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Fic: Broken Soul is Bleeding Chapter 8/10

Title: Broken Soul Is Bleeding
Fandoms: Torchwood/Avengers
Pairings/Characters: Tony/Ianto, Natasha/Pepper, Jack, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Suzie, Owen/Diane, Nick Fury, Coulson/Clint, Maria Hill, Jasper Sitwell/Tosh and Jack/AU!Ianto
Summary: After the events of Countrycide Ianto comes to the realisation that Torchwood was no longer the place for him. As he struggles to find a new life for himself Ianto is approached by Nick Fury and unexpectedly finds himself working for SHIELD. Given his past experience in working with ‘difficult’ alpha-males, he is assigned as Tony Stark's new handler; does Tony have the compassion and willingness to help heal someone whose as broken as him?
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or The Avengers
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Art by: hollymarchosias 

Chapter 8


"It's been four months, Nat; I was so sure that Tony would have cracked by now, but he's actually being a gentleman about this. At first it was cute but now it's driving me insane! I mean, you can cut the sexual tension between them with a knife, for Pete’s sake!" Pepper ranted to Natasha as she paced the floor of her office. “It’s just not natural!”


Curled up on the couch in Pepper's office Natasha readily agreed with her girlfriend. Pepper wasn’t the only one who felt this way; heaven knew both men wanted to advance their relationship. Clint, always the entrepreneur, had taken to running a betting pool within five minutes of seeing about the electricity between Tony and Ianto. Wagers had been placed on everything from when the two men would get together to where that would take place to who would make the first move and even included how far they’d go physically on that first encounter. Ianto’s suit and tie combinations had quickly become renowned amongst the SHIELD staff and agents and there were side bets on what suit and which tie the man would be wearing when things finally kicked off.


The gamblers were all getting frustrated by the fact that Tony hadn’t yet made a move on Ianto but Clint, on the other hand, was secretly pleased that he had to keep pushing the dates further and further out. So far he was making a fortune off his little side project.


The longer they worked together the closer Tony and Ianto grew and the obvious chemistry between them sent sparks flying every time they so much as looked at one another. Yet, neither had made a move to encourage the other, which shocked everyone considering that this was Tony Stark they were talking about. From the first day he’d joined SHIELD, he’d tried it on in one fashion or another with pretty much every single person on the payroll, including Director Fury himself. Of course, that was on Tony’s very first day, which almost became his very last day, and he quickly and permanently learned his lesson there. It was so unusual to see him not making a move on someone he clearly wanted that people Tony Stark was the hottest topic of conversation around SHIELD’s water cooler.


Things finally got to the point where Pepper and Natasha had taken to plotting together; they were both so incredibly tired of walking into a room to find that Tony’s sex life – or lack thereof – was the main topic of conversation. The extreme sexual tension between the two men was contagious and the number of hook-ups, casual or not, spiked throughout SHIELD. The woman decided that if Tony and Ianto weren’t going to – as Pepper so delicately put it – get their heads out of their asses and do anything about their ‘situation’, then they’d given up the right to deal with their own love lives. That meant that the responsibility for getting two stubborn men to act on their feelings for one another would fall into the hands two far saner women.


Natasha unfurled her long legs and enjoyed a luxurious, cat-like stretch before saying, "You know, even Fury has begun saying something and he’s never really cared about the love lives of anyone in SHIELD unless it interfered with daily operations or field missions. We really need to find a way to get those two together before Fury steps in and does it for us." She had seen firsthand the way the two men behaved during their missions; Tony and Ianto would try and keep their feelings under wrap but the moment either one of them was in danger nothing else mattered. "I really thought after those A.I.M. members shot Ianto that they would finally act on their feelings for one another."


Never had Natasha seen Tony as furious as he was when Ianto had been shot in the back by a member of A.I.M. Channelling his anger into deadly accuracy, Iron Man had taken out every single soldier that stood between him and Ianto and then, with care they had never seen him exercise before, Tony had gently lifted Ianto into his arms and flown him back to the Helicarrier. After seeing the pure emotion lying bare on Tony’s face, everyone had believed that that would be the breaking point, and that Iron Man’s iron will had been broken. The most romantic of them had dreamed that nearly losing Ianto would send Tony straight to his hospital bed where he would drop to his knee and proclaim his everlasting love for the young Welshman.


