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Fic: Reclaiming what his Chapter 2

Title: Reclaiming what’s his
Fandom’s: WWE/Torchwood
Pairings: Randy/Ianto, Mickie/Tosh, Ted/Cody and Cena/Evan
Summary: Before Lisa and before Jack, Ianto belong to another. And now Randy set’s out to claim what is rightful his, one Ianto Jones.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own either WWE or Torchwood, I wouldn’t mind owning Randy and Ianto
Author Notes: Takes place after ‘End of days’ and before ‘Kiss kiss, bang bang’ for Torchwood.

Chapter 2

Tosh could see the growing bags under Ianto eyes. Her dearest friend was suffering and she was the only one who noticed. Ever since Jack left she has noticed a change in Ianto. At first she thought it was Jack leaving, but no it was something different that was bothering her friend and she will figure out what.


Ianto knew Tosh suspected something; he can never hide anything from his smart friend. And he knows she believes it has to do with Jack, and it did at first. He won’t deny that Jack leaving like that did tear him apart, but he can’t mourn Jack forever. Yes, Jack left him, he left them all, but Ianto can not and will not put his life on hold because his lover has run off somewhere.


Besides it’s not Jack that is haunting him, no its Randy. Memories of stolen moments with Jack become over shadow by his time with Randy. It didn’t help that he watched Raw and the pay per views when ever he could, just for the chance of seeing Randy. Ianto felt the familiar shiver of desire shot threw his body as he thought of how dominating the man was not only in the ring but in bed. It’s been years since he saw the man, felt his strong hands on his body, felt that wicked mouth on his skin, had that powerful body posses very inch of him and still Randy still manage to enter his very thought, that man was his drug and he was completely addicted.

Too bad the chances of him running into Randy are slim to none; at least he has his memories to keep him warm at night.

“Ianto,” Tosh soft voice and gentle touch brought him out of his day dreams. Smiling he looked down at his best friend. “Yes Tosh, was there something you needed?” He asked. Her sweet smile filled him with warmth. “The rift looks to be quite to night, I was wondering if you want to go out tonight. I’ve missed our time together.” Tosh murmured softly so Owen and Gwen wouldn’t over hear. No one, not even Jack knew how close Tosh and Ianto were, mutual heart break and suffering helped them to forge a strong bond. Ianto smiled, a night out with Tosh would be a welcome break from his loneliness. “Nothing would give me more pleasure than to spend the evening in the company of a beautiful woman.” Ianto smile grew at the light blush that painted her cheeks.

Yes a night out with Tosh is just what he needs to take his mind off Randy and Jack.

Randy was up to something. Cody could seem the familiar gleam in his leader eyes. It was a hunting and hungry look, one he has only seen when Randy is after the title. Something has put that look in Randy eyes and Cody was determined to find out what or who put him in that mood. It has to be someone or something important considering that Randy could have anyone from the club they were at, yet it seemed like he didn’t even notice them. So whatever he was after has to be important and he will do whatever it takes to help him get it, because whatever Randy wants, Randy gets.

“You’re plotting something.” The voice of his lover drew Cody out of his plans. Planting an innocent look on his face he turned to face Ted. “Whatever do you mean, Teddy?” He asked maintaining his innocent look. Ted wasn’t buying it for a second, he knew his boyfriend far to well to fall for that innocent smile. “Does this have to do with Randy and the look in his eyes?” Ted smiled at the look of shock that spread across Cody face. “Trust me; you aren’t the only one to notice the look in our leader eyes. So have you figured out what has gotten him in such a hunting mood?” The blond man asked. Cody pouted, “No and its driving me nuts.”

A deep chuckle came from beside them. Turning the two we’re surprised to see the man they were talking about leaning against their booth. A predator look shone in his eyes. “His name is Ianto Jones, he belongs to me and it’s time I reclaim him.” At that moment he wasn’t the viper, no he was more like a wolf on the hunt. A shiver went down both Ted and Cody spines, Randy was danger and seduction rolled into one. This Ianto Jones stands no chance.

Ted asked the most important question. “So where do we find this Ianto Jones?” He asked. Randy smiled “Right here in Cardiff.” Was the response that they received.  Cody and Ted shared a look. “So what does he look like?” Cody asked, needing to know who he was looking for. Straighten up Randy pulled out his wallet which held the only photo he had of Ianto, he handed it over to them. Another look passed between Ted and Cody, this guy had to mean a lot to Randy if he carried his picture with him.   

Taking a look at the picture both Ted and Cody could see why Randy was so determined to find this Ianto again; he was for lack of a better word hot. But also a type of innocence’s seemed to radiate of him one that just screamed to be protective.

Ted looked up to meet Randy eyes. “We’ll help you find your boy.” He promised.  A chuckle escape Cody lips his eyes at the entrance of the club. “I think we just found your boy.” He informed them.

Randy eyes snapped to the doorway, and a wolfish smirk over took his face, entering the club was his boy looking too damn tempting. A growl escaped his lips at the sight of the beautiful woman at Ianto side. Ianto may have come with her, but before the night is through, it will be Randy he is leaving with.


Tags: crossover: wwe/torchwood, fic: reclaiming what's his, pairing: mickie/tosh, pairing: randy/ianto
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