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Fic: Possess All of Me Chapter 2/9

Title: Possess All Of Me
Fandoms: Queer As Folk/Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Brian/Justin, Kathy/Tosh, John/Emmett, 9th Doctor/Cynthia, Rhys/Donna, Owen/Katie, Ben/Michael, Jenny/Daphne, Debbie, one-sided Ethan/Justin, one-sided the Master/Ianto
Summary: For centuries Jack Harkness and Brian Kinney have been hunters of the night, taking their pleasures from whomever they desire. Neither man cares that they are the only ones not mated but everything changes the moment they meet Ianto Jones and Justin Taylor, and discover that they’ve finally and unexpectedly found their life mates.

Mystery surrounds the two newcomers and it’s one that has Jack and Brian seeking to solve. Unfortunately, once uncovered, the truth is so much darker than either man could have foreseen. When it’s finally brought to exposed, the truth brings out the protective sides in both Jack and Brian, with amazing and highly satisfying results.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Queer as Folk
Art by: Aragon


Chapter 2

Liberty Diner

The bell above the door chimed a merry greeting as it opened and closed, followed by Jack’s cheerful greeting, “Good morning, everyone; isn’t it a lovely day to be alive.”

The pack members who were gathered for breakfast could only blink in astonishment as Jack literally bounced over to their booth and greeted Debbie with a loud kiss on her cheek and a big hug before taking the open seat next to Brian.

Brian stared at his fellow alpha like he'd never seen him before. “What the hell has gotten into you?” he demanded suspiciously.

No one was prepared for the wide beaming smile that graced Jack’s face or the words that fell from his lips, “I have met my mate,” he announced assertively.



“What’s his name?”

“Where did you meet him?”

“Are you sure?”

Demands for information came fast and furious, overlapping one another and the volume at the table rose as each person tried to make sure they were heard over the others and finally Jack lifted his hands up and demanded in a purely alpha tone, “Quiet, all of you!”

Despite the fact that she wasn’t a shifter, Debbie still found herself shutting her mouth and shivering at the masterful tone in Jack’s voice and everyone but Brian immediately became silent. 'I really wish he could teach me that trick,' Debbie thought with a grin, 'it sure would have come in handy many, many times.'

"Wait! Don't tell me – let me guess – it's that trick you picked up last night! I'm sure he was a good fuck, my friend, but great sex does not make him your mate." Brian pointed out with a broad smirk on his face. “If it did, I’d have a thousand mates!” and he nodded thanks as the group laughed at his words.

Waiting for the table to quiet back down, Jack glared at his friend. "I know that, you jerk, and no, it wasn't Alfred," a puzzled look appeared on Jack's face, "or was his name Alan. I'm sure it started with Al."

Everyone but Brian rolled their eyes at Jack's failure to remember his latest trick's name; it happened more often than not.

"So when did you meet the 'love of your life'?" The air quotes around the last four words and the pure, thick sarcasm dripping off of Brian’s tone made it clear exactly how ridiculous he found Jack’s statement to be.

Jack’s glare deepened and he briefly bared his teeth at his fellow alpha. “He is my mate because he called to my wolf,” he solemnly responded, “and it took all my strength and willpower to keep him under control. His instinctive need to react and go claim what he believes to be his was almost overpowering.”

Brian’s eyebrows rose and disappeared into his hairline; in all the years he’d known Jack he’d never heard the other man saying his wolf had acted like that. “You still haven’t told us where you met him or even his name,” he pointed out.

Just when everyone thought that Jack couldn’t surprise them anymore that morning he did it again:

Infamous playboy and notorious man-about-town Jack Harkness blushed!

A flush appeared on his neck and rose upward until it blossomed bright red on his cheeks and then Jack surprised them all again. Flustered by the ridiculous of his situation he scratched the back of his head. “Well... you see... it’s like this... I didn’t actually meet him, I just saw him.”

As snickers flew around the table, Jack looked up sharply. “But I know he’s the one for me, his scent called to me!” he stated fiercely and there was a fire burning in his eyes that none present had seen before.

