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Musing of a Dreamer

Where True Love is Never Denied

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Fic: Souls of the Forgotten Chapter 3/10

Title: Souls of the Forgotten
Fandoms: Supernatural/Torchwood/The Avengers/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Tony/Sam, Jack/Ianto, Castiel/Dean, Clint/Coulson, Natasha/Pepper, Thor/Jane, Bruce/Steve, Kevin Tran, Nick Fury, Linda Tran, Kevin Tran, Benny/Darcy, the Doctor, Rory/Amy and Balthazar/Tosh
Summary: Sam watched Dean and Castiel disappear right before his eyes; with the loss of Bobby he wasn't sure how he would survive or even how to begin to find a way to rescue them. Help comes in the most unlikely fashion when SHIELD suddenly offers to try and help Sam find the mysterious Doctor. Knowing they have their own agenda, Sam is desperate and accepts their offer any way.

Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel find themselves struggling to survive in a living nightmare. For them, aid comes from a most unlikely pair of people: a fellow trapped soul, Ianto Jones and the vampire, Benny. Together the four of them must find a way to survive in their hellish prison but also find a way home.
One year later they are rescued but during that time much has changed for the brothers; is for better or worse? And how will they handle the biggest changes in their lives?
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, Torchwood or the Avengers
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Art by: Viviantanner


Chapter 3

“Can someone please tell me where in the hell Agent Tran is?”

A delightful smile graced Tony’s face as Fury’s aggravated voice greeted him the moment he stepped foot onto the command centre of the Helicarrier. It always made his day brighter when Fury was in a snit. “So who managed to piss of old One-Eye today?”

Phil gave him his patented ‘be silent and I won’t be forced to hurt you’ look mixed with his ‘you’re not as funny as you think you are’ look. Tony felt special that he had already earned those looks after only being there for a few seconds. It was always the little things that got him through the day.

Cheerfully brushing off the looks that he was getting, Tony pulled out a chair, placed his feet up on the table and crossed his ankles. “So who’s this Agent Tran?” Tony pointed his fingers at a growling Fury; “Because anyone who can get under Fury’s skin like that would make an excellent addition to my company.”

“Ooh, I’ll tell him!”

Phil fought the urge to rub his forehead as Clint suddenly dropped down from the air vent. “What have I told you about hanging in the air ducts?” he demanded from a virtuous-looking Clint.

Clint blinked innocently at his handler/boyfriend. “Only do so when I’m stalking you or bored,” he offered up with an impish smile. He looked as though he was going to say something else but the look on Phil’s face seemed to silence his next thought.

“You taught that look to Pepper, didn’t you?!” an outraged Tony declared. He recognized the look on Phil’s face as one he’d seen on his ex-girlfriend’s face more than a few times when he had done or said something stupid.

“Miss Potts already had it down,” Phil causally informed Tony earning a scowl from the other man. “I just gave her a few pointers on perfecting it.”

“Wow!” Clint snorted derisively. “First she takes advice from Phil about being able to silence you with a single look and now she’s dating Natasha! I gotta say, Pepper is turning into one deadly and scary woman,” he commented and then he shivered at the idea of a Phil/Natasha Mini-Me roaming the world.

“Pepper was already scary enough without any help,” Tony added lightly. “Now, are you going to answer my question? Who is Agent Tran and why Fury’s so worked up over his or her mysterious disappearance?” Tony demanded trying to get the conversation back on track.

“Agent Linda Tran, whose son is involved with a few hunters we’ve had our eye on, went AWOL a few days ago after getting a message from her son and no one has seen her since.” A forceful voice answered Tony’s demand for information.

Tony blinked at Fury as the director of SHIELD glared at him. ‘Oh, shit!’

“Does that sufficiently answer your questions, Mr Stark?”

Tony thought about it for a moment and then shrugged his shoulders. “Not really. Next question, what are hunters and how are they involved with SHIELD?”

Fury deliberately turned his back on Tony and focused his attention on Phil, effectively ignoring the inquisitive young man, which Tony thought was rather rude. “Brief the Avengers on everything we have about hunters and the Winchester’s, I have a feeling that they are somehow involved.” Fury turned on his heel and stalked off, his coat billowing out dramatically behind him.

“Why do I get the feeling that these Winchesters annoy our dear director more than we do?” There was a distinct pout on Tony's face as he asked in a hurt tone and Clint even threw in his dreaded puppy-dog eyes, aimed in Phil's direction.

Coulson found himself fighting the urge to roll his eyes at the hurt looks both men were giving him. “I very much doubt that, given the fact that Director Fury hasn’t met the Winchesters just yet and even when he does meet them I sincerely doubt they'll be able to annoy him half as much as you two do.”

“Aww, Coulson, you say the nicest things and if I didn’t think Legolas would put an arrow in my back I would so kiss you right now.” Tony coyly batted his eyes at Coulson.

A low growl escaped Clint’s lips as he moved closer to Phil’s side, silently staking his claim and a smirk graced Tony’s lips; it was so easy to rile Clint up when it came to Coulson. Tony had figured it out rather early on that Clint thought there might be a little something brewing between the him and Phil, and since then, Clint went out of his way to make sure that Coulson was never alone with Tony for too long. It was something that never failed to amuse Tony and he used every opportunity to toy with Clint.

