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Fic: Lost in Shadows Chapter 2/9

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Chapter 2

Faster than Ianto would have liked– he could have used a little longer alone with his thoughts, Malcolm returned. He brought with him a tray loaded with delicious smelling food that made Ianto’s mouth water and his stomach growl a second time. It had been three years after all since he’d last eaten anything.

Malcolm grinned at the hunger in Ianto’s eyes as he smelled the food and he knew that couldn’t wait until the young man looked at him like that. “Here, it’s not much on short notice but I hope you enjoy it.” Placing the tray on Ianto’s lap Malcolm took the opportunity to brush his hand across Ianto’s thigh and he couldn’t contain his grin at the feel of the strong muscle beneath his hand or the shiver his touch produced.

Feeling the heat of Malcolm’s gaze on him as well as a small frisson of desire from that look, Ianto focused on the food in his lap and decided to dive right on in. Not only was he ravenous but it gave him something to focus on other than the sexy and tempting man sitting next to him. “This is really good,” Ianto murmured after his first few bites of food.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Malcolm purred shifting closer so he could feel the heat radiating off of Ianto.

Well used to being on the receiving end of Jack’s seductive charms Ianto could easily recognize when someone was beginning to work their charms on him. He could feel the power that wrapped itself around Malcolm like a coat and mixed with his looks that made him dangerous in more ways than one. A quick glance told Ianto that from the look in his eyes he knew it all too well. 'I'm going to have to keep my guard up around him.'

Ianto instinctively knew that he would be drawn to Malcolm like a moth to a flame; he looked too much like Jack for him not to be but he refused to fall into bed with him based on that fact alone. It wasn't fair to him, Malcolm or even Jack.

Malcolm could see the guard go up in Ianto's beautiful blue eyes and his expression fall behind a mask and inwardly the older man smiled. He hadn't had such a challenge in a very long time and he was looking forward to reaping the rewards. 'Hide behind a mask all you want, Ianto Jones, but our futures are tied together and sooner or later you are going to see that there is no fighting what is between us.' Malcolm decided he would play it Ianto's way for now but sooner or later Ianto would be his.


Once he was strong enough to leave the bed Ianto used the time to put distance between him and Malcolm; he took to studying in Malcolm’s vast library and learning about the new world he was in. By virtue of the many tricks he’d learned from Tosh, Ianto used Merlyn’s powerful computer system to search every public and private database on the internet for information. He even hacked into numerous highly secure government computers, and he quickly learned that UNIT and Torchwood did not exist in this world.

After erasing all his footsteps from the internet, Ianto sat back in the tall-backed leather chair and thought about that fact. For one thing, it meant no Rift unexpectedly dropping space debris anywhere it pleased, no aliens trying to enslave earth’s citizens and no Weevils crawling out of the sewers day and night. ‘I wonder what became of Toshiko and Owen; do they even exist in this world?’ Then it hit him: there was no one capable of tracking the Rift energy that had brought him here, which meant that he was safe for the time being and that took an enormous weight off of his shoulders.

‘Well,’ Ianto qualified, ‘as safe as one can be when living with Malcolm Merlyn!’ The man may be playing it cool but every time he caught the man’s eye Ianto could see the desire for him shining there and something stirred inside him with each lingering touch of the man’s hand, each tender word spoken in a hushed tone and each heated gaze that followed him wherever he went. Malcolm was slowly but surely gaining Ianto’s interest.

Never had Malcolm wanted anyone as much as he desired the tempting young Welshman before him. He was perfect in every way and Malcolm was already picturing how this young man would look spread out underneath him, his body flushed with pleasure. More than that, he longed to hear those delicious Welsh vowels pleading for more.

Malcolm was well aware that there was also an inner darkness to Ianto Jones, he hadn’t needed the advice of the Rift to see that; it swam just beneath the surface, peeking out from behind the cool mask he wore. Malcolm was determined to bring that enigmatic darkness to the surface so that he could help Ianto embrace it and learn to harness its power because within hours of meeting his beautiful, intelligent, mysterious Welshman, Malcolm Merlyn knew that he could not see anyone but Ianto standing by his side helping him usher in his new era for Starling City.


During his time with the League of Assassins, Malcolm had learned the hard way that the more he wanted to achieve something the more patience he had to exercise, and so it was with Ianto. Slowly he found ways of gaining Ianto’s trust and friendship which was why on the anniversary of the death of the younger man’s first love, Lisa Hallett, Malcolm broke out his best bottles of alcohol to share with Ianto.