Silence reigned for a moment before a guffaw of laughter burst from Brian’s parted lips and that in turn set off both John Smith and John Hart. As his friends roared with laughter, a contagion which rapidly spread around the table and even had other patrons looking in their direction, Jack’s scowl deepened as the three men continued to laugh uproariously. If he didn’t know better – that shifters never use mind-altering drugs – he’d have sworn that they were stoned off their arses.

 ‘I really hope they pull a muscle,’ Jack thought sourly as he crossed his arms over his chest and glared daggers at his three friends. Finally, unable to take it any longer, Jack barked out, “Are you done yet?”

“Not by a long shot!” Brian managed to snort out between guffaws of laughter. “That has to be the saddest thing I’ve heard in a long time…!” and he paused for a second to catch his breath, “and that’s saying something considering we know this bunch.”

No one, not even Debbie, could argue that fact; more than once they had all, well minus Brian, of course, done something foolish and absolutely embarrassing in the name of love. When it came to wooing their life mate, there was no act too ridiculous, no statement too awkward no ploy too dicey if it meant a successful campaign.

John Hart’s eyes twinkled as he looked at his pack’s alpha male and his own best friend. “Oh come on! I remember you laughed yourself silly when I droned on about Emmett and as I recall, you took great joy in telling everyone about how my first glance at him had me walking into a lamppost! Some friend you turned out to be! Instead of worrying about me and making sure I was alright you just stood there and laughed, so forgive me for getting the same enjoyment you did at my predicament.”

“I think it’s sweet,” Tosh spoke up offering Jack a shy but sweet smile. “Love at first sight is so romantic,” she sighed dreamily.

Jack wasn’t surprised to hear that Tosh thought the same way he did, and it only made him adore her more. “See? This is why you’re my favourite, Toshiko.” It was a truth everyone knew; Jack saw Tosh as a little sister and as such, the beautiful Japanese shifter garnered more praise and attention than anyone else. They had a very strong bond and he was more protective of her than he was of the other members in the pack.

“You would, Tosh, because you’re a hopeless romantic,” Owen Harper sneered haughtily at the woman. There was a look of disgust on his face at the thought of romance even though he’d been happily mated to Katie, the love of his life, for almost fifty years. Despite his wife’s best efforts early in their relationship to change him, he would never be an overly touchy-feely man, and luckily Katie had realised that she liked him just the way he was. They say being in love made you blind to and accepting of the faults of your loved one, and was more than true when it came to Owen and Katie’s romance.

Tosh stiffened next to Kathy and she hid a smile when hidden by the table, Kathy laid a comforting hand on her leg. “It’s common for a shifter, more importantly for a werewolf, to be drawn to their mate by scent first. After all, our sense of smell is the most powerful one we have, and if I’m remembering correctly it was Katie’s scent that first drew you to her. And I think we all remember the way you acted like a total git! You followed her around like a love-sick puppy for a week reciting bad poetry you’d written for her,” she pointed out purely in defence of Jack.

The alpha’s heart grew even warmer as he heard his little fire breathing dragon’s words and he smiled at her, proud of the growth she’d made since he’d first met her.

Katie smiled sweetly at her mate and then the smile turned into a cheeky grin. “She’s got you there, Owen. I thought you were adorable from the first moment I first saw you but your taste in poetry was so bad it kind of turned me off. You’re lucky you’re so cute otherwise I might have said no when you asked me out,” she teased but there was no sting in her words. They both knew that bad poetry or none at all they were meant to be together through the ages and just as they knew they would have found their way to one another no matter what.

For a moment, all Owen could do was stare at his mate in astonishment before a childish pout appeared on his face. “I’ll have you know that I have received many compliments on my poetry. Many said it was like nothing they had ever heard before and would mostly never hear again,” the erstwhile poet announced proudly.

Reaching around his own mate Emmett patted Owen on the hand as he calmly informed him, “Oh, sweetie,” he said sympathetically in his Southern drawl. “That’s a polite way of putting it that you sucked.” An amused giggle ran around the table.

John nodded his head agreeing with his mate. “Until I heard his poems, I didn’t know your ears really could bleed.”

