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Fic: My Beautiful Boy Chapter 5/6

Chapter 5

Sam lay in the big bed relishing the warmth under the covers while he stared up at the ceiling. His body felt wonderfully sore and there wasn’t an inch of him didn't feel properly and thoroughly used and he loved it. Dean had claimed him in every possible way the night before and he was sure that the only reason Dean had finally stopped was because Sam was simply too tired to continue.

Having been awake for several hours just watching Sam sleep, staring at his mate, memorising every feature of his face – ‘My very own Sleeping Beauty,’ he’d murmured at one point – and every sound he made, Dean knew immediately when Sam began to wake. When Sam turned and the bedcovers shifted, Dean could see the marks that now littered Sam's skin and pride shone brightly in the older man’s eyes at the sight. When the King introduced his new mate and Royal Consort, everyone would know that Sam Winchester had been claimed and that he belonged solely to Dean.

"Have a good night, Sammy?" Dean asked as he lowered his head and took Sam's lips in a possessive kiss, one that Sam melted into willingly and enthusiastically.

The kiss continued on until the intense need for air finally forced them to break apart but when Sam tried to renew the kiss, Dean reluctantly pulled back out of reach. The time had come for them to talk because there were things that Sam needed to know.

Dean made himself comfortable on the bed and tugged Sam onto his lap, “Come here, you delicious boy,” wrapping his arms around him making sure he couldn't get away. "Alright, baby boy, it's time I start telling you what you want to know. I know your main burning question is how I got out of hell…” Sam nodded vehemently, “…but I want you to promise me that you won't blame yourself for anything I’m about to say, all right?" Dean knew his brother well, better than anyone else in the world for that matter, and once he told Sam what he had done there was no doubt in his mind that Sam would place the blame squarely on his own shoulders.

Worried about what he might hear Sam didn't know if he could make that promise and keep it. It was entirely his fault that Dean had been sent to hell and that responsibility weighed so very heavily on his soul, he didn’t know if he could bear any more. Slowly and sadly he shook his head. "I can't promise you that Dean, not when we both know it's a lie! It's my fault you were sent to hell! It's all my fault, everything you suffered through down there was because you tried to save me.” He twisted in his brother’s arms so he could look Dean in the eye.

“Why don't you hate me, Dean? Why don't you blame me? I failed in saving you! You should hate me, just like I hate myself!" Sam cried out vehemently, not understanding why his brother still loved him. Dean should be thoroughly disgusted with him, not holding him gently in his arms like he was the most important person in the world.

"Damn it Sammy, enough!" Dean growled out as Sam continued to struggle with his conscience; he could see the weight of his brother’s guilt and the devastating effect it was having on Sam. He gave Sam’s shoulders a brief shake; “Now you listen to me, Sam Winchester! Even if I wanted to blame you, how could I when you clearly blame yourself enough for the both of us. You need to understand, Sam, that I went to hell willingly, I couldn't live without you and there is nothing I won't do to keep you safe, Sammy. You are the only thing that truly matters in my life. There is nothing and no one that I would put above you; I would choose you in a heartbeat. I chose to take the deal because I couldn't live without you; when thought I’d lost you forever I barely survived three days, but you my boy, you held yourself together for four months." There was an element of undeniable pride in Dean’s voice at the last statement.

"But I didn't, Dean! I was… am a mess without you. I allowed Ruby to get me addicted to demon blood because she told me it would make me stronger, strong enough to either save you or to tear Lilith apart piece by piece. I’ve forgotten at times what it’s to be human because of my addiction. Oh Dean, the things I have done to try and save you have left marks on my soul, the kind I may never recover from! I was never worth you damning yourself to save me. Dean, I’m sorry, but I am a freak, nothing more, one that you would be better off without." Sam let out a choked sob as he struggled to get out of his brother’s loving hold. He could feel his heart breaking and he wasn't sure he would survive if Dean were to walk away from him, not after finally having had a taste of him.

Without warning Sam found himself flat on his back with Dean hovering above him his eyes flashing with untamed rage and his lips pulled back in a snarl. "Don't you dare talk about yourself like that! You are my baby brother and more importantly you are my mate, I will never be better off without you. I would die over and over again if it meant keeping you safe!”

Sam found Dean’s incredible passion overwhelming and even a bit of a turn-on; he could feel his body starting to respond to the raw power on display, radiating from Dean. However he still struggled to accept that what his brother was saying was the truth.

“You have to understand, Sam, there ain't no me if there ain't no you.” Dean tightened his grip on his brother’s shoulders. “The only thing that kept me going during all those months on the rack and under Alistair's hands was the thought of getting back to you. That bitch Ruby made you do things but she ain't got nothing on Alistair. I've got much more blood on my hands and staining my soul then you will ever have. So don't you dare start calling yourself a freak and putting yourself down, because I won't stand for it, I won’t! You hear me? This kind of a talk stops now, understand?" Dean snarled fiercely.

