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Fic: Yesterday is But a Dream Chapter 5

The rest of the week seemed to fly by what with Emily up and eager to get to school each morning and then telling him all about her classroom adventures each night. At the same time however, the time simply dragged on and as he counted down the days to his date with Jensen, Jared was becoming a nervous mess. It was stressful times like this that he wished he had Genevieve or Chad around to talk to, to seek counsel from and to generally share his hopes and dreams. He immediately killed that thought as he recalled his last Skype conversation with them.

"You’ve got to start dating again, Jared." Chad, never one to mince words, told him bluntly what Genevieve had been trying to gently tell him for years now. “I know you have your reasons as to why you don’t want to let any alpha near you, but for heaven’s sake, Jared, you’re a grown man! You haven’t gotten laid in almost four years and that is one very long dry spell.” Chad’s eyes narrowed suspiciously as he studied his best friend over the link and then a wicked glimmer appeared in them. “Have you even used your hand to pleasure yourself?”

Jared and Genevieve both choked as their breath caught in their throats; normally they weren’t at all surprised by the outrageous comments came out of Chad’s mouth anymore but this was something new.

Awkwardly wondering how to avoid Chad’s extremely personal question, Jared shifted in his seat, he hadn't told them about Jensen yet but perhaps now was the time. "There might be someone."

"Really?” Both Chad and Genevieve perked up at that and stared at their friend with growing excitement. “And you didn't tell us this incredible news sooner because…?" Genevieve was trying hard not to bounce in her chair. She’d been hoping to hear something like this for so long now.

Trying to appear nonchalant, Jared shrugged his shoulders. "He makes me feel things that Alex never did.” Unable to keep the smile from his face, he confessed, “We have a date Friday night."

Both Chad and Jared winced at the sheer volume of the happy shriek that escaped Genevieve's mouth. "Oh I can't wait to tell Alona about this! Jared, this is wonderful! You do know that you’ll need to tell us all about your date, right?”

Jared groaned loudly; ‘What if things went badly?’ he thought, ‘I don’t want to tell anyone.’ A second thought struck him; ‘What if things go really, really well! I think I’d rather keep the details to myself for a while.’

“Jared! Are you listening to me?” Genevieve got his attention again. “I want to know everything about this man, starting with his name," she demanded. “What does he look like, where did you meet him, and more importantly, has your uncle met him yet?”

Jared knew he was grinning like a loon as he told them, "Jensen, his name is Jensen."

Chad rolled his eyes skyward but the grin still spread across his face. "Geez, you haven't even gone on one date yet and you're already acting like a fool. I hate to see what you’re going to be like after the date."

"Oh hush you,” Genevieve punched Chad in the arm. “This is wonderful news for Jared and we should be happy for him! It's about time for you to find happiness again. But you tell this Jensen guy if he hurts you in any way it's not Jeff he’ll need to worry about but me," she growled out ferociously.

Touched by his friend’s concern for him, Jared nodded his head. "I'll be sure to tell him that."

Satisfied that she’d made her point, Genevieve smiled. "So what are you planning on wearing for your big date?"

"Wow, daddy, you look very handsome." The awe in Emily's voice broke Jared out of his thoughts as he turned to face his daughter and uncle.

Jeff nodded his head, an approving smile on his face. "She's right, son; you're going to knock Jensen's socks off."

Since he had no clue where Jensen was planning on taking him Jared had chosen to wear a pair of black pants and his favourite sapphire blue sweater that was soft to the touch; this way he figured, he was formal but casual as well.

"Do you think Jensen will like it?" he found himself asking anxiously. Jared was a nervous wreck and having flashbacks to his very first date as a teenager; he’d changed his clothes five times before finally deciding on an outfit. Now he had a date for the first time in years and his hands were shaking so badly he couldn’t tie his shoe laces.

