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Fic: Possess All of Me Chapter 3/9

Title: Possess All Of Me
Fandoms: Queer As Folk/Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Brian/Justin, Kathy/Tosh, John/Emmett, 9th Doctor/Cynthia, Rhys/Donna, Owen/Katie, Ben/Michael, Jenny/Daphne, Debbie, one-sided Ethan/Justin, one-sided the Master/Ianto
Summary: For centuries Jack Harkness and Brian Kinney have been hunters of the night, taking their pleasures from whomever they desire. Neither man cares that they are the only ones not mated but everything changes the moment they meet Ianto Jones and Justin Taylor, and discover that they’ve finally and unexpectedly found their life mates.

Mystery surrounds the two newcomers and it’s one that has Jack and Brian seeking to solve. Unfortunately, once uncovered, the truth is so much darker than either man could have foreseen. When it’s finally brought to exposed, the truth brings out the protective sides in both Jack and Brian, with amazing and highly satisfying results.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Queer as Folk
Art by: Aragon


Chapter 3

Standing side-by-side on an upper level, Jack Harkness and Brian Kinney leaned on the railing and surveyed their kingdom. Here at Babylon they reigned supreme; all who came to the club were in awe of them and each person hoped and dreamed that they would be the one who gained their attention for the night. It was a well-known fact that Jack and Brian could have any man they wanted with a mere glance, and they always used that talent to their advantage, but little did they know that tonight their lives were going to change, forever.

Eyes wide with pure wonder Ianto and Justin took in the pulsing lights and thumping beat that filled the air. Babylon was unlike anything they had ever seen before; it was exciting, energising and exotic and totally hypnotic. Justin was responding already to the spell it was weaving, his eyes darting between the dance floor to the bar to the glittery disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Even Ianto, the ever-sensible Welshman, found himself swaying and tapping his feet to the pulsing rhythm.

While Justin was distracted, Ianto's sharp eyes were searching the surrounding area for Jack and/or Brian. He was thankful that Debbie and Donna had described them, although Donna had snorted with amusement, stating that it would be easier to simply follow the line of panting, drooling and heartbroken men the two playboys left in their wake.

Unable to resist the lure of the music any longer, Justin was looking longing at the dance floor; turning his sparkling blue eyes onto Ianto, he implored, "Let's dance!"

Ianto knew how much Justin loved to dance but it wasn't something they’d been able to do very often, not when they were on the run and he really did miss the freedom that could only be found on the dance floor. Nodding in agreement, Ianto grinned. "One dance can't hurt."

With his trademark sunshine smile brightening his face, Justin snagged Ianto by the hand and dragged him out onto the floor into the mass of writhing, sweating bodies. For one night they just wanted a chance to feel young again, to be normal and carefree and as they closed their eyes and let the music wash over them and through them, Ianto and Justin let themselves forget everything.

"Ooh… look at the fresh prey. Those boys are going to have no problem getting lucky tonight!" Emmett had seen them the moment they’d arrived and if he weren’t already a happily mated wolf he would be out there showing off his stuff, hoping to score either one of them into bed.

A low growl escaped John's lips and he wrapped his arms tighter around his day-dreaming mate; he knew without a doubt that Emmett was faithful but he still couldn’t help feel the tiniest bit jealous– no, make that a lot jealous – whenever Emmett got that certain flirty look in his eyes. Following his mate’s gaze John’s eyes landed on two young men he’d never seen before dancing up a storm and garnering the interest of almost everyone on the dance floor.

With their eyes closed, their heads thrown back and their bodies moving in perfect rhythm to the music, it was easy to tell that they were lost in their own little world, oblivious to the attention they were getting. John tightened his grip on Emmett's waist; he had to admit that the new boys were very yummy to look at and if he weren’t totally devoted to Emmett he would be all over them in a hot minute. 'Huh! I wonder how long Jack's belief that he’s found his mate will last once he lays eyes on these two.'

On the far side of the dance floor Jack was on the prowl, hunting for the man he believed to be his mate and while he’d adopted a look-but-do-not-touch policy, like most rules it had vague lines that allowed him to do plenty of dancing. Jack's partner for the moment was just about to suggest that they head to the back room when he squawked as he was released so abruptly that he almost fell to the floor.

