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Fic: Unspoken Deception Chapter 3

 Title: Unspoken Deception
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Harry Potter
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Owen/Tonks, Snape/Tosh, Harry/Neville, John Hart/Neville, Harry/Ginny, Blaise/Seamus, Charlie/Luna, Sirius/Remus, George/Hermione, Fred/Andy, Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/OMC and Luna/Ianto/Neville friendship
Summary: Once the war was over Draco Malfoy ran and never looked back. He became someone new; he became Ianto Jones and for a brief moment he found true happiness, until it was all cruelly snatched away from him. Now a broken mess, a mere shadow of his former self, he must pick up the pieces of his life and start anew. Hopefully he will find true happiness with the one person he never expected to fall for.
Rating: R
Beta: RoyalLadyEmma
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Harry Potter

Chapter 3

Two years later


Narcissa watched as Draco laughed freely and joyfully as Myfanwy swooped in around the small group of people, diving gracefully to snatch up the chunks of premium dark chocolate from Honeydukes that her beloved human tossed into the air for her. As always Neville and Luna were ever next to him, but no longer where those two Draco's only friends, in the two years since Draco had returned to them a broken but wiser man, he had healed and grown into a much different and happier young man. While he chose to stay looking like Ianto Jones, and despite the pain he’d suffered in the muggle world, Narcissa could tell that he was much happier as Ianto then he had ever been as Draco.


Within the safety of his friendship with Neville and Luna Draco had rediscovered his friendship with Blaise and then through him he became friends with Seamus. Charlie, Fred and George Weasley had grown close to Draco due in great part to Luna's relationship with Charlie and Fred's relationship with Andy Davidson. Andy was one of only ones that Draco knew from his days as Ianto, and hadn't he been surprised when he learned that Andy had been a Hufflepuff and was currently dating Fred.


Narcissa caught sight of her cousin standing amongst the group watching Myfanwy and she favoured Sirius with a small smile. She was happy that Draco had such a strong male influence in his life; since her son’s return, her relationship with Sirius had improved greatly and for the first time in a while Narcissa felt like she had her family back, something which warmed her heart to no end. Sirius and Severus had even put aside their rivalry, due in part to the combined and determined efforts of both Draco and Remus.


Neville smiled as he watched Myfanwy swoop carefully above a pregnant Ginny Potter, and he laughed when the pteranodon’s mighty wings blew Ginny’s hair into her face. He was pleased when the familiar pain didn't pierce his chest at the knowledge that Harry had chosen Ginny over him, despite their past together. He could still recall the moment Harry had broken his heart; Draco had only returned to the wizarding world two months before and helping him recover from his ordeal had taken all of Neville's attention. He knew that he had been drifting away from his lover for a while, so he wasn't at all surprised when Harry showed up at his place with the news that broke his heart.


“I love you Neville, I truly do, but not like I love Ginny, when faced with the idea of a future without her it nearly killed me.” Harry poured his heart out to Neville, he never wanted to hurt Neville but he couldn't hurt Ginny either.


Never in his life had Neville experienced this type of pain before, being told by the man he loved that he had fallen in love with another. The pain from realising that they were over was nearly unbearable, yet somehow Neville found the strength to smile at Harry despite his heart breaking. “I understand Harry, and it’s alright. All I want is for you to be happy and if that is with Ginny, then I give you my full blessings.” And he truly did mean it, he couldn’t hate Harry, he never would; they had meant too much to one another and had survived far too much for there to ever be bad blood between them.


After Harry had gone, leaving Neville's heart in pieces, Neville turned to the one person he needed, the one person who could truly understand what he was feeling.


“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Ianto grumbled as he was forced to leave his nice warm bed and dreams that involved a naked Jack to go answer the door at four in the morning.


Ianto opened the door and was greeted to a sight he never expected, “Neville?” he asked with worry as he took in his friend’s puffy red eyes.