Sam choked back a sob because despite Dean's heartfelt words he couldn't get over the guilt that it was all his fault that Dean had suffered so much. "I'm so sorry Dean, for everything. How can I make this right? I need to make this right."

Unable to resist the pleading look in his brother’s eyes, Dean sighed and released his bruising grip on Sam’s arms. He knew that Sam wouldn't be able to let it go until he’d made up for his supposed failings and while it killed Dean to see Sam blaming himself. However, he also knew his little brother well and so Dean was going to have to play this smart. Changing his tactics, the older man gently stroked his brother’s face. "Sam, the only thing I want from you is for you to willingly agree to stay with me, as my everything."

Sam could only blink up at Dean in pure wonder; after everything he’d done, Dean still wanted him? He could hardly wrap his mind around it. "Of course, Dean! There is no place that I would rather be than by your side. But there has to be something I can do to make it things right with you, please, there has to be something, anything." Sam looked up at Dean coyly, "Anything."

A groan of sexual frustration fell from Dean's lips as he struggled not to give in to the urge to take what Sam was so freely offering, but he wouldn't… he couldn’t hurt his baby boy like that. "Sammy, trust me; I would love to go for a bit of the rough stuff with you but you’re nowhere ready for that, not yet anyway." Dean chuckled at the slight sound of disappointment that escaped Sam's lips and he couldn't help but lower his lips and brush then across Sam's.

Trying to change Dean’s mind, Sam pressed his pelvis upward, connecting with the other man’s crotch in an attempt to change his mind.

Dean chuckled again. "Later, baby boy, when you’re stronger, I promise.” He softened his rejection with another kiss before drawing back and looking seriously into Sam’s eyes. “But there is something you can help me with right now. Ruby needs to pay for what she did to you; help me find her. She hurt you, my baby boy, when she got you addicted to demon blood, and worse she played on your desire to save me. Trust me when I say that Ruby wasn't trying to help you to save me, that was never part of her plan for you. No, there is something much bigger at stake than you know."

Sam blinked at Dean wondering what he was talking about but trusted Dean to tell him what he meant later. He shook his head sadly as he confessed, "I don't know where Ruby is. She always knew when I needed my next fix and she would get in contact with me. I'm sorry, Dean." Sam hated the fact that he couldn't help out Dean when he needed it the most.

Cupping Sam's face with his hands Dean made sure that Sam was looking into his eyes. "Hey, it's not your fault, now stop blaming yourself, you can't control a demon, think nothing of it. Now why don't you rest some more while I go round us up something to eat?"

Sam nodded; he could use something to eat if his stomach growling was anything to go by.

“Good, because believe me, baby boy, you are going to need it,” Dean growled low in his throat, his eyes flashing with fiery heat as he hungrily dragged his gaze over his brother’s body, loving the fact that despite everything they had done last night, Sam could still blush. It pleased him to know that despite the kind of life they lived that Sam still managed to hold onto his innocence, that fact only made him only even hotter and sexier in Dean's eyes.

Sam found himself blushing deeper at the hungry look in Dean's eyes, for so long he had longed to have Dean see him as more than his baby brother and now his dreams and fantasies had come true. "Maybe food could wait for a little bit longer?" Sam whispered as he lifted his head and nipped at Dean's lower lip.

Dean groaned low in his throat; it was oh-so tempting to take Sam up on what he was offering, to bury himself in his mate and make them forget the rest of the world. But instead he just shook his head regretfully; he had a demon to hunt down even if saying no to Sam was so very hard to do. "No Sammy, eat first then I will bring you back to bed and do all kinds of things to you, I promise. I have a whole list of things I have yet do to you, and I need you feed to keep up your stamina," Dean purred shifting to claim Sam's lips in a lustful and rough kiss.

At this point Sam could really have cared less about food, he wanted to hear more about this list of fantasies of that Dean confessed to possessing, but he knew that his big brother would refuse if he thought that Sam needed to eat. He grabbed a hold of Dean’s head, trying to prolong their kiss but Dean easily broke free, proving his point that Sam was still weak and needed sustenance.

“Later baby boy, I promise once your belly is stuffed I will gladly stuff you another way,” Dean purred the promise against Sam’s lips as he ended the kiss.

‘I really shouldn’t find that as hot as I do,’ Sam thought feeling his face heat up.

Dean smiled down at Sam. “Don’t ever lose that innocence you have, Sammy and I will do my best to keep you safe from all harm.” Dean was determined that no one would ever get the chance to hurt his Sam again; he would burn of all of heaven and hell if he had to in order to keep that promise.


Ruby had lived a long life and as a result, she wasn’t a fool; she knew she was at the top of Dean’s hit list. “I can't believe that I’m being forced to do this,” she hissed angrily into the silence around her. “Seeking aid from the hunters sends chills down my spine and makes me feel sick to my stomach.” But the truth of the matter was she needed help, desperately. Dean had some pretty big players backing him and she was going to need all the protection she could get even if it came from her enemies.

Drawing a deep breath to steady herself, Ruby loudly demanded, “Singer! Open up, this body isn’t going to get any younger!” She was unable to approach the house any closer, knowing full well that Bobby had it warded against every possible threat that he could think of.

