over his husband’s shoulder and tried not to laugh too openly. As funny as it is, Emily was too dangerous to provoke too much.


Emily rolled her eyes. "Well, thank you, Sirius; my life is now complete," she announced in a completely deadpan voice.


Ianto fought the urge to sigh himself; sometimes it really seemed like he, Neville, Tosh and Hermione were the only adults in the Hub. 'I hope, little one, that you’ll be a lot more mature than the rest of the children in the Hub. Please don't take after your dad or your grandda, Sirius.' Ianto hoped he could handle another child in his life, even though it would be a little one for a long time.



In the Fae Court Puck bowed respectfully to his King and Queen. "I bring news, Your Majesties, that that your son is pregnant, and I believe that the time the weird sisters spoke about has come to pass. The dark ones will seek to use him or his children as a way to force you to attack the mortal realm," Puck warned.


A sigh escaped King Oberon's lips as he glanced at the love of his life, Queen Titania, who took his outstretched hand in support. "I want Ianto under twenty-four hour watch. This early in his pregnancy they will not strike, not yet. No, I have a feeling that Saevar shall wait to strike until Ianto is close to giving birth. This way he will not have to worry about them being rescued as quickly as if he took them sooner."


Puck knew that his king was right; the Dark Fae King would not want to risk taking Ianto too early into his pregnancy; he would want to make sure the pregnancy had as few complications as it could have.


"Tell me, Puck, does Ianto know that he's having twins?" Titania asked.


A mischievous grin appeared on Puck's face. "Not yet, my Queen, and I daresay it shall certainly be a surprise."


A small smile appeared on Titania's face as she realised that within nine months would at long last she get to meet her son and her grandchildren. The prospect brought such joy to her heart that she glowed as she smiled at her husband.


"Who is watching over Ianto now?" Oberon asked wanting only the best to watch over his family.


"Solara and Zinc, my King, I wouldn't trust Ianto's safety to anyone but them," Puck reassured him; he would never risk his prince’s well-being.


Oberon and Titania were pleased that two of their highest ranking and most capable guards had been assigned to watch over their son. "Good, I am pleased with your choice; tell them to keep a close eye on Ianto. I know in my heart that Saevar will strike close to or in Ianto's ninth month," Oberon ordered.


Puck bowed his head. "I shall, my lord." And with that he disappeared, leaving his King and Queen alone to discuss and celebrate the news that they were soon to be grandparents.


"Twenty-four years we have been waiting for the day we could reunite with our son, my love. I just wish it wasn't because of the danger Saevar poses." Titania had longed for this day for such a very long time but there were tears in her eyes because what should have been a joyful reunion was tinged with danger.


Oberon cupped his beloved wife’s chin; it pained his heart to see the sadness in her eyes. "Yes, I too wish that we could be reunited with our son in a different way but the Three Witches warned us that Saevar would do everything in his power to steal our son from us. We also know that the dark Fae lord would have forced our only child to be his mate and would then have used him against us in order to bring war to the mortal world.” Oberon’s eyes were filled with shadows as he considered the horrible fate that might have befallen his son if not for the intervention of the Witches.


“Ianto would never forgive himself if he were the cause of such devastation. Our son’s mate is the man blessed and loved by the Lady of Time herself, and their children are clearly destined be something special. It was for their safety as well as Ianto’s that we had no choice but to give him away." The king could remember that day as if it had just happened moments ago. It had been the most difficult decision of their lives when they’d agreed to use their magic to bless Remus and allow him to carry their son. It had broken their hearts, but it was the only way to keep their beloved child safely away from Saevar.


"We had the very best of intentions, I know that, but it doesn't make it any easier." A single tear fell from Titania eye and slowly rolled down her cheek. Twenty-four years of watching her son from infancy to adulthood while remaining in the shadows and reading about his life and progress in the reports Emily had given them had taken their toll on her. 'You robbed me of watching my son grow, Saevar, you shall not rob me of being a grandmother,' Titania vowed. The queen knew that if she needed to do so in order to protect her child and grandchildren, she would destroy Saevar herself.




In his dark castle and seated atop his decaying throne, Saevar grinned down at his minion. "So at long last the young Prince is pregnant and his children are blessed with magic. Excellent!” the Dark Fae King purred and there was an evil glint in his eyes. “We can bide our time because no matter what, they shall soon be mine."


The fairy once known as the child, Jasmine, fluttered closer to her King; there was a glint of evil shining in her eyes as well. "Does this soon mean we will be able to take the Chosen Ones whenever we wish?” Her wings slashed through the air with agitation. “We have grown tired of taking one at a time."


A malevolent grin appeared on the black-haired fairy as he tossed his long dark mane over his shoulder while his bloody-red wings glistened in the moonlight. "Just be patient, young one; very soon nothing will stop you from taking your Chosen Ones. As your king, I promise you."




