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Fic: Unspoken Deception Chapter 1

Title: Unspoken Deception
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Harry Potter
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Owen/Tonks, Snape/Tosh, Harry/Neville, John Hart/Neville, Harry/Ginny, Blaise/Seamus, Charlie/Luna, Sirius/Remus, George/Hermione, Fred/Andy, Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/OMC and Luna/Ianto/Neville friendship
Summary: Once the war was over Draco Malfoy ran and never looked back. He became someone new; he became Ianto Jones and for a brief moment he found true happiness, until it was all cruelly snatched away from him. Now a broken mess, a mere shadow of his former self, he must pick up the pieces of his life and start anew. Hopefully he will find true happiness with the one person he never expected to fall for.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Harry Potter

Chapter 1

8 years earlier

It was all over, the war, the horror, the death – it was over and the side of good had won. Harry Potter had won.

Draco Malfoy knew that despite his actions in the final battle, he was still going to be considered a Death Eater and as a result, he would more than likely receive a Dementor’s Kiss. In truth however, Draco found that he really didn’t care what happened to him anymore.

He was lost and broken and to make matters worse, no one cared, not even his so-called friends noticed the state he was in.

“Draco.” A most unexpected voice called his name.

Draco turned to look at Neville Longbottom, fully expecting to be insulted or worse; he wasn’t expecting to hear anything nice from the young man he’d known for nearly a decade.

Neville smiled shyly at Draco before uttering the most shocking words: “Thank you.”

Like many people present in the Great Hall his first night at Hogwarts, Draco had scoffed and laughed when the Sorting Hat placed Neville in the Gryffindor house, but the young man had erased all doubts regarding his belonging there when he had wielded the sword of Gryffindor and cut off the head of Voldemort’s beloved snake.

Draco couldn’t understand why on earth Neville would be thanking him for anything; as students, he’d gone out of his way to make the quiet Gryffindor’s life miserable. “What are you thanking me for?” Draco somehow managed to keep the sneer out of his voice, he didn’t want any pity.

Neville merely smiled at him. “For having the strength to stand up and help Harry; that took real courage.” The young wizard’s smile deepened, becoming introspective as he remembered Dumbledore saying something similar to him at the end of his first year at Hogwarts.

Struck by the sincerity of Neville’s words, Draco felt his lips twitch into a brief smile. “I do believe that you are the only one to thank me for any help. In their eyes I am still a Death Eater and a traitor.” His eyes clouded as he said, “I have no place among any of you.” Draco knew that to be the cold, hard truth; he was a traitor to both sides of the war and there would be no place for him in the wizarding world for a very long time. ‘If ever,’ he silently added.

“But this is your home, Draco, could you really leave it?” Neville asked softly as he stared at his fellow classmate, wondering if this new Draco could become a friend.

Draco looked away from Neville’s knowing gaze wondering how his fellow student had known what he was up to. “I really don’t have much of a choice. Not only am I a traitor to the cause but I’m also the son of two infamous Death Eaters, one of whom just happened to be Voldemort’s most loyal follower.” He shook his head with sad resolution, his blonde hair falling over his eyes before he roughly brushed it back. “I have no place here, Neville, not with everyone’s wounds still too fresh and new. Who knows, maybe in time that will change.”

Neville knew that Draco had a point; there were so many others who had lost loved ones in the battle who would not be so forgiving of those who served or who were related to anyone loyal to Voldemort. That association was a walking death sentence for them. “I see your point and while we haven’t been friends I hope that will change.”

Startled by Neville’s words, Draco looked at him like he had never seen him before and indeed, he no longer saw the shy, scared Gryffindor and instead, he saw the warrior Neville Longbottom had truly become. “You know I always thought myself better than everyone else because I was a pure blood – well, I was raised to believe that way – and I’ve never given anyone I found beneath me any time unless it was to bully them. I realise now that I was wrong to act that way.” Hesitantly, he held out his hand to Neville. “I would like to be friends with you.”