Well, it was not the breaking point and there were no over-the-top romantic gestures, which left everyone at the end of their proverbial ropes trying to figure out what cataclysmic event would have to take place in order to get them to finally act on their feelings.


The jingle of a new email message in her inbox halted Pepper from continuing with whatever she was going to say. With a quick smile of apology to Natasha, she read the message and her eyebrows immediately rose and disappeared beneath her hairline. She looked up at Natasha with her mouth gaping open.


The look on Pepper’s face got Natasha's attention and she bolted from the couch to join Pepper at her desk. “Honey, what’s wrong? Is someone hurt?” She steeled herself to hear the worst.


"Tony's teaching Ianto how to use his Iron Man suit."


Pepper pointed to her laptop and right there on the screen in full colour was a live video feed from JARVIS showing Ianto down in Tony's lab wearing one of Iron Man's gloves. Sharing a look of amusement and hope – Tony had never, ever allowed anyone to try on a piece of his armour. Pepper brought the laptop to the low table in front of the couch while Natasha got them each a bottle of juice from the little office fridge and then they got as comfortable as they could. This just might be the moment they – and everyone else at SHIELD were waiting for.


Ianto had no idea how on God’s green Earth he’d allowed Tony to talk him into this as he allowed Dummy to help him into the Iron Man glove. ‘This is a bad idea,’ Ianto thought as he finished placing the armoured glove on his hand, but Tony wanted Ianto to learn how to use one of the suits. After the incident with A.I.M. he was adamant that should it come down to it Ianto needed to be able to defend himself from any great threat.


Grinning from his spot on the stairs as he spotted his prey all alone Tony moved silently towards the unsuspecting Welshman. His eyes drank in the sight of Ianto dressed in faded blue jeans whose age-softened fabric hugged that oh-so-delicious behind he’d drooling over since day one and he licked his lips hungrily as he moved to stand behind Ianto.


A shiver coursed through Ianto’s whole body at the feeling of Tony’s fingers wrapping around his hand, and he swallowed hard as the older man pressed the length of his body against his own. “Just relax and breathe,” Tony whispered seductively into Ianto’s ear and as he raised Ianto's arm up, Ianto again shivered as he felt Tony’s breath hot against his skin.


A shaky breath escaped through Ianto’s parted lips as he forced his body to relax into Tony’s and he tried to listen carefully, he really did, as the older man whispered in his ear how to use the metal glove but all he could focus on was how good it felt to be pressed against Tony. "Now what?" Ianto was so very pleased when his voice came out strong and confident instead of weak and shaky like he feared it might.


Having Ianto's delicious body flush against his was all pushing the limits of Tony's control; never had it felt so good, so right and so wonderful to be so close to another human being. It took all his willpower not to snap and claim the young man right then and there. "Take aim at the target Dummy's holding up and keep your legs well braced; there’s quite the kickback." Tony would have said that if Ianto missed the target and accidentally ended up hitting Dummy not to worry about it, but for some reason he couldn't explain to Ianto the inventor actually liked his bots.


As Ianto sited down the length of his arm at the target, an insidious little thought started creeping up on him but rather than let the memory of his shooting lesson with Jack Harkness become fully realised, he forced it back down where it belonged, in the past. Ianto took a deep, steadying breath and braced himself against Tony as he activated the trigger and fired the blaster; thankfully he managed to hit the side of the target and not on the side that Dummy was holding. Mentally he marked it down as a success.


"Not bad for your first shot. With some practice I'm sure you'll be a crack shot in no time." Tony's voice washed over Ianto like a tidal wave; he was rather pleased with how fast Ianto caught on but then again he'd seen how good Ianto was with a stun gun and a hand gun. As far as Tony was concerned, the Welshman was an ass-kicking ninja in a suit – a sexy, ass-kicking ninja, he quickly amended.


Ianto grinned proudly at the praise Tony gave him; it felt nice and it stirred something in him that he hadn't felt since Lisa.


It felt like belonging, it felt like home. He was no longer alone.


Tony saw the flash of emotion in Ianto's eyes and while part of him wanted to ask, he refrained from prying. He knew that like him Ianto hadn't grown up in the most loving family, but unlike Ianto, he’d been lucky enough to find another family in Pepper and Rhodey. Lately that new family had grown to include a certain Coulson, Clint and Natasha but if Tony was honest with himself Ianto had a far different role in the family of his heart. As he held Ianto against him and as he felt Ianto’s pride in his accomplishment and his pleasure at being praised radiating from him, the urge to kiss Ianto grew to the point where it began to actually hurt Tony. Finally he couldn't deny himself any longer.


