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Fic: Yesterday is But a Dream Chapter 3

When Jeffery Dean Morgan stalked into the station looking like a growling bear, everyone instinctively backed up and got out of his way, some even ran from the room in fear. The rumours of what became of those who crossed him in this mood were legendary.

Everyone ran but Jim Beaver, Jeff's old partner and his oldest friend from before the force. They’d been best friends since kindergarten and they’d stolen apples together from Old Man Gerber’s orchard when they were eight; at twelve they’d shared their first cigarette behind the garage and at sixteen they’d learned to drive in the Morgan’s old pick-up truck. Jeff had introduced Jim to his wife and had been Jim’s best man at their wedding; he was godfather to all four of Jim and Samantha’s children. They’d applied to the police department together and had been each other’s study buddy throughout the academy. They had such an excellent working relationship that the department’s powers-that-be had kept them teamed up; as detectives Jeff and Jim had the highest case closure rate in decades. They’d finally parted ways when Jeff had accepted the position of Chief of Detectives; Jim enjoyed the thrill of the chase too much to leave the streets, so he now trained the new detectives.

Lifting his head from their latest case file, Jim took one look at Jeff's dark scowl and sighed deeply. "Do I even want to know what’s put you in this mood or is it better for my sanity not to ask questions and just let you deal with this on your own?" Jeff rarely got into these moods but when he did, Jim knew from past experience that things could go either way.

"Emily's starting school today and of all things, Chad Michael Murray had the smart idea to tell Jared that she might meet her future mate today," Jeff informed everyone. “To make things worse, Emily overheard him and now she’s asking questions about what’s a mate and so on.”

The entire squad, expect for a few who were unfamiliar with Jeff’s family situation, let out a collective ‘ahh’; that explained Jeff's grouchy mood. They wondered if Chad was a dead-man-walking and two rather enterprising detectives actually started a pool as to Chad’s fate.

Detective Jensen Ackles turned to look at his partner. "Who’s Emily?" He was a recent transfer to Morgan's division and was still learning about everyone’s personal life. In any event, he had never seen his fellow alpha so cantankerous and he figured she was probably his granddaughter.

His partner, Chris Kane, let out a hearty belly laugh; the omega knew full well what was bothering Jeff. "Emily is Jeff's great-niece; she’s an adorable little five-year-old who has Jeff wrapped around her finger. The man even has a standing order in place that when Emily is old enough to start dating the boys are to be profiled and then tailed to make sure there’s no funny business going down."

Jensen bit his lips in order to hide his smile; his own brother had made him promise to do the same thing when his daughter got old enough to date. Willing to play along, Jensen had even promised to loan him his gun to wave around for show whenever a boy came to the house. "Trust me, I understand, man; my brother is suffering from the same overly-protective mindset and he made me give him the same kind of promise."

Chris laughed again but Jensen could see the way his partner's eyes kept flicking to Jeff's office where the chief could be seen pacing back and forth and muttering under his breath. It was no secret to Jensen that his new partner was really rather drawn to their chief and Jensen could damn well see the possessiveness and the need to claim Chris as his own in Jeff's eyes whenever he looked at the other man. The other day in the break room Jensen had learned from Steve that Jeff had even threatened more than one alpha when they’d gotten too close to Chris for his taste.

"You know you want to so why don’t you just go in there and make sure he's okay. Something tells me that Jeff won't mind being interrupted by you,” Jensen could not have hinted any broader to his partner.

Blushing a bright red, Chris socked Jensen hard on the arm. "I have no idea what you're talking about!” Chris growled under his breath; sure, he may enjoy a fantasy or two about Jeff in the privacy of his own home, but really who wouldn't? Jeffery Dean Morgan was everything an omega or a beta could ever want in an alpha but Chris didn't harbour any delusions as to whether or not he actually had a chance with Jeff. It was no secret in the station that the alpha had had a clear and very firm policy that he wouldn't date or mate with anyone who worked under him. While it sucked for him, Chris could easily understand Jeff's reasoning; becoming involved with a co-worker and subordinate could lead to accusations of favouritism or worse, the death of a partner in the field.

Casting one last longing look at Jeff, Chris grabbed his coat from the rack and then tossed his partner his jacket. "Come on; let's go find some bad guys to arrest." He just wasn’t in the mood to be made fun of today.