Neville had never seen Draco look so vulnerable before in his life and he smiled a soft but true smile at his new friend as he shook Draco’s hand firmly. “I would like that very much and I would be honoured to call you friend.”

Draco smiled a true smile, something he had rarely done before. The warmth of Neville’s hand in his felt strangely right, and it seemed to spread up his arm and to his chest.

“You can have two new friends if you would like.” A new voice piped up.

Both men turned to see a smiling Luna standing behind them, and Neville favoured the blonde with a small smile. Despite the cuts and bruises on her face and hands, and the dirt and twigs staining her skin and clothes, to Neville, Luna was still one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on. More than that, she was one of his dearest friends for keeping his secret. “Well that’s settled then, Draco, you now have two good friends.”

Draco found himself at a loss for words at the unexpected friendship being offered by two of the known outcasts of Hogwarts. ‘But that’s no longer true,’ he thought to himself. ‘They, especially Neville, are heroes of the war, it’s me who’s now the outcast.’ Forcing those thoughts to the back of his mind, he smiled warmly. “I like the sound of that.”

And that was how Draco Malfoy found the most unlikely friends in Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood.


It took a while for Draco to formulate a plan but when he felt that he had a sound plan in place there was only one thing left to do: tell his mother he was leaving.

Narcissa Malfoy waited for her son to come to her, knowing that he would speak to her when the time was right. She knew that her son was leaving, just as she knew he really had no choice in the matter. He had no future here in the wizarding world, not as the son as a known Death Eater. She also knew that she wouldn’t, couldn’t go with him; she was far too old and set in her ways to be able to live the life of a muggle, but in her heart she truly believed that her precious dragon was still young enough that he could adapt.

“Come in, Draco, I’ve always taught you that it is rude to linger in doorways,” Narcissa called out as she sensed her son just lingering outside the library, no doubt trying to work up the courage to approach her with his plan.

Resting his head against the still closed library doors Draco took a shuddering breath; he should have known that his mother would have known he was outside trying to build up the courage to come in. Taking a deep calming breath Draco forced himself to open the door and step into the library and for just a moment he stood there watching his mother sitting in her chair a book in her hands, but her eyes on him.

“Have you finally come to tell me your plan, Draco?” Narcissa asked as she saved her place in her book before closing it and putting it down in order to give her son all her attention.

Draco could only stare at his mother in shock. “You know?” he found himself blurting out. “How…?”

Narcissa smiled gently at her son as she climbed stiffly to her feet and moved towards her seemly frozen son and gently stroked his hair. “I’m your mother, of course I know. You’re not happy here and in truth you’re not safe here. It doesn’t matter that I lied to you now about Potter’s death; it still doesn’t mean we are trusted and let’s face it, everyone knows about your rivalry with Potter,” Narcissa pointed out.

Draco cringed at his mother’s words; his hatred of Harry was legendary and that was yet another strike against him. After all Potter was now the saviour of the wizarding world while he was just the Slytherin who picked on him and made his and his friend’s life miserable. “I can’t stay here, not in the wizarding world, not now, not when the wounds were still too fresh,” Draco admitted softly.

Narcissa smiled sadly at her son, it was breaking her heart to let him go but she knew it was the only way he might find just a little bit of happiness. “I know, it would only end up destroying you. I hope you know that you can always call on me, you are my son, Draco, and I love you more than anything on this earth.”

Draco forced himself to swallow the lump in his throat. “I know, mother, and I will. I may be starting over but I will always be your son.”

"I know. You are the most important thing in my life, the one thing I will never regret and I will do everything in my power to make sure that you are happy." Narcissa's pressed a kiss onto her son's forehead, "Come, we have some planning to do."

Draco didn't want to leave his mother when she was in pain but in his heart he knew that he didn't belong here in the wizarding world and he needed a fresh start.


It took nearly a year for Draco Malfoy to disappear and for Ianto Jones to be born. The only ones to know that Draco and the muggle Ianto were the same person were his mother, Neville and Luna. The two had kept their word and had become friends to Draco, for the first time in his life Draco had true friends and it felt nice.

