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Fic: Like Drew Drops On Fairy Wings Chapter 8/10

Title: Like Drew Drops On Fairy Wings
Fandoms: Torchwood/Harry Potter/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Sirius/Remus, Snape/Neville, Draco/Harry, Charlie/Tosh, Owen/Tonks, Andy/Hermione, John Hart/George, Fred/Kathy, Blaise/Luna, Oliver/Emily Jones, Estelle, the Doctor/OMC, the Fairies, the Master/OFC, Martha, TARDIS
Summary: Torchwood Three has never been happier with their newfound relationships which are strengthened by the joyous announcement that Ianto and Jack are to have a expecting. But that happiness doesn't last long when an unseen dark force seeks the children for its own nefarious purpose. They get unexpected help in Jack's ex and unexpected guardians from the fairies. What is the prophecy everyone keeps talking about and how are Ianto and his children involved?
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Harry Potter or Doctor Who but I do own Emily Jones, Kalen, Rhoswen and all other original characters.
Written for Torchwood Classic Big Bang round 2

Chapter 8


Luna shivered violently at the same time that the TARDIS was racked with shudders, and the young wizard was grateful for Blaise's strong arms wrapped around her, supporting her. She looked at the twins gravelly, "It's time."


Rhoswen burrowed deeper into her mate's hold as the Master tenderly stroked her dark hair and once again the Doctor was taken aback by the gentleness that his fellow Time Lord showed only towards his young mate.


The Doctor's eyes flickered to Kalen; despite his best attempts to keep his distance from the young man he'd found himself drawn like the doomed moth to the flame. No one could deny that he put up a valiant fight but in the end he'd succumbed to temptation and found himself sharing his bed with Kalen on a nightly base. The pain in his young lover’s eyes sent sharp shooting pains through his hearts and he was unable to stay completely aloof. His need to offer comfort overcame his normal reticence and the Doctor quickly crossed the distance between them and rested his hand on Kalen's shoulder.


Swept away by the Doctor's unexpected show of affection, Kalen reacted with his usual level of enthusiasm. "Oof!" The Time Lord found himself stumbling backwards into the jump seat as the young man threw himself into his arms.


"We knew this moment was coming and while we can't fully interfere, we can help." Rhoswen glanced at the innocent looking vial suspended safely from the TARDIS' console. It was the only thing in the known Universe that could help their father regain control of his wolf side once it was fully unleashed. Without it, he would become lost forever in the primitive state of mind that would manifest itself the moment Ianto was stolen away from him. It was going to be so very hard not to give into the burning needed coursing through them both to stop the events that were about to happen.


Blaise couldn't even begin to image what Rhoswen and Kalen were going through at this moment. To know that one of their fathers was going to die, even if it was only temporary, would be hard to handle but when combined with the fact that their other father would be taken by a mad man that made the situation unbearable. "Don't worry; we'll be with you every step of the way."


The twins weren't worried about rescuing their Tad; their Grandfather Oberon was far more powerful than Saevar could ever hope to be. No they just hoped the plan they and the TARDIS had come up with would work and that it would buy them all the time they needed.




A dark, evil grin twisted the cruel planes of Saevar's face; his spies had informed him that other than two weak and useless good fairies, young Ianto and his mate had been left unprotected. "It's time, my pets; you know what to do. Once our prize is in our possession, we will force Oberon to his knees. Before this day is over, he will bow before us!"


Smirks crossed the faces of the dark Fae assembled at the feet of their king. At long last they would no longer be bound by the weakness and timidity of Oberon's law; soon they would be free to lay claim to their Chosen Ones or to any child they desired. "Yes, Master!" They cheered and flapped their wings madly.


Saevar watched as his children disappeared in a whirlwind of flower petals. 'Yes, very soon I will have what I need to bring you to your knees, Oberon, and the world of the humans will soon pay for their misdeeds of the past.'




Jack and Ianto walked hand-in-hand together towards their house. Jack couldn't help but shiver with pleasure and gratitude; it had been far too long since he'd had a place to call home and now he was going to have that and so much more with Ianto. 'I'm finally going to have a family again,' and his heart sang with unbridled joy. Smiling tenderly at the man who'd made if all possible, Jack tugged Ianto into a slow kiss filled with all the love he held for his mate.