Even though logically he knew that Jensen was nothing like Alex, there was still a tiny sliver of apprehension niggling at the back of his mind. What if Jensen turned into a bastard after they’d been together for a while? ‘On the other hand,’ he thought, ‘I wasn’t at all nervous on my first date with Alex, so maybe this is proof that things with Jensen are going to be different.’

Knowing his nephew as well as he did, Jeff understood Jared’s concern. "Jensen would be a fool not to. Trust me, he really likes you, Jared. He hasn't stopped talking about you all week, it's getting rather annoying," Jeff grumbled good-naturedly. Over the last couple of days he’d started to lighten up a little over the fact that Jensen wanted to date Jared after realising how much the man talked about Jared after only one meeting.

If Jared had been anyone else he might have pointed out to his uncle that that was how the rest of them felt when Jeff couldn't shut up about Chris. But since he'd always admired and respected the older man, Jared kept his mouth shut and simply nodded his head. (New paragraph)

“You’re going to have a good time tonight, daddy,” Emily hugged her father tightly and then they both jumped when the doorbell rang.

"He's here!” Jared panicked slightly as he heard the nervous squeak to his voice and looked at his uncle “Do I really look okay?" he asked.

“Relax, son,” Jeff rolled his eyes. "You have both mine and Emily's stamp of approval and you look handsome.” He gave his nephew a push and ordered, “Now go answer the door."

Taking a deep breath Jared did as his uncle suggested and with shaking hands opened the door and then blurted out, "Wow!" before he could stop himself. Jensen was wearing black pants like his but he’d paired them with a green button-up shirt that brought out his emerald eyes even more.

Jensen smiled quite pleased with Jared's response; he would never admit it, but he’d put a lot of thought into what he’d wear on their first date. "I could say the same about you as well. You look amazing." Jensen definitely wanted to see blue on Jared more often.

"Yeah, we get it; the two of you think you look amazing. Now would you mind taking this love fest inside so I can get off the front step?" Chris snapped from behind Jensen, giving his friend a little shove forward.

Rolling his eyes Jensen wondered why Chris had even bothered to ask when he just pushed him through the door, but he realised that he didn't mind so much when he found was standing so close to Jared that he could smell him. "Hi," he said softly.

"Hi," Jared whispered back unable to tear his eyes off of Jensen’s face.

It took both Chris and Jeff clearing their throats quite loudly and in unison to break the magical spell that was being woven around the men, both of whom were lost in one another’s eyes.

Forcing himself to look away Jared swallowed hard and turned to his daughter. “Okay, little lady, you’re in charge so you look after your uncles and make sure that they behave, okay?" he asked with a smile on his face as Emily nodded; she took her duties as hostess very seriously.

"I will, daddy," Emily promised.

"This isn't the first time you’ve had us baby-sit, you know,” Chris spoke up a bit too defensively. “We know what to do." Beside him, Jeff hid a grin; Emily had been left ‘in charge’ of him ever since the first time he’d baby-sat her.

“Don’t worry, daddy, they’ll be good,” Emily looked at Chris and Jeff as if daring them to be naughty.

Jared could see that both men were hiding indulgent smiles from their feisty little niece and he knew that they were all going to be all right but still he couldn't help worry a little. "I know they will. Goodnight baby girl." Jared scooped her up and pressed a kiss on his daughter's forehead.

"Goodnight daddy, have a good date." Emily beamed at her dad as she kissed him on the cheek. Emily wasn't sure what a date was but figured it was probably like one of her play dates she had with her friends. She always had fun with them, playing tag and hide and seek, and that led to her wondering what kind of games adults played with each other. 'I'll have to ask Uncle Chad the next time I see him,’ she decided. ‘He knows everything.’

"I will, baby girl, I promise." Giving Emily one last kiss Jared handed her to Jeff and then moved to stand next to Jensen. "Shall we?" Feeling unusually bold but somehow knowing it was the perfect thing to do, Jared took a hold of Jensen's hand.