Malcolm had been a little worried at how much Ianto was able to drink; he’d managed to get through a bottle of 70-proof, 25-Year-Old Strathisla Scotch whisky all on his own. “Do you want to talk about it?” Malcolm offered as he sat next to a clearly intoxicated Ianto and slowly wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

“They killed her.” Ianto’s words were slurred but clearly audible. “They mur…” he belched quite loudly but he was too drunk to notice, “…murdered my Lishaa…”

That had not been what Malcolm had expected to hear at all and for a moment he was taken aback. “Tell me, it may help for you to tell someone who wasn’t there and who won’t offer judgement on anyone.” Malcolm could tell that Ianto needed to get this off of his chest, that whatever this traumatic event had been it was obviously part of the man’s inner darkness.

Seeing Malcolm’s genuine need to know, something in Ianto sighed deeply and then as if dam had broken, the words came tumbling out, fiery anger making each one ring clear as a bell. “Canary Wharf was a living hell! I watched my friends, my colleagues and the woman I loved being burned alive, mutilated beyond recognition, and turned into foot soldiers for a pointless war. There were only twenty-seven survivors out of over eight hundred souls in that building and there were so many days that I wished I had died right along with them instead of being forced to live. But Lisa…” Ianto’s voice cracked and he swallowed convulsively before continuing, “… she needed me; she had been converted but not completely, it was still her and I would have done anything to save her.”

“I hunted down Jack Harkness, who was the leader of Torchwood Three, and I conned him into hiring me.” There was so much pain in his eyes as he looked at Malcolm and said, “Do you know what it’s like to be invisible? To know that no one ever sees you, to just fade into the woodwork. I wasn’t even important enough to get a simple thank you or to be invited out on team bonding nights?” Pure bitterness laced Ianto’s voice and he clenched his hands so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

Malcolm found himself with a burning disliking of Ianto’s former teammates; it was a good thing they were in another realm and unavailable to his unique style of revenge. “I can’t say that I have experienced anything like that but they had no right to treat you so callously.” Shifting closer to Ianto Malcolm pulled him tighter against him and murmured huskily, “I know you could never be invisible to me. How anyone could not see you, see how beautiful and wonderful you are? They had to be the blindest fools to ever exist!”

Ianto shivered as Malcolm’s hot breath drifted over him and he couldn’t deny that it felt so good to be on the receiving end of a seduction. It was actually quite a turn-on being the full focus of such intense attention; it was something he’d never experienced during his time with Jack. Clearing his throat Ianto continued on, “Everything I did was to save Lisa but in the end had been for nothing, all the sacrifice, the loss and the nerve-wracking wait to be found out. The cyber programming won and my beautiful Lisa was no more.”

His shoulders slumped with remembered defeat. “Jack claims that she wasn’t my Lisa, that she had been fooling me from the moment I pulled her from the conversion unit, but he was wrong! She had been my Lisa up until the programming had taken over at the very end, I know it was, I could see it in her eyes.” He looked at Malcolm, allowing the man to see down into his soul where pain and loss burned fiercely. Malcolm longed to change that, to fill Ianto’s soul with peace and love.

“I honestly don’t know how I ended up in Jack’s bed but I’d been drawn to Jack for the moment we met and even though at times he made me feel like I was second or even third best I couldn’t stop loving him, even when it seemed like he was in love with another on our team. There were so many times when I felt like I was just there and willing, a convenience no more important than the coffee maker. But then there were times when Jack made me feel like I was the only one who had a place in his heart and he treated me so wonderfully that I wondered how I could have how he felt about me. But those moments were few and far between because he couldn’t admit that we were a couple and when I was dying in his arms he couldn’t even say I love you back.” Ianto choked back a sob and beneath his arm, Malcolm felt his shoulders shudder. “Jack would rather let me die in doubt than admit how he really felt about me.”

Malcolm cupped Ianto’s chin with a firm hand turning his head to look him straight in the eye. "With me you would never have any doubt about the place you have in my heart. I would never make you feel second best, never, because I see you, Ianto Jones. You're more than a man who looks good in a suit, so much more and if you’ll give me a chance I will show you exactly how you should have been treated.” Malcolm’s voice was a soft erotic purr dripping with seduction and desire.

