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Fic: My Beautiful Boy Chapter 4/6

Chapter 4

Dean made sure to keep Sam firmly and safely in the land of dreams as he moved his two babies to their new home. He knew there was going to be questions and a lot of them, and he would answer all of Sam's questions in time although to be truthful Dean was a little worried about how Sam was going to take the news that he wasn't the same older brother that had been dragged into the depths of hell. "I can't lose you, Sammy, so please don't turn away from me." Dean heard a definite hint of vulnerability show in his voice; he didn't think he could survive if Sam refused to accept him as he was.  

With a snort and a snuffle, Sam shifted in his sleep so that he was facing his older brother and a soft, "Dean," escaped Sam's lips as he unconsciously yet instinctively moved closer to the remembered warmth that Dean offered. 

Smiling with delight, Dean reached out and wrapped an affectionate arm around Sam's shoulders and pulled him flush against his side. "I don't have to worry do I? You're already mine, aren't you?" Dean's grip tightened with the knowledge that Sam belonged solely to him.

It seemed like hours before Dean pulled up to the house he had ‘acquired’ when he first got topside; he’d chosen it specifically because it looked like a place where he and Sam could be happy together. ‘Maybe I’ll get Sam a dog or two;’ he had a feeling that his brother would like that. Even as a kid Sam had had a soft spot for dogs, he was always bringing home every stray he found. But first things first; he had to make Sam his mate and then deal with those blasted angels and their apocalypse. There was no way that he was going to let them get their hands on his baby brother, not after waiting forty years in hell to see him again.

Pulling into the driveway Dean was grateful to see that his minions were nowhere to be seen, he wasn't ready to explain to Sammy that he was the new King of Hell until Sam was his mate. Making sure that Sam was still asleep Dean manoeuvred Sam’s limp form into his arms and carried him into the house bridal-style. "Man, if you were awake I would be rubbing this in, you are so the girl in our relationship, Sammy." Dean could already see the flustered look and the bitchface he would get from his brother; with a broad almost giddy smirk he knew he would have to do this again when Sam was awake just to see the look of sheer horror and embarrassment in his eyes.

It felt so right, so incredibly natural seeing Sam laid out on his bed, like he was meant to be there and while he would never be a cuddler in any sense of the word, Dean knew that Sam had always slept better with some part of him touching Dean, whether it was curled up in his arms like when he was a baby or just his foot resting against the back of Dean’s thigh.

As he pulled the covers up over his brother, Dean took a deep whiff of Sam's scent and his chest rumbled with a dangerous growl. He could smell her, that demon bitch’s smell still clung to his Sam's skin like a poison and it made him sick. He would have to deal with her and soon, but first he needed to remove her stench from Sam's skin and replace it with his own clean scent. "Soon, baby boy, soon you will be mine forever."

Dean would have preferred to be out there, taking care of the other little problems that needed to be dealt with but he’d promised Sam that he would be there when he woke up. If it weren’t for his determination to keep his word, he would be dealing with Ruby and the angels right now.


To say that Zachariah wasn't happy with the news he was being told was a complete understatement; his carefully plotted out apocalypse was being ruined, all thanks to one person. "Why is it always the Winchesters that cause all the trouble? Why did they have to be the perfect vessels? Still it doesn't matter; I refuse to let the new King of Hell destroy all my hard work. The apocalypse will start on time no matter what it takes!" Zachariah growled fiercely under his breath. He was going to see to it that his life-long dream came true even if it meant having to get his hands dirty by making sure that those boys knew their places in the world once and for all.


Awareness slowly returned to Sam and as he stretched and yawned he realised that he was experiencing a deep feeling of peace that he hadn't felt since Dean had been dragged off to hell. He noticed that he was surrounded by a delicious warmth and as he thought about that he found a familiar scent invading his senses. Sudden arrived clarity and Sam's eyes shot open; the last thing he remembered clearly was checking into a filthy flea-bag of a motel and crashing in a bed that stank of stale sweat and urine. Instead of the peeling wallpaper and stained carpeting he expected to see, he found himself staring into a pair of sparkling green eyes. "Dean?"

"Hey ya, Sammy boy, nice of you to finally join me," Dean purred seductively as he gently stroked Sam's cheek with his fingertips.