That earned a new round of snickers and Katie also gently patting Owen on the hand; she waited until he was looking at her before she said, “They were awful, I will admit that, but it was a rather sweet gesture and it made me fall in love with you all that much sooner. I’d never had anyone formally court me before and the fact that you were willing to make a fool of yourself all in order to win my heart, well that was just the icing on the cake!”

Owen wasn’t sure how he should react to Katie’s statement so he responded the only way he knew wouldn’t get him into trouble: he pulled her into his arms and began to kiss his mate silly.

Everyone rolled their eyes as Owen and Katie became lost in their kiss; it was rather normal for them to act like a newly mated couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other even after five decades together.

Brian’s nose twitched up into a scrunch as it always did whenever he was forced to witness a display of hetero's mating ritual. “Alright, unlike the rest of you, I actually have to work for a living, so I’ll leave you all to this sickening display while I continue to make Kinnetik the number one ad agency in the city.” Unable to make a dramatic exit because Jack was blocking him in the booth, Brian pushed Jack out of the seat and onto the floor and inhaled the last of his coffee. Then he climbed to his feet and looked down at Jack favouring his old friend with a smirk and ignoring Jack’s upheld hand signalling for help standing up. “Try not to listen to whatever kind of advice these idiots offer up because I will not be bailing your arse out of jail but,” he paused to give Debbie a quick kiss, “I will be laughing my happy arse off when you’re arrested for stalking.”

Accepting a helping hand from John Hart, Jack clambered to his feet and glared at the retreating back of his fellow alpha. “You just wait, Kinney, your mate is out there and when you fall head over heels in love with him I’ll be Johnny-on-the-spot laughing my arse off watching you make a fool of yourself!”

Cocking an eyebrow Brian looked over his shoulder and called out confidently, “Never gonna happen.” There was no way he would ever fall in love or be tied down. Not ever.

Watching Brian stride jauntily out the diner’s door, Debbie could only shake her head with the amused frustration of a mother-figure. She’d taken his pack members and then those of Jack’s pack, under her wing, tending wounded hearts and bruised egos, listening to secrets and giving advice. She knew in her soul that there was something coming, something that was going to forever change the lives of both Jack and Brian. What she didn’t know was whether or not they were ready for it or if they would even accept the change.

Morning came far too soon for Justin’s taste and only the smell of Ianto’s coffee drifting through the small room roused him from the land of sleep. “How did you manage to make such liquid gold with that crappy old machine?” Justin asked once he finished inhaling his first two cups and was able to think much more clearly. “This is perfection,” he sighed as he hopefully held out his cup for a refill.

A sweetly bashful look appeared on Ianto’s face while a tiny smile twitched his lips. “It’s a gift; now that you’re properly caffeinated are you ready to go?” He’d discovered very early on in their friendship that it was never wise to let Justin out in public without at least one cup of his coffee under his belt. Ianto actually blamed himself for creating an addict; once the young man had tasted his coffee it had become like a drug for Justin.

“Mmm... you know if this works out and we’re finally able to stop running you should open one of those coffee/bookstore things; you would have legions of worshippers in a day and in less than a week you would be ruling the world!” Justin murmured as he stared mournfully into his now-empty cup of coffee. ‘Ianto must know we’re gonna have a stressful day if he’s let me have three cups!’ Smacking his lips to savour the taste left on his lips and tongue he handed Ianto the empty cup to be rinsed out in the bathroom sink.

Shaking his head Ianto smiled at his friend. “I’ll keep that in mind. Now come on, we have a busy day ahead of us.”

Several hours later

“You’re a slave driver, you know that right?” Justin asked as he glared exhausted daggers at his friend; so far they had applied at every shop, restaurant and bakery showing a help wanted sign in their front window. The only time they stopped was to take a few breaks for water and then at mid-day to eat a nice big lunch. Knowing that they could eat a dinner-size meal at lunch-time prices, Ianto made sure that Justine ate heartily; ‘the boy goes through food like crap through a duck!’

Unfortunately, their hunt for the alphas had been less than fruitful; the only thing they learned was that their best chance of making contact was to head over to Liberty Avenue. While no one was willing to go on record and say that that was where the wolf packs called home, all the hints, nods and winks seemed to suggest just that.