Turning Ianto in his arms, Tony paused for a second and looked deeply into Ianto’s eyes before leaning forward and tasting lips that were just as soft as Tony imagined they would be. After only a moment of shocked stillness, he felt Ianto return the kiss with increasing interest.


And it was like a dam burst. Months of longing and passion came pouring forth like waves crashing against a rocky shore. Tony and Ianto lost themselves in the power of their kiss and in the feeling of each other’s body as target practice was quickly forgotten. Between them, the men barely managed to get Iron Man’s glove safely onto the table before reason vanished all together.


A low mechanical whine escaped Dummy as he hastily put down the target and slunk off to the side and out of the door so he wouldn’t have to view the show that was about to happen.




"Well! I guess our plans are no longer needed," Natasha muttered and when Tony hands began drifting down even further as she clicked the mouse and closed the feed, ignoring Pepper’s little huff of annoyance.


Pepper blinked at the now blank screen, a faint blush on her cheeks; even though she'd dealt with many of Tony's passing interests before something told her that with Ianto things were very, very different. 'I really hope that this time it's the real thing, I just want to see you happy, Tony, and I think with Ianto you could be.' "So who gets to tell Clint that his betting pool is over?" Pepper asked.


Natasha merely grinned wickedly as she reached for the computer mouse again. "He won't believe us without proof and I think this time-stamped video will speak for itself," Natasha pointed out gleefully as she entered an address and hit send. 'I wonder if I'll be able to hear Clint's cries of anguish from here?' Natasha knew that Clint had bet on Tony and Ianto getting together sometime next week; in fact he was so sure that he had picked the right day that he’d already spent his winnings on a new game system.


"So who won the pool?" Pepper’s eyes were shining with amusement; she knew exactly what had put that look in her girlfriend's eyes.


Amusement danced in Natasha's eyes as she answered with the curve of a smile on her lips, "Phil."


"Well Tony doesn't call him Super Agent for nothing. At least Clint can still claim a small share of the money," Pepper pointed out. "That should make him happy."


"You would think." Natasha climbed to her feet and offered Pepper her hand. "Come on, I don't think your boss would mind you taking an early day for once."


Grinning Pepper took Natasha's hand; she really shouldn't but she was sure there was nothing that couldn't wait until tomorrow to deal with. After all, Tony owed her big time for keeping his company afloat and a few extra hours away from the office was a small step in the right direction.




It had been a long time – too long, actually – since Ianto awoke to the feeling of a warm body curled against him and it felt nice. The warmth Tony offered staved off the chill of the early morning and while Ianto wasn't sure what they were doing or where it was going he planned on enjoying every minute of it for as long as it lasted.


Movement behind him alerted Ianto to the fact that he was not the only one awake and he grinned happily to himself. Shifting so he could look over his shoulder he came face-to-face with a still partially-asleep Tony and Ianto didn’t bother to fight the urge to smile at how adorable the man looked when he was just waking up. "Good morning," Ianto greeted softly.


Tony grinned pleased to see no hints of panic or worse, remorse in Ianto's eyes. "Good morning to you, too. I take it there's no early morning regrets?" he asked snuggling in closer to his handsome young lover.


Ianto lifted his hand and began running his fingers through Tony's sleep-tussled hair. "Nope, no regrets,” and his hand drifted down to caress Tony’s whisker-roughened cheek. “It's been a long time since I've been so happy,” now his thumb rubbed across Tony’s lips, “and while I'm not sure where this is going, I know I want to give this a chance." Ianto leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Tony’s mouth.


Relieved beyond measure that his new lover was as happy as he was, Tony let out a breath he hadn't even known he was holding. "I want that too,” he reached out and took Ianto’s hand in his, rubbing his thumb over the back. With a rueful grin he admitted, “Relationships have never been my strong suit and I need you to have patience with me,” he raided Ianto’s hand to his lips and kissed it before turning it over and placing a kiss in its palm. “these are untested waters for me and I’ll warn you right now, I'm probably going to mess up." He smiled again, “in fact, I know I will.”


Ianto shifted fully around so he could look Tony straight in the eyes, not noticing that he’d dragged the bed covers down to waist level. "Lisa was my first real relationship and we all know how that ended, so I think we're both going to need to have patience with one another. But there is one thing I want to make clear right now…” Ianto warned with a growl in his voice. “I do not share well with others."