Sam's eyes fluttered close as he enjoyed the long-missed comfort and he leaned into the touch for a moment before reality set in and he forced himself to pull away, earning a deep sigh from Dean as the other man forced himself up off the bed.

He could see the suspicion in Sam’s eyes and he signed again. "I suppose this is the part where you demand if I'm really your big brother and you’re going to want proof that I'm not a demon or shape shifter or something else equally nasty, right? Well I'm telling you right now, Sammy, I ain't the same as when I went down." As if to prove his point, Dean let his eyes flicker black for a moment.

Although he was tangled in the bedcovers, Sam scrambled back away from Dean as quickly as he could. He wasn't sure how to act when every inch of him was screaming at him that this was his brother but the eyes… surely it was just a trick of the light. Cautiously, as though approaching a wild animal, Sam moved a tiny bit closer. "Dean, have you really come back to me?"

"It's me, Sammy, I promise you." Dean was hopeful that this Sam was asking questions instead of running away meant that he was willing to accept him, all of him. "How about I show you?" Dean's voice dropped into a seductive purr as he moved towards the bed and crawled towards Sam like a hungry lion stalking its prey.

Sam had always known that his brother was pure sex. Dean never took pains to hide the fact that he could and in fact did have every woman that showed an interest in him. Sam had hated each and every one of the damn hussies, hated that they had his brother in ways that only existed in his own sick fantasies. But now, watching Dean prowl towards him, sex pouring off of him in waves, in every little movement, Sam felt his mouth go dry with intense desire.

Using his thumb Dean slowly stroked Sam's lower lip, loving the shudder of pure need that went through his baby brother at the touch. "So long Sammy, for so long I've been wanting and waiting, fighting the urge to finally claim what is mine and only mine.” He cupped Sam’s chin with his hand and looked straight into his eyes. “And now that time has come."

Sam knew he should fight what he was feeling; he knew that their growing attraction was wrong. They were brothers! But he had waited so long for this moment to finally happen, never once thinking that Dean would return his feelings.

"My Sammy, my beautiful baby boy," Dean purred as he pressed his body flush against Sam's, pleased to see the lust slowly building in Sam's eyes.

It was the use of his old nickname that had Sam shuddering with need; being called baby boy by Dean was far hotter than it should have been. "Dean, kiss me please," Sam begged.

Their lips met in a searing kiss fueled by need too long denied and by pure possessiveness on Dean's part; he was making sure that there was no doubt left in Sam's mind about just who he belonged to. Sam whimpered into the kiss submitting completely and wholly to Dean, letting his brother know that he wanted this as much as he did.

Without breaking the kiss, Dean expertly manhandled Sam backwards to the centre of the bed the older man loomed over him looking for all the world like a hungry tiger ready to devour him at the first opportunity. Sam shivered in pure need as he felt his brother’s hot breath on his skin.

As for Dean he was going to do everything possible to make sure that in the end Sam remembered nothing but his name as he made his baby brother fall completely apart beneath him.

Tonight was the night that he finally claimed his mate.


Bobby Singer was, in a word, pissed off. In fact, he was absolutely livid and he was sure there was a vein in his forehead pulsing away madly as he stared at someone making himself at home on his motel bed, someone he was sure he and his boys had already killed. Add to that the unknown and silent man in the trench coat who just stood and stared off into the distance, although Bobby would bet his life that the man was aware of every inch and every nuance of the room. The odd man gave Bobby the creeps and he really wasn't sure if he wanted to know who the stranger was. "Aren't you supposed to be dead, Loki?" Bobby demanded in a condescending voice.

The guy in the trench coat immediately focussed on the bed and tilted his head a confused look in his eyes. "Why does he call you Loki? That is not your name."

Loki sighed. "I was hiding, Castiel, so it would be safe to assume that I wouldn't be using my real name. But things have changed rather dramatically so allow me to introduce myself: I am Gabriel the Archangel and this is my baby brother, Castiel. There is no easy way to say this but your boys are in more trouble than you might think."

Bobby could only stare in utter amazement at the men while next to him Rufus blinked with bewilderment; neither man was sure of what they should think of the news they'd just been told.

