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Fic: Possess All of Me Chapter 5/9

Title: Possess All Of Me
Fandoms: Queer As Folk/Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Brian/Justin, Kathy/Tosh, John/Emmett, 9th Doctor/Cynthia, Rhys/Donna, Owen/Katie, Ben/Michael, Jenny/Daphne, Debbie, one-sided Ethan/Justin, one-sided the Master/Ianto
Summary: For centuries Jack Harkness and Brian Kinney have been hunters of the night, taking their pleasures from whomever they desire. Neither man cares that they are the only ones not mated but everything changes the moment they meet Ianto Jones and Justin Taylor, and discover that they’ve finally and unexpectedly found their life mates.

Mystery surrounds the two newcomers and it’s one that has Jack and Brian seeking to solve. Unfortunately, once uncovered, the truth is so much darker than either man could have foreseen. When it’s finally brought to exposed, the truth brings out the protective sides in both Jack and Brian, with amazing and highly satisfying results.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Queer as Folk
Art by: Aragon 


Chapter 5

It had been a full week since that eventful night at the Smith’s home, and Justin had yet to catch a glimpse of Brian although try as he might he simply could not get the sexy man out of his head. The alpha filled his thoughts when he was awake and at night… ahh, the nights. The moment Justin closed his eyes Brian appeared in his dreams as though he’d just been waiting for an invitation. His dreams varied from merely walking down Liberty Avenue hand-in-hand to evenings curled up on the sofa kissing each other senseless.

However, those innocent pursuits were few and far between. No, his dreams were much more often exquisitely erotic ones that featured slow strip teases, tongues that licked, hands that touched, lips that kissed – there was no place on his young mate’s body that Brian considered off-limits and the results were delicious torture for the inexperienced blond. It was these explicit dreams that always had him waking up in a sweat and thrumming with desire, his body longing for a release that he knew he could only find with Brian and it was slowly driving him insane.

During that week Justin had gotten a job with working Debbie at the Liberty Diner; it wasn’t anything special, just basic busboy duties and helping Debbie serve when the place was packed. But still, he was able to earn money so that he could contribute towards his share of his and Ianto’s living expenses. He had to admit he actually enjoyed the work and he seemed to be a big hit with the crowd. When he’d mentioned it to Debbie she’d just grinned at him and said that luscious bubble butt of his along with his bright cheerful smile, his looks was pure catnip to everyone.

Justin even had his own set of regulars; four elderly men who came in every morning and over cups of steaming hot coffee and plates of bacon and eggs topped off with a famous Liberty Diner lemon bar, they spent their time telling him the history of what it meant to be gay back when admitting you liked other men got you thrown in jail or worse. Justin knew the basic story behind the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village, but to hear it described by men who’d actually been there, who’d protested the mistreatment of the drag queens who frequented the Stonewall Inn bar, and who’d been beaten by the police for standing up to them was truly an eye-opening and emotional experience.

One of the elderly gays even showed Justin a scar he’d received after he’d been knocked down and kicked in the chest by an overly exuberant officer. The officer’s boot had broken two ribs, one of which had punctured his skin, and after surgery, he was left with a four inch scar, still visible even after more than four decades.

The foursome’s morning visits weren’t always so grim; most were actually quite amusing, informative and even educational at times. They spun stories of a hedonistic land, a fairytale time before AIDS reared its ugly head, when life and love were a free-for-all and a good time was had by all. It was during one of these nostalgic trips down memory lane that it happened. Justin was listening to one of his regulars tell of a fairly lurid encounter with a now-dead and publicly straight Hollywood heartthrob when he glanced over at the door.

A shiver raked itself up and down Justin’s spine as ravenous eyes used their heated gaze to undress him slowly, inch by inch. It was different from the hungry gazes that the rest of the dinners so often gave him, and with a sinking heart, Justin knew that this gaze could only belong to one man. With his heart pounding in his chest, Justin turned back to his guests, who hadn’t noticed anything amiss.

With a few long strides, Justin’s admirer crossed the room and stopped behind him. “Hello there, Sunshine, we meet again.” A familiar sexy voice purred huskily against his ear and a pair of tan arms wrapped themselves around his waist pulling him back against a hard body.

Justin swallowed hard as Brian slowly began to nuzzle the flesh behind his ear. “Hello, Brian.” Damn this man! Try as he might to resist him Justin knew it was a battle he would not win and he found himself relaxing into his hold.