Jensen rolled his eyes with frustration; this wasn't the first time that Chris stubbornly changed the subject when he and Jeff were being discussed and he knew it wouldn't be the last. It was so obvious that Chris and Jeff were meant to be together and so he refused to let it go. He just wished that Jeff would take the bull by the horns and claim Chris already; it wasn't easy dealing with a frustrated omega! "Yeah, sure, whatever.” Jensen caught his jacket and shrugged into it. “But sooner or later you're going to have to stop lying to yourself,” he reminded his partner.

“Oh shut up! I'll deal with it later,” Chris muttered under his breath as he roughly ran a hand through his hair, causing it to stand on end, and as he stalked out of the precinct he very pointedly did not look at Jeff's office and so he missed see the alpha's hungry eyes trained on him.

Jared loved working at the Ferris Animal Shelter and Vet Clinic; as far as he was concerned it was a dream-come-true job. He had always possessed a natural affinity for working with animals and in return they easily responded to his gentle touch and calming personality. He would be forever thankful to his uncle for introducing him to Jim Beaver and his beautiful mate, Samantha. The beta had been warm and nurturing to him from the moment they’d met, something Jared had truly missed ever since his falling out with his own family at such an early age. Samantha had taken one look at him and had hired him on the spot to work at her clinic. Easily fitting in with the other members of staff, Jared quickly realised that he had found a home and he never wanted to leave.

As the mother of three boys, all alphas and still at home, and a daughter who was grown and off on her own, Samantha was currently the only woman in her household and so she’d become totally enamoured with petite little Emily from the moment they’d met. At two years of age, the child was quite precocious and in danger of becoming somewhat of a tomboy, having only Jeff and Jared as role models. The two females had bonded instantly at their first meeting and ever since she’d been an important and much-needed female influence on Emily. Such a relationship hadn’t even crossed Jeff’s mind when he’d introduced the couple to his family, but he’d been delighted when they’d hit it off so well.

The Ferris Clinic was well-known in the city for its pioneering and award-winning work with homeless, abandoned and abused animals. It was where Jared had had adopted both Harley and Sadie from. Harley had been brought in by a concerned citizen after witnessing the dog be hit by a car whose driver hadn't cared about the animal he had just hit. Harley had been in bad shape and Jared could remember being utterly terrified that the dog wouldn't make it but by some miracle it did. Jared had always wanted a dog but Alex had refused to allow “…a filthy, disease-ridden animal in my house…” and so Jared’s desire to have a pet had died.

As much as he loved having Jared and Emily living with him, Jeff knew that the pair needed a home of their own. He harboured the hope that Jared would find his true mate and settle down, and to do that he needed privacy. Despite Jared’s best attempts at stopping him, his Uncle Jeff had insisted on co-signing a bank loan so the young family could get a house of their own, complete with a yard big enough for a swing set for Emily and a dog or two.

Jared loved Harley right from the start and had been so thankful when the animal had recovered from its injuries, although it would always have a slight limp. Unfortunately, because it wasn’t a cute puppy any longer, no one wanted to adopt it and so it languished at the clinic for several weeks, during which Jared became quite attached it to. His instinct was to take Harley home with him but he just wasn't sure if Emily would be safe around such a big dog.

The choice was taken out of Jared’s hands one afternoon when preschool let out early due to a power failure in the neighbourhood; as a favour, one of the other parents had dropped Emily off at the clinic. Jared happened to be out in the yard walking, exercising and playing with the dogs and Emily had fallen in love with Harley at first sight. She wanted to take him home right then and there, but Jared still had his doubts, thinking a small-breed dog or even a cat would be better suited for a little girl. However, like all things when Emily wanted something she went right for it and when Jared wouldn’t take Harley home with them that night, she cried herself to sleep.

When Jared went back to work on Monday, the overnight attendant told him that Harley had curled up in the corner with Emily’s sweater, which she’d forgotten out on the yard, howling and whining all weekend and had even refused to eat. Harley’s story reminded Jared of Emily had been melancholy all weekend herself and it broke Jared's heart to see them both sad. Finally accepting that resistance was futile, as they say, he brought Harley home with him that night and soon realised he’d made the right call when he found Harley becoming Emily’s best friend and watchdog; he was never far from wherever Emily was.