When Thrilled that Jared had made the first physical contact between them, Jared took a hold of his hand, Jensen was sure that his heart was going to explode out of his chest. "Yeah, let's get going," he smiled warmly at his omega. Turning to the two men, he nodded, “Sir, Chris,’ and to Emily he said, ‘I’ll make sure he gets home safely.’

Jeff and Chris shook their heads as they watched the couple leave, both secretly harbouring the same hopes that this would all work out for the best.

Once the front door was closed and locked, Emily turned to her babysitters and asked "Uncle Jeff, Uncle Chris, can we watch ‘My Little Pony’?" already using her puppy dog eyes, both men fought the urge to groan, this was going to be a long night.

"Wow." Jared could only stare in awe at the 1967 black Impala that Jensen proudly led him to.

Jensen grinned broadly, happy to see that Jared was impressed with his baby. "I take it you like her?"

"She's amazing," Jared told him with a grin that brought out his dimples.

"She's not the only thing that's amazing," Jensen said softly as he leaned in close to Jared in order to open his door, loving the blush that he got from the omega in return. As Jared slid into his seat, Jensen gave the other man a wink; ‘oh yeah,’ he thought happily, ‘tonight is off to a good start.’

Jared couldn't remember the last time he had so much fun on a date; after a bit of research – all right, he’d interrogated Chris until he’d spilled the beans – Jensen had booked a table at Jared's favourite Italian restaurant where they both ordered the house speciality, a robust deep-dish lasagna nearly six inches thick with layers of meat and cheese bathed in rich marinara sauce made from a closely guarded, one-hundred-year-old recipe from the ‘Old Country’ and sharing a bottle of blush rose wine recommended by the owner herself.

The meal was delicious and Jensen hadn't been the least bit bothered when Jared spent most of their dinner talking about Emily. After dinner they held hands as they walked the three blocks to the theatre to see a movie they’d both agreed on and Jared didn't mind at all when halfway through the previews Jensen's arm curled around his shoulder. Jared happily sank down into his hold, resting his head on Jensen's shoulder and breathing in the scent of the alpha. Yes, this was indeed the best date of his life… so far. He had his fingers crossed that this was but the first of many evenings spent with the charismatic alpha.

"You know glaring at the clock isn't going to make time move faster, you know," Chris pointed out as Jeff glared cast a withering glance at the wall clock for the tenth time in five minutes.

"I know but it makes me feel better," Jeff grumbled under his breath.

A soft sigh escaped Chris' lips; so far the evening wasn’t going as he’d envisioned. Emily had helped the men prepare dinner and then had supervised while they washed, dried and put away the dishes and whatnot. Then, once their lovely hostess was tucked away safe and sound in her bed, Chris had hoped that he and Jeff would enjoy some quiet time in front of the television, ignoring whatever program happened to be on. It never crossed his mind that Jeff was going to start acting like this.

Trying to ease the tension in the room, Chris pointed out, "You had to have known that sooner or later Jared was going to start dating again, Jeff, and if this works out between him and Jensen, you're going to have to let him go. He is a grown man.” Earlier in the day he’d warned Jensen that he would be facing an uphill battle trying to get Jeff's approval to court Jared and now Jeff was proving him right.

"I know," Jeff mumbled in a contrite tone; he ran a hand through his hair before grudgingly admitting, "Jensen's a great guy and I know he’s a good alpha for Jared. It’s just… I just don't think he can take getting hurt again."

Chris could easily understand Jeff's fear; hell, after what Jared had been through it was to be expected. "You’ve known Jensen for how many years now? He is not Alex and you know full well that he would rather cut off his own arm than ever raise a hand against an omega like Jared. He's gone, hopelessly gone on Jared, you saw it for yourself, and I think Jared is just as gone on Jensen." Chris had never seen his friend so completely enamoured with anyone before; all week he’d done nothing but talk about Jared, about where they should go, what they should do, and even should he try to kiss him seeing as it was only their first date.