A purely predatory smirk made its way onto Brian's face as Justin melted into his body while at the same time, the wolf in him howled at being so close to his mate after a week of agonising denial. "Come to Babylon tonight, Sunshine; I want to see you lose control on the dance floor again. I want to see you dance yourself into another world like you did the first night I saw you.” Brian’s voice was hot and moist against Justin's feverish skin as the alpha nibbled on the flesh offered to him. “I want everyone's eyes to be on us as we put on a show."

Justin’s brain knew the smart thing to do was to say no but the feeling of Brian's chest against his back and the way being held in his arms felt so right stopped his brain in its tracks and before he knew what was happening Justin found himself agreeing. "Alright." He was actually surprised by how confident and clear his voice was; in his head he’d sounded very different, more breathy and shy.

"Good! I look forward to seeing you there tonight and make sure to bring your handsome friend; Jack's been going through a Welshman withdrawal." Brian forced himself to release Justin step back a few feet; he had a plan he had to stick to and sadly that didn't include a little lunch interlude. "Make sure to wear something hot," he called over his shoulder and then with a cheery tinkle of the bell, the door closed and the force of nature that was Brian Kinney was gone.

Groaning Justin hung his head wondering what in the hell he’d just agreed to and worse, what was Ianto going to say when he found out.

Ianto was thankful that it was Friday and he had the weekend off. Donna might be a nice woman to chat with in the diner, but at work she was a slave driver and he was looking forward to relaxing and doing nothing more energetic than watching the laundry dry. Opening the door to the hotel room that he and Justin were calling home for now, Ianto found himself blinking at the sight of that greeted him. He kept his tone calm and curious as he asked the frantic-looking blond, "Did our closet explode?"

Startled by Ianto’s arrival, Justin yanked his head out from beneath a sweater which he tossed onto one of the beds. "I may or may not have told Brian that we would be at Babylon tonight," he murmured out distractedly as he eyed the clothing before him.

Ianto could only stare at his friend in surprise, wondering if he’d misheard his friend but then as he watching Justin rooting around in the clothing, a knowing smile appeared on his face. "Oh, really?" Ianto practically purred out; he knew his friend was totally gone on Brian. After all, there were only a few feet between their beds and he’d had to listen to Justin whispering the man’s name in his sleep. It was no secret that he found the brunette downright sexy considering that he ranted non-stop about 'the Face of God being an asshole,' the whole way back to the room after their first meeting at the Doctor’s house.

Recognizing the mocking tone of Ianto's voice Justin shot his friend a knowing look of his own and a cheeky smirk appeared. "Jack will be there," he announced casually and just as he’d thought Ianto's cheeks heated up and he sputtered nonsensical noise as he suddenly busied himself with removing his shoes. Justin was happy that Ianto found a little bit of happiness. 'Still, Jack Harkness, if you hurt Ianto in any way there will be no place on Earth you can hide,' Justin vowed darkly. Suddenly all dark thoughts left Justin as he stared speculatively at his friend, causing Ianto to shift nervously.

"Justin, why are you looking at me that way?" Ianto knew that look; he’d seen it before, many times, and it always meant that his friend had an idea that he wasn't going to like.

Grinning like a fiend, Justin held up a pair of skin-tight black leather pants and a button-up shirt of blood-red silk and he burst into laughter as Ianto visibly blanched. "We both know that Brian and Jack will have a plan of seduction in place, one they’ve been working on for the past week, so we're going to have our own."

Knowing that there was no point in arguing with Justin when he got an idea into his mind, Ianto hung his head in defeat and accepted the clothes with a highly dramatic sigh. But no matter how much he might pretend to protest, he couldn't deny that he was looking forward to Jack's reaction when he saw him in this outfit. Since meeting the charming alpha the man hadn't left Ianto’s mind and he'd had a week full of erotic fantasies detailing just what he wanted to do to Jack. 'Tonight Jack won't know what hit him.'

Justin grinned as he saw the fire start burning in his friend’s eyes; oh yes, there were two alphas who wouldn't know what hit them tonight.

Brian rolled his eyes in exasperation as he watched Jack’s eyes nervously flick to the entrance of Babylon for the tenth time in two minutes. “You look like you’re having some sort of fit the way your eyes are bounding around in your skull!” Jack snorted in annoyance but the comment didn’t stop him from anxiously watching for Ianto’s arrival. The men were in their customary nightly perch, leaning against the second floor balcony in Babylon. It offered a prefect view of all those arriving making it the ideal location for scoping out the talent, looking for new prospects, choosing prospective bed partners.

Ever since Brian had informed his friend that Justin would be bringing Ianto with him to the club, Jack had been filled with a nervous energy. It was completely out of character for the normally laid-back alpha and it was driving his fellow alpha insane. "If you don't stay still for one fucking minute I'm going to get the leash out and tie you up!" Brian snarled under his breath.

