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Fic: Possess All of Me Chapter 1/9

Title: Possess All Of Me
Fandoms: Queer As Folk/Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Brian/Justin, Kathy/Tosh, John/Emmett, 9th Doctor/Cynthia, Rhys/Donna, Owen/Katie, Ben/Michael, Jenny/Daphne, Debbie, one-sided Ethan/Justin, one-sided the Master/Ianto
Summary: For centuries Jack Harkness and Brian Kinney have been hunters of the night, taking their pleasures from whomever they desire. Neither man cares that they are the only ones not mated but everything changes the moment they meet Ianto Jones and Justin Taylor, and discover that they’ve finally and unexpectedly found their life mates.

Mystery surrounds the two newcomers and it’s one that has Jack and Brian seeking to solve. Unfortunately, once uncovered, the truth is so much darker than either man could have foreseen. When it’s finally brought to exposed, the truth brings out the protective sides in both Jack and Brian, with amazing and highly satisfying results.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Queer as Folk
Art by: Aragon


Chapter 1

Having existed among mankind since the very beginning, even the most primal of time shifters had at one time chosen to remain hidden from man, even though both races walked side-by-side. It was an easy task for the shifter packs to undertake as it is within human nature to turn a blind eye to whatever they are not yet ready to see or accept.

But it was not always easy for them to remain hidden for shifters age slower than normal humans; they can live for centuries once the shifter gene is activated. The elders that rule over the packs are some of the oldest beings alive, the oldest and the first to ever shift into the wolf spirit was nearing a thousand years old.

Over time the shifters numbers have grown too big to stay a secret and at least half of the world's population is now a shifter. All major cities now have established packs with detailed treaties in place to keep the peace. The alpha males of each pack are responsible for upholding the tenants of the treaties and enforcing discipline within their respective packs. Additionally the alphas have their own laws and punishments specific to their pack for dealing with anyone who breaks the laws, especially when the violation involves the laws surrounding their mates.

Ancient custom and law guarantee that all mates are protected but no mate is more important or better protected than the mate of an alpha. Many an upstart young male, driven by excessive hubris and raging hormones, had fallen when they dared to challenge a mated male. This happened despite the fact that they knew the law, which clear states:

To engage in the use of force to claim someone already taken as a mate is one of the gravest crimes that a shifter could commit and is punishable by death. There is no appeal and sentence is carried out immediately and without hesitation.

But among the shifters there is a very rare breed of mates whose protection falls to the elders alone for they are the omega males. In a miraculous twist of genetics, it was discovered that they can conceive and carry children, a trait so highly valued that the level of their protection is unmatched. Unfortunately there are those who seek to use the omega’s naturally submissive side against them. These evil shifters want to bind the omegas to any of their fellow alphas brave or stupid enough to force them to become their mate.

It is not in an omega’s nature to fight against any alpha’s command so only those who have not fully recognized what they are or those who have been fortunate enough to hear the call of their true mate can fight against an alpha’s control.

But there are still those who don't care about the laws of the pack or about long established shifter law and custom; they will do whatever it takes to claim what they feel is rightfully theirs and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

Outskirts of New York City

Ianto Jones stared out the window on the bus before glancing at his best friend who was huddled down in his seat with his head pillowed against Ianto's shoulder as he drifted in and out of sleep. 'Don't worry, Justin, this will be a new start for the both of us, at least I hope it will be.' Oh how he hoped that his thoughts weren't false. He was tired of running and he knew Justin was too. 'They've hunted us all over the United Kingdom and New York; I hope that Pittsburgh will finally be a place we can call home.'

Ianto had no idea what awaited him and Justin in Pittsburgh; all he knew was they were both so very tired of running, so tired of constantly looking over their shoulder.

Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Brian Kinney, alpha of one of the bigger packs of werewolves in Pittsburgh, stared at the writhing bodies out on the dance floor, their skin slick with sweat that glistened in the lights. His eyes trailed over each potential trick looking for something special, interesting or appealing but he dismissed each one just as quickly. Tonight he was on the hunt for someone different; the wolf in him was on edge and none of them were deemed worthy prey.

Brian stiffened as awareness of another alpha’s presence washed over him but then relaxed a moment later when he recognized the scent that filled the air. "Hello, Jack, I'm surprised to see you slumming," Brain drawled out, smirking as he met the amused blue eyes of his fellow alpha.