Noticing a new protest forming on Jeff's lips Chris did the first thing he could think of, something he had wanted to do since he’d first laid eyes on the alpha: he kissed him. Without waiting a moment to second-guess himself, Chris reached out, placed his hands on either side of Jeff’s face and brought their lips together.

For a moment Jeff froze in surprise as he felt Chris' lips press against his but then a possessive growl rumbled up from his chest as Chris went to pull away. Tangling his hands in Chris hair Jeff returned the kiss in ways his omega been dreaming of, "Mine," he growled possessively against Chris' lips.

For as long as he lived, Chris would forever deny that he whimpered as he melted whole-heartedly into the kiss, after all, it had taken the alpha long enough to get with the program!

It had been a truly magical night and both men hated that it was finally at an end but as Jensen and Jared stood at the front of the house both knew that it was too soon for Jared to be inviting Jensen in. "Listen, Emily and I are going to the zoo tomorrow with her new friend, Nate, would you like to come with us?" Jared found himself asking.

Jensen smiled brightly at Jared. "I was just about to ask you that. I would love to. What time do you want me to pick you both up?" Jensen moved in closer to Jared.

Suddenly nervous, Jared licked his dry lips and he didn't miss the way Jensen's eyes were drawn to the motion. "Is ten o'clock to early?" He asked, trying to keep his mind on the task at hand and not on what it would feel like to have that beautifully sensual mouth on his.

"It's perfect." Normally on his weekends off Jensen slept until late in the afternoon but this time he didn't care that his beauty sleep was going to cut short. The sooner he got back to Jared’s house the better in Jensen's mind so that he could spend more time with his amazing omega; he would just make sure that he had several cups of coffee before leaving home. Unable to help himself any longer Jensen finally did what he had been longing to do since he’d first laid eyes on Jared a week ago at the precinct: he kissed those perfect lips.

Jared melted that was the only way to described what happened when Jensen's lips touched his; his brain turned to mush, he went weak in the knees and his heart started beating in triple time. He had always dreamed about the perfect first-date-kiss and this was it. He wanted to melt fully into Jensen and never leave but all too soon Jared felt Jensen's lips leave his.

Pressing his forehead against his omega, Jensen whispered, "God, Jared, you have no idea how much I want to keep kissing you; I want to kiss you forever but I also want to do this right. So…” he pulled back just enough to see Jared’s face. “…I'm going to say goodnight while I still have some self-control left and I'll see you in the morning." It took all of Jensen's willpower to step away from Jared only to immediately regret being such a gentleman when he saw the intense hunger in the other man’s eyes.

While every part of Jared was screaming to say ‘screw doing this properly’ and instead simply beg Jensen ‘to just take me now’, Jared knew that Jensen had a point. Instinctively Jared knew that they could be starting something very special between the two of them if they only allowed it to develop the right way. Sucking in a deep breath, he forced himself to take a step away from Jensen. Sliding his key in the lock, he opened the front door before turning back and smiling softly; "You're right, so I'll say goodnight while I still can and I'll see you in the morning."

Watching Jared step into his house without him was one of the hardest things Jensen ever had to do but he wanted to do this right and that meant courting Jared the way he should be and treating him like the precious gift he was. "I can see that I'm going to need a lot of cold showers," Jensen muttered under his breath as he back towards his car to wait for Chris to come out. For a brief moment he harboured the crazy idea of returning to the house and knocking on the door and claiming Jared right then and there. The only thing holding him back was knowing that if he followed Jared in to collect Chris he would not be strong enough to leave again.

As he walked through his front door, Jared had a plan in mind: he would thank Jeff and Chris for watching Emily, smile politely and avoid any questions about his date, check on his sleeping daughter and then take a long cold shower, without which he knew he wouldn’t get any sleep that night. The one thing not on his list and the one thing t he never expected to see was his uncle, the feared Jeffery Dean Morgan, curled up on his couch snuggling with Chris Kane.