Inside the TARDIS


Having escaped the dance club, and Kalen’s amorous advances with his dignity intact, the Doctor studied the two Fae before him while his Time Lord brain raced to put the facts as he knew them in order. "So let me see if I’ve got this right, you two are the children of Jack Harkness and his mate, Ianto, who besides being the son of two wizards, one whom is a werewolf, is also the son of King Oberon and Queen Titania, the rulers of the Fae, who were forced to hide their child away because the King of the Dark Fae wants to use Ianto’s children, well... you actually, to destroy the mortal realm because he wants vengeance for actions taken by humans against his people long ago?"


The Doctor thanked Rassilon for his dual respiratory system which had just allowed him to speak for so long without drawing a single breath. As he looked back and forth between Kalen and Rhoswen he bounced excitedly on the jump seat. “Did I miss anything?”


"I always knew you were more than a pretty face," Kalen purred with a hungry glint in his eyes.


Seeing the blatant invitation on the young man’s face, the Doctor did the smartest thing he could think of at the moment; he grabbed Rhoswen, pulled her in front of him and then ducked behind her for protection.


The Doctor wasn’t exactly cowering, per se, but he certainly wasn’t living up to his reputation as fearless either and the beautiful young fairy sighed once again as she felt the Time Lord peering out from between her wings. It was no secret that her brother had been in love with the Doctor for the longest time and he’d actually had been involved with several versions of the Time Lord, although never the Tenth Doctor himself. He even enjoyed a very satisfying year-long fling with the 9th Doctor after they’d bumped into each other while the Doctor, Jack and Rose had been in the Vegas Galaxy.


In an act of typical teenage rebellion after their fathers had said no to them going with a group of their friends for spring break to the Vegas Galaxy. Jack, well aware of his son’s less than subtle crush on the Doctor wanted Kalen nowhere near the Galaxy full of sin. Ianto always the stricter of the two men and still saw his teenage children as his innocent babies refused to have them tainted by all the debauchery that went on there.


 Luckily for them all, the TARDIS had had enough sense to bring them back only a few minutes after they’d snuck off and a simple memory spell had made sure that this version of the twins and the Doctor wouldn't remember their impromptu time together until the correct timeline rolled around.


Exasperated by the behaviour of both men, Rhoswen stomped her foot and fluttered her wings rapidly, knowing full well that the Doctor got flapped several times in the process, but at the moment she didn’t care. "Kalen, this is serious! We have more important things to worry about than you trying to seduce the Doctor, again. We both know what Saevar will do and we need to put our role in Tad’s rescue into action before it's too late."


Kalen crossed his arms over his chest and pouted in a very Jack-like way. "Oh puh-leeese! The only reason you’re acting like this is because you have the Master waiting for you back at your hotel room, while my lover is out there somewhere with some new skank!" Kalen grumbled, his eyes flashing with jealousy and displeasure.


The Doctor was so startled by Kalen’s pronouncement that he began to choke on nothing; Rhoswen spun and began slapping him on the back as tears ran down his face. When he could finally breathe again, he glared angrily at the female Fae. "But you're supposed to be the sane one!" the Doctor cried out as the fact that Rhoswen was involved with the Master of all people truly sank in. “What were you thinking!?”


Rhoswen's eyes narrowed dangerously and the Doctor gulped as he realised that his hiding space had turned on him. He looked around nervously and tried to look casual as he put the jump seat between Rhoswen and himself; suddenly Kalen’s amorous advances weren’t the only thing he had to worry about.


"I'll have you know I am perfectly sane where the Master is concerned, as is the Master himself!” Completely undaunted by the Doctor’s attempts to avoid her, Rhoswen followed the Time Lord around the seat and then over to the centre console, trailing right behind him as he circled it once, twice, three times as he pretended to check buttons, levers and monitors. “Plus, you have no right to judge me on my love life, old man; you’re sleeping with my brother!"


"Not yet he isn't," Kalen muttered snarkliy under his breath, he crossed his arms and stuck his lip out in a perfect Jack Harkness pout.


"Oh, shut up, Kalen!" Rhoswen growled at her brother.


"Don't you tell him to shut up!" the Doctor snapped in return, feeling strangely protective of the young man.


Upon hearing the older man defend him, a strange look appeared on Kalen's face and he dashed around the other side of the console where he jumped the Doctor. "Aww, I knew you cared about me," he cooed snuggling closer to the now flustered and red-faced Time Lord.


Blaise and Luna had been dancing up a storm on the main dance floor when he’d noticed the good-looking man approach their table and then throw himself into the Time Lord’s lap. He’d tried to get Luna’s attention by calling to her, but she was unable to hear him over the thumping base of the loudspeakers so he’d settled for spinning her around and pointing. Luna’s eyebrows had disappeared into her hairline and she’d wasted no time in dragging her partner back over to the table, arriving just in time to hear the female fairy say “... so, we can't show up in Cardiff until Tad is taken, in his ninth month of pregnancy.”


