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Fic: Souls of the Forgotten Chapter 4/10

Title: Souls of the Forgotten
Fandoms: Supernatural/Torchwood/The Avengers/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Tony/Sam, Jack/Ianto, Castiel/Dean, Clint/Coulson, Natasha/Pepper, Thor/Jane, Bruce/Steve, Kevin Tran, Nick Fury, Linda Tran, Kevin Tran, Benny/Darcy, the Doctor, Rory/Amy and Balthazar/Tosh
Summary: Sam watched Dean and Castiel disappear right before his eyes; with the loss of Bobby he wasn't sure how he would survive or even how to begin to find a way to rescue them. Help comes in the most unlikely fashion when SHIELD suddenly offers to try and help Sam find the mysterious Doctor. Knowing they have their own agenda, Sam is desperate and accepts their offer any way.

Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel find themselves struggling to survive in a living nightmare. For them, aid comes from a most unlikely pair of people: a fellow trapped soul, Ianto Jones and the vampire, Benny. Together the four of them must find a way to survive in their hellish prison but also find a way home.
One year later they are rescued but during that time much has changed for the brothers; is for better or worse? And how will they handle the biggest changes in their lives?
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, Torchwood or the Avengers
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Art by: Viviantanner


Chapter 4

Coulson surveyed the team around him. “So, are there any questions?” Coulson wasn’t at all surprised when Tony’s hand was the only one that shot right up in the air. “Yes, Tony?” he asked in bland tone.

Tony leaned forward in his chair with his hands propping up his chin and a wild grin on his face, “So let me see if I got this right; vampires, ghosts, witches, werewolves, actually anything that goes bump in the night or was featured in scary stories told around a campfire, you’re saying they are real?”

“Yes,” Coulson said in his ‘that is the stupidest question you could have ever asked’ tone of voice, one that Tony, well, all the Avengers except for Natasha, got all the time.

Steve had a frown on his face as he studied the very detailed files of Dean and Sam Winchester. “Are all hunters this young?”

Coulson wasn’t at all surprised that that was Steve’s question. “Sadly yes, they are, sometimes they are even younger.” For a moment a hush fell over the room as the group of heroes looked at the photos of the two brothers and they realised just how young some of these hunters were to be facing off against such horrors.

“From what I understand hunting is usually a family affair, often passed down from father to son, and if one member of a family is in the business then you can bet the rest of their families are involved as well.”

“I have another question,” Tony piped up trying to get his mind off the idea of children fighting such monsters. “Heaven and Hell are real and the angels and demons wanted to start the apocalypse, so why weren’t we informed? The end of the world is something I would like to know about cos it would be really helpful in planning my day.”

“I will personally make sure that during the next apocalypse you receive sufficient warning,” Coulson promised Tony in an deeply sarcastic tone.

A suitably pleased grin settled itself onto Tony’s face as he sat back in his chair. “That’s all I ask, Agent.”

Hiding his intense irritation at Tony’s childish antics, Coulson glanced around the table once again. “Are there any more questions?” When no one said anything Coulson nodded his head. “Very well, please take the time to read and study the Winchester’s files, but remember we do not know for sure that Agent Tran is with them or that she’s bringing them in. As of right now this is only a precaution.”

Having been recruited at the same time as Linda, Coulson knew that if she was with one or both of the Winchesters then SHIELD would not be hearing from her until she or they were ready. Linda was a ferocious mama bear when she was protecting one of her injured cubs. ‘I do hope that she and Fury will not be getting into another yelling match.’ Coulson would like to avoid that headache if he could; he already had enough problems when dealing with the Avengers and more specifically, Tony.

One week later

“Are you sure you’re ready to do this?” Kevin asked for what seemed like the hundredth time that morning.

Sam smiled at the young man; they had become rather close over the last week, and while they could never replace Dean, Bobby and Castiel, both Kevin and Linda had become family to him as well. “Yes, I’m sure,” he answered calmly; he knew that nerves were the only reason Kevin kept repeating himself. “If Dean and Cas are trapped in Purgatory then they are in real danger and I can’t leave them to suffer in that hell any longer. SHIELD may very well be my only hope of finding a way to either get them home or help me to find this Doctor fellow. I have to try.”