After standing in the doorway for a moment, waiting to be noticed and getting nowhere, Jared loudly cleared his throat and then laughed when the two men jumped apart like guilty teenagers. "While I'm very happy the two of you have finally gotten together, it’s time for you to leave because I need a cold shower after that perfect kiss from my alpha,” Jared informed them with a broad smirk.

Chris ran a hand through his hair which was already well mussed up from having Jeff’s fingers running through it. "Well, well, I guess we don't need to ask how you’re date and I must say that I'm happy for both of you. While you two say good night, I'm gonna run out and tell Jensen that I don't need a ride."

A possessive growl left Jeff's chest. "Damn right you won't! The only alpha you will be going home with from now on is me."

Blinking in surprise at the fervent declaration, Jared simply shook his head and accepted things as they were. He was truly happy that the men had finally stopped dancing around one another but hearing that his uncle was on his way home to have sex with a new mate… it really was just too much information. "I'm going to go check on Emily. I take it the two of you will be tagging along on the zoo trip tomorrow?" Jared asked already knowing the answer.

"Of course, we wouldn't miss it for the world," Jeff promised Jared a bit absent-mindedly as he watched Chris slip out the door. "So you and Jensen had a good time tonight?"

The sweet, happy smile that graced Jared's lips was one that Jeff hadn't seen in a long time and any reservations he might have had about Jensen and Jared forming a lasting relationship were quickly wiped away.

"I can't remember the last time that I had such a good time! He's coming with us to the zoo tomorrow," Jared informed his uncle with a wide smile. He didn't care that what had originally been planned a family outing for just the three of them had turned into a double date with a five-year-old chaperone because Jensen was going with them and that was all that mattered.

Jeff nodded his head with approval. "That’s a good idea; it’ll give Jensen and Emily the chance to bond in a neutral setting cos if you two plan on taking this relationship any further she’d going to be an enormous part of it.” Jeff hugged his nephew and then headed for the door, leaving the younger man a little stunned. “I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Bewildered by the rapid turn of events, Jared found himself asking the empty room, "What just happened here?" but it didn't matter. Whatever had caused his uncle's sudden change of heart regarding Jensen wasn’t important; Jared knew for absolute certain that he wouldn't give Jensen up even if Jeff still had issues.

For now Jared was counting the night and all its surprises – as especially his kiss with Jensen – as a definite win.

It was in the air the moment the man walked out of the house but Jensen didn't need his alpha senses to realise that Chris was finally on his way to becoming the mate of Jeffery Dean Morgan, one of the most powerful alphas Jensen had ever known. Raising an inquisitive and slightly mocking eyebrow Jensen leaned back against the side of his car, not even bothering to hide his knowing smirk as Chris drew closer to his baby.

"Don't you dare say one word," Chris growled even while cursing himself when he felt his cheeks heat up with a telltale blush.

“Me?” Jensen gave a mock innocent look. "I wouldn’t dream of saying anything."

Chris gave his friend a flat look. "Sure you weren't. But just in case your great detective brain hasn't figured it out yet I'm need a ride home."

“No!” Jensen clapped his hand to his chest in exaggerated shock and then laughed out loud for a moment before growing serious. “Just remember to practice safe sex, my friend,” Jensen reminded his friend. “I don't think that the world is ready for a little Morgan and Kane just yet."

Chris' scowl grew fiercer. "I'll make sure to remind you of that when you and Jared finally get together, I don't think the world would survive a Padalecki-Ackles baby either.”

A dazed look came over Jensen's face and his eyes glazed over as he pictured Jared with a round belly, heavily pregnant with their child. "Sorry, no can do, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy making babies with Jared every chance I get.”

That jaw-dropping revelation had Chris blinking in shock; Jensen had never talked about having children but then again, since meeting Jared less than a week ago, a lot had changed with his friend. "Oh God, you have a pregnancy kink for Jared, don’t you? You know Jeff will kill you if you get Jared pregnant as often as you seem to be planning on," Chris pointed out.