"You said their names were Winchester, right?" Tony asked breaking up what would be Phil and Clint's version of a love fest.

Within a half-a-second Coulson had speared Tony with a look that would have a lesser man shaking in his boots. "You will not begin searching for them, do I make myself clear? They live extremely off the grid and the only thing you may find out about them is their wanted files within the FBI."

"They're wanted by the FBI?" Tony liked these guys more and more. "Really? That's cool."

"Everything will be explained at the meeting later today; until then please refrain from getting any further on the Director’s already bad side," Coulson warned Tony.

'Yeah, like that's going to happen,' Tony thought to himself with a snort. Whistling tunelessly under his breath, he waited until Coulson and Clint headed off to do whatever it was that super-secret agents and bored assassins did before turning on his heel and heading off in the other direction. Tony had some digging to do.

It didn't take long for Tony to find everything he could on Dean and Sam Winchester and after reading it all, he decided that in his humble opinion they’d had an even crappier childhood than he did. As for their chosen profession he had only one thing to say, "Huh, guess I better make sure my old man isn't haunting my ass."

Tony had to admit that he was looking forward to seeing how the likes of Sam and Dean would fit in with SHIELD. "I wonder how easy they are to rile up?" Oh yes, he was definitely going to have fun playing with his new toys.

Somewhere in time and space

The timelines that had been in constant flux since the 456 came to steal away the children of Earth as well as time of the doomed apocalypse that the angels and demons longed for were finally beginning to right themselves. Something or someone had intentionally interfered with the natural and intended progression of time, for neither of those events were ever supposed to have happened.

In fact, the angel Castiel going rogue and unleashing the Leviathans on an unsuspecting populace thus allowing Seriath to gain a foothold in this world should never have happened either. Whomever or whatever had interfered with the proper unwinding of time was definitely a powerful foe indeed.

Floating in the vast nothingness of the vortex, the TARDIS mourned for those she had watched over for so long and whom she’d come to care for as if they were her own children as they faced yet another challenge. Their shared pain called out to her and she longed to comfort their hurting hearts and sooth away their fears but unfortunately, this was one time when she absolutely could not interfere. Together her children were on an important individual journey that they each had to take in order to grow and reach their specific destinies.

'One more year, my dear ones, and then you will all find your way back to one another, I promise. Just hold on a little longer.'

Dean's legs ached like they had never ached before and it felt like they had been walking for hours. "How much farther do we have to go? And don't you people ever take a break?" He cringed when he realised that he sounded exactly like a whiney child.

Benny shot Dean a smirk over his shoulder. "Tiring out already, kid? I thought the big bad hunters were made of tougher stuff." He snorted with amusement. “Guess that’s just a vicious rumour, huh?”

Ianto shook his head. "I do not believe it's wise to tease the man who knows all the different ways to kill you," he pointed out helpfully.

Benny flashed Ianto a fanged grin. “I’ll take my chances with our baby hunter. He sounds pretty harmless to me!"

Dean’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he stared at Benny’s back. “Watch who you’re calling a baby hunter, I’ve staked more of you than I care to count, so keep your fangs to yourself and we won’t have a problem.”

Castiel glanced between Dean and Benny with a quizzical look in his eyes. “Is this a show of alpha male stupidly that women usually complain about?” The angel turned to Ianto for answers; even with all the time he’d spent amongst humans, he still found many of their interactions bewildering and he was still learning about their behaviours.

Looking over his shoulder the Welshman smiled back at the confused looking angel, “Why yes it is. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of this particular behaviour in the future.” Ianto felt a painful tug at his heart as he tried not to let Dean and Benny’s bickering remind him of two other males bucking heads; it felt like a lifetime ago. Shaking his head Ianto forced those memories back into the deepest parts of his mind and heart where they couldn’t hurt him anymore – well, not quite so much.

Plastering a benign smile on his face, Ianto took pity on the tired newcomer. “We’re nearly there; only a little longer and then you can rest.”

‘Thank goodness.’  Dean fought the urge to cheer and decided to find out more about their mysterious Welshman, “So how long have you been here for?” Dean was getting angsty after only being trapped here after a few hours he didn’t even want to begin to image how long Ianto’s been here.

‘Thank goodness!’  Dean fought the urge to cheer out loud and decided instead to find out more about their mysterious Welshman. “So how long have you been here for?” Dean was getting angsty after only being trapped here after a few hours; he didn’t even want to begin to image how long Ianto’s been here.

Benny stopped in his tracks and stared at Dean in shock; his mouth hung open which made his fangs clearly visible. “Are you really that stupid?” he asked. “What did the man tell you not more than an hour ago?”

“Ignore the vampire.” Ianto shot Benny a glare before turning back to Dean. “About three years.”

Dean also came to a halt as he stared at Ianto in shock. “Dude, how are you still sane?” He breathed the words out reverently.

Ianto shrugged his shoulders as he looked up at the grey sky and considered his answer. “Honestly? I’m not sure that I am still sane.”