Narcissa was straightening out Draco’s, no Ianto's, red jumper, trying not to let her fingers tremble. She hardly recognized her baby any more, his blond nearly white hair was now dark-brown and instead of the grey eyes he’d been born with, they were now a lovely shade of blue. Ianto had even chosen to become Welsh and while it had taken a few months of dedicated study and practice, he now had the lilting accent and he could speak the difficult language fluidly.

"Now, you take good care of yourself, make sure to look after yourself properly and try and find some sort of peace," Narcissa murmured as she fought back her tears, it was going to be painful letting her baby go not knowing what lay ahead for him or when she might see him again.

"I'll be okay, mum. I'll keep in touch, I promise, no matter how much I've changed you’re still my mum and I will always love you." Draco, no, now Ianto whispered softly as he hugged his mother tightly.

"Don't worry we'll keep a close eye on your mum," Neville promised Draco as he and Luna stood off to the side allowing Draco and Narcissa to have a private moment.

Narcissa never thought she would see the day when her son would have be friends with two people who had once been considered outcasts at Hogwarts and who were now famous war heroes. She was simply thankful that Draco had at least two true friends.

"Thank you, you have no idea how much that means to me," Draco was happy that his mother wasn't going to be alone, "and I want the two of you to keep in touch as well. I don't want to lose your friendship either." Draco had been surprised how much he had come to rely on Luna and Neville and even more so now.

Luna smiled at Draco and moved to hug him, what she had to say was for his ears only. In a soft whisper she confided, "Do not despair, though you will find love and lose it she will not be your true soul mate, but she will lead you to him. Just remember to trust your heart and to trust him as well, he was meant for you as you were for him."

As Luna pulled away Draco could only stare at her with fondness, wondering just what she knew that he didn't; there was no doubt about it, Luna Lovegood was not all she appeared to be. "I will. Take good care of Neville for me."

The sadness in Luna's eyes did not escape Draco's gaze as she glanced at Neville. "Heartbreak is in his future, the heart of the one he truly loves is torn. It will not be easy for him but there is hope, for he will find the one who truly is meant for him will find him and soon, but not until after you are forced to deal with your own pain," Luna whispered in a soft voice.

Draco felt protective rage filling him; he had been surprised and shocked to find out from Neville that he was in love with Harry and that Harry returned his feelings but was also in love with Ginny. Draco hadn't liked how Neville had become Harry's dirty little secret on the side and he hoped that Neville would find the courage to leave Harry and find someone who would not keep him hidden in the shadows.

On the other hand, Draco wasn't sure how Harry felt about Neville. Neville had respected Draco's wishes and had kept their friendship a secret from Harry, but it was clear that Harry truly loved Ginny and he feared where that would leave his tender-hearted friend. "Keep a close eye on Neville and let me know the moment it happens, I owe it to him to be there for him."

Luna smiled brightly and pressed a kiss to Draco's cheek. "You are a good man, Draco Malfoy and I know that Ianto Jones is meant for wonderful things. But please, never lose who you are or forget that we will always be here for you, even when it seems the darkest."

"I will remember," Draco promised as he released Luna and moved towards Neville.

Neville grinned as he moved towards Draco. "Well you’re really doing this! I hope you find your happiness that you've been looking for. You certainly deserve it!" Neville decided to chance it and pulled Draco into his own hug.

For a moment Draco stiffened, not used to getting this kind of physical affection but it felt nice and despite himself he found himself returning Neville's embrace. "I'm trusting you to look after them and scare off any suitors for Luna that you find unworthy of her." Draco had come to see Luna as a little sister and since she tended to see only the good in almost everyone her judgement wasn't always the best.

Neville’s grin became one of pure mischief. "No problem; being one of the heroes of the wizarding world has its perks and no one dares to cross me. After I proved myself by standing up to you-know-who, no one is foolish enough to hurt someone I care about," Neville reassured him.