Tony however had noticed that Ianto’s chest was exposed and he licked his lips in anticipation. "Well that's good to know because I have no plans on sharing you. Not with anyone." Tony's tone held a distinctly possessive note and Ianto felt his lover’s grip tighten slightly around his waist it slipped a little lower. Ianto’s belly quivered with lust as Tony’s fingers grazed the upper curve of his butt cheek.


 “I'm glad we’re agreed on that," Ianto purred seductively as he shifted again, closing the gap between their bodies, his eyes heating up as he pressed a butterfly kiss against Tony's lips.


After chasing down Ianto’s lips for a more intensive kiss, a growl rumbled from deep within Tony's chest as he rolled Ianto over onto his back and then settled atop him. He purposely squirmed around for a moment, grinding their erections together before kissing his new lover until they were both breathless. He was in no hurry; they still had plenty of time to spend learning more about what the other man enjoyed before they had to get up and Tony didn't plan on wasting a single moment.




The finally sated lovers had a visitor waiting for them when they left Tony’s… well now their bedroom later that morning. Seated on the couch, wearing a sullen glare on his handsome face Clint greeted them with, “Thanks a lot, you two!”


“Umm…” Tony and Ianto looked at each other with confusion, a silent ‘Do you know what he’s talking about?’ passing between them. “You’re welcome?” Tony responded uncertainly while Ianto asked,


“Have we done something to offend you, Clint?”


“You might say that, Ianto,” the archer groused at them with a sulky snarl. "You couldn't wait just one more week, could you?"


“Oh for Pete’s sake!” Ianto rolled his eyes in mild exasperation. “Is that what has your knickers in a twist?”


Tony grinned broadly, knowing his good humour was really annoying Clint. "So who won the pool?" He was highly amused as he heard Clint grumble under his breath. “Oh yeah, we know…” a quick glance at Ianto told him that Ianto knew about it as well. “…all about your little betting pool, my friend.”


Again, Clint mumbled something under his breath that had Tony cupping his ear and leaning in closer. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear that, could you please repeat that?"


Snarling under his breath and shooting Tony a glare that if looks could kill would have made Tony nothing but a pile of ash on the floor in a heartbeat, Clint reluctantly repeated, "I said Phil won the pot."


At that pronouncement, Tony burst out into gales of hearty laughter and even Ianto let a chuckle or two escape as they watched Clint’s pout grow to near temper tantrum strength.


“It’s not that funny,” Clint whinged and Ianto would later swear that he witnessed Hawkeye stamp his foot in childish frustration.


“Actually it is!” Struggling to catch his breath, Tony finally managed to gasp out through his snickers, “So I take it he’s not up to sharing?”


Clint crossed his arms over his chest and scowled deeply. “He spent it all on Lola.”


Immediately picturing a voluptuous red-head with an hourglass figure and a sultry voice, Ianto shared a look with Tony ‘Do you know her? No, I don’t; do you?’ “And who is Lola?” Ianto asked gently.


Suddenly realising he’d revealed too much information, Clint sighed and performed an excellent imitation of Ianto when he rolled his eyes; he knew that this was only going to set them off again. “Lola’s his car.”


As his imaginary sex goddess lingered in his mind for a moment – ‘even inter-galactic playboy Jack Harkness never had claimed an automobile as a girlfriend!’ – Ianto then blinked in surprise as reality set in.


Tony, on the other hand, clutched his stomach as he doubled over in pure laughter. “He spent it on his car and not you? This is too priceless!” Tony collapsed onto the floor – he’d tried for the couch, but just missed it and howled with uncontrollable laughter. Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he was able to get out between his laughs, “You must be the cheap date, then!”


For a moment, as he watched Clint’s face turn red and a murderous glint appear in his eyes, Ianto worried about Tony’s health; there was a good chance he could either choke himself or Clint was going to kill him and from the look in the archer’s eyes the latter was a very strong possibility. “Did you even talk to Phil about the winning pot or did you simply storm off in an immature pout?” Ianto asked and at Clint’s sheepish look Ianto rolled his eyes. It was no wonder Tony and Clint got along so well, they were both such children. “JARVIS, how soon shall Agent Coulson be arriving?”


“Agent Coulson is five minutes away, Master Ianto. Shall I alert you when he arrives?” JARVIS asked.