"Bullshit! There ain't no such things as angels,” Rufus scoffed. “If there was the how come no hunter’s met one of you before?" he demanded to know. "Ain't you supposed to be looking after and protecting humanity? Damn crappy job, if you ask me! Where the hell have you all been?"

This was not exactly the discussion that Gabriel wanted to have at this moment, but they didn't really have a choice; he needed at least Bobby on his side. Sighing deeply, the archangel began, "God has checked out a long time ago and my brothers and sisters don't really care about humanity anymore; they are all single-mindedly focused on the upcoming apocalypse. The reason Dean's deal was so much shorter than the others was because he is the righteous man who will break the first seal and Sam is being groomed to break the last one.

“Unfortunately, something has gone terribly wrong and Dean hasn't been following the script he was given. Castiel here was supposed to be the one to raise Dean from hell only when he got there he found that Dean was already gone. Turns out Dean Winchester is topside and he has raised an army of demons that respond immediately to his command," Gabriel explained.

Shocked by what he’d just heard, Bobby took a sharp intake of breath and struggled to control his temper. "There is no way Dean would work with demons, he hates their kind!” Bobby spat out.

"Not even to save Sam?" Gabriel raised a knowing eyebrow. "We both know that there is nothing that Dean wouldn't do if it meant keeping Sam safe, even if means becoming the new King of Hell and starting his own version of the apocalypse.” The archangel paused for a moment to let his words sink in and to give Bobby a chance to speak, but he remained simply stared in stunned silence. “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but that is exactly what’s happening out there. The demons are falling all over themselves to be a part of Dean’s new world! The Winchesters are the best hunters since Samuel Colt and now they’re working for the demon side? It's party time for the entire underworld. Sam, that's the only thing that Dean cares about anymore, the belief that one day he would be reunited with his brother, that Sam belonged to him, was the one thing that stuck with him during his time in hell.”

"Then Sam's in danger and we have to save him!" Rufus could see the toll this was taking on Bobby, after all, hearing the terrible details about how the boy he had had a hand in raising was going to end the world couldn't be easy to take.

"No, I’m sorry but that is not going to happen.” Gabriel shook his head decisively. “As I said, the one thing that Dean clung to, the only way he kept his sanity no matter what torture he was forced to endure, was the fact that Sam Winchester belonged to him. He's claiming Sam as his mate even as we speak. Taking Sam away from Dean is a death sentence for the man and honestly, the other angels are already gunning for Sam. They have decided that if they can't have Dean then they want to twist Sam to meet their needs.” Gabriel hoped that his next words would show Bobby how serious the situation truly was. “I’m sorry to say it but right now the safest place on earth for Sam is with Dean." 

The idea of leaving Sam alone with a demon made Bobby sick to his stomach even if that demon was Dean. However, the more he thought about the situation and its potential dangers the more he had to agree that Gabriel probably had a valid point. It was a well-known fact that when it came to Sam Winchester, human Dean was one possessive bastard and he for one dreaded to think of what demon Dean would do to keep his Sam safe. Finally Bobby’s shoulders slumped in defeat as he admitted, "It doesn't look like we have much of a choice."

There was one thing that didn't make sense to Rufus. "Wait just a minute; there’s something I don't understand. You said that Castiel was sent down to hell to rescue Dean but he was already free and back on earth, and that now he has an army of demons following him, right? Why would they take orders from him?"

 “Because Dean Winchester is the new King of Hell," Castiel informed them in a flat tone.

Gabriel rolled his eyes with exasperation; that wasn't how he had planned on breaking such devastating news to them and he could see the tension appear in the two hunters. "Well you were bound to find out sooner or later, although I would have preferred later. Yes, Dean Winchester is now the King of Hell. Believe me when I tell you that he is not your Dean anymore. The man who came out of hell has been twisted, his values and belief system destroyed, until all that matters to him now is Sam. He went to hell to save his brother's soul and now he is willing to destroy it to return to Sam."

It was in that moment that the hunters finally realised just how truly serious and downright dangerous the situation was.

Bobby wearily scrubbed his hand over his face and looked at Gabriel. "What do you suggest we do?" he growled out in a low tone.

"For now? Nothing, all we can do is wait and see what Dean has planned," Gabriel advised them; he’d never felt so helpless before.
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