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Fic: My Beautiful Boy Chapter 6/6

Chapter 6

One month later

If Bobby was surprised to see Ellen and Jo at his door he hid it rather well and after making sure that both women passed the holy water test he invited them in.

It didn't take long to find out why they were there.

Ellen plopped herself down on the sofa and got right to the point. "I'm getting calls from hunters, Bobby, a lot of calls and very few were pleasant. Dean, or that thing that’s wearing Dean's face, is like nothing they have ever seen and he's leaving a trail of destruction and bodies in his wake. He's on an extremely focussed hunt and he isn't going to stop until he finds whatever it is he's looking for," she explained as she raised her glass in salute and then downed her shot.

With a sinking feeling in his stomach, Bobby turned to the two angels that had been hanging about his house for the last month. They had been helping in the search for the Winchesters but every lead that they managed to come up with ended up cold or a dead end. Wherever Dean and Sam were it was next to impossible to find them. "Any idea of what or who Dean is looking for? Like say a certain demon that screwed them over?”

For the first time since they had met him Castiel looked uncomfortable and it took several seconds before he could look Bobby in the eye. "The power that lies within Samuel Winchester is not enough to defeat Lilith so plans were made to give him what you people would call a boost." Castiel had never questioned Heaven’s orders before but now, after spending a month with Bobby and seeing his genuine concern for the well-being of Dean and Sam, he had found himself re-addressing just who Sam Winchester was.

Ellen glared at Castiel, not caring that he was an angel; she cared for the boys and didn't like anyone messing with them. "What kind of boost?" she growled out.

Seated next to her mother and nursing her drink, Jo nodded her head. "I would answer her question before she starts testing ways to hurt your kind," she advised the angel. Not that she would blame her mom if she did act out; hell, she would gladly hold the bastards down while her mom gutted them.

Refusing to be intimidated, Castiel stood his ground, although he did not look happy as he informed them, "The demon Ruby was instructed to get Sam addicted to demon blood, which she did. It was hoped that Sam’s dependence on her would help drive the brothers apart but Dean Winchester is no longer the same man who went to hell. He was able to rescue and regain control over his brother and now we believe that he is feeding Sam his own blood, which is very bad, perhaps even worse than when Ruby was his source."

"No kidding it's bad! What were you idgits drinking when you thought getting Sam addicted to demon blood was a good idea? Did you really think Dean, Bobby or I would turn away from Sam? The more I hear about your brilliant plan the happier I am that Dean screwed it all up!” Ellen slammed her empty shot glass down on the table and turned her attention to Bobby, demanding, “So I take it Dean is hunting for this Ruby?"

The older hunter nodded his head. “I know so. About a month ago she came here looking for… well, I don’t know for sure because she didn’t actually ask us, but I think she was looking for protection. Naturally we sent her packing. We know that Dean has hated her from the start and now there’s nothing holding him back from ending her,” Bobby explained.

“So Dean’s really gone to the dark side?” Jo asked feeling her heart being crushed; she had always had a thing for Dean but knew she never really stood a chance with him. Regardless, she liked still him and Sam and the last thing she  wanted was to end up fighting against them.

Gabriel snatched a chocolate cake from the plate a split second before Rufus could take it and held it out to Jo. “Sorry kid-o, but it looks like that’s the case. From what we’ve been able to gather, the angels who know that Dean has gone to the demon side are definitely keeping it under wraps that Michael’s vessel has gone Darth Vader,” Gabriel explained.

Castiel tilted his head a puzzled look on his face. “I do not understand, what is a Darth Vader?”

Rufus shook his head sadly. “Someone please sit him down and make him watch the good Star Wars movies!” while under his breath he mumbled, “How can anyone not know who Darth Vader is?”

Knowing what an unbelievable Star Wars geek Rufus was, Bobby, Ellen and Jo just ignored him focusing on the angels instead. “Is there anyone who could be foolish enough to try and make a deal with Dean for help in finding Ruby?” Ellen asked with a raised eyebrow.

Horrified looks instantly appeared on Castiel and Gabriel’s faces. “Zachariah! He would do anything to make sure that this apocalypse happens. He would not be above making a deal to protect Ruby and then turning around and double-crossing her by handing her over to Dean for another deal.” Gabriel couldn’t believe that he’d missed Zachariah. “We need to find him now!” and with a flutter of their massive wings they were gone.

“Am I the only one who actually hopes that Dean takes out both this bitch Ruby and this jackass Zachariah?” Ellen asked as she waved her empty glass at Rufus.

Jo, Bobby and Rufus couldn’t see a fault in her point and given how dangerous this new Dean was, he just might.