Ianto melted into the kiss. He wasn't normally one for public displays of affection, and then he'd entered a relationship with Captain Jack Harkness. After that he couldn't get enough of his mate; no longer did Ianto shy away from holding hands, walking arm-in-arm, and kissing passionately in public. Instead, rather enjoyed making his personal claim on Jack known.


The kiss slowly came to an end and Ianto smiled shyly up at Jack. "What was that for?" he asked softly, wondering what could have prompted his mate to kiss him like that.


The sweet smile that graced Jack's face was one that only those the immortal truly loved ever got to see and he gently cupped Ianto's face with his hands. "Because for the first time in a very long time I have a family again and it's all because of you. I love you, Ianto Jones, now and forever."


Smiling Ianto leaned into Jack's touch. "I love you too, Jack Harkness, till the end of time and beyond." Ianto brushed a tender kiss against Jack's lips.


Lost in a moment where nothing but the two of them existed they didn't notice the sky darkening and unnatural greenish lightning streaking through the rapidly forming clouds.


The air grew thick and heavy as Solara and Zinc instantly went on guard. They could taste the dark energy in the air; it made their skin itch and their wings tingle. "Quick! We must get them to safety!" Solara knew that she and Zinc were not strong enough to deal with Saevar's dark fairies on their own but they could not abandon Ianto or Jack to go get help from the others back at the Hub.


The hairs on the back of Jack's neck stood at attention as he sensed something watching them, and his left hand fell away from Ianto's face as he instinctively reached for his trusty Webley. "Show yourselves!" The order tore savagely from Jack's throat.


Wickedly evil laughter filled the air, the kind that could chill a person to their very soul. "Come out and play, little Prince." The wind carried the mocking voices as the air filled with a sickeningly sweet flora scent. "Come away with us, come away!"


No one was paying any attention to two grown men who seemed to be growling at empty air; no, they were too busy running for safety, trying to escape from the sudden storm that had come out of nowhere with high winds and blowing debris. Desperately shielding their heads, they ran for shelter as large pieces of hail began raining down on them.


Solara and Zinc knew they were no match against so many of the Dark Fae but all that mattered was protecting their Prince, his mate and their unborn children. “Get Ianto to safety,” Zinc growled as he and Solara bravely shot forward. “We shall hold them off as long as we can.”


Normally Jack would never even think of running away from a battle or a threat against his mate, but he knew he was powerless against the Fae and when they killed him it would leave Ianto vulnerable and that was something Jack would never let happen. Wrapping one arm around Ianto’s waist and grasping his hand tightly, Jack began tugging him towards the direction of the Hub as he prayed, ‘Please let Sirius, Remus, Emily, or Tosh have been following us on the CCTV like they normally do and back-up is on the way!’ Jack knew that it had become common practice for a member of the team to use the city’s CCTV system to make sure that Ianto and Jack made it home safely.


Ianto allowed Jack to pull him towards the Hub his sharp eyes keeping watch for a place where he could apparate them to the safety of the Hub, even though both his mother and Owen had warned him against using such a spell as it could be dangerous to the twins he was carrying. ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures. I only hope that the spell won’t harm our babies but I cannot let us fall into Saevar’s hands. I will not let that happen!’ Ianto vowed to his children.


Forces of nature clashed against one another as Solara and Zinc called upon the magic flowing through their veins to help them defend their charges against harm. A cry of pain tore itself free from Solara’s lips as one of the dark ones' blades sliced through her wing.


“Solara!” Zinc voice was tinged with pure fury as he rushed for his injured mate only to be struck down as his enemies immediately attacked him.


While their brothers and sisters were taking care of the two Light Fae, several of the Dark Fae managed to cut Ianto and Jack’s escape off. Crowing gleefully, they surrounded the men and one grinned menacingly at Ianto, his jagged teeth clearly visible. “Our Lord Saevar would like to have a word with you.”


The fairy was one that Jack recognized instantly, “Jasmine!” he muttered in disbelief. “What happened to you?”


Jasmine smiled at Jack; it was a cruel smile that went well with the evil in her eyes, “The Immortal, oh so very helpless at protecting his mate and himself.”


Jack could only watch in horror as Ianto began to steadily disappear in a rising swirl of rose petals, the same kind of petals that were slowly filling his throat and robbing him of breath. As the life faded from his eyes he vowed silently to himself and Ianto, 'Hang on, Ianto, I will come for you.'