Now Sadie on the other hand, had been a complete but welcome surprise. One afternoon while walking back to work from a late lunch, Jared found the sweetest puppy in the alley he always cut through; the little creature was filthy dirty, obviously hungry and clearly abandoned and in need of a home. Jared had taken one look at her big brown eyes and knew instantly that he couldn't just leave her. He’d taken her to the clinic with him, checked her out, bathed and fed her and then smuggled her home as a surprise for Emily when she returned from her play date. Harley had adopted the puppy as his own, letting her eat first, teaching her how to play and snuggling her against his warm belly at night. As for Emily, she was completely enamoured with the baby and insisted on carrying her everywhere until she finally became too heavy. Jared was thrilled that Sadie fit in perfectly, just like the missing piece to their little family.

It hadn't been easy for Jared – or the dogs, for that matter – to leave Emily at school. In fact it was the hardest thing he’d ever had to do and it was killing him keeping himself from calling and checking in on her. For what felt like the tenth time that day Jared found his hand drifting over to his cell phone, twitching with the need to call and see if his daughter was missing him even half as much as he was missing her. Instead he forced his hand away from his pocket and bent down to pick up the black lab puppy that they were boarding; she’d had been chewing on his shoe for not giving him the attention she wanted.

His boss, Samantha Ferris, gave him a knowing, understanding smile, a smile which grew as Jared lifted the puppy up and cuddled her gently to his chest. Not even a blind man could have missed the utterly content look in the pup’s eyes, she was right where she wanted to be as evidenced by the way her eyes slowly closed and she fell fast asleep. "I know it's tough, honey,” Samantha consoled him, “but watching them grow up is all a part of life. I’ve been in your shoes four times now so I understand just how you’re feeling. I'm proud of you for not giving in to the desire to call every ten minutes to check on Emily." She leaned in closer and confided, “The first day our oldest went to kindergarten, Jim actually hung around outside the school all morning and most of the afternoon, just in case his baby girl didn’t like it and wanted to go home.”

Jared chuckled then hung his head and scratched the pup behind her ears; she didn’t wake up but her little back foot started waving in the air. "I'm not sure if I'm ready for her to grow up. Can't she stay my baby a little longer?" Jared asked.

Always the mother and used to dealing with the sometimes fragile emotions of the men in her life, Samantha smoothed down Jared's hair and shook her head. "She'll always be your baby but she's also got to grow up and you need to let her."

"But I don't want her to grow up, at least not this quickly." Jared knew he was whining but considering the circumstance he could be allowed to act like this.

"I understand how you feel, really I do; I felt the same way about Alona. She’s my first born and my only daughter, but I let her go and because I did, she and Genevieve found each other and are now building a life of their own together. I knew she needed to spread her wings and find her own place in this world just like you will one day with Emily,” Sam pointed out to Jared. “But don't worry, you still have many years ahead with Emily being your baby."

"I know I'm being silly but I can't help it, she's my little girl," Jared admitted in a small voice. “She’s all I have.”

Shaking her head again at the little boy tone of his voice, Sam chuckled. "You're not being silly, Jared; this is something every parent goes through, it's only natural to want to protect your child from the world and you’re not the only one who feels that way about Emily. I know that Jim had to stop Jeff several times from doing full background checks on everyone who works at Emily’s school.”

That earned her a smile; Jared had no trouble whatsoever seeing his uncle doing something like that. "I dread to think what would happen if she ever gets a bully." Jared didn't want his daughter to be picked on or to become the target of someone to take their anger out on but he knew that was a part of life and he was prepared in any event. Unfortunately, he just wasn't sure what his uncle would do to deal with the problem should it ever happen.

Emily had become an unofficial mascot for Jeff’s squad; he bragged on her constantly and hers was the only framed photograph he had on his desk. Sam shuddered, oh how she dreaded to think of what not only Jeff would do but also the rest of his men; they all adored his grand-niece. "Well if he tries anything, just send him my way and I'll keep him in line." Sam may be a beta but even the most hardened alpha knew better than to cross her; she was a formidable force when her temper was up.

Taking a minute to consider the true value and meaning of her promise, Jared grinned; he actually felt a quite bit better knowing that his family would be well looked after under Sam's watchful eyes. "Thanks Sam, I think I'm ready to get back to work now." While his fears and worries weren't completely gone he was a little more comfortable with the fact that he couldn't hold onto Emily forever; she had to grow up sometime.

