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Fic: Reclaiming what's his Chapter 1

Title: Reclaiming what’s his
Fandom’s: WWE/Torchwood
Pairings: Randy/Ianto, Mickie/Tosh, Ted/Cody and Cena/Evan
Summary: Before Lisa and before Jack, Ianto belong to another. And now Randy set’s out to reclaim what is rightful his, one Ianto Jones.
Disclaimer: I do not own either WWE or Torchwood. I wouldn’t mind owning Randy and Ianto
Author Notes: Takes place after ‘End of days’ but before ‘Kiss kiss, bang bang’ for Torchwood
Rating: PG-13

Chapter 1

He remembers the first time he saw him, dressed in those sinful tight blue jeans that could even tempt an angel. Those shy blue eyes that hide the passion and fire that wait to be unleashed in him. He was innocent and a seducer at the same time.

And Randy had to have him.

And he did.

One night easily turned into a weekend, than a week, than two. And Randy would have been content to keep that young minx tided to his bed for the last of his days. But that was not meant to be.

He was finally entering the WWE and he had no choice but to let him go.

Shivers still went down his spine at the memory of their last night together. Of how he claimed him over and over again, making it clear who he belonged to.

And now the WWE and most importantly himself were returning to the United Kingdom. Most importantly their first stop was Cardiff, Wales.

A wolf like smirk over took Randy lips. “Soon Ianto Jones you will be back where you belong, with me.” He vowed his blue eyes lighting with an inner fire.

Fingers drifted across his arching body as they teased and taunted him to the brink, only to pull back just as he was to go over. A hot mouth ghosted over ever inch of his neck, leaving no spot unmarked, letting the world know he is taken. A helpless whimper escaped his kiss swollen lips as his lover stopped all actions.

A single thumb ghosted across his lower lip. “Tell me what you want? Do you want me to keep teasing you or do you want me to take you and let the world know you’re mine.” His lover growled huskily against his ear.

Passion filled blue eyes opened to meet another set of blue eyes filled with passion equaling his own. “You, Randy, I want you. Take me; let the world know I belong to you.” He pleaded desperately, needing to submit completely to his lover, to be truly his.

The wolfish smirk his lover gave him, made his shudder in utter lust. “You are mine, Ianto, as I am yours.” Randy growled out in need as he set out to make his claim clear.

With a moan of passion Ianto shot up in bed, eyes glazed over in complete passion and need. Running a hand threw his hair he tried to calm his racing heart and tame his lust. Ever since Jack left, memories of his time with Randy came to him nightly.

Every touch, every kiss, every moment they spent together haunted Ianto dreams and waking moment.

Sighing he laid back down and shut his eyes. At least in his dreams he was not alone.


Tags: crossover: wwe/torchwood, fic: reclaiming what's his, pairing: mickie/tosh, pairing: randy/ianto
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