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Fic: Like Drew Drops On Fairy Wings Chapter 7/10

Title: Like Drew Drops On Fairy Wings
Fandoms: Torchwood/Harry Potter/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Sirius/Remus, Snape/Neville, Draco/Harry, Charlie/Tosh, Owen/Tonks, Andy/Hermione, John Hart/George, Fred/Kathy, Blaise/Luna, Oliver/Emily Jones, Estelle, the Doctor/OMC, the Fairies, the Master/OFC, Martha, TARDIS
Summary: Torchwood Three has never been happier with their newfound relationships which are strengthened by the joyous announcement that Ianto and Jack are to have a expecting. But that happiness doesn't last long when an unseen dark force seeks the children for its own nefarious purpose. They get unexpected help in Jack's ex and unexpected guardians from the fairies. What is the prophecy everyone keeps talking about and how are Ianto and his children involved?
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Harry Potter or Doctor Who but I do own Emily Jones, Kalen, Rhoswen and all other original characters.
Written for Torchwood Classic Big Bang round 2

Chapter 7

Four months later


Ianto was well in to his ninth month of pregnancy, and according to him, "as big as a bloody house!", although Jack thought he was the sexiest, most beautiful creature he'd ever seen. Everyone was on guard and Ianto was never alone for a single moment; they were all so afraid that any moment Saevar would come for Ianto and his unborn children. With that threat looming over their heads, Jack had grown even more protective and possessive over Ianto, if that were even possible. Jack's single-mindedness finally got to the point that it began to interfere with his duties in the field so based on Owen's medical advice, and for the safety of those in the field, Neville temporarily relieve Jack of command.


In a move that surprised that everyone but Ianto, Jack stepped down, readily agreeing to Neville's terms. The immortal knew that he was a danger to his team but he couldn't focus on anything but keeping his mate and their unborn children safe.  


Even with the potions Severus gave him on a regular basis, Jack still couldn't completely control his wolf side. Remus had discussed it at length with Owen, Sirius and Snape, and they had come to the conclusion that it something had to do with Jack's 51st century DNA mixing with Ianto's 21st century DNA. Apparently, Ianto's fairy bloodline combined with the hormones involved in pregnancy were serving as an amplifier for Jack's already healthy libido thus bringing Jack's more primitive side closer to the surface.


Sirius could remember that when he was expecting Ianto, Remus' own wolf was quiet possessive over Sirius but nowhere near the extraordinary level that Jack had continually shown towards to their son. Remus had a feeling that in addition to everything else they'd discovered, it also had something to do with the two men being in the throes of newly mated bliss.


Despite all the anger, misgivings and irritation he'd felt when he first found out that his son was pregnant, Sirius now highly approved of Jack's possessive actions. However, even he still had his limits, and walking in on Ianto and Jack shagging all over the Hub was just too much. "Would someone please tell me how in the hell that constitutes protecting my son?"


In Jack's defense, though, it seemed that being pregnant was having a dramatic effect on Ianto's own libido and more often than not it was Ianto jumping Jack anywhere and everywhere they could find the time and a semi-private place, not that the immortal minded one bit.


With Jack out of commission in the field and confined to the Hub with Ianto, John actually surprised everyone by stepping up out in the field and helping to identify dangerous from harmless aliens and alien tech. Discussing it one afternoon over a cup of coffee for her and a bowl of green tea ice cream for him, Ianto and Tosh privately thought it was John's way of impressing a certain Weasley twin.


Jack and Snape realised that John was no longer a threat to their relationships the moment they walked in on him in the middle of shagging George on the medical table, which Owen demanded be burned and replaced immediately if not sooner. Well, after he threw the hissy fit to end all fits, that is. Draco had been an eye-witness to Owen's performance and he'd been so impressed that he'd gladly rated it in his top ten rants of all time.


Tonks, on the other hand, hadn't been at all amused when she was subjected to a re-enactment of said rant at home later that night. Upon her return to the Hub. she listed in graphic detail what she would do to anyone who used anything in the medical bay as a sex tool.


As for Jack, it had taken some time before he was comfortable with Solara and Zinc being around all the time but he'd genuinely begun to like the fairies, not that he would ever tell them that. The fact that they were utterly devoted to Ianto's well-being was a large part of Jack's change of heart.


As Ianto's pregnancy advanced it was Hermione who finally brought up a sensitive subject that they'd all been avoiding. "What if we took Ianto to the Fae Court, wouldn't he be more protected there?" 