"Considering everything that needs doing around here that would be nice, but I think a few of your furry friends have been missing your attention." When Jared just looked at her in confusion Sam grinned and pointed downwards amazed that Jared had missed the small group of kittens attacking the laces of his left shoe with typical feline ferociousness while the two siblings of the pup in his arms were busy taking over his right shoe with slobbery enthusiasm.

For a moment Jared could only stare in delight at the sight of four tiny kittens batting his shoelace like it was the most interesting thing in the world and the two sets of dark eyes gazing up at him from where their heads rested on his other shoe, waiting for him to start playing with them. With a jolt Jared realised that in his fears about Emily growing up too fast he’d missed his favourite time of the day. "I'm so sorry guys, I've been ignoring you! I’ll make up to you and we'll have an extra-long play time, okay?" Jared promised and took the happy barks and meows as acceptance.

Sam watched Jared head for the playroom followed by a small army of kittens and puppies. "Hopefully that will keep him from worrying for the rest of the day. Maybe I should send some over to the precinct to keep Jeff occupied." The idea of gruff Jeffery Dean Morgan playing with a bunch of kittens and puppies was a rather fond image, one that had her giggling like a schoolgirl, and Sam was sure that if she did arrange a little visit at to the station she’d more than likely find several good souls who’d provide a home for those that really needed one. "I'll have to see about unleashing Emily and Jared on Jeff, no one can resist those combined puppy dog eyes."

Emily truly loved school and she was a gifted learner, Mr Misha was the best, after her dad and uncle of course, and she couldn't wait for show-and-tell day because Mr Misha had said that she could bring in Harley and Sadie, and best of all, he liked Doctor Who.

She’d also made a new friend during recess; his name was Nate Harris-Carlson and he liked dogs. Most importantly he liked Doctor Who and thought Donna was the best, which was also very important. Unlike her, Nate was an alpha but he acted like Uncle Jeff so it didn't bother her and they sat together in class, played together on the swing set and ate together at lunchtime.

Emily had lots of friends from her old daycare and kids she played with on her street who now attended her kindergarten, but Nate was her first ‘school friend’ and that made him special; she couldn't wait for her daddy to meet her new friend.

Misha grinned as he watched the brunette girl and the redheaded boy laughing and playing together; out of everyone in his class he never expected those two to become friends. Emily was outgoing and excited about school, while Nate slouched in and couldn’t care less about anything other than playtime, yet that all changed when Nate was assigned a seat next to Emily. The self-assured little omega wasted no time in declaring that he was going to be her new friend and she wasn't taking no for an answer. Misha had never seen an alpha actually go speechless before; Emily was certainly not going to be an ordinary omega and he couldn't wait to see what excitement she would bring to his class.

Jared was early to pick Emily up after her first day, he knew he’d have to wait outside, but he couldn't help it; they’d never been separated for more than an hour or two since the day she’d been born. He was pleased to see that he wasn't the only anxious parent; there was a beautiful redheaded woman approaching the school from the other direction.

Having reached her destination a little earlier than planned, Danneel Harris-Carlson immediately spotted the tall man who could only be described as a Greek god. 'Damn! Whoever snags him is one lucky alpha or beta. Hell, if I was an alpha I’d sure be tempted!' As the two met by the front walk, she held up her hand in greeting. "First day of school?" Danneel asked; she could see the hint of nervousness in his eyes.

Jared smiled, flashing a bit of his dimples. "How could you tell?" he asked.

"Trust me, I know the signs,” she laughed. “It's my son's first day of school and he wasn't happy with going; it was a real pain in my ass to get him out of bed this morning. He tried every trick in the book; I even found him sitting in his kiddie pool full of ice water hoping that he’d catch a cold and be forced to miss the first week of school," Danneel explained.

A soft laugh escaped Jared's lips. "My daughter was the exact opposite; she couldn't wait for school and was up before me this morning all ready to go," Jared told her, tightening his grip on Emily's sonic screwdriver; he knew she’d be thrilled that he’d remembered.

Danneel noticed the toy he was holding and recognized it immediately. "Don't tell me she's addicted to Doctor Who? My son is the same. I'm Danneel Harris-Carlson by the way." She offered her hand with a bright smile.

Jared returned it in equal measure. "I'm Jared Padalecki; it's nice to meet you, Danneel."