Jack Harkness grinned broadly as he came to stand next to Brian against the bar and his own eyes dragged over the writhing dancers, each lost in their own little world, and just like Brian he dismissed each and every one of them. "Emmett wanted to dance and John can never say no to his mate."

Brian snorted with amusement. "For a Nelly Queen, he's got John wrapped around his little finger." As the alpha of his pack and therefore responsible for each member’s well-being, he’d had his doubts when John Hart and Emmett Honeycutt turned out to be mates. John had always been just as big of a player as him and Jack but Emmett turned out to be far more than a match for the ex-playboy.

"Don't remind me!” Jack laughed. “But you have to admit, it is a great source of amusement. At least John's not as bad as the Doc is around Cynthia; I always knew a bossy blond would be his undoing."

Brian fought back the urge to laugh as he thought of his friend and pack mate; if you were even halfway intelligent you never wanted to get on her bad side. Cynthia was a powerful force to be reckoned with and one of the few people that Brian honestly trusted.

Unlike most alpha's who generally have a difficult time just being in the same city, Jack and Brian didn't have a problem with each other; in fact, were they human, they would be considered best friends. It may have something to do with the fact that four members of their packs had ended up as mates, thus forcing them to create a truce.

Brian's omega, Cynthia, ended up being the mate of one of Jack's closest friends, John 'the Doctor' Smith. The poor man had no idea what hit him the moment the blond beauty had marched up to him and declared to one and all that he was her mate. She then proceeded to pull him into a toe-curling kiss that completely robbed the normally cool and calm man of all logical thought. It was instantly clear to everyone just who was in charge in that relationship.

"At least the Doctor is a smart man and knew that he wouldn't find anyone better than Cynthia." Brian might not always act like it but he was very protective over his pack and it was a well-known fact that he would rip anyone to shreds if he thought they posed a threat to or hurt them in any way.

A knowing grin appeared on Jack's face. "Trust me, I've seen the girls that the Doctor has fallen for in the past and while they were nice to look at, they just weren't right for him; they all seemed to in awe of him. Cynthia grounds him." Jack’s eyes sought out the members of his pack and a sharp pang went through his heart as he took in all the happy couples. He would never say it out loud but he was just a little bit lonely and when he was alone at night, he longed for the one he could call his mate. Jack also knew that no matter how much Brian denied it he felt the same way. Centuries of being alone can weigh heavily on one's soul and honest introspection can make you wonder are you meant to be alone for the rest of your life?


Stretching out his body trying to rid himself of the tension that built up after so little movement, Justin knew that if he saw the inside of another bus anytime soon he was going to scream. Settling his jacket in place on his shoulders, he cast a glance at his friend watching as Ianto gathered their bags. "So now where do we go?"

The meeker of the two young men, Justin was more than willing to let Ianto take the lead in unfamiliar situations and he was constantly amazed by the strength and intelligence Ianto consistently showed. Ethan had only been hunting him for a few months but the Master had been after Ianto for several years now, forcing him to flee his own country and then to run from city to city. There were times when a scant hour separated the young Welshman from his relentless pursuer.

Ianto swung his bag over his shoulder as he handed Justin his. "There's a hotel not too far from here and we have enough money saved up so that it won't be a problem for a while, but it won't hurt to look for work soon."

It might be optimistic and maybe even a little foolish to think about settling down permanently but the illusion of a real home gave them a little bit of hope.

Pittsburgh may seem like a strange choice to some, but Ianto had chosen it for a reason; after a lot of discrete research he’d discovered that two big packs controlled the area under very powerful alphas, Jack Harkness and Brian Kinney.

'I just hope they’re strong enough to keep those bastards away from us.' Ianto knew that Ethan wasn’t brave enough to come after Justin no matter how obsessed he was with the young blond; Ethan was far too weak-willed to go against such powerful alphas like Jack and Brian. However the Master, well… he was a whole other story. The man was powerful, insane and ruthless, and he had the financial means and the hired manpower to track Ianto no matter where he went.

Running was something Ianto Jones and Justin Taylor had gotten very used to very quickly and it was something they’d gotten very tired of as well.

Justin had a thoughtful look on his face, his blue eyes clouded with worry. "Do you think we should try and set up a meeting with the packs? See if we can get their protection?"