“He’s getting married,” Neville whispered in a broken voice. “He’s marrying her in two months’ time.” His voice cracked as Ianto ushered him into Malfoy Manor.


Ianto knew without asking who had caused Neville such pain and he silently cursed Harry for hurting his first true friend so badly. He seated the shaking young wizard and took hold of his hands. “Neville, I can’t believe I am going to say this,” he paused until Neville looked up at him, “but maybe you should trust in Harry. If he truly wants to be with you then he will call off the wedding, if he doesn’t then he doesn’t deserve you and I will glad hex him for you.”


Neville let out a small laugh. "He won't be changing his mind, old friend; he's chosen Ginny and I want to be happy for them but all I can feel is my heart breaking."


Ianto grinned, baring his teeth in a feral grimace; “How do you think he’ll look as a toad on his wedding night?” He was rewarded for his efforts when Neville gave a small snort of laughter.


It had taken time but Neville had finally healed from his first major heart break and he knew now that he and Harry hadn't been meant to be. He was just glad that Draco, Harry, Hermione and Ron had managed to reach some kind of truce amongst themselves; they would never be close but they did have a steadily growing friendship. Still Neville knew there were times when Draco was lost in the memories of the life he’d left behind and he hoped that someday Draco could find some peace.


Humming to herself Luna smiled softly as she danced gracefully to music only she could hear; things were about to change for the better and she couldn't be happier.



Jack Harkness was miserable and he knew the reason for it, he was missing Ianto Jones as he had been for the past two years. He had gone with his Doctor just like he had planned for so many decades and as a result he had ended up the prisoner of a madman. The only saving grace he had during his long days of brutality and captivity was Martha Jones telling him about the handsome Welshman who had helped her sneak safely across the scorched face of the world thus ensuring that her mission was a success and the Master was defeated. His Ianto had protected Martha and Jack wanted him back.


“So are you finally going to stop moping around like a love-sick school girl and go after your mate?” A familiar voice drawled tauntingly from the doorway.


Jack didn’t bother lifting his head; he didn’t have the strength or the interest to argue with his former partner. “What do you want, John?” Jack asked, tiredness lacing his voice.


Moving into Jack’s office John Hart shook his head at the pathetic state his ex was in. “You’re sulking, we’ve all noticed and it’s really getting rather tiring,” John stated as he made himself comfortable on Jack’s couch, earning a half-hearted glare from Jack.


“What are you doing up here, John? Hiding out from Gwen again?” Jack asked wearily not lifting his eyes from the paperwork that he’d been staring out for over an hour but hadn’t touched. With a sigh, Jack tossed his pen on the desk and looked over at John; the air was full of sulking silence and he knew John had been right.


A lot of things had changed since Jack had gotten back from the year that never was. Even though it had only been a few months for them, his team had been struggling with just the three of them, so after John had unexpectedly arrived and helped them out, he’d ended up staying on, becoming a valuable member of the team. However, despite John’s good intentions, Jack should have known the former Time Agent would end up causing trouble and mischief.


While Jack had had some morals and hadn’t taken Gwen up on what she was constantly and so blatantly offering, John had no such problems and had eagerly fallen into bed with the Welshwoman. Jack had come back to find out that Rhys had ended it with Gwen when he learnt of the affair, although Gwen hadn’t really made any attempt to keep it from him. Jack didn’t know why he had felt so guilty for their relationship ending, although he told himself that maybe if he hadn’t brought Gwen into Torchwood then she might have never started anything with Owen and then John.


 “So what was it this time that set Gwen off?” Jack reluctantly asked even though he wasn’t at all interested. For some reason these days Gwen had a hair-trigger temper and it didn’t take much to make her fly off the handle. 


“She found out that Rhys has started dating again.” John explained, openly smirking as he recalled the look of impotent fury on Gwen’s face when she’d learned the news. He knew that she wanted him to be a good boyfriend and be sympathetic to her but for the life of him, he couldn’t understand why. It wasn’t like he had told her to leave Rhys; in fact he had gone out of his way to make it clear that what they were was nothing but a good time. She certainly wasn’t his bond mate; that was the only reason John had stuck around this god-forsaken backwater time.