Zachariah tried not to flinch as the twisted soul of Dean Winchester entered the bar he had taken over just so that they could hold this little meeting in private.

“Okay, I’m here, now what the hell is so important that you had to call me away from my Sammy?” Dean demanded angrily; he didn’t like being summoned like a servant or being pulled away from his time with his mate.

Refusing to rise to Dean’s bait, Zachariah smiled ever so graciously. “I’m so sorry for disturbing you,” he said mockingly in an unctuous, oily voice that would have been perfectly at home with a used car salesman, “but I have a little gift for you.” He snapped his fingers and two angels appeared seemingly out of nowhere with Ruby trapped between them.

Judging by the pure fury pouring from Ruby’s eyes, if looks could kill Zachariah would be one rotting corpse of a dead angel. Thankfully one of her captors had been smart enough to stuff a gag in Ruby’s mouth and he had the bitten fingers to prove he did it. Struggling as hard as she could in the tight grasp of the two angels, the demon snarled viciously behind her gag, calling the man every foul, obscene and profane name in the demon handbook. She should have never trusted the damn angels but she had had little choice, figuring that being on the side of good they would protect her from the new King of Hell. That and they wanted Lucifer freed as much as she did.

Raking his gaze over Ruby from head to toe, Dean’s eyes glowed with barely concealed excitement as a smirk grew on his face. “Now this is a rather thoughtful gift, what’s the catch?” Dean demanded to know without taking his eyes off of Ruby.

“Oh nothing too much, a trifling matter really, but I thought you’d be the perfect man for the job. I just need you to kill Lilith and open the rest of the seals,” Zachariah informed him calmly.

“Hmm, that is a very tempting request, I must say.” A very thoughtful look came over Dean’s face as he slowly circled Ruby, wisely making sure to keep a healthy distance from her. "Tell you what, I agree to kill Lilith and open your seals and in return you will agree to leave Sam and me alone. After that the world can burn for all I care. I take it that is what you want me to say, right? I mean, that’s the whole reason you called this little conference," Dean asked as he made himself at home on one of the barstools. He didn’t miss the look of surprise that passed quickly over Zachariah’s face.

Zachariah could only stare in angry curiosity at the twisted version of their righteous man and he fought the urge to snarl at the farce that had once been the perfect vessel for Michael. This wasn't supposed to happen; Dean wasn't supposed to come back from hell like this. 'At least we have the youngest Winchester so all hope is not lost,' the angel tried to salvage something good from the recent turn of events. Placing his most sincere smile on his face he flat out lied to Dean, after all he couldn't agree to keeping Lucifer's vessel from him, "That would be nice, so I take it we have a deal after all."

Unable to control himself any longer, Dean let out a choked bark of laughter at that. "I don't do deals with douchebag angels who seek to harm my mate. I don't think so."

Biting the inside of his lip, Zachariah held his temper; he refused to let anything get to him, now when he was so close to achieving his goal. After all, there was nothing to fear from humans, they were nothing but inferior beings to be crushed underfoot like bugs but now, staring into the eyes of the man before him and seeing twisted soul that was once Dean Winchester staring back out at him, the angel felt a trickle of fear slide down his spine.

There was a very good reason why Dean had been destined to be Michael's vessel just as there was a very good reason why the name Winchester was the thing of nightmares. "Well then, Mr Winchester, I believe we have nothing left to discuss. I suggest you let yourself out…" Zachariah’s sneer was both satisfied and malicious as he finished by saying, “…without your gift.”

The angel and his minions were too busy gloating over the fact that they’d beaten a Winchester that none of them ever saw Dean move until it was too late. Dean would later admit that he really rather enjoyed stabbing Zachariah with his own angel blade and he smiled with delight when the angel looked down in pure disbelief and shock at the sight of his blade sticking out of his chest.

"You didn't really think I was going to let you live, did you? Alistair made sure I knew everything you had planned for my Sammy, how you were going to use him to open the last seal and start the apocalypse, so I know all about how you were going to place all that guilt on my Sammy. Well let me tell you right now, you sanctimonious bastard, that isn't going to happen!" Dean snarled. He reached out and gave the blade a final twist and then backed away and covered his eyes as the light filled the room as Zachariah was killed.

Once the light faded Dean turned his attention to the two lesser angels who were frozen in place with matching looks of horror and fear on their faces. “Do you really want to chance it, boys?” Dean asked with a feral grin.

The two angels shared a look as they released Ruby, throwing her in Dean’s direction before they disappeared in the blink of an eye. 