Draco wondered why Neville couldn't see that he needed to look after himself as well. 'I really hope you are right, Luna, I'm not the only one who deserves some kind of happiness.' Still Draco forced a smirk onto his face. "Sure, Mr Big Bad Hero, you keep telling yourself that you’re that scary when we know the truth, that you’re still a big softy at heart!" Draco teased his friend, something that he hadn't done before.

Oh sure, he’d teased Neville and the others when he had been a bully but that was always cruel and meant to hurt and humiliate. The former tormenter decided that he liked the person he was becoming, someone who truly cared about others. He was actually proud that he was someone others wanted as a friend; he just hoped that he could find someone to love him for him.

For the first year of his new life as a muggle Ianto drifted from place to place, experiencing as much of the normality of muggle world as he could without drawing attention to himself. At first he lived off the money his mother had given him until he was sure that he could make it as a muggle and then, whenever he needed cash he worked odd jobs here and there until one fateful day he found work as a barista.

He’d spent the better part of the day wandering through London’s Science Museum – it was free, which was its first attraction, but then he’d been amazed by all the advances muggles had achieved without the benefit of magic. Still marvelling at what he’d seen, Ianto had strolled right by the ‘Help Wanted’ sign in the window, doing a comical double-take before turning around and entering the small café. As he waited patiently in line, he studied the set-up behind the counter, watching closely as the barista performed an elegant ballet of economical movements to produce nearly a dozen different drinks for waiting patrons.

Although he’d discovered early on in his muggle life that he truly enjoyed a well-made cup Ianto had no real experience in coffee making when he had applied to a few coffee shops before so it came as no surprise when he’d failed to get a callback. Now, however, he had less than thirty pounds left in his pocket, so he committed the woman’s actions to memory.

As it turned out, the woman he’d been studying was the café’s owner, Carys Williams, and her only employee had quit that morning “to follow her favourite band as it went on its first world tour”. Carys had taken a real shine to Ianto when he’d politely introduced himself, and his lilting Welsh accent only endeared him to her. “I was born and raised in Cardiff, near what was once Tiger Bay,” she told him as he filled out his application. “It’s nice to hear the sounds of home again.” Carys looked around; the shop was experiencing a late afternoon lull in business, so she made a quick decision.

“Get back there and show me what you can do while I read through this, yeah?” She used his application to shoo him behind the bar and then she peered over the paper occasionally while he set about the brewing process. Carys had been aware of Ianto’s scrutiny while he’d been in line and she had to admit to being impressed by how quickly he’d learned the craft.

Counting himself beyond lucky, Ianto wasted no time in putting to use what he’d memorised and within a short time, he’d made his first ‘professional’ cup of coffee, which included a clever little design in the foam on top. Carefully, he delivered it to Carys’ table and then waited with fingers crossed as she took her first sip. The moan of almost obscene pleasure that escaped his future boss' lips made him blush, and needless to say, he was hired on the spot. Ianto Jones it seemed possessed a natural talent of making coffee.

Ianto was happy in his simple life, or at least he was until the moment it happened. As a wizard Ianto had seen some amazing things in his life but nothing could have prepared him for something like Cantelina. Never had he seen such a breath-taking, heart-stopping sight; he was truly a beauty not meant for this world.

Early in his days as a muggle, Ianto had been quick to learn that there was something in his magic which allowed him to see alien races no matter how they disguised themselves as human. He’d lived his entire life in the presence of other magical creatures, including elves, dragons, giants and so many more, but they were all born on Earth. So learning that they weren't alone in the universe, that life existed on other planets, hadn't been that much of a surprise to Ianto. After all he was a wizard and had see things that most muggles would deem impossible but which to Ianto seemed perfectly normal. As far as he was concerned, muggles were far too closed-minded for their own good.

As he gazed upon the ethereal beauty of the creature before him, Ianto Jones came to a wonderful realisation: for the first time in his life he was in love. Truly, deeply, head-over-heels in love.

It was actually Cantelina’s race that first inspired people’s belief in what angels looked like; with his pure white angel wings, long golden-blond hair and piercing blue eyes, humans thought he had been sent to them from heaven. His race, the Ederoi, were empathic and it didn’t take long before Ianto began wondering what such a beautiful soul was doing with someone as tainted as himself.