“That is quite enough!” A powerful new voice cut through the air and Jack suddenly found his lungs clear and he sucked in breath after deep breath. As his heartbeat returned to normal he could see Ianto was becoming solid once more.


The Dark Fae hissed and growled as they slowly backed away and stared into the eyes of a furious Puck. “You dare to try and kill the mate of our Prince while abducting Ianto? You are too bold with your actions as is your master!” Puck snarled viciously, his hands glowing as he began channelling his magic.


“Protect them you can but they are not the ones we seek; the children of Time and Magic are here and they will be ours,” Jasmine hissed knowingly, a cunning smirk appearing on her face.


Horror griped Jack, Ianto and Puck. This was never about getting Ianto but trapping their grown children who, if they were anything like their fathers, would rush in without thinking, believing they could help but not seeing the danger that awaited them.


A wonderfully familiar sound filled the air as the TARDIS slowly became visible in the middle of the Plass and Ianto, Jack and Puck turned to see her. “Stay inside her, please stay inside of her,” Jack pleaded under his breath.


It was a plea that went unheeded as the TARDIS’ door flew open and out ran an young man and woman with dark locks and sparkling blue eyes. They looked just like normal young people except for the jewel-toned fairy wings on their backs, and even from a distance Jack and Ianto could see themselves mixed in their features.


“Oh dear, this isn’t good.” Puck could literally taste the heady combination of magic and time flowing off the two new arrivals and he knew with absolute certainty that if Saevar did manage to get them under his control there was no telling the destruction they could bring forth.


The Dark Fae wasted no time in rushing forth, flying towards the twins as fast as they could, eager to do their master’s bidding and at long last lay claim to what was rightfully theirs.


A smirk appeared on Rhoswen’s face as she waved her hand and the Fae froze in mid-air. “Really?” she asked scornfully. “What kind of fools do you take us for? There is a reason we travelled within the TARDIS rather than using the other options available to us.” She pulled back the sleeve of her coat to show the vortex manipulator that adorned her wrist, Jack’s vortex manipulator in fact.


Kalen crossed his arms over his chest and casually leaned against the TARDIS. “Did you really think you could fool the Lady of Time? She saw your plans and we came prepared. We knew that your spies were listening and watching and John had mentioned to us that we sent him to our fathers to warn them of what was coming. We knew you had figured that taking the young Prince who knows nothing of his true Fae heritage and then waiting for his children to be born and grow old enough to be able to wield the magic that flows through them would simply take far too long. Instead, if you knew that if you played your cards right, you could have access to two fully grown versions of them who knew everything about their heritage and had completely mastered their powers.”


Rhoswen nodded. “I have to admit, it was a pretty good plan, but you forgot to factor in the power of the Lady of Time. Nothing and no one pulls one over on her.” The fairy’s voice was filled with pride as she talked about the TARDIS.


Despite the fact that she couldn’t move her body or access her magic Jasmine scowled ferociously at the twins. “You may have won this round but Lord Saevar will not rest until he makes the humans pay for what they done to our kin and when that day comes we will be free to claim our Chosen Ones whenever we please.”




Back in his castle Saevar watched the proceedings with a calculating glint in his eyes. “Well played, young ones, you win for now but some day very soon you will be mine and through you I will bring Oberon to his knees.” For now his plans would be put on hold. He knew that Ianto and the others would be far more on guard after this attempt and that the adult version of the twins would be next to impossible to get to as long as they travelled with the Lady of Time. “My children, return to me, let them have their temporary victory because very soon we shall take what is ours.”




Rhoswen felt the tug of powerful dark fairy magic and wasn’t at all surprised to feel Saevar calling his children home. Even as she watched, his minions vanished from view, leaving behind them a chilling echo of evil laughter.


“Well, that went well.” Kalen helpfully informed his sister.


Rhoswen rolled her eyes. “Don’t get cocky. We both know that Saevar is far from finished, he will be back,” she reminded her brother.


Puck shook his head, a smirk gracing his face as he floated towards the twins. “Oh, you two are going to be a lot of fun, I just know it.”


Jack was finally satisfied that Ianto was all right; he’d poked and prodded, touched and caressed as much of his mate’s body as he could without stripping him down to bare skin. As they slowly followed Puck’s approach several things happened at once.


