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Fic: Souls of the Forgotten Chapter 1/10

Title: Souls of the Forgotten
Fandoms: Supernatural/Torchwood/The Avengers/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Tony/Sam, Jack/Ianto, Castiel/Dean, Clint/Coulson, Natasha/Pepper, Thor/Jane, Bruce/Steve, Kevin Tran, Nick Fury, Linda Tran, Kevin Tran, Benny/Darcy, the Doctor, Rory/Amy and Balthazar/Tosh
Summary: Sam watched Dean and Castiel disappear right before his eyes; with the loss of Bobby he wasn't sure how he would survive or even how to begin to find a way to rescue them. Help comes in the most unlikely fashion when SHIELD suddenly offers to try and help Sam find the mysterious Doctor. Knowing they have their own agenda, Sam is desperate and accepts their offer any way.

Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel find themselves struggling to survive in a living nightmare. For them, aid comes from a most unlikely pair of people: a fellow trapped soul, Ianto Jones and the vampire, Benny. Together the four of them must find a way to survive in their hellish prison but also find a way home.
One year later they are rescued but during that time much has changed for the brothers; is for better or worse? And how will they handle the biggest changes in their lives?
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, Torchwood or the Avengers
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Art by: Viviantanner

Chapter 1

For a moment Sam forgot how to breathe as he stared at the spot where Dean and Castiel had stood just seconds before. His heart thundered loudly in his chest as he could literally taste the fear in his mouth. He had only just lost Bobby; Sam knew he couldn't survive losing Dean and Castiel as well.

"Sam, are you okay?" Kevin gently placed his hand on the rapidly paling Sam. He could feel his friend trembling beneath his hand and he squeezed Sam’s arm reassuringly.

"I don't... I know. They’re just... gone!" Sam managed to get out as he stared blankly at the now empty spot. His mind was reeling, trying to process what he’d just seen; he shook his head in disbelief. “They’re gone,” and his voice was a whisper.

Kevin had never seen someone so broken and lost as Sam looked right now and he was at a total loss of how to help him. At the same time however, he knew that they had to get out of there before someone stumbled upon them. "Come on, Sam; we have to get out of here before someone comes looking into what happened.” He took hold of Sam’s arm and tried to pull him along but Sam yanked himself free.

“No! What if they come back?” In his mind, Sam knew he was grasping at straws, but his heart didn’t want to listen to reason. “I need to stay…”

Kevin resisted the urge to slap some sense into Sam and instead went for the logical approach. “You won't be able to start looking for Dean and Castiel if you’re locked in jail for breaking into this place."

His shoulders slumped in defeat, Sam numbly allowed Kevin to lead him out of the building, doing his best to make sure that they avoided any lingering Leviathans who were no doubt out for revenge after their leader's demise.

A sigh of relief escaped Kevin's lips once they inside of the Impala. They had managed to avoid being spotted but from the completely shattered and broken look in Sam's eyes it was obvious that he wasn't going to be much use, which left Kevin very little choice. They were going to have asked his mom for help. 'I just hope mom doesn't freak out too badly,' Kevin silently prayed and as he glanced over at Sam, sitting motionless in to the passenger’s seat, he added, 'I just really hope you can help, mom, because I have no idea what to do.'


Linda Tran wasn't a fool. She knew that she was being watched, just as she knew that her neighbours weren't acting like themselves. 'And seriously, did they really think I wouldn't notice the lingering mailman and the woman endlessly watering her grass?' Linda fought the urge to roll her eyes. It was taking all of her rapidly dwindling self-control not to say screw you to the FBI agents who were consoling her with promises that they are doing everything they can to find her son. What she really wanted to do was have the hunters that SHIELD had on their payroll take out the demons that were not-so-subtly watching her place.

There was a little known fact about Linda Tran: she was a fully trained SHIELD agent and she was tired of acting like an innocent civilian.

'I'm not sure how much longer I can keep up this charade. It's my baby boy they're hunting!' When it came to her son, Linda did not like being forced to sit on the sideline and she was inches away from saying screw you to Fury's orders and taking care of the problems herself.

So when Kevin called sounding like a lost little boy she didn't give a damn about her cover or anything else; the only thing that mattered was that her son needed her.

'Fury can just bite me if he has a problem with this!' Linda thought viciously to herself as she set up a meeting with her son and quickly packed her bag, shoving her belongings into it with more force than necessary. Slipping by her FBI watchers who were looking for her missing son was a piece of cake. Linda was almost ashamed for them at how easy it had been. She knew there was going to be backlash for her actions but as a mother she couldn't care less.

Her baby needed her and that was all that mattered to Linda.

After hanging out with the Winchesters for only a short time, Kevin quickly caught on that it didn’t matter how the motel looked on the outside. All that mattered was a comfortable bed, well as comfortable as a well-used motel bed could be, and access to a hot shower.