Ianto wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol effecting him or the idea of someone wanting him so much he could feel it in his bones, but he found himself whimpering with sudden and overpowering need. He was tired of fighting against his growing interest in and desire for Malcolm and he was tired of not fighting for what he truly wanted. ‘I’m not going to let anyone walk all over me any longer.’ Decision made Ianto wrapped his hands around Malcolm’s neck and crashed his lips onto the other man’s mouth, pouring all the lust and desire he felt into their first kiss.

Grinning happily into the kiss Malcolm wrapped his arms around Ianto’s waist and pulled him onto his lap revelling in finally feeling Ianto’s body flush against his. He was going to make sure that Ianto never ever again doubted who he belonged to. ‘Soon, Jack Harkness, you will be nothing but a distant memory for Ianto and soon he’ll be asking Jack who?’ Yes, Malcolm could be a selfish bastard but he was a possessive bastard over all those he considered his and Ianto Jones was indeed now his.


Hot kisses, tender touches, unrestrained passion and overwhelming lust; it had been a long time since Ianto had been on the receiving end of such intense and passionate feelings. Malcolm had made sure that Ianto’s every need was met some before the younger man even knew what he wanted. Hours later they drifted off in a tangle of limbs with Ianto tucked protected against Malcolm’s body.

At one point Malcolm woke up and spent several minutes looking at Ianto, watching him sleep, and contemplating the intense emotions the young man brought out in him. He wasn’t used to feeling such strong protective feelings over someone he had just met and as he had gotten to know Ianto the feelings had grown stronger. There was only one other person Malcolm had ever felt this protective of and that was his son, Tommy.

‘Mmm this is nice,’ Ianto thought sleepily as he snuggled closer to the warmth that surrounded him, feeling an arm wrap around him. It was a nice dream for a change, the Rift rarely let him have anything but nightmares, and Ianto didn’t want to wake up. He wanted to pretend that he was loved and wanted for a little while longer. He reached out and stroked his dream lover’s arm, feeling the strong muscles move beneath his hand.

‘Wait a minute, fantasies don’t feel this real,’ and with that Ianto's eyes shot wide open and all sleep left him as he began thinking clearly once again. The first thing he registered was the heavy weight of an arm around his waist holding him tightly against his bed partner's chest. Ianto pushed the arm away and sat straight up in bed wincing as several well-used muscles protested the movement. Ianto was sore in places he hadn’t been in a while, but that’s what happens when one is trapped by themselves in a Rift.

“Ianto, it’s too early for regrets go back to sleep,” Malcolm murmured as he pulled Ianto back down to his pillow and then tightened his grip on his waist to keep him from moving away again.

For a moment Ianto froze as the heat of Malcolm’s arm burned into his skin and then as the pleasures of the night came back to him he relaxed against his new lover. This was a new start and he wasn’t going to let fear or doubts rule him like they had during his relationship with Jack. ‘Heaven help anyone who tries to come between us the Gwen Coopers of this world will not be sinking his or her claws into Malcolm. Not this time,’ Ianto vowed darkly. This time he wouldn’t be happy being second best; this time he would fight tooth and nail for his lover. Snuggling into Malcolm’s comforting embrace Ianto let his eyes flutter closed as the call of sleep beckoned to him once again.


Morning came far sooner than Malcolm liked but when he reluctantly opened his eyes he was pleased to see that Ianto was sleeping soundly curled up against his chest like he belonged there. He had to admit to being worried that he would wake up to find Ianto gone in the night or worse, that the Welshman would be regretting their night together. However, awakening to discover Ianto still held securely in his arms eased his fears tremendously. Truth be told, it was a little weird waking up to someone else in his bed; something he hadn’t done since the last time he’d slept with his beloved Rebecca. It had taken nearly two years before he’d sought the pleasures of the flesh with another human being and even then he’d been a ‘love-em-and-leave-em’ kind of guy, never seeing the same person twice. Actually spending an entire night with a lover and waking up with them felt wonderful and it was something he could get used to very quickly.