Jack paid no attention to the man’s indignant protests as the most tempting scent he’d ever smelled filled his nostrils. It was one that he knew; after all, he’d dreamt about nothing less all night long, and his eyes flashed amber as he realised the man he had seen last night was nearby. A dark snarl rumbled deep within his chest as he glared at the writhing masses on the dance floor; the other half of his soul was in there somewhere. ‘If any of them so much as lays a finger on my mate I will rip it off!’ Jack vowed ominously as he began his hunt.

Standing roughly twenty feet from Jack where had just been, Brian raised a curious eyebrow as he saw Jack drop his dancing partner and begin sniffing the air. He didn't have long to wonder about what had gotten into his fellow alpha because without warning, his inner wolf stiffened and began to howl as the most mouth-watering scent filled the air.

Brian licked his suddenly dry lips as he stepped away from the nameless trick he had been interested in; all that mattered to him now was finding the man that scent belonged to and making, them his. 'The big bad wolf is coming for you, my little prey, you better get ready.'  

Unaware that they were being ruthlessly stalked from the other side of the dance floor Ianto and Justin were simply enjoying the chance to act their age without the worry of being hunted by the Master or Ethan.

Zeroing in on their prey at the same time, lust hit both Jack and Brian hard as they watched the two bodies writhe and grind against one another in perfect sync to the music and at that moment nothing else mattered but possessing the one who called to their wolf.

"The blond is mine!" Brian growled deeply and possessively as he realised who the tempting scent was coming from. The wolf in him was demanding that he take what was rightfully his.

"Good because the dark-haired one is my mate," Jack responded decisively. He’d recognized the scent from the night before and knew that it was the same man and there was no way he was letting him get away this time. Never before had anyone stirred such primal hunger within his wolf and the only thing Jack could think of was that he absolutely had to have this man in his bed before the end of the night, 'And I shall!' Jack vowed to himself as he moved in for the kill.

Lost to the pulsing beat of the music, Ianto was startled into awareness of his surroundings and he stiffened as a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist. Before he could protest or resist, he was pulled away from Justin and backwards against a hard male body and before Ianto could begin struggling against his captor, the heady scent of pheromones washed over him. His senses were overpowered making him feel a little woozy in the head as a voice designed for pure seduction purred his ear, "Hello."

Ianto’s eyes fluttered closed as he found himself wondering how anyone could make one word sound so dirty and so inviting at the same time; he also discovered that he was hoping the invitation was to this unusual man’s bed. Shifting around as much as he could in order to see the face of the man holding him from behind, Ianto's eyes widened as he came face-to-face with the single most breath-taking man he had ever laid eyes on.

Jack grinned as he felt his young mate shiver his arms and as he stared into a pair of blue-grey eyes Jack knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had finally found his mate. Whirling the young man around so they were pressed chest to chest Jack looped his arms around the other man's waist and began moving them away towards a quiet corner. A quick glance over his shoulder told him that Brian’s attention was focused solely on the blond man who didn't seem to notice his friend’s departure as he was too busy staring at Brian with true wonder on his face.

"I'm Jack Harkness and you are?" The sultry voice washed over the young Welshman and made his belly quiver.

It took several moments for Ianto to regain his senses and he still wasn't fully sure what was happening to him. Never before had anyone had such an effect on him and it took all his willpower not to groan as he suddenly realized just whose arms he was in. 'I guess Donna and Debbie were right to be worried, cos I've never met anyone like Jack Harkness before. Something tells me that this might be harder than I first thought.' Taking a deep breath to compose himself he looked up and then immediately tried not to get lost in Jack's endless blue eyes. "I'm Ianto Jones and I need to talk to you." He was pleased to no end that his voice came out sounding firm and grown up; he’d been quite worried that he’d sound like a frightened child.

Jack quirked an eyebrow and felt himself tense protectively; he tried not to growl as the lingering scent of fear rolled off his mate. "Talk to me, gorgeous, what are you afraid of?"

Ianto knew he was taking a big chance here but something told him he could trust Jack. "What do you know of the alpha who calls himself ‘the Master’?" Ianto asked softly; he was inordinately pleased that his voice remained steady and calm as he spoke of his insane tormentor.

"I've heard of him but I don't know much about him. I do have a friend, another alpha in fact, who’s had dealings with him. His name’s John Smith but you may have heard of him by his nickname, the Doctor?" Jack winced inwardly when he saw the fear in his mate's eyes grow as he spoke and he wanted to ease the man’s shivering.