Kevin let out a small huff of exasperation; he had come to know Sam pretty well and he’d discovered that the hunter was just as stubborn as his own mother. “All right, but if they try anything funny we sic my mom on them.”

Linda graced Sam with an almost scary smile. “Don’t worry; if anyone tries to mess with you I’ll deal with them personally.”

At that moment Sam realised that Linda Tran was far more dangerous than any monster, demon or rogue angel out there and he was inordinately glad that she was one of the good guys. “Remind me to stay on your good side, you’re one scary woman.”

Reaching out, Linda gently patted Sam on his cheek. “If you’re as smart as I think you are then you won’t need reminding.”

Sam and Kevin watched as she headed out of the safe house. “Your mom is the scariest woman alive, you know that, right?” Sam murmured to his friend when she was out of earshot.

“Try growing up with her, dude; she knows all and sees all.” Kevin shuddered lightly as he recalled how his mother always seemed to know when he was up to no good. "I couldn't get away with anything when I was a kid!"

“Well at least you survived.” Sam shook his head sympathetically as he clapped Kevin on his shoulder. “You know, I think even Crowley will think twice about attacking you if he finds out he has to go through your mother.”

Kevin brightened considerably. “Hey! I never thought of that. Thanks, Sam.”

Nodding his head Sam smiled at the young man he was starting to see as a younger brother. “No problem, and don’t forget how lucky you are to have grown up with such an amazing mom.” Watching the Tran family had made the pain of growing up without a mother resurface and Sam wished with all his heart that he and Dean could have had a life like that. Once again Sam found himself wondering how their lives would have turned out if he and Dean had been raised in a normal family with a normal childhood.

Unfortunately, those dreams were growing harder and harder to see and Sam was being forced to realise and accept that a normal life would never be for him.

“You know mom has a big enough heart for everyone and she’s always willing to take in strays.” Kevin’s voice startled Sam out of his thoughts and as Sam looked at him with his brows furrowed in confusion, Kevin decided he needed to clarify what he meant. “No matter what happens you will have a home here with us.”

A home was something that he had with Dean and Bobby and as Sam looked over Kevin’s shoulder, he saw Linda standing in the doorway smiling at them both. “My son speaks the truth; you do have a home here with us, remember that, Sam.”

Warmth blossomed in Sam’s chest and some of the pain he’d been carrying since Dean and Castiel went missing loosened just a little; he wasn’t as alone as he had feared. “Thank you, both of you. You have no idea what that means to me.” To his utter consternation, Sam suddenly felt tears choke his throat and he started to cough a little to cover it up.

“If you’re ready then we’d better get going. We have a long drive ahead of us and Coulson will be waiting for us,” Linda reminded them gently. She knew better than to push Sam if he wasn’t quite ready just yet.

Sam took a deep breath; he knew that this was the first step in finding a way to rescue Dean and Castiel. “I’m ready. Let’s do this.”

Without saying anything Kevin and Linda took up flanking positions on either side of Sam and Linda looped her arm through that of the young hunter. “Don’t worry, I have your back,” she whispered softly so only Sam could hear.

Again a warm feeling spread through Sam’s heart. His brother and good friend may be missing and the man he loved like a father was no longer in this world but he was not as alone as he had first thought. Truth be told, he was kind of pleased that he had begun to find a new extension of his weird little family with the Tran’s.

To say that the Avengers were curious was a true understatement of the facts. When they learned that Agent Tran was returning and that she was bringing one of the Winchester boys with her somehow they all miraculously managed to have business on the Helicarrier. Even though the meeting was strictly between Nick Fury, Phil Coulson and the one Winchester boy, the crowds continued to gather despite knowing that they weren’t going to be allowed anywhere near the mysterious hunter. Because like yeah, that was really going to happen.