"Well hello, Ruby," Dean purred in a silky tone as he slowly stalked towards the demon who had dared to touch his brother and a smirk crossed his face as Ruby fell to the floor in an ungraceful heap, unable to support her own weight. Dean risked getting bitten when he bent down and removed the gag from her mouth.

After spitting and coughing against the dryness in her mouth and throat, the demon looked at him with calculating eyes. "Dean, so the rumours are true, you are back from hell. Seen your baby brother yet? I have," Ruby murmured in her most alluring, seductive voice, hoping to use her relationship with Sam to drive the brothers apart. “He’d absolutely delicious, isn’t he? Or haven’t you tasted him yet?” and she let out a rich, throaty laugh.

The bark of laughter that escaped Dean sent shivers running up and down Ruby's skin. "Oh I've seen Sammy." The grin that Dean flashed her was a mixture of sex and possessiveness. "And he's looking good, but then you already knew that, didn't you?" Dean growled out, his whole demure changing into the hunter he truly was. He licked his lips, “and now that he’s been cleansed of your filthy demon blood and your disgusting scent, he tastes… dare I say it?” he flashed a feral grin, “He tastes heavenly,” and Dean chuckled heartily at his joke.

Ruby’s eyes stayed locked on Dean as she climbed to her feet, a task made all the more difficult because her hands were tied behind her back. She stood, trying not to sway as she wearily watched him slowly circle around her, her eyes were sharp and she hoped her reflexes were too. She wasn't a fool; she knew that he was waiting for the right moment to strike. "So what if I did? Poor little Sammy needed someone to look after him after you deserted him and he was so willing to accept my help that he was begging me." Ruby licked her lips, leaving no doubt as to just what kind of help she had been giving Sam.

A mixture of absolute disgust and pure hatred appeared in Dean's green eyes. "You make me sick, preying on my Sammy when he was at his lowest, but that's what you wanted, wasn't it? You knew that with me in hell you had the perfect chance to sink your claws into Sammy. But here's the thing, Ruby, whatever games you were playing with Sam are over, forever. I'm topside now and Sam is back where he belongs, with me."

The meaning of Dean's words was not lost on Ruby and she made a face at Dean, resorting to sticking her face out like a naughty child. "It didn't take you long to move in, did it, but then again the way Sam was begging for it, he’d be willing to spread his legs for any pretty face that came along and offered in a kiss. Honesty, you’d think as your brother he’d be a better whore.”

Ruby could honestly say that she never saw Dean move; one minute she had been staring into his darkening eyes and the next she was pinned to the wall with a knife coated in holy water buried into her shoulder.

"Did you just call my brother a whore?" Dean's voice was a low growl, one that screamed danger at anyone who heard it. "Not only did you turn him into an addict but you also tried to make him your whore."

"Well he certainly begs so prettily like one." Ruby bit out, grinding her teeth around the pain; she knew full well that she was playing a dangerous game with Dean.

A dark smirk appeared on Dean's face. "Oh that he does and he falls apart so beautifully when he’s under me and filled with me, just like he was made to be; I think that’s proof enough that he belongs to me and me alone, don’t you?” He smirked knowingly, “Tell me, Ruby, how many times did Sam cry out my name while he was buried deep inside of you? How often do you suppose he was thinking of me and picturing my face while you lay beneath him?”

Anger and shame warred in Ruby’s eyes as she looked away from Dean’s gloating face. Sam had never once spoken her name, only Dean’s during sex; she’d never experienced that before. She had always been the centre of attention with all her other lovers but no matter what she did for or with Sam, he’d only ever called out his brother’s name when he climaxed.

Dean grabbed hold of Ruby’s chin and forced her to look at him. “You can call Sam as whore all you want but you were nothing but a doll, no better than a cheap plastic blow-up sex doll, one that Sam happily, knowingly and willingly used. He did everything to save me, even hooking up with you; I am first and foremost in Sam's mind, I am his whole world, just as he is mine." Dean's eyes flickered black for a moment.

"What are you?" Ruby asked in horror as she stared at the man who was once Dean; he wasn't the hunter that had gone down to hell, this was a twisted version of him and he terrified her.

Dean's smirk turned into a purely wicked smile. "Oh you mean you haven't heard? There's a new King of Hell, baby and you're looking at him. So you're little plan to use my baby brother ain't happening."

It took all the courage and determination she possessed, but Ruby refused to scowl and let Dean know that he was right; however, she didn't needn’t have bothered with the effort judging from the smug smile he sent her way. Then a thought struck her, maybe there was something she could offer Dean Winchester that was worth enough to save herself. "I'm not the only one after Sammy."