Danneel winked at the man, her eyes lighting up with amusement at the way her fellow omega looked flustered and blushed so prettily; it was rather adorable. 'Oh honey, I really hope you’re single and looking because I know an alpha who could use an adorable omega such as yourself.' "It's nice to meet you, Jared, and I hope that your daughter's joy rubs off on my son, Nate; I don't want to see what he comes up with next to fake getting out of school." Danneel shivered, she loved her son but he was a troublemaker and no matter what her mate said he did not get that trait from her.

"If your son likes Doctor Who then my Emily has latched onto him; he never even had a chance," Jared told her solemnly.

"I think I'm going to love your daughter and I hope that my son likes her as well." Danneel wouldn't mind if due to Emily’s influence her son actually liked school enough that she wouldn't have to fight with him every morning to get him ready. It was going to get really embarrassing having to drag her screaming child out the door every morning and oh, could Nate scream.

Jared wasn't sure what to make of such an outgoing omega, she reminded him of Genevieve and Jared felt himself smiling. "Well, here’s to hoping that our children become friends and to nervous parents who arrive early. I'm not use to having my little girl so far away for so long, her day care was just up the street from where I work," Jared admitted. “I liked being able to peek in and check on her once in a while.”

Danneel could understand. "It was far too quiet at home today; I'm so used to Nate getting into some kind of mischief that I found myself yelling in an empty house," the redhead confessed.

Jared looked around and realised that they were still the only parents there. "I feel kind of foolish for arriving so early but I couldn't concentrate at work and my boss finally told me to leave after I tripped over my own feet and spilled the pet food everywhere." Thinking back to it, he had to laugh as he pictured the sight of six hungry puppies tumbling all over each other and skittering around on the floor chasing nuggets of kibble. Samantha, hearing the commotion, had come to see what had happened and had ended up laughing right along with him. The shared hilarity went a long way towards easing Jared’s tense state of mind.

That comment had Danneel blinking with surprise, although she wasn’t sure why; even though she’d just met the man, it seemed like the absolutely perfect job for him. "You work with animals?" She needed to know everything she could about the omega if she was going to set him up with Jensen. But – and it was a hugely important but – there was still one important thing she had to know: whether or not that he had a mate. Biting the bullet, Samantha decided to take the direct approach, "And what does your mate do?"

Jared tried, unsuccessfully, to hide his flinch at the innocent question. "I don't have a mate. But yes, I do work with animals."

Danneel could tell that she had touched upon a sensitive subject. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so pushy; my mate always tells me I shouldn’t ask such personal questions."

Jared knew she hadn't mean anything by it but that still didn't mean that the question didn't strike something deep inside. "It's not like you could have known so don't worry about it.” Truth be told, Jared wasn’t really sure why the innocent inquiry had affected him so; it’s not like was the only omega making a life on his own. ‘Although it’s not normal, especially when the omega in question has a child.’

Seeing the conflict in Jared’s eyes, Danneel could have kicked herself; everyone from her mate to their friends warned her that she often opened her mouth without thinking. "Still, I’m sorry; I shouldn't have asked you something so personal when we’ve only just met. Here I am trying to teach Nate proper manners and I'm still sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong.”

"It's forgotten,” Jared quickly reassured her earning a smile from Danneel and the two of them quickly fell into a lighter conversation as they waited for their children to finish their first day of school. Both of them were harbouring the hope that they’d made at least one new friend.


Spinning around, Jared grinned as he bent down just in time to hold out his arms and as his daughter slammed into him. “OOF!”

More excited than she’d ever been before, Emily was babbling a mile a minute. "Daddy, daddy! I had the best day ever! Mr Misha likes Doctor Who as well! We coloured and we drew pictures and we got to bring them home and I have tons for you to put up on the fridge and some for Uncle Jeff to put on his desk! Can we go see him so I can tell him about my day? And I made a new friend and he’s really fun and he likes Doctor Who too!" Somehow Emily managed to get out all her news in one breath.

Jared was rather impressed with his daughter's ability to speak without breathing. "I'm happy for you, baby girl and yes, we can stop by and tell your Uncle Jeff all about your day," Jared promised. Collecting the sheaf of papers and drawings that were in danger of falling from Emily’s arms, he encouraged her to continue talking. "Now tell me more about this new friend of yours." He was interested in learning about what kinds of friends his daughter was making and whether or not he should worry about Jeff checking out their families.