Despite his close attention to the entrance, Jack shot his friend a sharp look, an amused grin on his face. "Oh, I think Ianto and a certain blond might have issues with you tying me up."

"Or…” Brian smirked knowingly at his friend. “Ianto just might thank me; you never know he might be into that kind of thing."

A crystal-clear image of naked Ianto tying him up slammed into Jack’s mind and suddenly he was harder than he'd ever been before. His trousers were unbearably tight and he shifted uncomfortably trying to ease the pressure while moaning at the insistent whisper of his wolf, "Tie Ianto to our bed so he may never leave." Jack was positive that he was going to come in his pants at the image of Ianto bound to his bed by silk ropes if he didn’t find something else to think about and fast, he was going to come in his pants.

Brian just shook his head as Jack's arousal spiked and waves of desire poured off of him and he could see that those closest to them were being affected as well, although they didn’t understand why. Of course he couldn't deny that if he had his way a certain blond would soon be his and if he had to Brian had no problem whatsoever tying the blond to his bed to keep him there.

Yanked from their erotic daydreams, both men suddenly startled as two powerful scents washed over them and their eyes flashed amber as their wolves anxiously surged to the surface desperate to seek out and claim what was theirs and theirs alone. Shoving themselves away from the balcony railing, the two men made their way down the stairs as two wolves began ruthlessly stalking their prey.

"Oh me oh my, it just got hotter in here." Emmett fanned himself with a drinks menu as he saw the living, breathing incarnation of light and darkness come walking through the door. 'Brian, Jack, you poor bastards; you two have no idea what's in store for you.' Just days before Cynthia met several members of both packs at Liberty Diner, and with great joy and dramatic animation, she’d given everyone a play-by-play of the clash between Brian and Justin, as well as telling of Ianto’s oh-so-courteous refusal of the alpha’s ham-fisted offer of protection. Emmett's mate, John, had spoken for everyone when he said that he wished he’d been there to see the great Brian Kinney and Jack Harkness get shot down. There was a general consensus that such an event probably hadn’t happened in years!

"Oh good, the show is about to start." John's voice was full of pure amusement as he spotted their alphas moving in for the kill.

Emmett, along with everyone else, and when Emmett said everyone he meant everyone – once news got out that Brian and Jack's mates were going to be at Babylon no one wanted to miss the show. From the way both alphas’ eyes widened and then narrowed and their nostrils flared in jealousy as others noticed Ianto and Justin, the Southerner knew it was going to be quite the show. 'I should have brought popcorn,' Emmett thought mournfully; a good show always needed popcorn.

One look at Ianto and Jack was sure he had died and gone to heaven. His Ianto wore skin-tight black leather pants that were so perfectly moulded to his lower body that they had to have been spray painted on. When it became obvious that there was nothing beneath them, Jack may actually have whimpered at little; the thought of reaching into those pants and finding nothing but hot flesh waiting for his touch was almost too much for Jack’s libido to handle. The blood-red silk shirt was so sheer that Jack could see the strong chest beneath finished what was left of Jack's rational thought.

Blinded by passion, Jack paid no attention to the people he bumped into, tripped over or simply pushed out of his way; the only thing he could think of was how soon he could get those clothes off of Ianto’s perfect body and onto his floor. He only snapped out of his lust-fuelled daze when his wolf growled menacingly at several foolish admirers dared to devour Ianto with their eyes. 'Oh hell no! Ianto is for my eyes only!' Snarling openly, Jack stalked forward; the combination of his eyes glowing pure amber and his unmistakable power as an alpha pouring off of him forced everyone who stood between Jack and his prey out of his way.

Sensing Jack's passionate intentions, Ianto caught Jack's eye and boldly winked at him before moving on to the dance floor. He was playing a dangerous game with a determined pursuer, but he was absolutely certain that Jack would follow him.

With his eyes locked on his own tempting mate Brian completely missed Jack's departure; he studied Justin with undisguised hunger. Where Ianto was pure sin and temptation Justin was angelic purity just waiting to be tarnished, begging to be corrupted. 'The only one to corrupt him will be me,' Brian vowed darkly as he raked hungry eyes over every inch of the blond. He was clad in white leather pants that highlighted two of Brian's favourite features of the blond and made it very clear that he was wearing nothing underneath. Brian found himself purring in anticipation at the thought of nothing hindering him from reaching his goal of being skin-on-skin with Justin. The pale blue shirt that clung to his upper body was stunning against his blue eyes and blond hair. A hunger unlike anything he’d ever known in his sexual existence had been awakened in Brian and his wolf promised him that he would have Justin in his bed tonight.