It hadn’t taken much effort on Kevin's part to convince Sam to take advantage of the hot shower while he ran across the street to the burger joint. While he waited for their food to cook, Kevin made a quick call to his mom who immediately promised him that she was on his way despite all of Kevin’s protestations that he didn’t want his mom involved in any of the dangers that came with having the Winchesters in your life.

When Kevin arrived back in their room he wasn’t surprised to see Sam sitting on the edge of his bed dressed only in his jeans. He had a towel hanging loosely in his hands but he made no move to dry the droplets of water falling from his wet hair down his bare shoulders onto his back and chest.

“Sam? Would you like something to eat?” Kevin asked as he placed the bags of food and tray of drinks on the small table in the room. As he opened the bags, the enticing aroma of freshly grilled beef and hot French fries filled the small room.

It was on the tip of Sam’s tongue to tell Kevin that he wasn’t hungry but after seeing the worried look in the younger boy’s eyes Sam didn’t have the heart to tell him no. Mustering up a small smile, “Yeah, sure, I could eat something.” The relieved smile that appeared on Kevin’s face had Sam silently vowing that he would force down as much as he could even though he knew it would more than likely taste like ash. "Thanks," he accepted a burger and a cold drink.

Under Kevin’s watchful gaze Sam managed to get most of his burger down in his throat but he'd been right; every bite tasted like ash.

“I called my mom.”

Sam choked on the fry he was in the process of swallowing and after several moments of coughing and gagging and having Kevin hit him on the back, Sam managed to regain control. “Are you…” Sam’s voice was a harsh rasp and he gratefully accepted the drink that Kevin pressed into his hand. After sucking down the soothing ice-cold liquid, he continued. “Are you sure you want to do that? I know how badly you wanted to keep your mom safe and out of danger.”

“Yeah, I did and no, I still don’t, but I’m not ashamed to admit that we need her help.” Kevin shrugged his shoulders; he didn’t mind admitting that he was out of his depth with the current situation. “I have no idea what to do. You... you just seem so broken and I don’t know how to help you or how to find the guys. At least with us you’ll have a place to stay. With Bobby gone and Dean and Castiel who knows where it might be good for you to take a few days to relax and recover in a safe environment.” 

Realising that Kevin was speaking the truth, Sam wadded up his empty burger wrapper, tossed it over Kevin’s head into the bin and then looked at his friend. ‘Those should be illegal,’ he thought with a small grin as he gazed into the hopeful puppy-dogs eyes that Kevin was flashing at him. “You know, that does sound nice and I would appreciate it, thank you.” He had to admit that Kevin did have a point; a few days of downtime might be good for him. It would give him a chance to clear his head and come up with a plan before they started looking for clues as to where Dean and Castiel ended up.

“Thank you too for everything you’ve done for me.” Sam knew he was a mess but he’d lost Dean one too many times in the past, and now without Bobby at his side for guidance and support, he didn’t know how or where he was going to begin to look for Dean. “I’d be lost without you.” He drained the last of his drink with a noisy slurp; “and hungry too!” he grinned cheekily.

Doing his best to ignore the blush that tinted his cheeks, Kevin shrugged his shoulders and mumbled, “It’s no big deal,” under his breath even though the faint smile on his lips proved just how happy he was that Sam had agreed with his suggestion.

Sleep didn’t come easily for Sam or Kevin that night but somehow they both managed to drift off into a restless slumber. Unfortunately, it was one that didn’t last long for Sam as nightmares soon began to invade his sleep. Despite his body's need for rest, his mind had other ideas and behind his eyelids horrible nightmares played out. Against his will, Sam watched in horror as Dean and Castiel were trapped in living hells mingled with his own memories of torture for a year at the hands of Michael and Lucifer.

It took all of Sam's willpower not to let his agonised screams of terror his lips as he fought desperately to free himself from the power of his own mind.

Heart beating furiously in his chest Sam shot straight up in bed his eyes wide with fury and glittering with unshed tears. He dared to take a glance at the second bed, afraid of what he might see in Kevin's eyes, but he was pleased to see Kevin sleeping soundly. 'At least one of us is getting some sleep.' Sam was grateful that he hadn't woken Kevin up; out of the two of them Sam knew that Kevin was the one who needed the most rest.

Quietly as he could Sam crawled out of bed and padded barefoot across the floor to the window; pulling back the curtain Sam looked up at the night sky full of twinkling stars. "I know I'm probably the last person you would ever expect to ask you for help and I really don't care if you don't like me. All I ask is that you please watch over Dean and Castiel for me," Sam prayed in a low voice. "Please…” and his voice threatened to break. Taking a deep breath, he continued; “just keep Dean and Castiel safe that's all I ask."


Tags: fic: souls of the forgotten, pairing: dean/castiel, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: sam/tony, sncross big bang
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