Ianto blinked in surprise. He had indeed heard of the Doctor, he was a rival of the Master’s and the only one that the Master truly feared. "I have heard of him, do you really know him?" Ianto tried not to let hope fill him but for the first time since his entire nightmare started he thought he might just have found someone who could help him.

"Yes, I do and if you'll trust me, I can help you," Jack promised. He pulled out a chair for Ianto and then dragged one over for himself, sitting close enough that his ownership of Ianto was obvious to everyone else, but just far enough away to be reassuring for Ianto. “Now, start from the beginning and tell me what’s happened, okay?”

For some reason that he couldn't understand and wasn’t really ready to explore at the moment, Ianto found himself trusting Jack without hesitation and the story came pouring out. Jack listened intently, hearing every word while at the same time revelling in the sound of his mate’s exotic Welsh vowels. Ianto’s fear of the Master was a palpable thing and it stirred Jack’s wolf on a primal level, creating an intense desire to protect his mate and destroy anything that caused him distress.

Justin blinked with worry when Ianto was removed from his arms by one of the most handsome men he'd ever laid eyes on and for a split second Justin wondered why the man had chosen Ianto and not him, but then shook that thought away. Anger took the place of jealousy; just because the guy was hot did not give him the right to butt in and steal Ianto away from him! What if they had been together? Justin huffed indignantly, 'Really, the nerve of that man!'

Justin was broken out of his thoughts when a pair of arms slinked around his waist and a strong body ground itself against his backside. Turning in the man's arms it was on the tip of Justin's tongue to politely excuse himself from his new dance partner’s unwanted attention, but his protest died a fast and fiery death as he found himself staring into the face of god himself.

Brian's lips curled into a cocky smirk as he gazed deeply into a pair of endless blue eyes; 'Oh yes! My blond beauty is even more perfect up close!' "So you've got a name or should I just call you twat?" 

Justin's eyes narrowed into slits; he should have known that the man would turn out to be an arrogant ass. "I'm Justin Taylor. Do you have a name or do you just answer to asshole?"

"I admit I've been to known to go by that but everyone else calls me the Stud of Liberty Avenue. You however can call me Brian; trust me when I say you'll be screaming it soon enough." The brunet raised an eyebrow in surprise as the blond appeared to simply deflate in his arms; that was not the normal reaction to his invitation.

"Oh, of course… you’re him." Justin should have known that with his luck the alpha Brian Kinney would turn out to be his very own walking sex dream come to life.

"I'm who, twat?" Brian was amused at the glare his nickname for the blond earned him. 'He's almost more adorable when he's angry, I can't wait to see what he's like in bed.' Brian started swaying slowly to the music, and with his hands on Justin’s hips and their bodies pressed together, the young man had no choice but to move in time with his captor.

Unwilling to admit that he was actually enjoying being held tightly in Brian’s arms, Justin tried to find a witty comeback but he was finding that thinking and dancing at the same time were quite difficult when Brian Kinney was involved. Fortunately, he was saved from answering when Ianto and the man who had taken away both returned and with very serious looks on their faces.

Brian immediately stopped dancing and his eyebrows rose even higher as he sensed the protective aura pouring off Jack in waves. "What's going on?"

“We have a serious problem." Jack’s tone was grave as he looked his friend in the eyes. "We need to go see the Doctor, now.”

Feeling a sharp stab of fear lance through him, Justin reached out and took his friend’s hand. "Ianto?" he asked softly, wondering just how much Ianto had told Jack and if they could truly trust them.

If the situation hadn’t been so serious Ianto would have raised an eyebrow of his own over the fact that Justin looked completely at home in the arms of other alpha. However, now was not the time. Knowing what Justin was thinking, Ianto gave his friend’s hand a reassuring squeeze. "We can trust them." 'I hope.' Truthfully, he wasn't sure he would survive if Jack ended up betraying him.  

"You do know Cynthia is going to kill us for interrupting family night, right?" Everyone on Liberty Avenue knew that family night was utterly important to Cynthia, the Doctor, and their daughter, Jenny, who always made it a point to be home with her parents and to bring along her own mate, Daphne.

Jack blanched briefly at Brian's reminder; the blond woman did not take to her family nights being disturbed lightly. Emmett had once confided in them that John still had nightmares over what Cynthia had done to him for daring to interrupt her night; of course the fact that John had also openly flirted with Jenny might not have helped matters, either.