“You’re young, you’ll live,” Ianto calmly informed Justin as he glanced at the directions they had been given for Liberty Avenue and with a satisfied nod Ianto was pleased to see that they were nearly there. “We’ve got less than a block to go, okay?”

Unable to stop himself Justin rolled his eyes in a perfect imitation of Ianto; he’d already heard that several times before, so he figured he’d believe it when he saw it. Any comment he was about to make died on his lips as they turned the corner and found themselves in what appeared to the weary travellers to be a whole new world. The moment they stepped onto Liberty Avenue their eyes went wide and a joyful feeling of being home at last washed over them.

“Wow! This place is awesome!” A bright smile spread across Justin’s face as he took in the sights and people before him; while he knew he was still in Pittsburgh, it seemed like a whole new world. He was thrilled as he surveyed Liberty Avenue; his eyes were darting in every direction, trying to absorb the sights, sounds and smells of a place where those who would never fit in with the normal world could call home.

Feeling a spark of hope at the sight of Justin’s trademark sunshine-bright smile, Ianto smiled just as brightly as well. What had once been a regular sight had become a true rarity as Ethan’s obsession with the blond slowly took its toll on Justin. ‘It’s good to see you happy again, my young friend, and I’ll do everything in my power to keep that smile on your face.’

Justin’s blue eyes practically glowed with joy as he bounced up and down on his toes, simply too excited to stay still. happiness “Come on, let’s check this place out!” Grabbing his friend’s hand Justin began dragging a laughing Ianto behind him; neither man noticed all the admiring looks they were getting as they danced merrily down the street.


Donna Noble was the sole proprietor of the popular vintage clothing and knick-knack shop known as the TARDIS. Housed right in the heart of Liberty Avenue, it was a destination location for savvy tourists as well as a popular stop for the locals. The shop was also visited frequently by those who roamed the city’s streets for both business and pleasure when they were bored. This was the time of day when business slowed down and a Donna became bored; after all, there were only so many items to fold and re-fold, so many shelves to stock and rearrange, and so many things to be admired and coveted.

Yes, boredom could be a very dangerous thing when it came to Donna; it usually turned her into her own best customer. Adding to her boredom was the fact that her fiancé, Rhys Williams, was out of town on a long-haul delivery for his transport company up to the Northern Scottish Highlands which meant that there was nothing and nobody to keep her from getting into trouble.

 ‘This is so boring!’ the redhead thought with a pout as she folded her arms on the countertop and rested her head on her temporary pillow. ‘I could use a quick snooze.’

All thoughts of a nap were driven from Donna’s mind as the chime above the door rang as it was opened. ‘Oh my! If I wasn’t already taken…’ was Donna’s first thought when two handsome young men came into her small shop. They were both quite good looking; the blond had a smile on his face that could outshine the sun itself while his dark-haired friend was wearing a smaller smile that was just as warm and inviting.

 ‘Well, my day is suddenly looking up!’ Donna thought with a grin and she came bustling out from behind the counter with a bright smile on her face. “Hello and welcome to the TARDIS, I’m the owner, Donna Noble, and how can I help you two cuties?”

As an adorable blush began rising from their collars to spread across their faces, Donna had to fight the urge to pinch their cheeks. ‘Oh I must introduce them to Debbie; she’ll just love them!’

Putting out his hand, Justin politely introduced them to Donna. “I’m Justin Taylor and this is my friend, Ianto Jones and your store is amazing!” Justin flashed Donna another of his brilliant smiles.

“Why thank you, Justin, your mama taught you well! Now, please feel free to look around and don’t be afraid to give me a shout if you need any help.” Donna trailed after them as they slowly began poking around the store; she hated not knowing everything that happened on Liberty Avenue and now she had the opportunity to be the first to know all about these two young men. “So I take it you two are new in town?”