Ianto had to admit that Justin had a good point. "I can't see how it would hurt to do so. And they might appreciate the heads up just in case we are followed here."

Neither Ianto nor Justin wanted to acknowledge that the Master was truly insane enough to chase Ianto to the ends of the Earth, and Ethan was so high on the power trip brought on by being aligned with such a powerful alpha that he wouldn't even think twice about tussling with two powerful local alphas. Having seen the damage the obsessive man could bring, they especially didn’t want to unleash the Master’s insane horror on anyone without proper warning.

Ianto quickly came to a decision. “Tonight we’ll get settled and tomorrow we’ll look for part-time work; with luck, we should be able to figure out how to get in contact with the packs pretty quickly.”

Justin nodded wearily; his body was calling for a soft bed even if it was in yet another soulless hotel room; their idea of comfort wasn’t always the same as his but at least it would be a bed. The blond leaned into Ianto’s hold as the Welshman wrapped an arm around his shoulders and led him out of the bus station. As they trudged along, he felt safe for the moment and he could only hope that the feeling would last this time.

Liberty Dinner was the unofficial hangout of both Jack and Brian’s packs but Debbie didn’t mind since her son was mated to one of Brian’s pack members; she adored her son-in-law Ben and his total devotion to her precious boy. With her enormous and open heart, Debbie viewed all the members of the packs as her kids and she just wished that Jack and Brian could find the happiness that had eluded them for so long.

Snapping her gum sharply, Debbie snatched up the coffee pot and made her way over to the booths that the packs usually claimed. “So where are your fearless leaders?” the saucy redhead asked as she noticed both Brian and Jack were missing from the group of late-night snack seekers.

Toshiko Sato, Debbie’s favourite by a long shot, looked up at her with worry on her face. “Jack and Brian called it an early night; they didn’t take stop to take anyone home with them. I hope they're okay.”

Everyone knew that Tosh had a soft spot for both alphas; no one knew the full story except for Jack, Brian and Kathy, but they knew that Jack and Brian had saved her life. Under strict promises of pain from both alphas no one ever pressured Tosh for the whole story; it was an accepted fact that if or when she wanted them to know, she’d tell them herself.

Tosh’s mate, Kathy, an alpha female of Jack’s pack, rolled her eyes as she curled her arm protectively around Tosh’s shoulders. “I’m sure they’re just fine, kitten. They probably already had plans made; it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t have a few tricks lined up just waiting for their call.”

It was no secret that Jack and Brian could and did have any man they wanted; hell, they had guys tripping over themselves for a chance at being in either one of their beds or wherever it was that Jack and Brian wanted them.

When the others agreed with Kathy's opinion Tosh shifted in her seat and caught Cynthia's eyes across the booth; they were the only two who seemed to notice the longing that would briefly appear in their alpha's eyes when they saw one of the mated couples together. After centuries of being alone it was starting to wear on Jack and Brian and though Tosh would never say it out loud, she was sure that both men were lonely and wanting to find their own mate.

'Cynthia sees it; I wonder why no one else can,' Tosh thought sadly to herself. 'I really hope that you both find who and what you're looking for.'

Jack let out a satisfied grunt as he finished with his latest trick for the night, quickly discarded the used condom and just as quickly began redressing himself before the man on the bed had even regained coherent thought.

Jack looked at the man he was sure his name was Alfred, Alan; well he knew it started with an Al, he thinks.

Jack looked at the man – he was sure his name was… Alfred or Alan or… well I know it starts  with an Al,' and he frowned as he pulled on his trousers. ‘At least I think it does!’

Drowsy eyes blinked up at Jack. "You're leaving already? I thought we could make a night of it."

Jack grinned wickedly at the other man. "Sorry, Alfred, I don't do nights."

A petulant scowl appeared on the man's face. "It's Alonso,” he curtly reminded the other man and then huffed with annoyance as Jack just shrugged his shoulders and getting dressed. ‘Why are the hot ones always the assholes?’ “So I take it there’s no point in asking if I can see you again?”