All activity came to a stop in the Hub as her words hung in the air and Hermione shifted uncomfortably as all eyes landed on her. As much as Jack hated to admit it, he had also been thinking that it might be a good idea; at least they would be better prepared at keeping Ianto safe from Saevar. Jack turned his attention to Emily and the fairies. "Would it be possible to take Ianto to the Fae Court? Could they protect him better?"


"What kind of question is that? Of course they can! His parents are King Oberon and Queen Tatiana they are far more powerful than Saevar." A new voice piped up, offering his own opinion on the subject.


Emily wanted to roll her eyes as a familiar white-haired man appeared suddenly in the middle of the Hub floating in mid-air with his legs crossed. "Oh, you all don't look very happy to see me," he declared mockingly as several guns and wands immediately were pointed at him. With a chuckle of laughter and a snap of his fingers the guns and wands were gone in a instant. "There, that's much better. Now we can talk like civilised beings"


Twin growls rumbled from Jack and Remus' chests as they stepped protectively in front of their mates and at the same time Sirius shoved Ianto even further behind him, and together the men formed a solid line of pure determination in front of the pregnant man. No one was surprised when John pulled a second weapon out of nowhere but when Neville did the same everyone stared as he pointed a small alien-looking gun at the mystery man.


"What?" Neville asked when he noticed all eyes on him. "I learned a few tricks during the war and with my time at Torchwood Three and one of the things Jon in particular taught me is to always have a spare weapon hidden on you," he causally explained.


John leered at Neville. "If I didn't know that George would happily rip my balls off and dear old Sev would find new ways to torture me, I would so shag you right here and now." He was inordinately proud of his student.


"Never going to happen," Neville calmly informed John with a levelled glare at the former Time Agent. He was well used to his flirting ways and had learned that it was best to simply ignore him; it only encouraged him if he responded even with an eye roll.


“Ooh, I like him,” the white hair man informed Neville with a wide grin. “I think it’s time for introductions, don’t you agree, Emily, Solara and Zinc?”


Emily sighed as she felt all eyes on her once again and from the growling coming from Jack and Remus’ direction they were not happy. “Everyone, this is Puck.”


An almost gleeful look appeared on Fred and George faces as they fell to their knees and bowed. “We are not worthy to be blessed with meeting the master trickster,” they cried in unison.


As groans from the others filled the air Puck’s grin grew. ‘Oh I think I’m going to like it here!’ the trickster thought with pure glee as he eyed the still growling Jack, Remus and Sirius. It was easy to see that they were going to be so much fun to play with.


For a brief moment Ianto wondered if he was about to entertain – make that supervise –  another child. “So I take it you’re the Puck of ‘A Midsummer's Night Dream’? Have you really met William Shakespeare?” Try as he might Ianto couldn’t keep the wonder out of his voice; 'Imagine me meeting someone who once inspired the famous Bard himself!' Ianto was actually a little starstruck.


Puck could see the curious and wondrous gleam in Ianto’s eyes and his grin turned into a gentle smile as he studied the Fae Prince he had watched grow up from the shadows. “Why yes, I have, young Prince, and let me tell you something he would have just loved to have met you.” Puck tilted his head as he next studied Ianto’s silently fuming mate and he knew that his next little titbit of information would bring out the wolf in Jack, “I fact I’m sure William would have taken one look at you, declared you his muse and set about seducing you.” He added a bold wink to Ianto which proved to be the last straw for Jack.


The idea of a famous playwright being interested in his Ianto snapped what little control remained in Jack. “That’s it!” he snarled savagely. Whirling around he reached past Sirius to snag Ianto by the wrist and tug him into his arms which he promptly wrapped tightly around Ianto, resting his hands on Ianto’s round belly. “Ianto is mine! He is my mate, he is carrying our children and I’m tired of everyone forgetting that!” Jack's voice and his blood pressure had risen to a roar by the time he finished speaking.


Ianto could understand where Jack’s anger was coming from and his mate’s anger quickly became his own. Leaning back against Jack's broad chest he calmly informed Puck, “It wouldn’t matter. I have no interest in anyone other than my mate, the man I will spend forever with." His gaze turned to the others, his blue eyes shining with fire. "If you don’t like it well that’s just too bad, it’s my life and Jack is my mate. Now if you’ll excuse us I need to go ravish my mate into the mattress and then have him shag me senseless." With that Ianto gently pulled himself out of Jack’s hold just long enough to link his hand with Jack’s and then he flashed everyone a grin as he pulled his leering mate behind him and waggled his butt against Jack's groin.