First, the doors to the TARDIS burst open and Luna, Blaise and the Doctor fell out in a heap of tangled arms and legs while the Master simply rolled his eyes and casually stepped over the bodies. Unconcerned by the fact that her fathers were only a few feet away, the Master crossed the distance between him and Rhoswen and pulled her into a possessive hold, winding an arm around her waist and pressing her close.


Her twin, on the other hand, was doubled over with riotous laughter. “Way to go, Doc!” Kalen managed to gasp out as he watched the Time Lord struggling to untangle himself from Luna and Blaise. When he saw Blaise trip over the Doctor’s long coat and fall back into the TARDIS, Kalen dropped to the ground, rolling around and roaring with laughter.


Next, several sharp pops filled the air and the magical half of Torchwood Three arrived, wands ready for action while at the same time the team’s big black SUV came to a screeching halt next to the curve and Tosh, Owen, Andy, John and Kathy came tumbling out with their guns drawn. As the others took up defensive positions, Owen went into full-on doctor mode and dashed over to Ianto.


“Is the Tea-Boy all right?” he demanded as he grabbed hold of Ianto’s wrist and began checking his pulse.


“He’s fine, Owen, I checked him over myself not five minutes ago,” Jack confirmed. “There’s not a scratch on him, and I could feel the twins kicking around like crazy.”


“I’m sure that as a fellow doctor you don’t mind if I check him over for myself?” Owen snarked out testily.


Tired of being ignored, Ianto yanked his arm free of Owen’s grasp. “He’s standing right here, you know; you could just ask him how he feels.”


“Yeah?” Owen quirked an eyebrow. “You’re gonna say…”


“I feel fine, thank you for asking,” Ianto answered with a naughty twinkle in his eye. Over his head, Jack and Owen looked one another in the eye as if to say, ‘What else did you expect?’


Ianto elbowed Jack sharply in the ribs. “I saw that.”


Paying no attention to the domestic interaction between his ex and his current lover, John’s attention was focused elsewhere. A face-splitting smile appeared on the former Time Agent’s face as he caught sight of the twins and then turned to see Jack’s reaction. He noticed the way Jack’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he saw the Master continuing to hold Rhoswen as Kalen, who had finally finished laughing, was helping the Doctor to his feet while fussing over him the whole time. It did not escape Jack’s notice that Kalen was using the opportunity to do a great deal of touching, fondling and caressing the Time Lord and that the Doctor was clearly enjoying all the personal attention.


‘Oh, this is going to be good!’ It looked as though John was going to have his wish granted; he’d wanted a front row seat to Jack’s reaction when he learned that both of his children were intimately involved with the last two Time Lords in existence. “I should have known that Eye-Candy Juniors One and Two would be in the middle of this mess,” he announced jauntily.


A flirty grin graced Kalen’s face. “Hey, John, looking good,” he dragged his eyes up and down the Time Agent’s body with a suggestive leer he could only have learned from John himself.


A possessive growl tore itself from the Doctor’s throat as he tugged Kalen into his arms. “He’s taken and I would appreciate if you kept your eyes and hands off of him.” He glared daggers at John Hart, as though daring him to carry on flirting with his man.


Owen looked at the scene playing out before him. “Would someone please tell us what the bloody hell is going on and who they are?” he demanded gesturing to the new arrivals.


Jack sighed as he tucked Ianto against his side and breathed in his lover’s scent; it was the ultimate way to sooth his anxiety. “It’s a long story and I swear we’ll tell you when we get back at the Hub but right now, I really think we should be getting back to the Hub.” He made sure to put a lot of emphasis on those last four words. Despite the fact that the danger had passed for the time being, Jack did not feel comfortable having Ianto out in the open. Even with his team around them, Jack still felt very exposed and he wouldn’t relax until they were safely back in their underground lair. 


Nervously, the Doctor looked back and forth between Kalen and Jack; he wasn't sure how he was going to tell Jack that he had been sleeping with his future son. He knew he couldn't hide the situation from Jack for very long; the immortal had the uncanny ability to tell when someone was having sex.

Tags: classic tw_big bang, crossover: harry potter/torchwood, fic: like drew drops on fairy wings, pairing: jack/ianto
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