Dean shook his head a smile playing at his lips. "Bargaining, Ruby? Really? I can't believe that you’ve come to this. Sorry to tell you, Ruby, but you've got nothing to bargain with; you see I already know all about the angels and I’ll be dealing with them after I have dealt with you."

Ruby froze and for a moment Dean could see real, honest fear in her eyes and he smiled at his success. "Oh yeah Ruby, I took over hell and so this whole using Sam break the final seal by killing Lilith thing is over. That was why you were so damn eager to get your claws into him, to get him addicted to drinking demon blood, wasn’t it. Well let me tell you something sweetheart, the only blood or other fluids that Sam will be drinking from now on will be coming from me!" Dean growled.

"Now I do believe it’s time to make you bleed, I've been looking forward to this moment for a very long time.” Dean rubbed his hands together gleefully. “I promise that I’m going to show you and you alone, Ruby, everything I learned in hell; I am after all Alistair's prized student. But not here; I don’t want anyone to find us.” Dean grabbed Ruby by the arm and instantly disappeared.

A mere second after they were gone Castiel and Gabriel appeared in the empty bar. “Well it appears that we are too late. Damn it to hell! Zachariah, what were you thinking?” Gabriel growled under his breath as he took in the burnt outline of angel wings on the bar floor.

Castiel glanced around the room. “There were demons here,” he commented mildly.

“Yep, and you can bet Dean now has a certain demon in his possession. Man, Dean-o, you really aren’t holding back anymore, are you? Heaven help us if you decided to side with Lucifer,” Gabriel murmured.

That thought sent a violent shudder of dread right through Castiel. “Should we return to Bobby’s and inform the hunters of this revelation?”

Gabriel took another look at the outline of his fallen brother and nodded his head. “Yeah, we should. There’s nothing here for us.”


Ruby wasn't sure how long it had been, it might have been hours or days or even months, but her voice was wrecked from screaming. She had been in hell before and she’d done her time on the rack but what she had experienced then was nothing compared to what Dean was taking so much pleasure in doing to her. "Please, please just kill me," she begged hoarsely. She couldn't take anymore, every nerve ending in her body was screaming in pain and she just wanted it to end. Death would be a blessedly welcome release from what she was going through at Dean's hands.

Thinking back Ruby realised she should have known that Dean would have a dungeon and a fully equipped one at that. She hung limply from the wall that Dean had shackled her to, she was unsure of how long she had been left alone, all she knew was that Dean only came down when he wanted to hurt her; she had to admit that he had learned his craft well. Exhausted, Ruby gave up trying to lift her head as she heard Dean whistling a jaunty tune as he walked back over to her;

Hearing Ruby begging for death made Dean angry and he decided that it was time yet again to show the demon who was in charge. "Sam is mine and I don't like the games you were playing with my baby brother but they end now and forever," Dean snarled at Ruby as he happily used her own knife to carve random designs into her skin. “So until I get my answers I won’t get tired of punishing you for what you did to him, which means you won’t be going anywhere,” Dean whispered in her ear.

Unseen by his brother, Sam had crept down into the dungeon and walked up behind him. “Dean, don’t you think that this has gone on long enough?” Sam asked wrapping his arms around Dean. He didn’t approve of what Dean had been doing to Ruby but he couldn’t go against his brother; he didn’t love Ruby, far from it actually, and even if he did feel anything for her it was nothing compared to the enormity and purity of what he felt for Dean. He had always harboured more than brotherly feelings for his brother; in fact, he had been in love with Dean for as long as he could remember. Dean had been his first crush, his first love, his soul mate, his absolute and eternal everything and that would never change, certainly not because of Ruby.

"She touched you, Sam, she fed you her blood knowing that it would get you addicted, she didn’t do it to help you, she did it because she was ordered to.” Dean wasn’t going to deny that he was even more possessive now than when he went under. Dean knew in his heart that he would willingly kill anyone human, angel or demon who tried to come between the two of them. Something primal had awoken within Dean and the only thing that mattered to him was his mate which meant keeping Sam safe no matter what. “And I want to know who is giving her the orders.”

Ruby knew that there would be no help coming from anyone; she sincerely doubted that anyone even knew where she was, much less cared. But it didn’t matter; Dean was so far gone down the path of darkness that he could never be redeemed and he was only dragging Sam down deeper with him. Summoning her strength Ruby said, “Lucifer, my father, is the one behind everything that has happened to Sam and you. And do what you want to me but sooner rather than later Sam will belong to him.”