Jack flashed him a dark grin. “Now you’re catching on.” Jack had enjoyed his time with the younger man but not enough to seek him out again. ‘I couldn’t even remember his name! That should have been a big enough clue.’ While Jack enjoyed the freedom of having a new warm body ready and willing whenever he wanted he’d had a few meaningful relationships in the past. Although none of them had turned out to be his life mate, he did care for them, there was one who had come as close as Jack had ever gotten to a mate. Estelle Cole had captured his heart like no other, and their years together had been some of the happiest times of his life. But unfortunately, Estelle was human and didn’t possess the shifter genes. Jack had been forced to watch helplessly as Estelle aged before his eyes and sooner than he liked Estelle’s light was gone from this world making Jack’s a little darker and colder.

Jack finished putting on his boots, grabbed his leather jacket and without even sparing a look at the rumpled man on the bed he called out over his shoulder a distant, “Later!” as he let the door slam behind him.

Crossing his arms over his chest Alonso glared at the closed door. “Jerk!" he snarled at the empty room.

The cool night air washed over Jack chilling his sweaty skin and sending a quick shiver down his spine; he didn’t really mind the cold all that much, but he still hiked up the collar of his jacket higher. While it was next to impossible for a shifter to catch the common human cold, it was still possible and Jack knew that Tosh would worry and fret over him if he had even the slightest sniffle. He smiled wistfully, ‘I wouldn’t mind a little bit of fussing.'

As he walked past a weekly-rental motel a scent filled the air stopping Jack in his tracks; the shifter felt his mouth water with desire and a low growl escaped his lips as his eyes flashed in hunger. Lifting his head, he sniffed deeply, tasting the air, seeking the source of the arousing scent. His senses quickly honed in on two young men across the car park from him; they were chatting together as they unlocked the door to their room. Jack quickly dragged his eyes over the blonde and while he was a beauty, the shifter just as quickly dismissed him. Instead, his gaze was inexorably drawn to the dark-haired man and it stayed there while Jack slowly perused every inch of the young man’s backside. His nostrils flared as he pulled the young man’s scent into his lungs and he licked his lips in anticipation as he admired the man’s pert arse. ‘Those are some sinfully tight blue jeans!'

All too soon the two men disappeared behind the closing door and Jack growled at the lost chance. He wasn’t sure why the scent of the dark-haired man was affecting him so strongly but he hadn’t felt so lost and alone since Estelle’s passing.

 “Mine!” the wolf in him demanded with a snarl. “Go and claim him!”

Jack found himself forcing back his wolf, knowing that if he didn’t he would surge forward and break down the door, destroying the only thing that was keeping him separated from the one who called out to his soul. Jack’s steps faltered. ‘Could it be possible after all this time? Have I’ve finally found my life mate?’ The possibility literally made him weak in the knees.

Slipping back into the shadows, Jack studied the closed motel door; the lights were on inside the room and he could see vague shapes moving across the curtained window. “Sleep well tonight, my mate, for the next time we meet I will claim you and you won’t be able to sleep for at least a week,” Jack promised darkly. There was a purely wolfish grin on his face as a plan on how to win and seduce his young mate began to form. After waiting and watching until the lights in the room went out, Jack finally headed home with a bright smile on his face; there was a spring in his step as he whistled a happy tune. His heart felt a whole lot lighter than it had in years and Jack knew instinctively that it was because of the man who was unknowingly waiting for him.

Inside the surprisingly clean and comfortable hotel room that he was sharing with Justin, Ianto shivered lightly unsure of what was causing the chills that seemed to reach into his very soul.

Justin looked at his friend with worry in his blue eyes. “Are you alright? You’re not getting sick, are you?”

Ianto shook the feeling off and smiled reassuringly at his friend. “I’m sure it’s nothing. Now I’m going to take a nice hot shower and then I’m heading to bed; we’ve had a long journey and we have a busy few days ahead of us.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” As if to prove his point Justin let out a huge yawn; despite the nap he’d had on the bus he was still pretty tired. He hoped that they both managed to get a good night’s sleep; he didn’t want to humiliate Ianto and himself by falling asleep in the middle of meeting with the alphas tomorrow. As he watched Ianto head to the bathroom Justin sank down on his bed and bounced up and down a few times, testing the mattress. ‘Nice!’ he nodded with approval as he toed off his trainers and laid back. ‘I’ll just have a quick nap and then hop into the shower myself.’ The blond let his eyes flutter closed and he was sound asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.

Tags: crossover: queer as folk/torchwood, fic: possess all of me, pairing: brian/justin, pairing: jack/ianto, werewolf bb
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