For as long as he lived, Ianto would never forget how wonderful it felt when Cantelina cupped his face with his hands and told him, "There is nothing tainted about you, Ianto; you have a pure soul and heart and I am honoured that you chose to share them with me. I love you, Ianto Jones and I always will."

Ianto truly loved Cantelina and had from the very moment their eyes first met; the beautiful alien had been a light in his dark world. However like all good things in Ianto’s life, he should have known that his brief happiness would not last; despite his young age, Ianto was quickly learning that happiness was just not meant for him.

Something Ianto learned at the same time he discovered that there were aliens on Earth was that the overwhelming majority of other-worldly creatures feared and loathed an organisation called Torchwood. After discrete inquiries Ianto found out that not only was Torchwood outside the government, above the police and that they answered only to Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth.

Ianto also learned that Torchwood’s director, Yvonne Hartman, was dangerously, perhaps insanely dedicated to the belief that ‘If it’s alien, it’s ours’. She had no compunctions about capturing and dissecting – rumour had it that vivisection was common practice – poor aliens who just wanted to live a quiet, unassuming life on Earth.

They should have known that they wouldn't be able to keep out of Torchwood One's sight for long.

Armed with this knowledge, Ianto and Cantelina were always extremely careful to make sure that Cantelina’s secret was never discovered, but somewhere somehow they had messed up and discovered the presence of the angelic-looking alien.

They had been together for almost three months, three very happy months where they were with one another constantly, including some of the most loving and erotic nights Ianto had ever experience. As a surprise, Ianto had treated Cantelina to a night on the town, including dinner and dancing; looking back later, all Ianto could think was that they’d let their guard down because on their way home that night they were attacked by silent, powerfully-built men who appeared out of nowhere.

During the hours and days of interrogation and torture that followed, Cantelina lied non-stop to Yvonne and her goons, telling them over and over again that he had manipulated Ianto into believing that he loved him. The alien swore that he’d used Ianto for his own purposes, to help him learn about life on Earth, to help him hide from Torchwood, and that nothing Ianto had done was of his own volition. In the end, Cantelina saved Ianto's life at the cost of his own. Ianto was never the same after that, he closed off his heart and didn't want to love anyone again, it was just too painful.

In an odd twist of fate, Yvonne had been impressed with Ianto Jones, with the way he’d handled himself during his interrogation, with the matter-of-fact way that he accepted the presence of alien life on Earth, and with the way he’d stood up to her when she’d questioned his life-style choices. Within a few short hours, Ianto found himself indoctrinated into Torchwood, complete with passcodes, swipe card and desk in the Archives division.

One bright spot in Ianto’s new life was meeting a beautiful dark-skinned woman who giggled softly at his clumsy attempt to invite her to coffee. Lisa Hallett had been a surprise; while he had never been picky about who he fell for his tastes usually veered towards his own gender, and after Cantelina Ianto hadn't wanted to love anyone ever again. But Lisa was different and for the first time in his life Draco Malfoy, now Ianto Jones, was happy and he never wanted it to end.

Four months after their first meeting, Ianto gazed down fondly at the woman not only sharing his bed but also his life. “How did I get so lucky to have you in my life? Because I sure as hell don’t deserve you but I don’t think I could give you up,” he admitted as he stroked her arm.

Caressing the side of his face, Lisa smiled up at him, “Because you’re you, it’s as simple as that.”

Ianto shook his head. “No, it has to be more than that; I wasn’t a good person in my old life.”

Lisa sat up in bed and cupped Ianto’s face with her hands as she looked him in the eyes, “Yes you were, Ianto,” she said firmly. “You may not have seen it but I do. Despite what you think there was always good in you; otherwise you wouldn’t be the man you are today. And you wouldn’t be the man I’ve fallen in love with.”

In hindsight, Ianto would find himself readily admitting that he should have known his happiness wouldn't last. After all, it hadn't with Cantelina and there was no reason that it would be any different with Lisa.

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