Intrigued by her story, Luna and Blaise had followed the Doctor and the fairies back to the TARDIS, remaining off to one side while he talked to his guests. Now Blaise smirked at Rhoswen. "So how long do you have to stay with us?" He was already enjoying having the twins around; it was amusing to watch the Doctor being undone by Kalen's bold actions. He was pretty sure he’d never seen the Doctor blush so bright or so often, or squeak so much as he had since they’d encountered the Fae twins in the nightclub.


"Oh I don’t know, with timelines and all that, I’m guessing about seven months or so. But first we have to track down a former Time Agent going by the name of John Hart," Kalen happily informed them as his fingers teased the hairs on the back of the Doctor’s neck and he giggled as the older man squirmed in his arms.


Batting ineffectually at Kalen’s tickling hands, the Doctor heard the words, 'He'll be good for you,' in his head. The TARDIS’ soft yet smug voice was pleased to inform her lonely angel of Kalen’s potential. For such a long time she’d wished for her Doctor to have someone of his very own to love and while Rose had come closer than anyone else in a very long time, in the end she just wasn't right.


For a while, the TARDIS had considered Jack Harkness as a possible mate, but in the end, as charming and sexy as the Captain had been, she’d realised that his destiny would always lie with Ianto. Now, as she studied Kalen and Rhoswen's timelines, she saw the way they danced along in elegant synchronicity with those of the Doctor and Master and she was overjoyed to discover that together they would start the new age of Time Lords.


Following his ships, thoughts, the Doctor sputtered indignantly. 'What are you saying? Do you even listen to yourself? Not only is he a child,’ and he emphasised the word ‘child’, ‘but he’s also Jack's son!’ the Time Lord shot back at his meddling ship. ‘I think Jack will have more than a few issues with me dating his son!'


'Oh, don’t worry about it,’ she chortled. ‘Jack may try and kill you once or twice but eventually he'll calm down, or at least I think he will. But you should be save, no matter what, cos you’ll always have Ianto as a buffer between you,' the TARDIS informed him. She was actually quite unconcerned about the prospect of her lonely angel having to face off against an angry and overly-protective immortal; she’d seen him successfully face down Daleks, Cybermen and most impressively, Jackie Tyler.


Again all the Doctor could do was sputter uselessly. He was really starting to miss the good old days when the worst thing he had to worry about was running for his life from the newest danger he managed to land himself in. Knowing that when the TARDIS saw something in his future there was no escaping it, the Doctor shook his head with resignation. 'Something tells me that I'm going to need all my years of running experience to escape Jack when he learns of my relationship with his son.'


Sighing deeply, the Doctor knew he had no choice but to go along with his ship’s plans for now. "Where can we find this Time Agent of yours?"


Rhoswen crossed her arms over her chest. "We are not going anywhere until I go and get the Master. He won't be too happy if I travel through time with another Time Lord and don't bring him along."


Seeing that the young Fae was adamant, the Doctor simply groaned and lowered his head. "Fine, go get him. Just please, hurry up!"


A wicked grin appeared on Kalen's face as he cuddled even closer to the Time Lord. "Don't you worry, lover, I'm sure we can come up with a way to keep busy until they get back."


"You’re worse than your father, you do know that, don't you?" the Doctor curtly informed the dark-haired Fae as he struggled to free himself from his admirer.


Kalen just smiled brightly at the Doctor as he very proudly chirped out, "I know!"


'This is going to be a very long trip,' the Doctor thought to himself; if truth be told, he wasn't sure how long he would be able to keep Kalen at a distance, because unlike his father, this young man stirred feelings within him that he hadn't felt in a very long time. It was not going to be easy to remain both physically and emotional detached from Kalen Harkness-Jones.


As if he’d read the Doctor’s mind, Kalen's eyes narrowed with challenge. 'Before this trip is over you’re going to see exactly how much I mean to you.' He might take after his Tad in looks, with Ianto’s slightly curly hair, button nose and Cupid’s-bow lips, but his attitude was completely and perfectly Jack’s.


Silently Blaise and Luna watched the battle of wills happening in front of them. "Your great-grandfather stands no chance against Kalen, he knows that right?" Blaise whispered to his girlfriend.


"If he doesn’t yet, I think that it shall become clear to him very quickly," Luna agreed in a knowing tone and she tucked her arm into his, leaning in to him conspiratorially. “He won’t know what hit him, you’ll see.”


Blaise was aware that his girlfriend often knew far more than she let on and that despite the burning need to ask what she meant, he knew it would be next to impossible to get a straight answer out of Luna; she enjoyed being cryptic far too much. 'Still, this is going to be a very interesting trip. I wonder if the TARDIS has any popcorn onboard? A good show always calls for popcorn.'


The TARDIS giggled softly as she heard Blaise’s thoughts. 'Yes, he's a good match for my Luna.'

Tags: classic tw_big bang, crossover: harry potter/torchwood, fic: like drew drops on fairy wings, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: sirius/remus
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