"That would be wonderful, JARVIS.” Realising he only had a few minutes to get both men under control, Ianto thought fast. “Who would like a cup of coffee?" he asked with a knowing grin on his face. It was rather amusing to watch as Tony and Clint tripped all over themselves in an attempt to reach the kitchen first. "JARVIS, are Pepper and Natasha along with Agent Coulson?" Ianto asked once the other two were out of earshot.


"Indeed they are, sir. I take it you're not informing Mr Stark or Agent Barton of that little fact?" There was a hint of approval in JARVIS' voice.


"Of course not! How else am I going to keep Clint from bolting? I don’t think my coffee’s that good! If he knew that Natasha was on her way he’d be long gone before they even got to the gate," Ianto said with a smirk on his face.


"Very wise indeed, sir." If Ianto's ears weren't deceiving him it almost sounded like JARVIS was taking enjoyment out of the entire situation. Given how sentient Torchwood’s mainframe had been Ianto knew he shouldn't be surprised if JARVIS was developing a sassy program of his own, considering who created him.




When Natasha came waltzing through the front door behind Coulson, Clint glared at Ianto and stated, "Traitor!" although he wasn’t upset enough to surrender his mug of coffee.


Natasha and Ianto shared an eye roll and seeing that, both Tony and Clint shivered at how much they looked alike; it had surprised everyone with how close Ianto and Natasha had come in such a few short months. Of course Natasha had simply explained that since she and Ianto had to work with the two biggest children in SHIELD it was no wonder they sought each other out for intelligent, adult conversation.


When Clint heard the phrase ‘adult conversation’, his mind naturally wandered into slightly pornographic territory, and his naughty thoughts must have shown on his face because Natasha slapped him hard enough on the back of the head to nearly knock him out of his chair as she growled, “I’m talking about grown-up conversation, something you’re obviously NOT familiar with!”


Once they’d had a chance to think about it, Tony and Clint had been more than a little insulted by her description of them as ‘children’, but considering they had been caught so many times playing pranks on the newbies they couldn't complain too loudly.


Wearing a look of loving exasperation, Phil Coulson crossed his arms over his chest and stared at his partner. "Are you done sulking yet? Or should I return your new toy to the SHIELD scientists?" 


Ianto reached out just in time to catch Clint’s falling mug, catching it mere inches from the floor and setting it on the counter while Natasha was convinced that if Clint were a puppy he would be wagging his tail and slobbering all over them right at that moment. "Present? You got me something?"


"Seriously? You didn't notice the bright red bow?" Natasha asked with pure disbelief dripping off her every word.


Clint shrugged nonchalantly, went to sip his coffee and then frowned when he realised that he no longer had his mug. Spying it on the counter, he retrieved it and again went to take a sip only to discover his cup was empty. He looked around forlornly, as if he’d just lost his best friend. Ianto took pity on the man, held up the pot of freshly-made brew invitingly and then grinned when both Tony and Clint held out their mugs.  


Once again fortified with liquid courage, Clint grinned again. "You expect me to notice anything when I've some of Ianto's coffee in my hand? You must be out of your mind!" It was a common state of mind around SHIELD that the rest of the world faded away while having a cup of Ianto's coffee.


Before any of the new arrivals could ask, Ianto produced three more cups of coffee seemingly out of nowhere. Tony was convinced that it was Ianto's super power, the gift for knowing when his coffee was needed, that and the ability to make the greatest coffee known to anyone on planet Earth. A wee part of Tony still wondered if Ianto was planning to take over the world by slowly addicting the population to his special brew but as long as Ianto made him his royal consort then things would be just fine. After their lusty activities of the previous night, he would have no problem in worshipping Ianto Jones, Coffee King, whatsoever.


Tony was pulled out of his daydreams of Ianto in black leather and a crown, with a riding crop in one hand and a pot of coffee in the other, by Pepper gently nudging him in the side. "I'm happy for you, Tony; he's going to be good for you," she whispered softly.


A softness that Pepper had never seen before appeared in Tony's eyes as he watched Ianto set out a sugar bowl and several flavoured creamers. While Ianto didn’t approve of their use in his exquisitely blended brews, he wasn’t going to deprive his friends of their preferences. "Yeah, I he is."

Tags: crossover big bang, crossover: the avengers/torchwood, fic: broken soul is bleeding, pairing: tony/ianto
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