Straightening his shoulders resolutely, Jack answered, "It's a chance we have to take. The safety of our mates is at stake."

"What the hell do you mean, ‘mate’? I am no one's mate!" Justin crossed his arms over his chest the best he could given that he was still in Brian's possessive hold.

Smirking over his head at Jack, Brian leaned down and took a teasing nibble on Justin's earlobe. "That's what you think, twat," he whispered.

This time Ianto couldn't stop himself from raising his eyebrow and an amused smile appeared on his face. "Twat? Is there something you’d like to share with the class, Justin?”

“Don’t be si…” To his absolute horror, Justin’s face suddenly blazed with a deep blush as he felt Brian’s crotch press erotically into his ass.

“Oooh, Jack, I do believe there’s something we should know, don’t you?” Ianto was enjoying his friend’s discomfort.

If the smile on Jack's face grew bigger at Ianto calling them ‘we’, well, no one said anything, although Brian did roll his eyes but Jack wisely chose to ignore him.

The blush gracing Justin's face grew deeper even as he scowled at his friend. "It's nothing," he growled.

"It's his nickname; it rather fits him, doesn't it?" Brian asked still smirking happily down at the blond in his arms.

Justin merely deepened his glare and pointedly moved his gaze away from Brian's far too consuming one. He’d never felt so naked under anyone's gaze like he did with this man; he could feel the power rolling off Brian in vast waves and Justin was more than ready to let himself be swept away by him.

Taken aback by Brian’s unexpected confession, Jack blinked in confusion. His fellow alpha had never given anyone but his best friend since childhood, Michael, a nickname. In fact, that really wasn't a nickname at all; it was more of a cute and slightly childish version of his given name. No, this was something much different and Jack loved a good mystery. But the time to bug Brian about his fiery little blond mate would have to wait; his own mate was in danger and that was much more important to Jack right now.

Shaking his head to clear it, Jack got his thoughts back on track. "Right, I'm heading out to see Doc and I'm taking Yan and Justin with me; are you coming?" Jack couldn't help but grin as Brian growled low in his throat and briefly tightened his grip around Justin.

"Of course I'm coming! Someone has to keep an eye on my little twinky.” Brian didn’t know what the hell was happening to him all he knew was he’d be damned if he was going to stay behind and let someone else try and claim what belongs to him.

Jack couldn’t be bothered to fight the grin that curled his lips. Not even someone as dedicated to a hedonistic lifestyle as Brian Kinney was could resist the call of their mate for very long. Seeing the way Brian was glaring at anyone who even thought to breathe in the same direction as Justin was rather amusing and Jack knew he was going to enjoy this situation for a long time to come. ‘Of course I’m not any better,’ Jack thought fondly as his gaze flickered over to Ianto and he was filled with joy to find that the young man was still tucked against his side. “Right. We better head off to see Doc before it gets any later.”

Disappointed groans filled the air as all eyes in the room watched the foursome make their way through the crowd and towards the door. Emmett blinked, not sure if he was actually seeing what he was seeing, and then he glared at his half-empty Cosmo glass in suspicion, as if his hallucination was all his drink’s fault. “Are my eyes deceiving me or are our esteemed alphas ducking out early?”

Tilting his head John followed his mate’s gaze and snorted when he saw that the two men who’d earlier drawn nearly every eye towards them when they had been dancing were being escorted out by Jack and Brian. “I see the reason why: they scored the two hotties that you were drooling over earlier.”

Emmett sniffed crossly as he mock-glared at his mate. “I was not drooling, I was…” He was hit with inspiration, “…admiring.” “Somebody famous once said that a thing of beauty is a…” His voice trailed off when he saw that John was glaring at him. Starting to feel a little guilty, Emmett felt the need to point out, “And even if I was drooling I caught you checking out the blond’s adorable little bubble-butt as well as the dark-haired one’s biteable ass.” 

Knowing full well that he couldn’t argue over the truth, John decided to take matters into his own hands; pulling Emmett to him, he proceeded to kiss his mate senseless taking both their minds off of Jack and Brian’s latest conquests.


Tags: crossover: queer as folk/torchwood, fic: possess all of me, pairing: brian/justin, pairing: jack/ianto, werewolf bb
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