A quick look was exchanged betwe9en Justin and Ianto, and Donna saw the wariness as well as a hint of fear in their eyes before it was quickly hidden away. Acting as their spokesperson, Ianto smiled sweetly at Donna. “I will admit that there are things beyond our control that have forced us to relocate sooner than we thought and we didn’t have time to make full-on plans.” Ianto cringed as he heard himself speak, ‘Could I be any stuffier?! She’ll think I’m a right twit!’ He shot a quick glare at Justin’s direction when he distinctly heard a soft giggle from him.

Donna studied them for a moment and then, “You need work,” she pointed out bluntly and the darkening of their blush was a sure sign she was on the right track. Ianto had a classic look about him; sort of an old-world air to the way he dressed and spoke that would fit in well at her store. ‘My customers will just eat him up!’ Aloud she said, “My fiancé has been telling me that I need to hire more staff around here, especially with our wedding just a couple of months away. So what do you say, Mr Jones, would you like to work for me?”

For a moment Ianto could only stare at Donna in astonishment and it took Justin nudging him in the ribs to spur him into action. “Yes! Thank you so much, Miss Noble; I promise you won’t regret this.” Ianto hoped that this was a sign for him and Justin, that maybe their life was finally going to get better.

The fiery redhead frowned at Ianto. “None of this Miss Noble stuff, it makes me feel old; just call me Donna, okay?”

Shyly Ianto nodded. “Okay, Donna, thank you.”

Happy for his friend Justin beamed at Donna and for the first time she experienced the full effect of his brilliant smile. “Just wait until you try a cup of Ianto’s coffee! You’ll keep him on for that alone if you don’t end up dumping your fiancé and marrying Ianto instead.”

“Well then, I look forward to trying your coffee, after I get some food into the two of you.” Donna raised an eyebrow, crossed her arms over her chest and the look on her face simply dared them to try and tell her no, and when they meekly lowered their eyes she nodded with satisfaction. “You both need some meat on your bones; I’m taking you to Liberty Diner and if your coffee is as good as Justin claims then one taste of it will have Debbie hiring you on the spot and that is just something we cannot have.”

Ten minutes later

“Oi, Debbie, you here? I’ve got a couple of chicks in need of mothering.”

Debbie grinned at Donna’s cheeky announcement and came out of the back with a smile on her face and when she saw the two young men standing behind her fellow redhead her maternal instincts kicked in immediately. She could see that Donna was right; the boys looked like they could use a good home-cooked meal. Debbie’s eyes narrowed imperceptibly; there was also a wariness about them and after knowing Jack and Brian for as long as she did, Debbie could easily see past their masks to the fear they were so desperately trying to hide.

“Well aren’t you two just the cutest things ever. And you’re right, Donna, these two look like they could use a good meal. I’m Debbie, have a seat,” and she led them to a booth towards the back where she could talk to them while she worked. Instinct told her that they wouldn’t appreciate sitting at one of the window tables, in full view of the street and passers-by. “Take a look at the menu while I get you both something to drink. So you know what you’d like?” Debbie asked.

Justin didn’t even have to look at the menu he knew what he wanted to drink, “I’ll have a strawberry milkshake and Ianto will have a one chocolate.” He knew Ianto had had enough coffee for the day and besides, Ianto was a bit of a coffee snob. Debbie seemed like such a nice lady and he didn’t want Ianto accidently hurting her feelings by making his usual face when he tasted less-than-perfect coffee.

Ianto knew exactly what Justin was thinking and he sent a quick glare at his friend followed by a small smile of gratitude. He knew perfectly well that he was a coffee snob and it was the main reason why he tried not to drink any coffee but his own.

Having seen the silent communication between Justin and Ianto, Debbie could tell theirs was a deep and abiding friendship and she smiled; they reminded her of her son, Michael, and his best friend. That was the moment she knew she’d be looking after the two young men having already decided that they needed a good mothering; they were both far too skinny in her opinion.

Donna fought back a grin; Debbie had that gleam in her eyes, the one that said she’d found another set of lost boys that were in need of mothering and she was just the one to do it.

Debbie quickly returned with the boys’ requested shakes but they’d still had enough time to look through the menu. "Here you go," Debbie smiled at them as she placed their milkshakes down in front of them, followed by the frosty metal mixing tins; somehow she’d ‘accidentally’ made shakes that were too big to fit in the glass. "So what else can I get you?"