Natasha had been the team member who gained the information that Linda had arrived with her son and the youngest Winchester, Sam. Not wanting to miss a thing, Clint hadn’t wasted any time and immediately took to the air ducts above Fury’s office with his comm on. Once he was in place, he quietly began relaying everything he heard.

Inside Fury’s office

From the moment the two men met Sam found himself liking Phil Coulson and he could easily understand why Bobby trusted and liked this man. Plus Linda had shown him CCTV footage of the man taking out a pair of armed robbers with nothing but a bag of flour, a courageous feat which was both impressive and a little frightening.

From his seat at the head of the conference table, Coulson quietly studied the young man before him; he found it quite disturbing that someone so young had to have eyes so old. “I heard about Bobby and I’m very sorry for your loss; he was a good man. He will be greatly missed.” Coulson himself was going to miss the gruff hunter tremendously; the man had been a good and trusted friend.

A sad smile graced Sam’s face. “Thank you. Bobby was one of a kind. I have to say that you’re the only one from SHIELD he liked or complained the least about, which is considered high honours in Bobby speak.”

“Thank you for telling me that; I’m proud to have been considered a friend of Bobby’s. He spoke highly of you and your brother and even threatened a fate worse than death if anyone of us brought harm to you, which is why we never sought you or your brother out.” Coulson thought it was best to explain why an offer to work for SHIELD had never given to them before.

A raised eyebrow from Sam and the knowing look in his eyes showed that he had an idea that was the case. “I’m not surprised, actually. Bobby was very protective of us. If I didn’t need your help in finding my brother and friend I might have never taken you up on your offer.” He directed this last at the man standing silently in the corner.

Nick Fury studied the young man before him; he had to admit that he was impressed with Sam’s ability to hold his ground and not cower beneath his glare like so many others, including trained SHIELD agents, did when faced with his penetrating stare. "Mr Winchester, you and your brother have been an of interest to SHIELD for some time now. We know everything about you and your fellow hunters and we would like to help you. We have geniuses like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner working for us and I believe they will be your best bet in finding your brother.”

“Thank you, sir,” Sam answered gratefully.

“In return, I want you to train the Avengers in the ways of hunting because sooner or later these idiots will stumble onto a demon or a vampire nest, or they’ll end up tangling with a pack of shifters or have to deal with a ghost. Of course knowing their luck, they would manage to stumble upon all of them at the same time. I also want you to act as a backup handler. Agent Coulson is their primary handler but as he is still recovering from injuries received in a recent battle and those wildcards cannot be allowed to run loose without a baby-sitter and that’s what I want you to be, Mr Winchester, an Avengers baby-sitter.”

 “Baby-sitter! We don’t need no stinkin’ baby-sitter!” Tony hissed indignantly into Clint’s ear. Even though he couldn’t see him, the archer was sure the man was pouting.

 ‘Well that’s a little rude. Thank you so much for your faith in us, Sir.’ Clint barely resisted the urge to stick his tongue out at Fury because despite the fact that he was hidden out of sight, somehow they would just know and he didn’t want to see the look of disappointment in Coulson’s eyes.

Sam hated to admit it but Fury had a point. Without Bobby’s guidance Sam didn't even know where to start in his search and from what he’d heard about the Avengers their good intentions would more than likely backfire anyway or they would stumble into something they couldn’t even begin to imagine or have the slightest clue how to handle. Sam regarded Fury solemnly for a moment, as though considering all his options. Finally, he accepted. "I want your word that you will help me find my brother and Castiel. Nothing else matters to me but finding them."

Fury had to admit he was impressed with the young man, very few men had the stones to make demands from him. Women, yes, but not men. "You have my word, Mr Winchester."

Sam took a deep breath and wondered why it suddenly felt like he was about to sign his soul away. “Then I accept your offer to work for SHIELD and teach the Avengers what they need to know to survive a hunter’s life.”

"Good." Fury grunted out the single word before turning his gaze up to the air events. "Mr Barton, would you please inform the others that there will be a briefing in ten minutes."