Jensen wasn't that worried about Jeff; Jared had him wrapped around his little finger and really, who could deny wanting to see more adorable children with Jared's dimples? "Well then I guess I better hope that Jeff is too busy with you to plot my death." Movement caught his eye and Jensen looked up to see Jeff coming out of Jared's house with a determined look on his face and his eyes locked on Chris' form.

Chris turned to see what Jensen was looking at and began to blush again. “Time to go; see you in the morning,” he called out as he began walking toward his alpha.

Jensen gave his friend a parting shot as he climbed into the Impala. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," he called out before putting the pedal to the metal and slipping off into the night with a throaty engine growl. As he merged into traffic, Jensen unconsciously licked his lips and found that he could still clearly taste Jared. His libido instantly fired up his imagination and tightened his groin; with Jeff and Chris gone off to be alone, Jensen was sorely tempted to turn the car around and go back to finish what he and Jared had started on Jared's doorstep.

Watching the Impala disappear into the night Chris smiled to himself before greeting Jeff with, "He's so gone on Jared, he's talking family and babies,” he informed Jeff as his alpha came to stand behind him. No matter what Jeff would say even years later, he did not enjoy a delicious shiver down his spine when the older man nuzzled the sensitive flesh behind his ear.

Grinning at the feel of his omega shivering against him, Jeff wrapped his arm around Chris' shoulders and pulled him even closer. "Jared has always wanted a big a family, even when he was just a kid himself,” the older man confirmed. “Well, I guess that settles it then; I can't kill Jensen if he gets Jared pregnant."

"You are all heart," Chris muttered under his breath with mock sarcasm.

With a grin of pure wickedness Jeff brushed his mouth against Chris’ ear and murmured seductively, "No, I'm all alpha and I’m going to spend the rest of the night showing you that."

It may have been corny but Chris could feel his blood pump through his veins, prompting him to accept Jeff’s challenge, "Then show me, alpha."

Danneel Harris-Carlson have been an omega but she let no one walk over her or hurt her friends but perhaps most importantly, she never passed up the chance to play matchmaker. So naturally, when she learned that there was an omega out there making Jensen’s alpha go into overdrive, well it was her duty and her right to make sure that Jensen finally got laid and if the object of his desire just happened to be the father of her son's new friend well that made her matchmaking all that much easier.

As she beamed happily at the assembled group, she wasn't the least bit bothered by the glare that Jensen was currently throwing her way; after all it wasn't her fault that he didn't know she and Nate were coming on this zoo trip, or that Steve, Chris and Jeff had all decided to tag along as well. Really, he had no one to blame but himself, who did he think was believing he’d have Jared all to himself!

Jared knew he shouldn't find Jensen's pout so unbearably adorable but he did, he just couldn’t help it! It was probably the way his alpha’s lower lip stuck out and the corners of his mouth had just a little bit of a down turn to them; it made Jared want to kiss it all better. It was a fight to control himself, but somehow he managed to refrain from pinning Jensen against the side of his car and ravishing him on the spot.

Of course Jared’s resolution not to kiss Jensen started weakening the moment when the alpha took his hand as they exited the car park, only letting go long enough to greet the others. The way Jensen held his hand, the way his thumb rubbed across the back and sent tingles up and down his spine, Jared felt like he was walking on air.

Actually, Jensen didn’t know why he was so surprised that everyone would be coming on his second date with Jared – since Emily was going to be there he actually considered it the more important of the two so far – but he really had hoped to share the experience between the three of them.

Watching the way Jensen straightened his shoulders and politely shook hands with the men and stoically accepted a hug and kiss from Danneel; finally, Jensen approached Emily, who stood next to her dad, silently studying this new part of his life. Bending down on one knee, Jensen held out his hand and said, “Nice to see you again, Miss Emily.”

Without hesitation, Emily put out her own hand and when Jensen took it in his and raised it to his lips for a gentlemanly kiss a brilliant smile broke out on Emily’s face. “Thank you, Mr. Ackles.”