 ‘Three years? That is so wrong!’ This piece of news greatly worried Castiel. The power of the Rift that poured off of Ianto made him a very tempting target to all the supernatural beings trapped in Purgatory, and Castiel was quite worried that Ianto’s guardian angel hadn’t already gotten him out of there. Surely he was aware of the imminent danger Ianto faced at every turn? ‘Unless the war has hidden Ianto from his guardian’s sight;’ that thought worried Castiel even more. It was not safe for Ianto to be unguarded because if Crowley learned that there was someone with the power of time running through him within easy reach, the King of Hell would stop at nothing to possess and control him.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you end up here?” Castiel inquired as casually as possible; he needed as much information as he could get if he had any chance of getting them out of Purgatory alive.

A tsunami of powerful emotions crashed over Ianto as he thought back to how he’d arrived in Purgatory. "A creature known as Seriath didn't like the fact that I closed the Rift and stopped her plans for gaining entrance to the mortal world. As punishment she cast my soul into Purgatory. I was lucky though, my training and time with Torchwood gave me the skills I need to survive this place. On the other hand, it was Lady Luck led me to Benny and I can’t think of anyone better to watch my back.” Ianto smiled fondly at Benny and the vampire returned the grin.

“I got your back, your front and all the bits in between!” Benny laughed.

Ianto’s cheery façade didn’t fool the young hunter for a moment and Dean looked at the broken man before him with respect shining clearly in his eyes. "Dude, I know all about sacrificing yourself for the world."

"Did you do it as you lay dying in your lover’s arms while telling him that you love him only to get ‘don't’ in return?" The pure pain of Jack's final rejection still lingered in Ianto’s voice.

Dean winced sympathetically; 'that betrayal had to hurt even more than dying.' Oh sure, he and Sam had their falling outs but they always made sure they each knew how much they still cared for and loved one another. "No, Ianto, I can’t and I can't even begin to image how much that hurt. I'm sorry."

Ianto’s smile was a mixture of hurt, sadness and resigned acceptance. "Thank you, it’s a moment I wish I could forget. When I first arrived here I didn’t give a damn about survival or anything else but the crushing pain in my chest caused by the man I love being incapable of saying those three little words back to me in my last moment.”

The young Welshman had to pause for a moment to collect himself as the pain of rejection once again flared brightly. “I had a death wish and kept taking unnecessary chances. It wasn’t until I met Benny and he slapped some sense back into me and forced me to see that my life was still worth living.”

Curious about the details of that encounter, Dean turned his gaze to Benny. “And how did you do that?” He had been on his own road to self-destruction on more than one occasion and he knew it wasn’t an easy path to be saved from.

A fond look appeared on Benny’s face as he studied Ianto. “At first, I was gonna umm… have him for… you know… dinner, but he was just so calm and accepting of the whole thing that I ended up talking to him instead. I mean, where’s the fun in biting someone who didn’t care whether they lived or died? He shared his story with me and afterwards, I calmly reminded him that he needed to survive so he could find a way out of this place. I figured that way, once he’s back in the human world, he can track down this Jack of his and give him a nice firm punch right in the face and then make him work to regain Ianto’s heart.”

“Actually what he said was I should kick Jack right in the bollocks, but when I explained that those were a few of my favourite body parts, we decided a punch in the nose would work just as well.” Ianto clarified. “Jack’s quite vain, you see, so a broken nose and two black eyes are effective threats.”

Dean snorted with laughter and even Castiel smiled gently.

Neither Ianto nor Benny brought up the other more private part of their relationship. After nearly a year without feeling a single gentle touch Ianto Jones was touch-starved and Benny remembered what that was like. After being turned, he’d spent years missing the loving caress of his still-mortal wife, so he’d done the only thing he could think of to help the young man. He had been as gentle as he could be during their first coupling and later as they laid together, he’d carefully ignored the tears that Ianto quietly shed into his pillow.

Both men knew their relationship would never truly turn romantic; Ianto’s heart would most likely always belong to Jack Harkness and Benny felt nothing but strong friendship for Ianto. Still, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t cheerfully rip Jack apart for all the needless hurt he’d caused his friend.

A thoughtful look appeared on Dean’s face. “Wise advice, don’t forget to make this Jack fellow beg.”

“Oh, trust me, Jack will be begging by the time I’m done with him.” Ianto also knew that unless Jack had taken up with Gwen during his absence, he would quickly forgive Jack. ‘Even if he didn’t mean the words he said in the House of the Dead.’ Ianto so desperately wanted to believe that Jack meant those three little words and that he really was loved by the immortal captain.

A serious of distant howls brought Ianto out of his memories and back to the present. “This talk will have to wait a little longer; it’s time to get our arse in gear.”

No one dared to argue with Ianto’s suggestion and the four of them quickly picked up the pace not wanting to be caught by whatever was chasing them.

 ‘Sammy, I pray that you’re putting that big brain of yours to work and you’re trying to figure out a way of getting us out of this nightmare,’ Dean silently thought as he picked up his pace. ‘But please keep yourself safe, little brother.’