The airwaves instantly began buzzing with comments and taunts.


"I told you this was a bad idea."

"No, you didn't!"

"Children, could you kindly put away your tongues and act like the adults you all claim to be?"

"I'll bring out the other guy if I have to."

Clint couldn’t refrain from rolling his eyes as his teammates bickering came across the line. "Guys, this is Coulson and Fury. They knew I was there before I arrived and because they’re just that good is no reason to blame anyone," Clint pointed out calmly. As the one who was most used to Coulson knowing his every movement it can to no surprise that his lover knew he was up there listening in. “You heard the big man, people, we have a meeting in ten minutes and I’m in no mood to get another one of Phil’s looks.” Clint shuddered. He hated those looks; they always made him feel like he was a naughty child.

Sam glanced up at the ceiling his eyebrows furrowing together as he wondered just who the hell was up there and why they were crawling around in the air ducts in the first place.

Seeing Sam’s curiosity, Coulson automatically answered his unasked questions. “That’s Agent Clint Barton, one of the Avengers you will be training. Trust me when I say that you’ll get used to him hiding out in high places, in fact, you’ll soon find it unnatural to see him on the ground.”

“Riiight.” Sam blinked all the while wondering, ‘What have I gotten myself into and is it too late to back out.’ Something told Sam that his time with SHIELD and more importantly with the Avengers just might be his strangest journey yet.

Linda patted Sam on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, Sam, I’m sure you’ll get use to them in no time. After all, they can’t be the worst thing you’ve ever faced.”

Somehow that did not reassure Sam at all.

Tony Stark would admit that he wasn't sure how he was supposed to react to the fact that they were getting a new handler to help out a recovering Coulson, but the young man standing before them truly piqued his interest. He had such ancient and world-weary eyes that had clearly seen far too much horror and danger in the relatively short time he’d been alive. “So you’re a hunter.”

After getting over his shock that he was actually standing in a room with both Iron Man and Captain America, ‘Bobby, how could not have told us!’ Sam shook himself free of his awe. At the sound of Tony’s voice his eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms over his chest. “Yes, I’m a hunter; do you have a problem with that?”

Tony shrugged. “I’d just thought you’d be a little older, that's all. I mean, are you even old enough to drink, let alone save the world several times.”

Sam stared at Tony, unimpressed by his attempt at clever humour. "I spent a year locked inside Lucifer's cage, where I was tortured by him on a daily basis. The Archangel Michael, my brother and I have died several times only to be brought back time and time again because of our destiny. So yes, I think I’m old enough to drink and just in case you were wondering? I can even shave.”

“Yeah, actually I was so thanks for clearing that up for me.” Refusing to be out-snarked by the newcomer no matter how impressive his credentials were, Tony didn’t bother to hide the smirk that wanted to form as he watched Sam sigh and rub his forehead.

Sam could feel a headache being to form and he just knew that Tony was going to take great joy in pushing his buttons. ‘Well, Linda wasn’t kidding when she warned me about him!’

"You are indeed a brave warrior, my young hunter, the likes of which I haven't met in a very long time; it will be an honour to fight alongside you," Thor boomed as he clapped Sam hard on his back, nearly sending the young man sprawling.

“Umm... thank you.” Sam wasn’t sure how to act around a real life God; that was something he and Dean hadn’t had to deal with all that much, at least not yet.

Darcy, who at first had no idea why she was there except for the fact that the team seemed to have adopted her as some kind of mascot, something she wasn’t sure how she felt about, looked between Tony and Sam and her lips twitched with the urge to smile as an idea slowly began to form. Tony had been down in the dumps ever since his relationship with Pepper had ended but the way he was looking at Sam, his new handler just might be what he needed to get out of the dumps and back into the swing of life.