“Please, call me Jensen,” he encouraged.

Emily glanced up at her father, who nodded his approval. “Thank you, Mr. Jensen,” she smiled at him and then she tucked his free hand into Jared’s.

They were more than two hours into their visit to the zoo and Emily and Nate were having a blast running about and seeing all the different animals. As for Jared, he found it hilarious watching the big strong alphas being ordered about by his little girl telling them where they were going and making them carry the stuff they had picked up at the gift shop. Jared was also convinced that Danneel was slightly impressed with how savvy a shopper Emily already was at age five and she was especially impressed by the way she wielded her puppy dog eyes to get Jeff and Jensen to buy her all the stuffed animals she wanted.

It was a rather amusing and quite a precious sight in a father’s eyes and Jared made sure to take a lot of photos; he knew that Chad, Genevieve and the others would get a huge kick out of seeing Jensen and Jared carrying stuffed animals that were almost as tall as they were.

After spending almost a half an hour at the monkey cages, Jeff called a time out for him and Chris and so laden down with stuffed toys, they wandered off to find a place to sit for a while. Samantha, Steve and Nate decided to find a restroom and finally it was just Jensen, Emily and Jared left to wander around until the group all met up again for lunch. Even knowing how it happened, Jensen was still mildly surprised when he ended up alone with Emily looking at the tigers. Jared had run to the snack bar to get them something to drink, and something warm and wonderful bloomed in the alpha’s chest knowing that Jared trusted him enough to look after his daughter.

Jensen was admiring the grace and nobility of a beautiful tigress when he felt a small tug on his shirt and he looked down to see hazel eyes staring up at him, eyes that were filled with pure suspicion. "Do you like my daddy?" The young lady in question didn’t mince words.

Jensen froze unsure of just how he should answer that and then decided that honesty was as always the best policy. "Yes, I do, your dad is pretty amazing."

Emily gave Jensen what could only be described as a classic ‘duh’ look. "I know. My dad thinks you’re amazing as well. And I would be okay with you dating him as long as you promise not to hurt him," Emily told him with a glare that was far more adorable than frightening, not that Jensen was planning on telling her that, it would hurt her feelings.

"I promise you that I will never hurt your dad and if I do I give you my permission to tell your Uncle Jeff on me," Jensen offered.

Emily Lily Padalecki could be quite possessive where her father was concerned and it was her right after all; for the last five years it had only been the two of them through thick and thin. Other than her Uncle Jeff, she didn’t like to share her father with anyone, but as she looked at Jensen and saw the honesty in his eyes, she decided that she might make an exception for him. "Alright, I'm trusting you with my daddy."

Momentarily overcome with happiness all Jensen could do was smile down at the little omega; she looked like a miniature version of Jared and already he could feel a surge of protection towards the little girl. "I give you my word I will take very good care of your daddy."

Emily gave a sharp nod. "Good."

"What's good?" Jared asked as he joined them somehow managing to balance their three drinks. He smiled gratefully at Jensen when the alpha hastened to relieve him of two of the paper cups and then his smile only grew wider as Jensen politely gave Emily hers first.

"Sorry, daddy,” Emily shook her head. “Can't tell you, that's between me and Jensen," she informed her father as she concentrated on sticking her straw into her cup. She shared a quick little glance with Jensen; she liked the man, he made her dad smile and that was all she wanted.

Jensen nodded shook his head as well when Jared turned a questioning look his way. "Sorry, man, Emily's right; what was said was just between the two of us. A gentleman can't reveal a lady's secrets." Jensen winked at Emily who grinned up at him.

Seeing the bond that had so quickly developed between his daughter and the man he’d fallen in love with, Jared felt his heart swell beyond anything he’d ever experienced in his life. It was imperative to his future that the two people most important to him get along. As he sipped his drink and watched Jensen coach Emily through reading the tiger habitat’s informative plaque Jared realised that it was a foregone conclusion: Jensen Ackles was a keeper.

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