Even if Ianto did end up regretting their impromptu night together there was no way that Malcolm was going to slow down or heaven forbid stop his pursuit of Ianto Jones. Even without the Rift’s words ringing in his ears, it was clear that Ianto was meant for him and he would be damned if now that he’d had a taste of him he was willing to give him up. ‘You’re mine, Ianto Jones, and I plan on never letting you go,’ Malcolm vowed as he studied Ianto’s sleeping face, he looked so innocent and not at all like the demon he’d been in their bed last night. ‘My dark angel, with you by my side there is no way my plans for ridding this city of the disease that has begun to infect it can possibly fail.’ Yes, with Ianto by his side there was no one who could defeat him, not even Oliver Queen.

“You’re thinking too hard.” Ianto’s soft lilting Welsh vowels broke through Malcolm’s thoughts.

Blinking Malcolm looked down and found himself starting into pair of slightly drowsy but awake blue-grey eyes and it was clear that while he had been lost in thought Ianto had woken up and was silently watching him. “So is this the part where we pretend that last night never happened or…” he leaned down and planted a tender kiss on Ianto’s lips, “…do we actually admit that what happened was always going to happen and we give this relationship a fighting chance?” Malcolm wasn’t about to let Ianto walk away from them but he thought it was only polite to give him the choice.

Ianto smiled softly; unlike Jack and his irrational fears of commitment, it was clear that Malcolm was truly willing to fight for him. “Let’s face it; I haven’t had much luck in the romance department considering that my only two real relationships have ended in death.” It didn’t matter that Jack had refused to call them a couple or attach any label whatsoever to might have been; as far as Ianto was concerned it still had been a relationship to the Welshman no matter how one-sided things had seemed at times.

The Welshman stroked a gentle hand across his new lover’s face. “I want to try and create something with you, Malcolm. You’re right; we both knew that this was going to happen sooner or later. After all that’s why the Rift sent me here to you, so that I could finally be happy. I’m just hoping that we can take this slowly and really get to know each other, if that’s all right with you? I made the mistake of falling into bed with Jack without us taking the time to learn the first thing about each other and I don’t want that kind of relationship again. I want whatever this is going to be to work out between us and to do that it has to be based on true honesty.”

“I can go slowly for you; in fact, I think I’ll really enjoy it.” Light danced in Malcolm’s eyes and a wonderful smile of acceptance curved his lips upward. “We can go out on dates, have dinner and go dancing, spend evenings in front of the TV, have breakfast together and get to know one another because I know you’re meant for me, Ianto Jones, and I’m not letting you slip through my fingers,” Malcolm vowed.

Ianto shifted so he could look Malcolm in the eyes. “This brings me to my next demand and I’m sorry but this is absolutely non-negotiable. I will not share you with anyone, not for any reason. I’ve already been forced to do that and the pain of knowing you’re not enough for your lover and that you might not even be first in his heart is far too painful to bear. So if you ever bring someone else to our bed I will drag them from it by their hair and then make them watch as I lay my own claim to you and when I’m done I will lock them away in the Rift till the end of time.” Ianto growled his warning and his voice grew deeper as he laid down the law.

Malcolm couldn’t help but shiver at Ianto’s stern words; he was rather enjoying this side of his deceptively quiet lover. “The same goes for you, I don’t share with others and I will end anyone who dares to try and touch you. You are mine and mine alone, Ianto Jones, and I don’t take well to those who try and play with my things.”

Ianto was inordinately pleased to see that they were on the same page, something he had never been sure of with Jack. “Good, then it’s clear we have an agreement. And just so you know I don't share either. I only did so with Jack was because of his 51st century upbringing which didn’t really recognise jealousy but instead encouraged multiple partners. You however do not have that excuse and I am deadly serious about my threat."

Hungrily Malcolm surged forward and laid claim to Ianto's mouth. Never had a possessive lover turned him on as much as the sight of Ianto's eyes darkening with warning as his lips curled up in a snarl. He had to have him now while his blood sang in his veins with the need to make his claim on the Welshman clear.

Ianto met Malcolm’s lips with an equal hunger, melting into the kiss and demanding more. He rather secretly enjoyed knowing that he’d just made his lover lose it and make his claim clear. It was one of the few sides of Jack that he’d loved to bring out because for all his protests of having no claim on Ianto he certainly didn't like it when others flirted with his young archivist. Something told the Welshman that Malcolm was going to be even quicker to act on his jealous side. 'Not that I'm going to have a problem with that, in fact I think I am rather going to enjoy this side of Malcolm,' Ianto thought smugly as he sank deeper into the kiss and welcomed his new lover to claim him in any way he wanted to.



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