Jack sent a quick salute to everyone before slinking his arm around Ianto’s waist and tucking his pregnant mate's body snugly against his. Jack’s blue eyes landed on the pendant hanging around Ianto’s neck; it had been a gift from Tosh and Hermione when he'd entered his fifth month. No one wanted to deal with an overly hormonal Ianto suffering from cabin fever over being stuck in the Hub twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The tech geniuses had designed a circuit which helped to hide Ianto’s pregnant belly from the rest of the world, although that hadn’t stopped the proud father from telling a select few people about his good news, including the Queen for one.


Ianto had been embarrassed beyond belief the day Jack had casually announced to Her Majesty that he had to cut their phone call short because his very pregnant mate had just walked into the room and he desperately needed to be ravished. Jack had been very grateful and excited that Ianto’s pregnancy had made him more than a little clingy; it saved Jack from having to sleep on the couch after his telephone stunt and then a second time when the Queen sent them a Congratulations and Welcome Baby gift basket as well as a grandmotherly demands to be kept in the pregnancy loop. With help from all the girls, Ianto had found the basket overflowing with baby items ranging from the simply practical to the most luxurious.


Solara and Zinc fluttered over to hover around Jack and Ianto; it was their job to make sure that they made it home without any problems and it was a responsibility that they took very seriously. Jack knew that the two Fairies would gladly give their lives if it meant keeping Ianto and their unborn children safe. Plus Jack was convinced that Solara, the naughty little minx, liked to watch the live Jack and Ianto show.


Smiling and waving, the team watched them go and the moment the Hub's big cog door closed back behind them a furious Tosh, Hermione and Tonks whirled around to glare at everyone. "Now look what you've done! You hurt Jack and that's something Ianto will never stand for, you're lucky he didn't unleash his magic on us again!" Tosh's words reminded them of an event a few months ago when Ianto's hormones had been so out of whack that the slightest insult or what the Welshman perceived as an insult to his mate sent him over the edge. Suffice it to say, Ianto and his growing anger had let loose his magic, nearly bringing the Hub down around their ears.


Tonks scowled at her cousin and her boyfriend; she knew their remarks weren't meant to be hurtful but they didn't always come off that way. Still, she wouldn't have blamed Ianto one bit if he had turned them into toads or had done something far worse like deny them coffee for the foreseeable future; 'Might serve them right if Ianto did just that!'


Harry took one look at the three fuming females, including his best friend, and wisely moved to stand beside Neville. "Do you think we should step in and try and regain some peace?" he whispered to his friend.


Neville hiked an incredulous eyebrow and gave Harry a look of pure disbelief. "I may have gotten brave but I'm not stupid enough to get in the middle of those three. That would be a death sentence! Yeah, I'm brave but not that brave."


Harry grinned at his friend as he pointed out, "Yeah, but they like you the best after Ianto and you never threaten to put them on decaf in order to get them to behave."


Bored and just a little frightened of the three women's wrath Draco wandered over to join his husband and friend; 'There's safety in numbers!' "And since Jack can't focus on anything but Ianto, you're in charge and they have to listen to you if you tell them they can't use us as target practice." Draco thought his two cent's worth was really quite an intelligent offering.


Neville stared at Draco in disbelief and out of the corner of his eye he noticed that Harry was doing the same. "Do you really think that for one moment that they are going to actually listen to me? Those are three very stubborn and extremely scary women, I do not plan on telling them what to do. I like living."


Draco huffed with annoyance as he crossed his arms over his chest. "As long as we keep quiet they might not even notice us. We've done nothing wrong to earn their wrath."


Harry shrugged his shoulders as he looked sheepishly at the acting leader of Torchwood Three. "He's right, you know. If we just stay out of their way we should walk away from all this with all our limbs still attached. Even the bravest of Gryffindor know when to run and hide from a battle they can't win and let's face it, that's what we're facing with the united front of Tosh, Hermione and Tonks."


Puck had quickly grown bored with the conversations around him. True, they were amusing but he couldn't help but worrying about leaving Ianto and the twins he carried alone with only Jack, Solara and Zinc to guard them. Oh the trickster knew that Jack would fight to his dying breath if it meant keeping Ianto and their children safe but Saevar and his dark children were very powerful.


Puck was afraid that Jack and two Fae would be no match for them. 'I wonder if the Lady of Time will appear to protect those she cares about?' The bond between Jack and the TARDIS was strong and its power made Puck's nose twitch. He knew in his heart that at the first sign of danger to Jack, Ianto or the twins she would appear like an avenging angel. 'I can't wait to see what surprises you bring with you, my old friend, things just might get even more exciting.'

Tags: classic tw_big bang, crossover: harry potter/torchwood, fic: like drew drops on fairy wings, pairing: jack/ianto
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