Left behind by Ianto’s abrupt departure, Justin found himself alone and trapped under Brian's gaze as the alpha moved towards relentlessly him. The blazing hunger and overwhelming need to possess that shone in those hazel eyes were very familiar to Justin, but unlike when Ethan looked at him like this it didn't fill him with a sense of dread. Instead, the longer he looked at Brian, Justin felt like he belonged with this man and that he was finally coming home.

The moment the scent of Justin's growing desire filled the air it took all of Brian's self-control not to give in to his burning need to claim this blond beauty as his. "So we meet again, Sunshine, where's your protector?" Brian couldn't help but hope that Jack had already tracked down his Welshman and was keeping him busy thus giving him enough time to lure his Sunshine back to his loft.

Justin was trapped, helpless to save himself as Brian stalked towards him, and Justin shivered as he saw that Brian’s eyes were full of pure hunger as they devoured every inch of the blond’s lithe body. Justin knew the smart thing to do would be to run but as he licked his suddenly dry lips he realised that no matter where he ran to it would never be far enough away from this man to stop his own desire. In truth Justin didn't want to run away from Brian, he wanted to be owned and possessed him in every way possible.

Gulping deeply and eyes widening, Justin stepped backwards as Brian moved in closer until he was securely caught with the bar at his back and Brian's strong and hard body pressed to his front. He racked his brain as he tried to recall where Ianto had gotten to and then he vaguely remembered seeing him heading out to the dance floor with Jack following closely behind. "I think Ianto's out on the dance floor."

'Perfect!' Brian's wolf purred happily. Brian had no doubt that Jack was where he wanted to be – with Ianto, which meant they were both out of his way. Now all he cared about was that he’d finally gotten his beautiful blond angel alone and it was time Justin learned precisely who he belonged to.

A feral smile curled Brian's lips as Justin's lust for him suddenly spiked and the enticing smell filled the air. The alpha’s wolf howled with joy; his blond wanted him, badly, and nothing and no one was going to stand in his way. Before this night was over everyone would know that this blond beauty was his and that touching him would be certain death.

Wrapping his arms around Justin Brian brought him flush against his own body by planting his hands firmly on Justin’s pert little butt, and as one they began moving to a dance only they knew guided by music only they could hear. All of Justin's previous resistance faded as he became lost in the intensity of Brian's gaze and his body moulded to Brian’s perfectly. As he eagerly moved in time to the alpha's firm lead, Brian did something he had dreamed of doing since he first laid eyes on the feisty blond. Bending his head to just the right angle, he tasted the lips that he knew where meant for him and him alone. Their kiss was nothing short of electrifying.

Justin melted into Brian's strong arms as the older man plundered his mouth, possessively laying claim to his mate. The kiss was a hundred times better than anything Justin had ever imagined it would be, and he clung desperately to Brian, returning the kiss with just as much passion and need as Brian was offering.

Slowly they drew apart their chests heaving and their breaths ragged as they rested their foreheads against one another. Justin knew that no matter how much this man might aggravate him he couldn't deny that he wanted him and everything he was offering. Glancing shyly up at Brian through thick eyelashes, Justin murmured, "I think we’d have more privacy back at your place."

Fire blazed to life in Brian's eyes as he studied the man before him; was his blond saying what he hoped he was saying? "Are you sure, Sunshine? It's not wise to tease a wolf or an alpha whose been denied his mate for the past week." As much as Brian wanted Justin, and oh, how much he wanted him, as much as it pained him to have to wait, he would not take Justin back to his loft unless the younger man was absolutely sure. You cannot ever walk away from a mating once it’s begun and he refused to force Justin into something he didn't want or wasn’t ready for yet.

Surprised by Brian’s hesitation, Justin began worrying that maybe he’d been too forward, that he should have waited for Brian to make the first move. “Brian?” he asked quietly.

"You can't walk away from a mating, Justin, it's forever." And wasn't that an odd notion to be crossing Brian's mind, that if he accepted what his young blond was so willingly offering, his life and bed would forever only be tied to Justin Taylor. The famous and infamous Stud of Liberty Avenue would be laid to rest but as he stared into Justin's impossibly clear and beautiful crystal blue eyes that thought didn't fill him with as much dread as it once would have.

"I'm sure, Brian. I understand what’s going to happen and I want it,” Justin admitted softly. “I want you and I'm not going to deny it anymore."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Brian drawled out as he began manoeuvring them towards the exit.

"What about Ianto? Shouldn't I tell him I'm leaving?" Justin didn't want his friend to worry about him.