"Well, his name is Nate and daddy, he doesn't like school!" Emily sounded so shocked that Jared had to fight back a laugh; his daughter's tone and the look on her face were priceless. "Anyway Mr Misha assigned Nate to sit next to me and he turned out not to be so bad because he likes Doctor Who, and daddy, I'm working on the whole school thing with him," Emily informed Jared with a confident nod.

"Please do.” Next to Jared Danneel grinned at the little girl as she glanced down at her own sulking son. “I'm Nate's mom, Danneel, and I really hope that my son will soon like school as much as you do," Danneel introduced herself to Emily.

Emily blinked up at the woman. "You're really pretty."

“Thank you and you are very pretty as well." Danneel couldn't help but find Emily utterly adorable and she really did hope that Emily’s enthusiasm for learning was contagious and would rub off on her son.

"Mom!” Nate tugged on his mom's leg. “You're not pretty, you're my mom!" He voiced his opinion quite loudly; he didn't like the fact that Emily was his friend but she was focusing on his mom and not on him.

“Excuse me, young man?” Danneel raised an eyebrow and glared at her son. “I suppose moms aren't allowed to be pretty?" she crossed her arms over her chest.

Nate gave his mom a purely ‘duh’ look. "Of course not! Mom's aren't pretty, they’re just moms."

Jared forced himself to stifle a laugh when he saw the outraged look on Danneel's face; her little alpha certainly had guts. "Well I happen to agree with my daughter, Danneel; you are very pretty."

"Thank you, Jared; at least someone around here has manners,” she directed her comment to Nate. Danneel would be having a talk with her mate about this as soon as their son went to bed.

Rolling his eyes Nate didn't seem to really care that his mom was angry; his gaze drifted over to Emily's dad and then upwards as he tilted his head to meet Jared’s eyes. "Wow, you're really tall. Mom, I want to be that tall when I get older," Nate declared in a non-nonsense tone as if he expected her to make it happen.

Grinning with absolute glee Danneel winked at Jared hoping that he would play along. "Well,” she pretended to consider her son seriously, looking him up and down closely, “I have a terrible feeling that to get that big you're going to have to eat your vegetables." She looked at Jared, “Is that what you did, Jared?”

Nate looked utterly horrified at his mom before whipping his head in Jared's direction hoping the man would prove her wrong.

Quickly catching on to what Danneel was planning Jared nodded his head and told Nate very seriously, "Sorry, little man, lots of vegetables helped me grow this big.” He shrugged apologetically, “So I guess you're going to have to listen to your mom and eat them all if you want to grow big like me."

Nate let out a dramatic sigh of pure suffering, a sound that only a child could make as he shuffled his feet and grumbled out, "Fine, I'll eat your stupid veggies." He made a great show of gagging and making a face to show his displeasure at the thought.

"Well then we’d better get going and start making dinner before you change your mind. Say goodbye to Emily." Danneel planned on getting her son home as soon as possible and giving him a healthy after-school snack for once.

Perking up Nate waved at Emily. "Bye, Emily."

Releasing her dad Emily gave Nate a quick hug. "Bye, Nate and remember you have to be here early to make sure we sit together," she reminded him.

To Danneel's utter delight Nate nodded his head in solemn agreement. "I'll remember," he promised, there was no way he was going to let anyone else sit with his new friend Emily.

Giving a firm nod Emily smiled at Nate one last time before dancing over to her dad's side and taking the offered sonic screwdriver and his hand.

"Your daughter is a miracle worker, Jared; you’d better watch out, I might just take her home with me!" Danneel warned him with a broad wink.

Even though Jared just knew that Danneel was joking around he couldn't stop the sudden surge of fear that gripped his chest at the reminder that he truly wanted to hurt him Alex could steal Emily from him at any time. Managing a weak smile Jared hoisted Emily up into his arms suddenly anxious to hold her close. "Sorry, my friend, but this little girl is not up for sale for anyone."

Danneel sensed the unusual change in Jared as he clutched his daughter to his chest and she realised that something bad must have happened in Jared's past and she was struck by the intense desire to hunt down and destroy whoever had hurt this sweet man standing in front of her. Now more than ever she was convinced that Jensen would be a good fit for Jared; All I have to do now is get them together.’

Chapter 4
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