‘Looks like it’s time for me to play matchmaker!’ Darcy forced herself not to jump for glee. ‘It’s been too long since I had any fun around here. I wonder if I can get the others to help? I know Clint would be more than willing and Natasha will have no problem joining in just for the chance to annoy Tony.’ A plan was slowly being to take shape in her romantically busy little mind, and by the time she was finished with them, Tony and Sam were not going to know what hit them. ‘Oh boy, this is going to be fun!’

Clint easily recognized the look on his partner-in-crime’s face as she studied Tony and their new handler and he had to fight the urge to smirk. He had been on the receiving end of Tony’s teasing about his relationship with Phil one too many times and it would be nice to get some payback. ‘Oh yes, Tony’s got no idea what’s about to hit him.’

Natasha shook her head slightly as she observed the looks between Darcy and Clint but a tiny smile appeared on her lips. ‘A new love interest for Tony might be a good thing, it would stop him from interfering with my alone time with Pepper.’ It was already hard enough to get time alone with her girlfriend given their schedules and even when they did more often than not Tony would come up with some reason that he needed Pepper for something. Natasha was at the end of her patience; much more of his interruptions over the smallest and often stupidest things and she was going to stab him with her knife. ‘Say good-bye to your happy place, Tony!’

Tony fought the urge to shiver as he felt Natasha’s gaze boring into the back of his head; he didn’t need to look at the redhead to know that she was plotting his death. ‘Mental note: next time, let Natasha get laid before calling Pepper to help deal with the latest crisis, cos a grumpy assassin is no fun to be around.’ Tony knew he’d been calling upon Pepper more than he should, and he felt guilty about that, especially when he called knowing she’d finally gotten some precious and hard-to-come-by time alone with Natasha. Although he was happy for her to have moved on after their relationship failed, and Tony was thankful that they’d managed to maintain their friendship, it still didn’t mean he enjoyed watching Pepper be all sappy and in love with Natasha.

Add to that being forced to watch the tooth-decaying sweetness that was Thor and Jane’s relationship as well as watching Clint glare daggers at Steve whenever Coulson went into one of his fanboy moods– well, basically whenever Steve had Coulson’s attention. Tony had to admit, though, it was rather amusing to sit back and watch Clint scowl, glare and pout as Coulson practically drooled all over Steve. It was fun counting the minutes before the archer would let out a huff, snap out of his sulk and proceed to stalk over to the two men. He would cross his arms over his chest, stand behind Coulson and glare menacingly at Steve.

Now to give Steve credit, he had come a long way since waking from his time in the ice, and he was certainly smart enough to know that while Clint was an easy going kind of guy who liked to joke and tease his teammates and accept the same back from them. However, when it came to Coulson spending time with Steve, Clint simply lost all sense of reason; he would let his jealousy and fear that Coulson just might, and it was a pretty big might, leave him for Steve control his actions. Everyone around him thought he was being crazy; they could all see that Coulson was head over heels in love with Clint and even Steve knew that Phil would never jeopardise their relationship with anyone.

Plus it was kinda of obvious to everyone, or at least it was to Tony, that Steve and Bruce wanted to bump uglies with one another but both were being rather chicken about their feelings. They were just too busy doing the whole tragic ‘he’ll never feel the same way about me and so I am prepared to pine away hopelessly while staring longing at him not realising that my feelings are indeed returned,’ act to do anything about it. At least that’s how Tony saw it; he might have been wrong about that but he was pretty sure that was the case. ‘Mental note number two: create Hulk-proof closet, then lock Steve and Bruce in said closet and refuse to let either one of them out until they’ve either admitted their feelings for one another or shagged each other senseless.’

Sam was very used to the plotting gleams that often appeared in a good chunk of the Avengers’ eyes and when he noticed those looks flying around the room, he took a step back all the while wondering, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ It didn’t matter, though, he knew he would put up with anything if it meant getting Dean and Castiel back safely, even if it meant putting up with this obvious madhouse. 'I just hope I survive with my sanity intact. Hang on, guys; I'll find a way to save you both as soon as I can.'


Tags: fic: souls of the forgotten, pairing: dean/castiel, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: sam/tony, sncross big bang
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