A snarl of pure animalist rage tore itself from Dean's lips as he raised Ruby’s knife over his head and stabbed her in the heart. “Sam is mine and nothing and no one will ever take him from me!” Dean vowed twisting the blade in the demon’s chest as lightning crackled violently between them and his eyes turned as black as obsidian as he watched the light fade from her eyes and she slumped lifelessly from the chains where she hung.

Releasing the blade Dean turned and slowly stalked towards Sam who had retreated from his brother’s anger, his eyes returned to their normal green as devoured every inch of his baby brother's body. He didn’t miss the way Sam had paled when he saw Ruby die or the way his hands were shaking as they hung limply by his sides. Reaching out Dean cupped Sam’s chin. “Hey, Sammy, look at me, baby boy,” Dean ordered and then he waited patiently for Sam to tear his gaze from the demon’s bloodied body and meet his eyes.

“This changes nothing, Sammy; you are mine just as I am yours. I don’t care what these douchebags have been planning, or what they think is going to happen but they’re dead wrong. The only ones who decide our destiny is us and no one, not Lucifer or any angel or archangel will never be able to take you away from me. You belong to me, Sammy, and that will never change.”

Sam wouldn’t deny that he’d felt numb when he’d heard Ruby’s words; learning that Lucifer had a serious interest in you was not an easy thing to accept but he also felt heartened knowing that Dean would never let anyone have him. “I know Dean, I’m yours and I belong only to you.”

Dean grinned. “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear, baby boy, so let’s get out of here, yeah? I’ve been ignoring you for too long to play with my little toy, what do you say I make it up to you?” Dean purred looping his fingers into Sam’s belt and tugging him forward so that every inch of their bodies touched.

Sam didn’t bother holding back his moan as he leaned into his brother. “That sounds perfect. I’ve missed you, Dean.”

Dean’s eyes flickered black as he moved in for a kiss. “Get ready, baby boy, cos I plan on making sure you forget everything but my name,” Dean purred seductively and with a thrill of lust shooting through his belly Sam believed him.


"Dean Winchester’s soul has been twisted beyond recognition from his time in hell. He is no longer a man but he isn't quite a demon yet, he is in the middle, still in transition. However, there is only one thing that has stuck with him from his human life and that is the undeniable belief that Sam Winchester belongs to him. He is no longer the perfect vessel for you, I’m sorry, but he has become corrupted,” an angel informed Michael.

The archangel never took his eyes off of the souls of John and Mary enjoying their heaven together; so much work had been put into this plan and now it all was unexpectedly falling apart all because no one had stopped to take into account that Dean and Sam were soul mates and that they would always – always – chose one another over anything else. With a deep sigh, he turned to address his messenger.

“That is a disappointment but I know my brother and he is not going to give Sam up without a fight, at least we have a backup in John’s other son, Adam, he will have to do. For now we need to focus on opening the remaining seals,” Michael commanded and with a wave of the archangel’s hand the messenger disappeared. Yes this was a snag but he was absolutely determined to see that what his father had planned before he vanished came to pass.


Within his cage Lucifer grinned maniacally; Sam was Dean's, he knew that and he didn't mind that they came as a pair, ‘Just more fun for me!’ He could feel the darkness that twisted Dean's soul like a living, breathing thing and the fact that Sam was his boy king… well, it was only a matter of time and he would have the two of them. "I can wait, Dean; sooner or later you two will be drawn to me. Sam may be your soul mate but he was made for me and sooner or later he will come to me. My perfect vessel and his own knight of hell, I couldn’t have planned it better myself.” He had waited this long for Sam; he could afford to wait a little longer. It would all be worth it in the end.


Bobby stared into the glass of whiskey his mind going a mile a minute as he once again processed everything that Gabriel and Castiel had told them about the current state of the Winchesters. “Damn it, boys, fate has really tried to screw you over hasn’t it? Guess they never learned that nothing comes between the two of you. I really hope it doesn’t end up us versus you, I don’t think my heart could take seeing you on the other side.” Bobby knew that the current situation was far from over and he didn’t want to lose any of his friends but he didn’t want to lose his boys either. He knew that with the brewing war that was a pipe dream, but he was just so tired of burning those he cared about and he didn’t want to add Dean and Sam to that list.


Dean slowly stroked Sam’s back as he glanced down at  the younger man’s sleeping face, his mate using his chest as a pillow. "I know what you're thinking and it's never going to happen. Sammy is mine and only mine and I don't share with anyone. I will take on all and everyone, even the devil himself if it means keeping my Sammy safe.” Dean had given up too much to let anyone take Sam from him. He had already been forced to live his life without Sam in it once and he was never ever doing that again.

The End.
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