‘It’s all that flighty blonde’s fault,’ John thought with a scowl as he recalled his unexpected arrival in this time.


John Hart glared at his vortex manipulator as he landed in 21st century Earth; it was definitely not the place where he wanted to be.


“Not where you wanted to be but where you were meant to be.” A soft voice spoke up behind him.


Slapping one hand to the hilt of his sword, John turned around and came face to face with a dreamy-looking blond woman. “Well hello pretty lady, are you where I am meant to be?” he asked leering openly at her.


Blond locks flew everywhere as she shook her head no and laughed lightly. “I am not the one you want or will come to need but he is here waiting for you. You seek someone who looks past the mask you wear to see the man beneath the lies. You will find him here. You just need to look and then you must make the man made immortal by time’s gift seek out his own mate in order for you to find your own true happiness.”


“Good for Rhys,” Jack nodded approvingly, he was happy to hear that Rhys had moved on. He just wished it was that easy for him to move on from Ianto Jones, he hadn’t realised it at the time but Ianto or Draco or whoever he was, was his mate.


It had been two years since Torchwood Three had seen Ianto Jones, and once their anger cooled towards the younger man, which was rather quickly, they’d realised just how badly they had treated Ianto, or whoever he might be really be. Tosh and surprisingly Owen had pushed Jack to try reaching out to find Ianto, the only problem was he had no idea where to start looking. ‘Come on universe, give me a sign, you owe me one,’ Jack pleaded silently, waiting for answers that never seemed to come.



Luna knew Neville and Ianto’s hearts well and it was no secret that they were both lonely. Watching their friends be happy with their someone special wasn’t easy, but she knew that things were going to be changing very soon; they would be finding their happiness soon.



Ianto never did figure out how he allowed Luna to talk him into this but he was back to the muggle world; after two long, happy years in the wizarding world, he was going back.


Torchwood and UNIT, under orders from the Queen herself, had recently reached out to one another in an attempt to start building up negations within the wizarding community. After the Earth had been moved by the Daleks in their last-ditch effort to take over the Universe, cooperation between the muggles and wizards seemed to be a good idea. However, given to his widespread knowledge and in-depth understanding of the muggles, Ianto sensed that there was much more to this new cooperation than he knew. His suspicions were fuelled by the fact that he had been the one and only member of the wizarding world who’d been asked to help with these negations. Ianto’s first instinct had been to say ‘no, absolutely not, I’ve had enough experience with the muggles – well, certain muggles – to last a lifetime,’ he  wanted nothing more to do with them at first, until Luna, in her gentle, persuasive way, finally talked him into it.


'At least I'm not alone in this.' Ianto was grateful for that one little thing as he caught Neville's steady, reassuring gaze. Ianto could understand why he had been asked to come but he wasn’t sure why Neville, along with Tonks, Severus, Fred, Sirius, Remus, Harry and Ron, had all been chosen to join him.


As he waited for the first meeting between the groups to begin, Ianto battled fiercely against the urge to pace the long hallway. He knew something was going on but he couldn’t think clearly, not with the knowledge that Captain Jack Harkness would be present at this meeting, as the Crown’s representative from Torchwood. It had been two years since he’d last seen Jack and not a day had gone by when he hadn’t thought about Jack or regretted not reaching out to him sooner. He missed Jack, far more than he should have; he missed the sound of Jack’s voice, the way he smelled, the touch of his hand – most of all he missed the man himself.


After straightening his tie, tugging on his waistcoat and shooting his cuffs, Ianto took a deep breath and steeled himself before opening the door to a part of his past he never expected to see again.
Tags: crossover: harry potter/torchwood, fic: unspoken deception, pairing: jack/ianto
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