Justin looked up at her with shining blue eyes. "I'll have the double cheeseburger with fries and a couple of those lemon bars, please and thank you."

A cheeseburger sounded good to Ianto. "I'll have the same, thank you."

Debbie turned her grin on Donna. "We found ourselves some polite ones, a rare thing indeed. I think they could teach the others some manners." Of course neither woman voiced the thought that if Jack and Brian got a look at these two they would want to teach them something all right and manners wouldn’t have anything to do with it. For some reason neither of them could explain they felt very protective over the newcomers; there was just something special about them. “I’ll get these orders in and out to you two as soon as possible,” and as she turned to go she couldn’t resist pinching their cheeks.

Donna fought the urge to coo when both Ianto and Justin blushed adorably. 'Yep, we definitely need to keep them away from Brian and Jack; sweet boys like these will be easy prey for them. Something about them screams that they need to be protected.’

Once Debbie put the order in with the kitchen, she re-joined Donna and together they chatted nonchalantly with the boys, trying to learn what they could about Ianto and Justin. It didn’t escape the notice of either woman that the two young boys remained tight-lipped about their past and they made no mention of family or why they were Pittsburgh, so basically Donna and Debbie learned very little.

When the cook dinged the counter bell and called out “order up!”, Debbie went to get their food and then she and her fellow redhead stared in shock as they watched the two young men inhale their food; despite their excellent manners, they ate like a couple of starving men.

"When's the last time you two ate a decent meal?" Donna was concerned; she’d only ever seen this kind of eating from pack members.

Justin and Ianto shared a look that neither woman could decipher but it spoke volumes: there was something dark in their past that they were running from. 

Nothing else was said as Ianto and Justin quickly but still showing their manners polished off their food with alarming speed.

“Do you know where we could find the alphas, Brian Kinney and Jack Harkness?” Justin asked. Using their silent communication skills while they ate, Justin and Ianto had decided that Debbie and Donna seemed trustworthy enough and they also seemed to have their fingers on the pulse of Liberty Avenue. With luck, they may be able to point them in the right direction.

Debbie and Donna shared a look that was equal parts worry, suspicion and surprise as they wondered what these two young pups could want with two of the most powerful men in their tightly-knit community. A sudden thought struck Donna, leaving her mind reeling. ‘Do they even know that they're omegas?' Something told her that they didn’t have a clue. ‘Oh, you poor babies! You’re going to be like catnip to the shifters once they get a whiff of your scent.’ While she wasn’t sure that sending them into the belly of the beast was a smart move, at least she knew that Jack and Brian would take good care of the skittish omegas.

“Your best bet at finding either Brian Kinney or Jack Harkness, the two alphas you seek, would be at Babylon later tonight. But be warned, babies, they’re gonna take one look at you and the hunt is on and believe me when I say you don’t stand a chance,” Debbie warned them sombrely. She could only hope that when Jack and Brian took an interest in them, that Ianto and Justin would come out of their encounters with their hearts still in one piece.

Neither man could stop the shiver that racked their bodies at Debbie’s warning; Justin wished he felt a little more confident when he promised them, “Don’t worry, we can handle ourselves just fine.”

Debbie and Donna exchanged another look, “Just be careful, babies, we’d hate to see you end up with broken hearts. Debbie reached out and squeezed both of their hands.

It had been a long time since Ianto and Justin had felt such a motherly touch, not since the Master had destroyed anyone who stood between him and Ianto. He believed that as an alpha, he had a every right to lay claim to Ianto, an attitude that Ethan had immediately adopted when he starting following in the Master’s footsteps and had decided Justin was to be his.

"We aren't looking for anything,” Ianto hastened to say. “We just need to talk to them about something." They’d heard rumours about Jack and Brian’s habit of seducing every male they deemed hot enough to service their bed. However, the Welshman was confident that he and Justin were strong enough to resist them. 'After all, they are just rumours, right? I mean, they can't be that bad, can they? I guess we'll find out tonight.'




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