Inside Bobby’s place he and Rufus exchanged looks as the strange voice. “Any clue as to who the hell that is? Rufus asked as he peered cautiously out the window.

Bobby shook his head. “No bloody idea and most visitors know to call instead of just dropping on by. Watch my back as I go find out just who the hell this is,” Bobby ordered as he grabbed his shotgun; there was no way that he was going out there without some kind of protection.

Raising his own gun Rufus followed behind Bobby.

“About damn time! What were you doing in there, painting your nails?” Ruby sneered openly even though her little voice was telling her to shut up and stop antagonising the people she needed help from.

Bobby’s eyes narrowed as everything about this woman set off his hunter instincts; they were screaming at him to shoot her, ‘shoot her now!’ “Well I’m sorry, princess, that I had more important things to deal with than you. Now why don’t you start with just who the hell you are?”

An exaggerated pout appeared on Ruby’s face. “I’m hurt that you don’t remember me, Bobby, especially after I helped you, Sam and Dean out a couple of months ago. You would be dead if it wasn’t for my knife, remember?” Ruby reminded him letting her eyes turn black.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Bobby growled as he stared into the jet black eyes of the one demon he longed to sink his own knife into more than any other.

“I need your help; it would seem that I am currently at the top of Dean’s hit list.” Admitting that she needed help from anyone, much less two hunters, left a distasteful and bitter sensation in her mouth and she was unable to stop herself from making a face.

“Now why in the world would I want to help you? After the games you played with me and my boys? I should turn you over to Dean myself!” Bobby snapped at the demon.

“You owe me, Singer; I turned my back on my kind to keep you and the Winchesters safe! I sided with you against Lilith!” Ruby knew that she had a slim chance of getting Bobby’s help but she was just desperate enough to try. “I might even have information you’re going to need.”

“I know all about the apocalypse. I know about Dean’s role in it, a rather chatty archangel has been slipping the beans but what I don’t know is what your role is in it or why you were so interested in Sam. But you see I have a theory if Dean was supposed to be the champion for the angels, then Sam was meant to play a role for your side, what was it?” Bobby didn’t like the idea of anyone playing around with the two boys he thought of as his own.

Ruby wasn’t in the mood to place nice. “Fine, you want to know what I was doing with your precious little Sammy? I was getting him ready to be the vessel for Lucifer. There is only one perfect vessel for each of the Archangels and Sam belongs to Lucifer. and Nothing and no one, certainly not Dean, will keep him from claiming your precious baby boy!” Ruby snarled viciously at Bobby, a sneering smirk twisting her face. “Yeah, that’s what I thought; well now you know the truth. Sam was chosen to be my father’s host, to be the vessel he will now call home. He has been waiting for Sam for so long and now nothing will stop Lucifer’s return to earth from happening.”

Feeling quite superior at the moment, a shark-like smile graced Bobby’s face. “Oh my dear, you are so wrong. You see, Dean didn’t follow your little plan, he’s no longer their righteous man, he fell for Sam and that boy already hated you before he was dragged to hell. Given all that, I sure as hell don’t want to be you when Dean finds you.” The smile left Bobby’s face and was replaced with a feral grin that went nowhere near his eyes.

“Now I suggest you get the hell off of my property before I summon one of the angels who are watching over this place.” Bobby levelled his gun at Ruby, pulled back the hammer and let his finger rest on the trigger. “And don’t you ever think that there is anything on this god damn planet that would ever make me turn away from those boys,” Bobby warned.

Knowing full well that there wouldn’t be any help from Bobby, Ruby took her leave with what little dignity she had left.

Rufus came to stand beside Bobby; his gun was lowered but the safety still off, one could never be too careful with a demon. “Are we really just going to let her go?”

“Hell yeah, she’s got bigger problems than worrying about us. She messed with Sam and when you mess with Sam, nothing will stop Dean from making you pay and that was before he turned to the dark side. God only knows what’s going to happen when he gets his hands on her. No, we are not her biggest worry.” Bobby pointed that out with a gleeful twitch of his eyebrow and when put like that Rufus almost wanted to feel sorry for the demon but it was only for a fleeting moment and then he shared Bobby’s grin.


It hadn't been easy for Dean to find the strength necessary to leave Sam sleeping alone in their bed, the sight of Sam's kiss-swollen lips, his skin covered in Dean's marks was almost too tempting to resist. The only thing covering Sam's bare body from Dean's hungry gaze was a single sheet twisted about Sam's long legs and barely covered the lower half of Sam's body. It was truly a hard sight to walk away from but Dean somehow managed to do so through sheer force of will.

He had kept his promise to Sam and made sure his baby boy had been taken care of; he had held back for so long that he was a little afraid that he had worn Sam out, but that was actually a good thing. With him sleeping so soundly Dean would more than enough time to start the search for Ruby. “I don’t care how long it takes I will find you and I will end you.” Dean vowed, even if it took him until the end of time he would see that bitch pay.
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