Brian smirked down at the blond against his side. "Jack went after Ianto, he'll be just fine. Tonight the only one you should be thinking about is me."


Ianto could feel the heavy gaze burning into his back and he knew that it belonged to Jack. Feeling a little daring he turned to face Jack and as he let the music wash over him his body began moving in a gracefully sensual dance his eyes never leaving Jack's prowling form.

Every step Jack took was filled with seduction as he moved closer to his goal and every step proclaimed that this gorgeous young man would soon be in his bed where he belonged. He licked his lips hungrily as he watched Ianto dance, every twist and sway of his hips had Jack itching to touch him. He wanted to run his hands up and down Ianto's chest; he longed to lick the trail of sweat from Ianto's neck; he needed to feel the heat of Ianto’s body burning into his. 'He's teasing us! Go stake our claim!' The wolf in him growled in pure lust and his tenuous control snapped; he wanted his mate and he wanted him now!

Snarling with pure need Jack easily covered the distance between them with a few long strides and he snaked his arms around Ianto's waist pulling the younger man flush against his body, and he ground his hardness into Ianto’s leather-covered crotch, letting him feel just how much he wanted him. "You’ve been a very naughty little boy hiding yourself away from me for the past week,” the alpha’s voice came out as a breathless whisper against Ianto’s ear. “And then to you show up here looking like every one of the seven sins come to life and knowing that every eye is going to be on you. That calls for punishment, tiger pants," Jack growled out in a rich and husky tone darkened with desire and lust.

As Jack's blue eyes smoldered into his, Ianto wondered how on Earth he’d managed to keep away from this man for the past week. Where the Master had frightened him with his overly intense desire and uncontrolled lust, standing here wrapped in Jack's embrace he knew that he’d never felt safer or more cared for. "So what kind of punishment do you have in mind?" Ianto lowered his voice seductively, his accent thickening as his own desire laced his tone.

Jack shivered as Ianto's Welsh vowels washed over him; he’d never had experienced an accent that could turn him on so bloody fast. "I think tying you to my bed and not letting you leave it for the next week is a good place to start."

"Or we could start with a kiss." Ianto suggested with a light blush colouring his cheeks. He found the idea of being tied up by Jack quite titillating, but it was a little beyond his comfort zone at the moment.

At that moment Jack's mind shut down to everything that wasn't the man in his arms; for the past week he'd been dreaming of feeling those Cupid-bow lips against his own and now they were being freely offered to him. Feeling his wolf growling deep inside his chest Jack wasted no more time and he claimed those tempting lips as his own. Ianto shivered as Jack's mouth devoured every inch of his, while their tongues battled and danced together. Never had a kiss felt so right and neither man wanted it to end.

Slowly they broke apart when the need for air became the driving force. Catching his breath while curled tenderly against Jack’s chest, Ianto knew this was where he belonged and where he wanted to be forever. "Can we maybe go somewhere more private unless you wish to share me with everyone else?" Ianto asked softly.

Jack's nostrils flared as jealousy and possessiveness shone in his eyes; glancing quickly around, he saw that they had become the center of attention on the dance floor. His wolf began to take control but Jack ruthlessly forced him back; even though there was no way that Jack was going to be share his Ianto with anyone, the middle of Babylon was no place for his wolf to make an appearance. Gripping Ianto’s upper arms tightly, Jack looked deeply into Ianto’s eyes; he’d never been more serious when he said, "You do know that if we do this you'll be mine from this day on?" He didn't want to rush Ianto into anything he wasn't ready for.

“I know,” Ianto smiled shyly at Jack. "I want this. I want you, Jack,” and he caressed the side of his face with a gentle hand. “Please."

It was the ‘please’ that find finally did in Jack’s resolve; his heart was lost to a fierce young Welshman and he knew at this point he wouldn't be to deny his mate anything. Tightening his grip on Ianto's waist he moved them towards the exit "Let's get out of here." The look in his eyes had the crowd parting like the Red Sea before them.

For the first time in a long time Ianto felt safe, happy and loved and he planned on grasping it with both hands.

"And that makes two, folks," Lindsey declared with a large grin as they all watched Jack and Ianto leave Babylon their eyes only on each other.

Melanie lifted her drink in a toast, "Here's to the taming of Brian Kinney and Jack Harkness. It was a long time coming and all the best of luck to their mates; they're going to need it."

Everyone lifted their glass and joined Melanie in a toast; finally their two packs were complete.

"I bet we don’t see them for a week," Kathy predicted. “Any takers?” Amidst laughter and light-hearted comments, money and predictions changed hands between and amongst the two packs as the bartender delivered another round of drinks to the table.





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